My Daily Digital Toolbox

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To achieve my creative/blogging/service programming zen on a daily basis, I must have tools.
These my fellow ragamuffins…
Are those tools…


2 GB 667 MHz SDRAM
160 GB Hard Drive

TOOLS (online)

  • iGoogle – This is my home base. Within this landing zone are my Google Apps…

Google Reader
Google Calendar
Google Docs

  • Firefox and Firefox Scripts (scripts as follows)

RTM + Gmail
Morning Coffee
Save It For Later

TOOLS (offline)

These are the programs that shape my day.
Let’s make the comment section of this post our digital Home Depot.
Share your wealth of tools…


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  • What equipment and software do you use for your videos (type of video camera, editing software, plugins)? Do you just use iMovie?

    Brad Ruggles

  • I couldn’t live without Vienna for my RSS reader; I switched from Google Reader and haven’t gone back.


  • Add in Basecamp and Highrise, both by 37signals.

  • thanks for the list los…very helpful. my favorite unused on the list so far is morning coffee.

  • What do you use the multiple outliner programs for? (scrivener, writeroom, omni outliner)

  • Los

    Tyler, morning coffee rocks…
    Chad, I am really thinking about taking my team through a project with those tools soon.
    Brad, iMovie all the way. Call me a rookie.
    Josh, That is is secret. Check back for the answer soon.

  • Um…call me a minimalist, but here’s my “list.”

    -Dell Inspiron 5100, cerca 2003. It cusses at me occasionally.
    -MS Word.
    -MS Paint.
    -Gmail and Blogger.
    -Local coffee or my own concoction. Heavenly.
    -My mind?

    I’ll call this the “post-undergrad poor kid’s kit.” Although I’m far from impoverished, I don’t quite have the funds to upgrade at this point without making monthly payments for like 23 years. πŸ™‚

    Now if I had my choice, I’d have a Macbook and Adobe Creative Suite. And a digital Canon Rebel XT.

  • Oh, and a Moleskine. πŸ™‚

  • Great post, Los, and a great post idea. Here’s my response:

  • Instead of CuteFTP, have you tried the FireFTP firefox extension?

  • Daniel

    I’ll have to think about my list some, but just in case I don’t make it back, I want to second Alastair all the way. Used CuteFTP for years, but FireFTP is just so handy.

  • hmmm…

    Well… at home
    Safari or Camino
    itunes (need the music in the background)
    Netnewswire (for the feeds)
    on occasion, preview.

    OH! the computer… It’s an old one. Pixar looking iMac
    700 MHz PowerPC G4
    768 MB SDRAM

    I’ve debated on getting something like Mars Edit. I used the demo for a bit and liked it, but I dunno. I do need to try out ecto.

  • Mac Pro Dual Quad-Core 2.8GHz, 8gb ram, 3 x 350gb hd.
    2 x 23″ Apple Cinema Display

    17″ MacBook Pro 2.16gHz Intel Core Do, 2gb ram, 120gb hd
    2 x 500gb external hd

    Final Cut Studio 2
    Adobe CS3
    Adobe After Effects
    Magic Bullet Suite
    Trapcode Form
    Trapcode Particular

    Vienna (RSS)
    Quicksilver (everyone should be using it)
    iCal, Mail, Address Book
    Google Docs

    Panasonic HVX200
    RedrockMicro M2 Cinema Film Adapter
    Gitzo Carbon 6X Tripod


  • Macbook Pro 2.0Ghz, 2GB RAM, 250 GB HD
    Apple Mail
    Time Machine
    Google Reader

    That’s all I really need!

  • every day, i’m using

    omnifocus (was using iGTD until Leopard upgrade messed it up)

  • Los, if you’re using Firefox, FireFTP runs circles around CuteFTP. For my money, anyway.

    Oh, the biggest tool I’ve picked up recently is Thunderbird IMAP’ed to GMail. That way, the two are synced up, rather than just downloading one from the other.

  • As I am looking at these lists, I recofgnize a few. I would have to say that my toolbox is pretty empty or I don’t know what the tools are. πŸ™‚ The Basics!

  • What, no mention of PlanningCenterOnline? Hard to live without for me!


  • I’m a musician, graphic artist and mac nerd.

    I role… (The Machine)
    Macbook 2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo (2GbRam),
    Firelite 80Bg external Hard Drives,
    Glyph 350Gb External Hard Drives,
    2 Acom Data 320Gb External Hard Drives.

    (The Pro Apps)
    Adobe CS Suite
    Protools M-Powered (Firewire 1814)
    Apple Logic 7.4
    Reason 3
    Melodyne Uno
    Vast array of plugins

    (The Everyday Living Apps)
    Apple Mail
    Shrook (RSS)
    Ecto (WordPress Editor –
    Sound Converter
    Podcast Maker
    YouTube (of Course)
    Captian FTP (Arrrrrr)
    Quicktime Pro
    iWork 08
    iShowU (creating tutorials, howto’s for people)
    iSquint (video format and compression for podcasts)
    Whatsize (good file size trouble shooter)

  • 15″ MacBookPro (glossy) with a kickin’ orange shell
    Adobe CS3
    Comcast WebMail
    MS Office:Mac
    ProPresenter 3
    Canon Digital Rebel 10.1mp
    my LG Venus phone
    a Nonfat Caramel Macchiato πŸ™‚

    oh…and one of these:

  • I use NetNewsWire for all my RSS needs.

    For FTP, I rock <a href=””CyberDuck. A little unstable, but super-easy and free.

  • Perhaps I should use a program to clean up my links when I leave a comment?

  • Computers:
    MacBook 13″ Black
    PowerBook 17″ Titanium
    Dual Processor G4 Tower

    Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage
    Camino browser
    NetNewsWire RSS reader
    Garage Band
    Finale NotePad
    ContentBarrier X4
    MPEG Streamclip
    Snapz Pro X

    Other Hardware:
    Zoom H4
    Blue Snowball
    Yamaha P250
    Yamaha Mo6
    M-Audio FireWire Solo
    M-Audio Uno

    Guess that’s enough of a comment…sorry for the length

  • I keep a Tide Stain Stick in at the sound desk, it has come in super handy when the speaker has a smudge on his shirt.

    also Measure IT is a fantastic plugin for firefox…makes quick work of getting things the right size.

  • Chris

    For FTP I use Transmit:

  • Dude- So WriteRoom takes the cake. I had it an hour and it got me to blog my ATL trip, focus on school, made me a sandwich. You’ve fixed my life, Los…

  • #1 – a hot shower

    #2 – hot coffee (cream, light sugar)

    #3 – Apple 15″ MacBook Pro – 2.33GHz, with 2 GB RAM, matte screen and a Property of North Point sticker

    LaCie 150GB Firewire 800 portable rugged drive
    WD 500MB Archive drive
    5 LaCie 250MB Work & Archive drives


    assorted Mac apps (iPhoto, iCal, Quicktime Pro)

    Finale 2007
    Pro Tools 7.4
    Reason 4
    Stylus RMX
    A.I.R. Xpand
    A.I.R. Structure (full version πŸ™‚
    Ozone 3
    Analog Factory
    Axiom 49
    American Strat
    Pocket POD
    Digi 002, MBox 2 Pro, MBox 2 Mini
    Blue Sky EXO 2.1 speakers
    Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
    Live Wires In-Ear Monitors

    #4 – The greatest game of all time:
    Civilization IV

  • Carlos-
    OmniFocus and/or Outliner Pro? And why? Any advice? How do you use them and are both a ‘necessity’?

  • Let us know how it goes using Basecamp/Highrise. I couldn’t run my business or ministry without them.

  • * 15? Macbook Pro. 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    * Mac Pro 3.0 Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon (8-core) w/ 30? Cinema Display
    * Canon XH-G1
    * Canon Digital Rebel XT (my personal camera)
    * iPhone
    * LowePro CompuDaypack
    * Shuttle Pro

    Tools Online

    * Firefox
    * Google Reader
    * Google Docs
    * Flickr
    * Twitter
    * WordPress
    * iStockphoto
    * Revostock
    * Planning Center Online

    Software Tools

    * Avid Xpress Pro 5.7 w/Mojo
    * Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
    * Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional
    * Sorenson Squeeze 4.5
    * Entourage 2004 (can’t wait for Office 2008. Need this for church Exchange Email)
    * DVD Studio Pro
    * iTunes
    * iChat
    * iPhoto
    * Quicksilver
    * Chicken of the VNC
    * Snapz Pro X
    * MPEG Streamclip
    * LiveWorship
    * ProPresenter (yes we use both)

    Non-Digital Tools

    * Field Notes (
    * Post-its

  • Sweet, new Firefox add-ons!

    A couple apps I can’t live without:
    Snag It,
    Beyond Compare,
    Password Safe,

  • We posted our uncool toolbox. Cheap is the word of the day everyday around here.

  • Marshall Huwe

    About the only tool that I use on a daily basis that is not listed above is the amazingly versatile (Mac OS only) and cool Circus Ponies Notebook 2.1. Don’t let the name fool you – this is one extremely useful app. I live in it most days! It captures and organizes my chaotic life.

    Love your blog!


  • Machine Model: Power Mac G4
    CPU Speed: 467 MHz
    Memory: 896 MB

    40gb exhd
    80gb exhd
    250gb exhd

    keyboard and a mouse.

    mac mail
    text edit
    Catain FTP
    Fetch FTP
    Adobe suite from 2001 psd7.0
    my brain.

  • Naz

    Powermac G5
    Macbook Pro
    Logic Studio
    Latte (made by me)
    My Safari’s RSS bookmark folder
    Firefox so I can read my old hotmail email from people who haven’t updated my new address
    iMovie HD
    Mail, iCal
    Graphic Converter
    Pens, sticky notes
    AKG 240 headphones
    all this other junk in here

  • ok

    good site qbzlft

  • On my firefox browser:
    Firebug extension (checks HTML and CSS code)
    On my desktop
    CoreFTP running on a virtual windows box. Cyberduck and Transmit didn't cut it for me