Well it happened.
We actually get to move all our furniture and “stuff” from Riverside, CA to Atlanta.
5 months after starting this amazing job, we have rented our house out in Riverside!!!
And a week later…
We have rented a house 11 minutes from Buckhead!!! (at 5 am)
God Still Moves
We actually are moving less than 2 miles from where we have been living with the Phenix clan.
5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, LOTS OF SPACE!!!
So pack your bags for a trip to The ATL. We have 2 empty bedrooms and a bonus room downstairs you can all crash at.
Here are some pics from my iPhone I took today…
Img 0605
Img 0609
Img 0606Img 0607
Img 0608
Img 0601Img 0602
Img 0611
Img 0613
Img 0615
Img 0616
Img 0618Img 0619
Img 0628
Img 0630

Bring it don’t sing it.



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  • Hey! The house looks GREAT!
    I’ll bet you can get a LOT more house for the $ in ATL.
    hooray for getting settled!!!

  • janie


  • I want to sit on your porch swing and play guitar. Looks very peaceful, glad to hear your good news!

  • I love the porch swing.
    Eventual plan: Visit the Whittaker’s in the ATL, hold Losiah while sitting on the porch swing, and listen to Carlos rock out on the guitar. 🙂

  • nice

  • OK. So the wife and I, and our little rump shaker go to a different ballpark every year. This might be the year we check out the Braves!

  • yay! i am so excited for you all…when is the big moving date?

  • Sweet! I was touched by the 400 sq ft basement quarters in that you guys were so close and I bet, having fun…most of the time…I am sure it is great to move…you bless me Los!….

  • So. Need help moving all that stiff from the mving truck or are you hiring movers?!

    Cause. I mean. That is what community does, right?

    Help each other when they need it?

    Been looking for a reason to make a road trip.

    You know how to find me if you need any help.

  • Denise

    Wow Carlos! How exciting! It’s a gorgeous house. It just doesn’t seem like SoCal offers those kinds of houses for rent, does it?

  • Congrats!! Oh, those pictures reminded me so much of my roots. It was a hard pill to swallow going from South Carolina with a 2 bed apartment to paying double for a studio in Burbank. It would be nice to have space and pine trees again… Is Buckhead looking for an admin for singles? I am sure Saddleback could find a replacement. 😉 JK.

  • mrs. bear

    Wow! So cool! I have to say I’m a bit jealous 🙂

  • wow… looks like a beautiful location. when can i visit?

  • Congrats!

  • So nice – love it.

  • Albee

    Looks awesome!!!

    Is that Captain Jim?

  • that’s a great house…i love it !congrats! ~s

  • this is awesome and dude, a great looking house, nice one!

  • Hey man, that’s a beautiful house! Nice one

  • That’s so great!
    House looks wonderful!
    Will you have a chance to buy it eventually?

  • Glad it worked out. Say hello to captain Jim.

  • Rock & Roll Bro! Rock and freakin’ Roll!!! Sweet lookin’ house! I’m stoked for you and the fam!

  • Love love love the porch and trees!!!

  • Joanne

    Wow! That’s a rental?!!! It’s fantastic!

  • Oh that is beautiful! I’m sure after you guys settle in with your stuff… it will feel like home… I love that neighborhood… congrats finally!

  • Nice house!!

  • I’m SO glad for y’all!!! It will be so nice to lay your head somewhere you can call “home”. YAY. I dig. The fire place is AMAZING

  • Cindi

    Congratulations – looks absolutely beautiful!!! What do the kiddos think of it?

  • Congrats fats!

  • AWESOME! Looks great. I bet it feels like a burden lifted. I know when we moved to STL last year it felt like freedom all over when we finally got our house sold in KC.

    looks like a lot of safe, quite space outside for the kids to enjoy, too. awesome. i’m happy for you guys.

  • I’m stoked for you! God is such a faithful Father. 🙂

  • Jarrett

    yo dude.
    you in my hood or what?

  • Dude, looks sweet! Super happy for you guys.

  • Yeah! Looks like a great house…that looks like MY neighborhood. Silly Atlanta and all the trees. :O)

  • AWESOME! Congrats on the new house! You’re not going to know what to do with all that space!!

  • Hooray for more square footage!

  • Nice digs Carlos and family!! I pray that you will have many creative and fun memories here.

  • Abs

    I am relieved for you…you can only coexist for so long and then the insanity sets in….

  • the porch swing really just adds that special “southern home” touch. it looks all nestled and cozy in the woods. congrats!

  • Karen Erickson

    The house looks very cozy. I am happy for you guys. I don’t know that we’ll be getting to the east coast this year but it looks like Atlanta is as beautiful as I remember it. xoxo

  • Lita aka Grandma

    It looks like the Ripplie’s (sp?) House

  • and you chose not to live in Cumming because….

    Congrats Los. When’s the first poker game?

  • that’s wonderful, carlos. so happy for you and yours.

  • funny you should say “come on” Los.
    You should add your name to this list!!


  • Brent

    dude, your house looks gorgeous! Congrats.

  • John Ireland

    Congrats, bruh’!

    Would love to visit…:)

  • Sue

    Is that…..why yes, I believe it is, Cap’n Jim, hi Cap’n! Very nice house, looks perfect for you guys! LOTS of playroom!

  • Congrats! Looks great! So happy you have ALOT more room and have rented out the house in CA.

  • Congrats! I swear, we had the same tile in the house I grew up in.

  • porch swing! oh i am so there.

  • Beautiful House. Congrats! . . . Jireh bro! Jireh!

  • teri

    Yeah we went through the same anxiety….We’re here in Canton with a church plant and finally sold our house in TN, for more than we asked in this market can you believe? I love when God does stuff that can’t be explained. He does still move. BTW. Freedom Church launched this weekend in Acworth and it went great!

  • WOW!! Congrats man… it’s a beautiful house! You guys deserve it.

  • It’s lovely! Congratulations on the find! God is good!

  • Congrats dude! That’s awesome! Can’t wait to visit the ATL some day! 😉

  • Robby Kurtz

    Hey Man, that looks like a beautiful home!! I’m Excited for you guys. We know how it is not have most of the stuff you need when you want because it is a box in storage. Actually, I didn’t realize how much stuff I didn’t miss when it was gone. Its is really cool that things are going so well for you out there. Do yu think you will attend the WFX Conference?