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OK. Go here for the rules and explanation.
My entry for Creative Chaos today is something we do quite regularly here at Buckhead Church and that is we run a jumpback to a click which does wonders for the song. This basically means that when the band starts the loop or click, we start our jumpback. The result is an amazing viewing and singing experience.
Here is an example from last Sunday with Steve Fee.
[Flash Embedded Below RSS Readers]
[flashvideo width=”426″ height=”240″ filename=”WeShineFEE” filepath=”rtmp://”/] Now it’s your turn.
What is something creative you guys have done or will do that you can share with the community.
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  • Two things….
    1.) That was sick…..
    2.) If you don’t belong to Jesus after that, you’re crazy.

    Unreal dude. (*insert jealous envy here.)

  • great post, los.

  • Truitt

    “This basically means that when the band starts the loop or click, we start our jumpback.”

    Does that mean the jumpback is always a little behind the click? If the click and jumpback are not joined, there seems to be a big potential for someone not starting the jumpback at the right time. Can you talk more about this?

  • Our team learned that song after this past Catalyst conference. We play it fairly regularly and it gets everyone jumping…amazing stuff you guys have going on.

    I posted mine…peep it.

  • I’m agreeing with Jesse. That was just sick.

  • errrr….I almost jumped outa my cubicle and shouted the words to the song…secular corporate world might have freaked. 😉

    That’s such a sick video.

  • We Shine is an awesome song. The only downside is that I need a drink break after I sing it.

  • Our worship team does this with their own video loop that our video team made to go with it. Nothing like hearing and seeing Fee do it, I was jumping around the house singing along with him!!

  • JVo

    Really enjoying the community, man.

  • I put my daughters Africa Missions Trip fund raiser site on there. She is raising money for my husband to go to Africa by NOT bathing, go check it out.

    I’d love to say it was our idea but it wasn’t it was a pastor at our church’s off the cuff idea, I don’t think he thought she would do it but she hates to bathe so, well, the rest is history.

  • That was AWESOME…great job

  • help this guy here. what is a jumpback?

  • Lu

    I have nothing of substance to offer here, except to say:

    That is crazy! The sound is awesome! Great mix. I got hypnotized by the video and almost forgot I’m at work can’t sing and shout and jump along. 🙂

    I think I need some Buckhead cds. (anybody catchin’ the hint…?) 😉

  • Yeah give us more info about the jumpback/click situation. What programs are you running? Those of us who are trying to do what you do on a (much) smaller scale are POOR! We don’t know what you’re talking about lol.
    Maybe you could get the person who does it on video talking about it a little bit. 🙂

  • They run PVP & Propresenter.
    I’ve seen a company make these, but the jumpback already had a click built in for the band to follow. But since the band is already running a loop&click I’m wondering how they sync it, unless! They’re running midi from the mac on stage to the booth and they sync it via midi, but thats way too complicated for a jumpback.

    The actual jumpback is cool though, especially with the 3-screen-span “redeemed” I’ve seen another cool one that steve usually carries around with him when they place it.

    Also, I’m in a school of worship at an internship and I’m trying to present this song for a service, but someone up top thinks this song doesn’t fit the environment. Confuses me because it’s a declaration about shining our light in the darkness and our redemption.

    Any Idea’s on how to get this through?
    I think their argument is that its evangelistic, and that is doesn’t fit in a normal 5 piece set?? I talked to someone higher up and they didn’t see the problem so maybe he will take care of it, but still any ideas?


  • Pat

    Hey Carlos,

    Saw that type of thing used at the orange conference where Steve Fee led. They then sold a bunch of them (about 13 songs worth) for about $90. I was working at a church, and therefore was broke, so I couldn’t buy them. But, they were cool.


  • I like creativity. I like chaos. I like this blog. thanks Los.

  • @ Caleb – Man I feel you. I’m a youth pastor and worship leader at our church. Here’s the thing. When it comes to the “worship services” I am under the authority of my SP. Sometimes we agree on ideas and how to connect themes and sometimes we don’t. The times we don’t man it really bites becuase I’m already emotionally invested in what I think is a great way to go. This of course brings up a few things;
    (1) when does the SP (or whoever is over us) step back and let us lead?
    (2) when do we step back and step away from our own emotional biases?
    (3) how do we handle those times that we feel like our ideas have been rejected OR have been flat out rejected?

    How we answer and interact with these questions is so important (I think). Man it’s a tough one. The only thing I can say is try to see where they are coming from. Personally I don’t like where it sounds like they are coming from but again I don’t know the whole situation. I think it’s important to share your heart and what you think God is leading you to do and if they don’t agree then we have to be able to lovingly go with their decision.

    I would though bring the song back up for consideration with them again. I don’t think going over their head’s is a great resolve to a small issue like this. That could have huge implications on your relationship with them. Giving in to someone else’s ideas or leadership isn’t always fun but at the same time maybe there is some value in what they are saying.

    I don’t know if this makes sense. Hopefully it helps you process through it a little more.

  • Great video and this link widget is cool also!

  • This has nothing to do with your post per say, but I thought you might enjoy this….

  • Right on man! That was a great video and great presentation of the song by the Fee guys. By the way, thanks again for doing this bro.


  • Great stuff!

    One of the things we have done lately is use Igniter Media’s Tracks. It does the same thing with jumpbacks and built in words. It is a great tool if you do not have a Media Dept that can create it for you!

  • Very cool. But am I the only one that noticed the verse is identical (and I mean absolutely identical) to a Delirious? tune off their last record. How is there not a lawsuit over this one?

  • You and your team are amazing man!

    I just posted my creative chaos, check it out!

  • I love the Jumpbacks! I am going to look to incorporate that into our children’s worship service!

  • D-Whitt

    For all of you wanting to know how we sync things I can give you a couple of ways. For this particular song we just hit play on the jumpback at a specific point in the intro. No real “sync” involved, just a good playback operator. Now, if you want to actually sync the band’s click with video playback here’s how we do it. The video track’s audio is replaced with SMPTE. It’s a form of timecode that is simply audio. You wouldn’t want to listen to it, it’s very annoying. Anyway, the timecode values correspond to the timecode of the click/loop in Pro Tools. Pro Tools is what we normally use to play click/loop etc. Unfortunately you can’t just plug SMPTE timecode into the Pro Tools interface. You need a device to convert SMPTE to MTC(MIDI Time Code). That’s the quick explanation. There are other things to know if you want to do this. Just email me if you need the details.

    Someone ask what jumpbacks are. They’re just the motion graphics you see on the screens. Technically they loop or “jump back” to the beginning and start over. However, the term is used loosely. What you saw didn’t actually loop or jump back so it’s really just a motion graphic. Ok, enough technical talk.

  • great to see all the cool stuff!!!

  • classic “man centered” song

  • I’m in. This is a great idea Los, and a good way to connect with other church people involved in the creative side. Too cool.

  • Truitt

    perhaps you will enjoy

  • Sick. Sick. Sick.

  • i posted a youtube video of a drama that we do called, “Prophesy”.