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Todays Creative Chaos entry is going to surround how a small, tiny, itty bitty little shift in video direction can create and pull a worshipper into a deeper place just as much as a well placed story spoken by a worship leader.
In the following video you will see one of Buckhead’s own vocal divas, Mandy Miller, lead the song How He Loves.
In this video you will see how a well executed change of pacing called out by the video director can create a heart palpitation from the IMAG screens themselves.
Josh began directing the video with the roaming cameras and stationary cameras slowly fading into each others shots.
You will see it is in Black and White.
You will see an effect placed over the live video. Some aged film looking thing.
Not over used. Just right.
About half way through the song when Mandy hits the first big chorus, everything changes.
The video moves from B&W to color and the 3 screens change from a still, slow image to moving water.
This moment in the video direction created a moment that piggybacked on the already powerful song.
An amazing example of how video can support and even lead in worship on any given Sunday.
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[flashvideo width=”426″ height=”240″ filename=”HowHeLoves” filepath=”rtmp://”/] Now it is your turn…
On your blog…write a post today of something creative you have done in recent history and link back to this post. Then you will have passed the rules of filling out the Mr. Linky widget below and getting a Technorati counted link from the front page of my blog.
It would be cool to hear some stories in your posts from outside the church if there are any.
So post away and fill out the widget so we can all share in our virtual creative arts conference here at Ragamuffin Soul.

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  • Los

    cdenning – Bravo

  • Thanks for the compliments man. I don’t deserve to take them, but i’ll pass em on to the guys. As far as I know, everything was done in house. Evan Vetter, who is head of our e*Media department was in charge of the whole thing. He’d be the one to pick his brain on. The craziest part, is that most of the work was done by volunteers! We apparently have stunt driver and a freeking stunt coordinator who goes to our church. Gotta love when that happens. The guys are talented cease to amaze me. You can check out the church and get emails from Glad you dug it dude, mad love.


  • Thanks for this opportunity to trade some creative and link love. My band, Next 2 the Tracks, ( is doing all sorts of creative stuff lately.

  • I’m basically in love with that song. I’ve listened to it on the I believe Goingto11 Blog. At least I believe that is where it was at. Or was it yours? I don’t know, but regardless, I’m in love with it.

  • Awesome cover of that song. Everytime I hear that line “If grace is an ocean we’re all sinking” my heart just leaps inside. I know so many people who are trying to swim their way to shore instead of just laying back and letting the current of His love overtake them.

    sorry to be so long…this creative chaos thing has me thinking cause we don’t have anything like this at my church. Yet.

  • ugh, the imbedded video keeps bombing. 🙁

  • Los
    Love looking at BC stuff… it’s so inspirational. So clarify for me–these video switches are called by the producer (on the fly?),not preprogrammed? If so–this is creativity at it’s highest level. Like painting with video.

  • Love the song…love the video…excellent work there! We just had our first meeting focused solely on creativity and I’m so pumped I can barely stand myself! lol

  • Oh man that was great. Video excellence is something we’re trying to get better at for reasons just like this!!

  • Great stuff…I always love reading these. It helps you find some of the best videos and creative ideas out there!!

    Brad Ruggles

  • That John Mark can write some amazing stuff.

    I love how out of the way this video feels. It’s not too in your face or over the top. Nice work BH team!

  • That was awesome! Where was that shown? It looks like American Idol. 🙂

    So, where is that projected cuz it’s not on the screens on stage, is it broadcast to another satellite location?

  • This is fantastic!
    The first time we played “How He Loves” we got a couple comments about “that kissy song”. But it seems to go over better and deeper each time we play it in service. It shakes people up.

  • some great stuff here.

  • Los – I’ve seen this video 3 times now, from various sources, it gets to me without fail every time, usually when I’m sitting at my desk. You have such an incredible team to be able to pull this stuff off!

    By the way, whatever you guys pay Mandy, double it, immediately, her voice rocks!

  • Where do I find the song “How He Loves Us?”

  • The Pursuit Video as great, guys. Unbelievable quality!

  • I love the way you push the envelope Los!!! Always getting people to do it better! That a boy!

  • Ooops. Here I am at work, worshiping. Oh well, Luke 19:40 — trump card. Thanks for always sharing the worship.

  • Los, in order to have all the sp. effects, do you have to have it exactly planned (how the worship service will go)? For ex., if worship ended up going an extra 10 minutes b/c the H.S. was rockin’ everyone’s socks off, what would ya’ll do about the sp. effects?

    BTW, this is a genuine question. I’m not one of those I-think-we-shouldn’t-have-special-effects-in-worship gals. I’m just curious what you do.

  • Los and Buckhead, Thanks for pushing the envelop of church. You’re doing amazing things.

  • Los and Buckhead,

    Thanks for pushing the envelop of church. You’re going amazing things.

  • Abs

    Amazing – be sure to teach Carolyn how to do that while she’s there…. 🙂

  • wow. that was beautiful.

  • I also love the choice of moving from intimate close ups to panning back to the full stage. Really emphasizes the color change and the burst in the music.

  • Los,

    I can’t believe it! Buckhead must be the church where Brian and Mandy Miller went to go help with the worship a few years back… I’ve not been in touch with them recently, but I used to play with them a bit in a worship band back in Michigan. I was in school with Brian’s brother Jason, and know a few of Mandy’s siblings too. What are the chances, huh? Would you please pass my email address on to Brian? I’d love to say hi!

    Wow. …and cool video by the way. :o)

  • Great idea for a post… can’t wait to go through them all to get some ideas!

  • los
    what a creative thing to do….creative chaos!
    Thanks for providing and inspiring the platform.
    You’ve made a blogger out of me!

  • Wow! That was truly awesome. I’ve never heard that song, either…so that was a pleasant surprise. I’m in an older PCUSA church, so as soon as we stop using the pasty white Jesus pic in the Media Shout I’ll post THAT as an innovation. Peace.

  • so inspiring… INSPIRING. gosh, i love this blog.

  • The Mandy Miller video is gone.