Scheduled Post #1


Well I actually typed this post on Sunday night late.  But to give you something to do for the 5 seconds you land on this blog a day I thought I would schedule out some posts to arrive a few times over the next couple of days.  Matt has asked that we bring no cell phones, laptops, PS2’s, PSP’s, XBOX’s, powerbooks, radios, ipods, tv’s, ect.  So I am pretty much going to go into withdrawls.  I realize whenever the communists plan retreats like this that I am actually addicted to information.  I need it.  I will be without my fix for a few days.  Pray for me.  But I did get the new Blackberry 8700c.  I’ll try to sneak it in my underwear.  Long live democracy.


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  • andrea armstrong

    i was wondering what was going to happen to your blog over the next few days after i heard about the retreat. hang in there and i can’t wait to hear about your expereinces without technology.

  • long live democracy. that is pathetic. try the fast…we’ll enjoy your sidebar…a lot of good stuff to pilfur through over there. Pilfer? I don’t know how to spell that. Maybe I’ll find a dictionary over there.

    Get filled…with something besides information! 🙂


  • Lu


    We’ll miss you, but like “whoelse” says, fast—and we’ll pray. 🙂 Get filled. And then come back and fill us little peeping baby birds waiting here at your blog with mouths wide open just waiting for tidbits of wisdom from your… um, fingers… (and you thought we were actually intelligent adults!)