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  • Thank you for being faithful to the call God has placed on your (your family’s) life and for being courageous in stepping way out of your cozy, familiar comfort zones. You will surely be blessed. Praying for your family.

  • Brotha Los – We welcome you back to the dirty South and to the ATL! Congratulations on being the man of God that He designed you to be and for praying AND listening (the hardest part). I will continue to pray for you and your family, Sandals Church, and for Buckhead Church.

    By the way, watch out for the traffic coming out of Birmingham to ATL it is stupid! A 2.5 hour trip can suddenly turn into 5-6 hours.

  • Brad Metzger


    We knew where you were going as soon as you said Georgia 400. Gotta love the A-T-L.

    We’ll miss you. At the very least we always have the blogosphere.

    All Our Love,
    Brad and Kim and fam.

  • Bad timing, dude. Braves are old and they will suck very soon. 😉 Blessings to you and your family on your new adventure with God!

  • Congratulations & God Bless. And Godspeed on your move and journey.

  • This is a sad day for So Cal but the dirty south gladly welcomes you and your family with open arms! Just another reminder that Andy Stanley is a wise man.


  • That is going to be awesome! Huge transition, as you know, but God will use you so greatly in this new ministry.

    Congratulations on accepting the call from Him!!! If you need a place to stay on the way (i know Oklahoma may be a bit outside the way), let me know.

  • Marisa

    I have been blessed to call you my worship pastor for the last two years. Through you, He has changed my life in so many ways, and I am forever thankful. I wish you and your family all the best. You continue to be in my prayers.

    All my love,

  • Peace out….. 🙂

    We love you!

  • Ok. Los and family went from living an entirre Unites States away from me to living 7 hours away and in a town I visit often.

    Los, my man. Congrats.

    And I look forward to telling you that in person soon and shaking your hand and embracing you in a man-hug.


  • Dude, Fire Fall Down. Great choice. You’ll only be about 8 hours from me (rather than too far being on the Left Coast) so, who knows what’ll happen. Maybe we can connect around Passion time next year. Grats and much love, will be praying for you and the fam.

  • I’ll keep fasting and praying for now now that you’ll be a Hawks fan.

  • just one now there. not two. i was just so excited for your future Hawk-dom.

  • You know we are thrilled about you coming to work with our team and I know that God has used Sandals to make you who you are. Thanks for taking this huge step of faith!

  • Thank You Los for everything.



  • And the Braves aren’t that old, and just made some good moves to be better! Hooray Braves!

  • Welcome to the East Coast buddy! You best be on the look out for Hogzilla… the meanest biggest wildest hog in those there parts.

  • WOW!! that is some news humbled by your trust in our God and His work in your life!! ive been to Northpoint and I know that God has HUGE things going on there, so I’ll be praying for you and your fam bro! stop by in ole Louisiana whenever you are scootin through…peace

  • Wow… exciting step for you guys.

  • congrats my friend. i think you and i will have some stories to share in the next 3 years.

  • Congrats on this next adventure in the journey.

  • Congrats! 2200 miles closer! =)

  • Come by Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge on your way over to Hot-Lana.

    We may be in Atlanta around the first of December for the sec championship and hopefully LSU will be playing in the game.

    I wanna get a look at that fabulous tattoo but I don’t have cable!

    Blessings to you and your family.

  • so frickin’ proud. so incredibley honored to have walked the journey somewhat with you. bathing you and your family in prayer and in prayer for this announcement. looking forward to the great, amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring things the Lord will do.

    tony is so jealous.

  • So do you have a say in the church name? I mean seriously…Buck-head??? Any who, yay…and so maybe now when we fly home (usually a major layover in Atlanta) you guys could come and say “hi”. I am super excited for you and Heather and will totally pray for the transition. Woo Hoo for Godly change!!

  • I am totally crying right now. I am going to miss you and Heather and your girls and little Los so much. But I am so excited for you as well. I will definitely keep y’all in my prayers as you make this transition. Love Ya guys!

  • And Tony. I have ALWAYS been a Hawks fan. I still have my Spudd Webb lunchbox

  • DUDE!!! I have friends in that church!!! We could seriously cross paths now!

    HOTLANTA!!! May God be with you and before you in every step of this journey.

    Thanks for the quote from your dad. I needed that reminder myself….

  • We are so excited for you guys. We just left CA because the Lord called us, and I can assure you that you are in for an amazing journey. When the Lord calls, He also sustains and provides abundantly. Praying for you guys as your prepare for this transition.

  • so……………when do you get your ink finished? good luck…….God moves us….literally…………….ha!

    Carole….there is no way LSU will be in that championship game. Remember, LSUX….I”m a Mississippi State “dawgs” fan….they suck, too.

  • Les

    Big giant hole in California. BIG. Can’t fill it. People will come from all over to take pictures and gasp in wonder. Read the sign, “This is what happens when Los leaves.” Big giant hole in our hearts. You can hike to the bottom but it takes two days and you may not come back.

    Can’t fill the hole at Sandals. Can’t do it. So God will have to create a new thing. Like in Isaiah. So a piece of us will be in Atlanta now. You can take the pastor out of Sandals but you can’t take Sandals out of the pastor. I didn’t make that up.

    But now great things are going to happen in Atlanta because Los doesn’t do great things. He gets out of the way so God can do them. That’s how he gets it done. That’s why the Sandals team is so great. Los got out of the way and now it’s his legacy. So he leaves behind a great big giant hole, but also a whole bunch of spirit filled believers whose eyes are looking, not wistfully toward Atlanta, but UP, into the face of the God he serves. UP, because that’s where Los always directed our vision. Not at the band, not at himself, but into the Presence of The Creator, where we’re comfortable now, Los, because of you.

    So we look up, with tears streaming down, because we hate the big giant hole. It hurts. But one day we will look at it and marvel at how powerful and wonderful God is when he moves. And that hole will testify to His greatness in the heart of a man who was willing to feel this kind of pain in order to do what God asked of him.

  • Hey, you guy’s are moving closer to us. Maybe we can meet someday. We have family that lives close to there and I lived in Chat town for awhile. I am pumped for you guys and we will continue to keep you in our prayers.

  • Congrats bro. I’m stoked for you. Lots of transition among several worship leaders I know in this past year. I can’t wait to hear about it and join you on the journey via your blog.

    Also, when I was going through m transition recently, another worship leader/blogger mentioned in passing that God seems to speak to us more during those periods in our lives. For some reason that stuck with me. He doesn’t even remember saying it. And I’m not sure if God really talks more, or we just listen more. Anyway, enough rambling. The point is, I hope to and look forward to hearing what it is that God is saying to you in this season as he stretches you…before you get a little more comfortable again.

    And I hope for the next month you get to experience an outpouring of love from your Sandals community that you could never imagine. After nine years of service, you definitely deserve it. Congrats again. And God bless the journey.
    OK. I’m out.

  • Matthew

    Very tough decision, indeed. Let me know if you need help with the move!

  • Recently left our home (the only church we had ever known) and moved (only 6 hours away) to Nashville to launch a church. It’s been one of the most challenging and rewarding moves of my life but God, I miss home. Hope your journey is every bit of life-changing as it should be…enjoy the adventure.

    Your blog brothas out here are waiting for ya…hope we’ll be able to grab coffee sometime…


  • Well said and all that…phew, that must not have been easy! My prayers for you in the transition…that part is not so fun, but the opportunity sure sounds fun. Shalom.

  • I never saw that coming! We’re 5 hours south if y’all ever decide to visit the beach on St. Simons! I know several people here who feel like they (we) know you through this blog. Blessings on the BIG move!

  • Sweet! Maybe we’ll see you when we visit our friends at 7:22. Plus, when you’re ready to hit the coast for a swim, drive 5 hours down to Saint Simons Island.

    By the way, for the uninitiated, Buckhead is the Beverly Hills of ATL. North Point hookin you up with a Hummer?

  • I’ll join the congrats, posting underneath my other buds from SSI … gotta love it. I don’t know Tyler personally, “sort of” know Shae, and some of the others – our staff frequents NP as we’re modeled after them down here … it’s awesome, and now we can SURELY GET TOGETHA, yah … I get up that way at least every couple of mos!

    Congrats again,

  • TIM

    While the ATL is not FLA, welcome!
    I do hope to meet you sometime in person.
    God’s best in your journey as you deepen your faith and move across the country.
    He is faithful and is going to use you.

    Your friend from FLORIDA!

    PS = THANKS FOR THE LUV on the PODCAST a while back!

  • You know you bandwagoned on the Laker gravy train. Let’s be authentic here man.

  • Wow! I know those feelings of walking in faith and moving (sometimes around the world) to answer God’s call. It’s so exciting, scary, wonderful and crazy all at the same time. I will be praying for you and your family.

    And I’m so excited because my uncle and his family go to Buckhead. And ALSO my brother and sister-in-law just moved to ATL. So now when I go visit all of them I’ll come to church at Buckhead and finally get to meet you!


  • Thank guy SOOOOOO much. the wife and I need this right now. It feels good.
    And Tony. Clippers all the way.

  • erica

    thanks for takng us along on the journey! i will pray for smooth transitions for the kids.

  • So much drama. I mean, sure I’m gona miss you. More your wife because she actually went on a ride along with me…unlike you!!!

    But I know you will do fine. Plus, the closer you can get to Chick-fil-a the better, right?

    I do have a question though. The church you are going to. Isn’t that the one you showed us the video about the pastor-issue posted by “pixi” or “flower” somebody about 3 months back?

  • Come home brother. Can’t wait til y’all get here!

  • Can you cuss at the new church down there? Hope so.

  • Rhi

    wow! that was deep. i cried. i didn’t even know you were leaving too when i emailed you the other night… crazy. anyhow, get back to me on that email. you are STILL my pastor, til you leave anyway…=0)

  • Congrats Los,
    Prayer and fasting is the way to make calls like this. I believe God will bless you. I’m looking forward to see what your blog does when you get out to Atlanta.

  • Hey Brother.

    As always, Les has hit the nail on the head. If I was as eloquent as he that is exactly what I would have said—as a worshipper at Sandals and your sister in Christ.

    As your friend and co-worker, there’s SO SO much I could say. 🙂

    Nothing but love.

  • wow….
    that’s big news. i haven’t been following your blog long, but was curious to see what the countdown was about! as your driving directions headed east i had the uncanny feeling you’d be heading to the ATL.
    i don’t know sandals, but i know buckhead and north point – i’ve been there more than a few times. wow! i’ve got great friends working with North Point and the satellite campuses…. Andy Stanley knows how to put a team together! i’m sure you’ll be blessed.
    i’ll echo the note to get down to St. Simons Island… i recently moved away from that incredible body of believers – it is a refuge. your family will need a vacation and that’ll be the place to go.
    blessings on your ministry and the changes your family faces in the move…
    your wife will find a community of sisters waiting there.

  • I’ve been to one of those churches in Atlanta before. And I flew through Atlanta a couple times this past month and met some people from there… so anyway, I think it’s awesome your family is going to live there. It’s a great area. I loved the long directions to get there; at first I thought you were going to Dallas.

    Many blessings and prayers in this new phase of your life.

    And thanks for posting the video note in rss! 🙂

  • wow… buckhead church is blessed to be getting you and sandals church is blessed to have had you.

  • Ronda Gilbert

    Well, right about now you are making your announcement to the 7:00 p.m. service. They say, “the third time is a charm” whatever the heck that means. Anyway, let me stop and pray for you right now. Once again I’d like to thank you for your obedience. Yeah, I’ve said that to you on many occasions and I’m sure that you’ve felt the blessings of our sweet Jesus in direct response to your obedience. God never changes and this is huge obedience so I’m sure that means huge rewards in regard to God’s kingdom and your family in particular. Thank you for taking me and the rest of our church to the very throne room of God during each and every service. It’s a great place to be and some day we will all be there together looking into His beautiful face. You are loved, very much appreciated and will be missed more than you can possibly imagine. God’s abundant blessings on you and your family and all the details that must be attended to over the next few weeks. Your sister in the Lord.
    Ronda Gilbert

  • Sue

    Carlos. I would like to say thank you for the passion that you show every Sunday to worship our God….I cannot imagine who God has for us, but if He is moving you there, He is moving someone here…I never got the chance to know you and Heather on an intimate level, but I have been blessed by the openness and the love you guys have shown me as a member of Sandals for only the past two years… Please keep us all up to date on this blog, will check daily and see what you guys are all doing.
    I have to let you know, my story of coming to Sandals, is I was fed up with my old church and stopped going, which was the worst time of my life, there was so much crap that was escalating. My good friend, Tina, would just encourage me to come to Sandals…finally one Sunday I came, we sat in the back, and I thought, dang, I am too old for this church, the music is way too loud, and I have never heard those so-called praise songs before…but I kept coming, every Sunday, now, I sit in the front, so I have room to worship, and not care what people think when I rasie my hands and sometimes weep, and I am not distracted by others, and I pay better attention to Matt, or whoever is teaching…so, thank you and I look forward to what God has in store for your family and ours at Sandals…behave yourself son….

  • Carlos/Heather/Family:

    I attended Sandals for a few months back during my freshman year at CBU, and then started going to church in San Dimas with my now-husband, Bruce. We have just moved back to Riverside permanently and it feels like coming home. We have been inspired by you all and I really feel like between this blog and Sunday nights, we have been getting to know you all. After tonight’s service, Bruce turned to me and said “what a bummer! I felt like I was just getting to know him, and he’s such a cool guy!”

    But in the midst of all that, I will say that when both of us moved across the country from upstate NY, God turned our world upside down. I can promise you will experience culture shock like you would never expect, and it will be trying, but I can also promise you that you will see a new side of God’s faithfulness and it will draw your family closer if you allow change to be a tool to refine you rather than a weight to slow you down.

    Bruce and I will be praying for you as you go – and we will be looking forward to updates! Know that God has, and will continue, to use you. Go in peace – and thanks for pouring your life into Sandals for 9 years.

    Lastly, thanks for being an example of a godly husband, wife, family, disciple, worshipper, and follower of Jesus. It’s encouraging to us, a young 21-22 year-old-couple, newly married, praying to be used to change the world, planning to adopt children from overseas, and hoping to somehow inspire others. You have certainly blazed a trail for us.

    “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon ME and pray to ME, and I will listen to you. You will seek ME and find ME when you search for ME with all your heart.”

    Let God be your anchor.

  • Wow! There’s nothing that can top Les’s comment. It made me boo-hoo as much as your video.

    I am eagerly anticipating how RICHLY the Lord will bless you in your family in Atlanta. You could not choose a greater place that is impacting the city for God.

    We are with you on this journey!

  • los – awesome. I love the NP ministry went all the way out to see louie and todd a couple years ago. God’s gonna blow ur mind out there. u still owe me a lunch don’t forget!

  • I love you man! All the best on your new mission. (but I am selfishly very, very sad to see you go.)

  • Congrats Los… Glad to have you hear down south… Transitions are so hard… we left several years ago a church we loved to plant the church we now lead…. it was tough… but the right thing. And God blessed it. I am praying for you… Maybe we can connect up sometime… maybe even at Catalyst.

  • Los,
    You don’t know me, but I’ve been following along here for awhile. My wife even knows what I’m talking about when I mention something that Los said. We’ll be praying for your family, and continuing to follow what’s going on there. Buckhead seems like an awesome place for you.

  • you’ll be missed bro. stay humble…….

  • Well well well – 62 comments in 12 hours. How is that helping your humility. I’ll miss you…blah blah blah…I love you…blah blah blah…See you there 😉

  • Hahaha.

  • Danielle

    I think that it is even AMAZING how God has even used your blogs to know His love. I can honestly say that God has used you to speak to me multiple times through here and at Sandals. You will be missed however I can’t wait to hear how God will use you in the South! I will continue to pray for you and your family. I think it’s wonderful to know that I love them and pray for them and never really met them! take care!

  • Whatever – I can’t believe you guys are really going…. We’ll miss your kids at Flip Flops. But I know they’ll probably love the new church.

  • Congrats Los.

    Prayers going up for you all.

    Your words about following God’s open doors resonate so clearly.

    God has wonderful things ahead for the Whitaker family.


    In 1977 when I left Fresno with you, Eddie and your Mom to serve the Lord in Atlanta at the Home Mission Board, SBC, you were 4 years old. It was an exciting journey and the 18 years in Atlanta prepared us for the ministry here in California. The future is in God’s hands!

    All of you will do well. When the Father leads, He knows the way. Remember to keep a humble spirit and don’t loose your passion for reaching the lost and making disciples.

    We love you, Heather and the kids very much.


  • you truly be missed is something that most here have said…but i barely know you and feel like we know eachother better than we really do….you worship has tremendously been wonderful and i know that with God’s everythng that you know what you are going and that you are truly amazing to seriously leave your comfort zone make your family move to georgia and make a new family and help build it up…please dont stop blogging because if you do i will drive over there and slap you..haha just messin..maybe it willl just be an “E- Slap” anyways keep doing what you do and remember that there is always somewhere to stay in cali…..holla at ya girl…..

    Mad love and God Bless,

  • Los

    I was waiting fo you to say Finland not Georgia:) Keep dying!

  • i have to admit, i’ve been checking your site way too often this week, hoping for a hint or two. your announcement is exciting! i’m happy for you and your family and will continue following your journey.

  • sully

    You sure Fermin and Carmen don’t want to come back, too?

  • Godspeed my friend. Looking forward to the new chapter!!

  • Congrats and shalom brother…

  • Though we’ve never met, I enjoy your blog & iTunes show, and I too welcome you to come visit Sunny St. Simons sometime. Bless you in your move!

  • Hi Albee.

  • i still remember the day you called to tell me you were moving to the left coast. i guess it was around ’94 or ’95, right? towards the end of college. it was such a weird feeling to hear that my brother was moving so far away. and i never dreamed you’d come back … since all of your familia was out there. but now the dirty south has called you home. i can’t wait to see the impact you’ll have on Buckhead. we’ve absolutely loved it over the last 5 years.

    don’t forget … my offer still stands … to buy that one-way plane ticket to fly out there and drive across the country with you. that would be just another memorable trip for us.

  • Clippers?!? Sigh.

    Hey congrats on the move, Los. It’s been a year since my family packed up and left SoCal. There are things we miss (our friends, the ocean, Sandals), and there are things we don’t miss (traffic, smog, earthquakes, traffic, and traffic)… but all things considered, we are glad we made the change – it has been good for our family.

    By the way – as you head east, your last shot at a Double Double is in Phoenix… it’s on the west side; just off I-10…

  • Atlanta, eh? Interesting.

    Well, at least you didn’t tell your congregation on Mother’s Day. (Not that I’m still emotionally sore from that wound… ) Our family will continue praying for your families (immediate and churches) as you all make this transition. Moving is not my favorite part of life but the adventures that await you guys will surely be worth it in the end.

    God bless you all for being able to listen… even when it’s really, really hard.

  • thats fantastic…congrats…and welcome to the other side…

  • Slade

    Know that you are stepping into a lot of love here in GA. I’m sure the transition won’t be easy, but our Lord was already making provisions for you before you even saw this anywhere on the horizon. We’re praying for you guys and will be here for you.

    By the way…the transparency of how you have handled this week is amazing. Much love to you five!



    Dang. Your are one loved dude.

    So here is a question. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Or maybe I already forgot. But when do you start the cross country journey?

  • Carlos,

    Making the move from Michigan where I was an associate to West Virginia where I bacame the pastor was one of the most difficult and scariest decisions I have ever made. Trying to determine if you are in the will of God in a case like this is, in my opinion, very difficult.

    I hope that you are in the Lord’s will, and if you are I hope that you and your family will be tremendously blessed and that the Lord will use you greatly.

    Dave Coe (10 hours north)

  • My fellow blogger and podcaster,

    Welcome to the ATL. May God be glorified!

    Wisdom Moon
    All About Worship Podcast

  • Chris & Jamie Webb

    Carlos, Heather & Fam,
    You guys have blessed us. We wish you only the best! You will be missed. We will be praying for you & your family.
    Chris & Jamie Webb

  • Hey Los,
    Wow, this is exciting. I’m really happy for you and your family. The chance to work with Andy S. and the peoples at Northpoint is amazing.
    I’m friends with a lot of folks in the worship ministry there…Todd Fields rules…you’ll meet John and Jennifer Carroza, who are musical GENIUSES…bass player Pat Malone, who is so good he needs to be slapped…many, many more.
    Of course, being in Dalton, I’m only an hour or so north of you, depending on how fast you drive. Selfishly, I sure hope that means I’ll have the chance to meet you in person (other than the blogging class at Saddleback) and perhaps hang one day.
    God bless, brother in the Lord. Congratulations.

  • got excited when you said Dallas…thought you were coming to the Lone Star State there for a second…

  • it’s been great knowing you guys here & we’ll miss you guys. we’re gonna be out of town when you’re leading worship for the last time at sandals. so, i hope we see y’all before you move (mabye at chipotle, or something :)), but if we don’t just know that we’re praying for you guys.
    have a wonderful adventure & say hi to my family in texas when you drive through. we’ll miss ya’ll~shan

  • Ditto. I thought the Ragamuffin train was coming to D/FW for a second there. Congrats on the move and good on ya for taking the plunge to follow the Lord across country.

    You’d better stop off somewhere here in the Big-D area and let us Texas Ragamuffins say howdy over some coffee or something.

  • Congrats and I look forward to meeting you. Welcome to the NP Fam.

  • mrs. bear

    So, I’m thinking your like a pinky toe. I take it for granted and assume it will always be there, not really paying much attention to it and just enjoying it when I have a chance encounter with it, like maybe I need to trim the nail or paint it or something. Then one day the doctor says, “I’m going to have to remove your pinky toe.” And then I’m like, “Dang! That’s my favorite toe! I’m really going to miss that toe.”

    I think you get the idea. (tear)

  • Los,
    You already know how we feel. I am personally so proud of you and so excited for you in this amazing opportunity. Although we live 4 hours away, we have been so blessed to become part of the Sandals Community through your family. I remember back when it was just you, Matt, and Nathan well, actually (Moi) and the love, the passion, and the “real-ness” that you three had with a dependence on God, built that church on a solid foundation. Change is good, it creates growth, so although I know they’ll miss you at the helm with the guitar and mic, I know God will be doing a work and providing for them, because I know you are in His will by moving.
    The Lord has truly blessed you with a gift. Creativity coming out your ears and the ability to love people. You’re a great singer and musician, but your true talent lies in your ability to call a group of people into community. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for Buckhead and we’ll be out to see first hand for sure. It’s a business expense right?! That way I’ll get to visit the double3 too. Let’s get this road trip nailed down before the girls plan something!

  • Los, that’s awesome. Many blessings on your new adventure. Thanks for your “true colors” on this blog.

  • You and your family are incredible people! Your courage, your talent, your strength, your discipline, your love – all inspirations to Lori and I.

    9 years is a lot of roots to pull and a heavy tree to carry… praying for you right now.

    Buckhead sounds like a great, exciting opportunity to shine. They’re getting one of the best families I know!

    Hope we can keep in touch. I’ll be in Atlanta in December so I’ll be sure and look you up.

    All God’s best to you and your family!


  • Shoot. I almost ruined the surprise. I guess now I can post this. LOL

    “Movin to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches…

    Millions of peaches peaches for me
    Millions of peaches peaches for free
    Millions of peaches peaches for me
    Millions of peaches peaches for free

    Look out”

    We love you guys. I’m already looking for a job in GA! We are ready to get the hell out of CA!

  • Sigh. Much love to you and your beautiful family. Dude, I was holding my breath yesterday as you were reading your letter! My entire row was crying. It was bittersweet. What an awesome adventure God has called you on and what is really blessing me right now is to see your heart open and receptive and at peace. You know wherever He calls you to go, that is *the* place to be–under the shadow of His wing. You will definitely be missed, your worship will be something that I will hold in my heart for a long, long time. You and and your wife are one of those rare people in this life who you can clearly see God moving through them. Imagine the wonderful things your children will do for Jesus, because of your obedience and example. I can’t wait! But for now, much love and blessings from my family to your’s and all I can think of is…at least we have Ragamuffin Soul. It will be like you are still here. 🙂 Waaaaah.

    Paz y amor, hermano!

  • I think you’re neat

  • los is a clippers fan because I’m a clippers fan. Tony, when are you going to realize that being a Lakers fan is like when Fonzie “jumped the shark”.

    Any of your Buckhead family posting on here….couldn’t find them?

  • wow…”just because a family member leaves doesnt mean they aren’t a member of the family anymore”

    congrats on your praying for your family.

  • I just wanted to be #100 🙂

  • mrmalph

    that is awesome. you are now 2 hours away… when you were giving the directions to your new location – until you said merge off onto Buckhead – I thought you were coming to NewSpring…

    God is awesome!

  • Ah man, I wanted to be 100. You beat me to it Ann 🙂
    You rock Los. God bless you in your transition.
    I’ll be looking for you this fall leading worship at 722!

  • Hey Los…

    Let me add to the many other well-wishers in saying that while you will be sorely missed in CA, you will rock in ATL.

    What a great opportunity and a great fit for you. I am extremely happy for you, my friend.


  • Anne Jackson beat me! Its okay though. I like the number 104.

  • Los. You made the ball roll. You innovated. You encouraged. You nurtured. The responsibility that you leave behind is HUGE. My roll is going to change. Everybody’s roll is going to change. Change needs to happen. Your position can not be filled. Your a rare breed. God has given you the ability to wear two hats. That of a creative leader and a worship leader. For the rest of us who are apart of your team, we would be cheating Sandals Church if we let things slip. We need to exceed the place where you brought us. I believe you equipped us all with the necessary knowledge and abilities to make things even greater for His kingdom.

    i hope you flip Northpoint on their butts. I pray that you can show them what AUTHENTICITY is buddy. You have shown that to me.

    I am not saying goodbye to you. Your still here until September. But I miss you already man.

    I am so going to jack your office.

    love J Rocka.

  • hey los…eric has been filling us in on your journey. we’re excited that you are moving “home” to GA….you may call the west coast home….but your old stomping grounds are in the ATL!! and good ‘ole BC is close by! heather needs to experience Mountain Day this year!

    i hope we can see you and heather soon and meet your beautiful kiddos!!

  • I was hoping for a west on the 60 and heading down to Saddleback!! Dang! Guess I’ll just have to fly out to see my folks and come see ya. We have a small group conference out there next year, so maybe I’ll drop by. Not like you know me! I am thankful that internet connection works in Atlanta, so I will still be able to follow your adventures. I think they have weight watchers too. 🙂 God Bless you and you family. Your ministry reaches far and wide… so many are blessed. Can’t wait to hear more about this next chapter.

  • Brah! Welcom to Atlanta where the players play….haha! Man I’m so excited for you and your family. You’ll be surrounded more great people in the NP/Buckhead community and fantastic leaders and worshippers! I’m a few hours up 75 in Knoxvegas (gotta come hike the Smokies with us!) and will surely run into you soon at Northpoint or Buckhead when I’m down visiting one of my umpteen million times! Love you man! We’ll be holding you, the family, and Sandals up!

  • the bear

    Dude. Please, please, please, make sure we can talk before you go. Face to face. It has been a long time, but I want to tell you something. Let’s nail a day or night down where we can chill for a bit. Much love and respect to you. God bless you for doing what God wants you to.

  • So do I have to move to California to get 110 comments on my blog?

  • Dang. I even had the wrong web address on my name.

  • I can’t believe that you would want to leave Riverside. I mean, the air quality is so good here. 🙂 I am excited for the new adventure that God is leading you on. I will be praying for you and your fam.

  • Well, I’ve always felt that the Left coast was the Correct coast…but since you’re going to the right coast I’ll wish you and your family the best of luck and happiness. God will provide and has obviously called. Have fun and keep blogging. You and Alex got me into this so you can’t bail on me now!

  • Congratulations, Los. Only a handful of people on the planet ever get an opportunity of that magnitude. Remember.

    But I’m not surprised they want you. And not surprised God sent you. Your heart is your greatest asset: warm, tender and fun. Buckhead will be blessed.

    They say that once a year, God picks up the U.S. by the east coast and all the loose nuts roll west. So what does that make you….?

    I’m just glad you’re not going to Texas. Phew.

  • Wow! If you turned right instead of left, you’d be closer to us here in Newnan, GA. We’ve been here for two years, transplants from Los Angeles, and loving the trees and the seasons. May God bless you in your new ministry opportunity.

  • Steve

    I’m a couple days behind in my blog reading, so I just saw this post. Blessings to you and your family and I admire you stepping out of your comfort zone and following the Lord’s leading in your life.

  • Reagin

    Wow! Congrats to you all. I will definitely be praying for your transition, especially for you, Heather, since you’ve never lived there before. I know there are a lot of old friends excited you’re moving back to the east. I wish I could be one waiting to welcome you to your new home, but instead I’ll just have to wait until you go on the Buckhead Church UK tour.

  • Welcome back to Jawja dude. It’ll be great to have you closer. I see some great times with E & I visiting you. Oh, can I come record your worship services? I can do 26 tracks simultaneously right now. I’ll buy more channels if you need ’em. Come on, purty please!

  • Hey Carlos! I haven’t met you yet, but I work with Tyler at the BBCC. I hear amazing things about you and your family from him and Elliott. Can’t wait to meet you soon when you join our team.

  • jackie’nJay

    Love to you, Carlos and Family —
    Thought we were celebrating with you —
    then saw your heart on the utube.
    We cried: with joy–
    for all that you are
    and are becoming.
    See you in the ATL…

  • Dude, I went to that church’s website: do you think they will rock? I hope so. If you start sounding like Coldplay…

  • But more importantly, congratulations.

  • Brady

    I need one last lunch with you before you leave.

  • Welcome to the East Coast. I am so excited for you and your family!

  • I figured I’d be #125. Excited to have you in the North Point World, dude. Glad to have you on board, and I can’t wait to meet you!

  • Los ~ I know So Cal is home for you, but I feel as if the ATL is home for you.
    I am so excited that you are coming “home”. You are one of those people for whom the song “Circle of Friends” is so true. You hold a special place in my heart (and I know lots of others from back in the days of Briarlake, Shamrock, etc.) even though we have lost touch and been miles apart for all of these years!
    I look forward to see what great things God has in store for you in Buckhead. I just wish I didn’t live so far out; I swear I feel like we live in South Carolina – we are so far outside of ATL! Anyway, hope to see you soon!