Stall Etiquette


I’m in the stall.
Walkie Talkie falls into my stall.
It falls from the next stall.
Eeerie silence.
30 seconds…
60 seconds…
Me – “Um. Do you want me to slide that over?”
More silence.
30 seconds.
Hand reaches under my door.
Walkie disappears.
That could have been the longest 2 minutes of my life.

What’s the proper protocol?


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  • Never, ever, ever take a “wide stance.” And, good heavens, don’t be tapping anyone’s shoes.

  • Say, “Hey, who is that? Are you pooping?”

  • Pretty sure the right thing to do is just slide it over and don’t say a thing. If you see the person at the sink, act like nothing happened.

    We don’t talk in the Men’s room.

  • Dude – you pick it up and run, ’cause, hey, free walkie talkie.

  • I think for future reference you should check out the blog post on the rules of the restroom…

    Urinal Rules

  • and since it does not appear my link works this familiar url should help…

  • pee on it.

  • Be as quiet as possible. Finish before them without a flush…and leave.

  • Los

    Jeremy. The only problem is that I think that would come out of my budget.

  • Are you sure it was a man in there? Maybe you made “that mistake” again??

  • My theory: You were once again in the women’s room and she didn’t want to embarrass you by answering your offer to slide it back in a female voice.

    If I was ever in the restroom and a walkie-talkie fell into my stall, I would probably chat with anyone who would listen to me on it while the owner of the walkie-talkie is trying to get through the locked door to take it away from me. That would teach em…

  • Chris can read minds…

  • I’m pretty sure protocol says no taking pictures in the bathroom.

  • Just walk away…just walk away!

  • The scariest thing is, he didn’t wash his hands before he picked the walkie back up. . .

    Eww, and I used a staff persons walkie yesterday at BC when they left it alone and someone was calling them. . .


  • I’m not sure if i need to worry about the walkie-talkie or that you have a camera in the bathroom!

  • #1 why does someone have a walkie talkie in a bathroom stall.
    #2 why are u talking pics in the bathroom stall.
    #3 did this happen at buckhead?

  • First…BAHAHAHAHA!! Probably wasn’t funny at the time, but it sure is funny now! And second what everyone else has said about the fact that you are taking pictures in the bathroom….

  • Speaking from experience, A BC staff person’s walkie talkie has probably been in much worse places than that. We get into some crazy stuff around here. But as long as you aren’t licking the device, you should be fine.

    Life happens in the bathroom too, so why not take (appropriate) pictures?

  • David M. Coe

    Umm… take a lesson from Senator Craig and DO NOTHING with your hands or feet!!


  • press the talk button and let the tuba play.

  • Mike

    In MN you can be arrested for passing things back and forth under a stall 🙂

    “The senator then tapped his right foot, “a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct,” Karsnia wrote, and Craig ran his left hand several times underneath the partition dividing the stalls.” Read more

  • Damn, Mike beat me to the Larry Craig joke. Well played, Mike.

  • Evan:
    #1 why does someone have a walkie talkie in a bathroom stall.
    it’s a good contingency plan in case there’s no TP and you’re the only one in there.
    #2 why are u talking pics in the bathroom stall.
    he was prolly playing games on his iphone while he was…you know..dropping the kids off.
    #3 did this happen at buckhead?
    it’d be great if it happened at NP, ’cause dude what if that was ANDY STANLEY’S WALKIE TALKIE? bahahaha. betcha it radios God…

  • answer to the questions:

    1. they had the walkie in the stall bc all of our parking volunteers wear them

    2. dont you know carlos takes pics of EVERYTHING!!

    3. yes it was at bc


    leave the parking peeps alone, even volunteers have to know “drop the kids off”


  • I quite like the pic of the bathroom floor…it shows the nice slate/some sort of stone tile that is in there…Also… I’m just glad the walkie hit the floor and not the toilet water…

  • Amy

    hahahahaha!! OMG I don’t know what was funnier reading the comments or the blog? I wonder if the person heard the little camera sound your picture phone makes and wondered if you were taking pictures of them through some weird peephole lol!! I would’ve just slid it over to them with my foot to avoid touching it and not say anything. Or maybe the guy didn’t speak very much english? ha no one said that!

  • First off, you shouldn’t be deucing in a public restroom to begin with…deuce in the morning before you leave the house. I mean, you have to schedule that junks out. Get yourself into a routine.

    Second, you shouldn’t have said anything…AWKWARD!!

    You’re lucky Senator Craig wasn’t in the other stall…

  • Sizz

    I am praying that whoever owns the walkie-talkie is reading this blog~

  • matt g

    Get on Walkie and ask “Who does #2 work for?”

  • hope you washed your phone camera after this picture!

  • Rodge

    maybe the guy meant for you to take that one, he already had the other walkie talkie, and then you could totally coach each other through a difficult movement. encourage each other. nice.

  • Denise


  • Never…ever…speak in the men’s restroom while “business” or what could be interpreted as “business” is transpiring. Never.

    Slide and look away. Just slide and look away. Whistling afterwards may be an acceptable signal to the other party that it is safe to retrieve lost item.

  • John Ireland

    you did well, los…i could easily picture that happening at qcc with one of our tech/production folks. we are very informal (bit of an understatement), so i likely would have had a bit less decorum…:)

  • Why is it that some people are uncomftorable speaking while doing your business in the can?

  • Now I see where he get’s all of his blogging done. That is the camera on the notebook isn’t it?

    Los, Is that the actual Walkie Talkie in the pic or is that a re-inactment? just curious

    Propper Etiquite = It’s like talking with your mouth full of food, you don’t talk in a MID WIPE. That’s why he didn’t answer, and that explains the flush 30 sec. after your(los) question.

  • If they refuse to say “hi”, pick up the walkie talkie, press the “talk” button, and burp into it really loudly.

  • Dude, I don’t know what’s funnier…

    the story…

    or the fact that you took a picture of the walkie talkie to document it!

    In my opinion, I would have kicked it over if my foot could reach. If not, just leave it be. 🙂

    Great story.

    Brad Ruggles

  • rick

    re-inactment or do you carry your camera. everywhere?

  • Los

    iPhone. Everywhere.

  • “who does #2 work for?” real nice. :O)

    this has the potential to be the funniest post/comments ever. at least in my world.

    i’m still laughing…

  • In the top right corner of pic#2 there is a shadow that’s not in pic#1. I want to know what’s making that shadow!

  • Los

    Corbett. That is a shadow of the walkie being taken from my stall

  • Denise

    Yeah you can see the antenna in the shadow. Los, too bad you didn’t snap that pic just a second earlier ’cause then you’d have someone’s hand for everybody here to play guess who with!

  • I would say do nothing. I did a post a few months back on “Bathroom Rules for Men”. I didn’t cover this scenario–maybe I need to revise it to include items falling into your stall.

    You did, however, violate the no talking rule. You’ll be forgiven this time. 🙂