“Do You Know What It Means To Adopt?”


Butewas is in the Houston Rockets jersey to my right.

Me – “This is my son Losiah.”
Him – “That is your son?”
Me – “Yes”

I could see his confusion.

Me – “Do you know what it means to adopt?”

His eyes lit up.

Him – “YES”
Me – “I adopted Losiah because his mother could not care for him”
long pause…
Him – “Do you think you can adopt me?”

Oh how things have changed in me.
You can do the next best thing…
Look for lots more tonight.
Thanks for experiencing this with me.


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  • That breaks my heart, I can’t imagine how you guys are feeling. Great updates

  • Kat

    Wow. What in the world did you say?

  • My soul broke a little there. Bless you.

  • Wow…thanks for that update. Bet that tugged on your heart, it did mine.

    So hows the phone reception in Uganda?

  • Kim

    Are there any programs set up through compassion for people who would be interested in adoption?

  • Carlos, I so wish I went with you, dude!!! Maybe next time. Keep us posted.

  • what a simple post… and yet so impacting! tears dude! PRAYING for you guys!

  • breaks my heart. i can’t even count the number of children who asked me to brig them home with me last year.

  • That’s friggin’ awesome. Thanks for that.

  • I’d come home with 10 new kids. ~:-)

  • I’d come home with as many kids as a plane could hold! Thanks for taking us with you!

  • Is there a link on your site to sponsor a child? I’m already sold.

  • wow.

  • I love the little one in the purple shirt just watching you. It means a lot that you guys are there to love on them:)

  • Dude, how did you possibly hold it together. I read a couple words and my eyes teared up instantly. Geez.

  • This one left me speechless for a few seconds, man.

  • Thats so cool to see how they instantly look up to you.

    keep on with these updates… loving them!

  • los… i’ve been following through you & anne & boomama. and, i don’t know how y’all are gonna leave that place without stuffing a few kids back for us in your bags.

  • Cindi


  • Holy freakin’ wow. That’s crazy man.

  • oh my goodness. i wish i could adopt him. i’m so glad you’re doing this.

  • This is such a beautiful thing. I can’t wait to get updates! Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  • Oh wow… That sure tugs at the heart. Thanks for doing this!

  • rick

    I really appreciate you taking time to keep us updated…especially when it would be so easy to get lost in these beautiful little faces. I praise God you are there.

  • I’ve wanted to adopt forever…. my heart would be broken so much already…

  • Joanne

    I would give anything to be there! My husband and I would love to go to Africa someday. Although it would be VERY hard not to bring back a plane full of children!
    Every child deserves a family, and I hope and pray these children will be able to experience that. As an adoptive mom, I wish there were progams in place, but in the meantime, I plan to find a way to sponsor a child.
    What a blessing these kids are.

  • Jill Roberts

    This is awesome! Just wanted you to know I’m checking multiple times a day, praying and tracking with you. I just got a letter from Damali, my compassion child yesterday. She’s at the Kirambe Child Development Center..are you guys going there?? Full name is Akullu Damali.

  • brenna

    Wow! Praise God!

  • Lana

    Tore up, I am.

  • Sarah Jane

    That just breaks my heart. What a precious little boy.

  • Yeah, what did you say?

    My family is in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, and that seems like such a brutal question. I can just imagine a sponsored child saying, “You adopted that kid, why can’t you adopt me?” I’m not sure I have a satisfactory answer for that question.

  • wow x 9

  • Rebecca

    That was just heart-wrenching.

  • Michelle

    Oh how hard that would be….. I just sponsored a child. I hope to someday visit her. Although it would break my heart if she asked me to take her home….

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