Cute or Disturbing?

I can’t tell if that is the cutest baby costume I have ever seen or the most disturbing baby costume I have ever seen.
You’re vote…


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  • DJ

    Definitely disturbing

  • well. the kid is cute, the costume is cute.

    I like my baby with butter though, and frankly, I see no butter?

    How can you eat babester without butta?

  • So disturbing!

  • hilarious – best costume for a baby ever. i may have to still this idea for our child’s first halloween.

  • Andy

    If you put some corn and potatoes in the pot, too it would make it cuter

  • mariana

    cutest. costume. ever.

  • I’ve got a picture of friends from church with their new born in the same costume. I thought it was legendary! I think when I have a baby He’ll be in a Batman or Mr Incredible costume though. Then my baby will be revered throughout his Kindy as “SuperBaby”

  • Cute..I can see how it would be disturbing….
    but it is really cute….

  • i think it’s cute. haha

  • no question, it’s cute!

  • emcrock

    Cute, as long as there’s not an open flame anywhere nearby.

  • It would be cute without the pot. And the parent in a chef’s outfit…

  • That could be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Such a fine line between cute baby photo op and punishable child abuse.

  • Ten bucks says we see Losiah in something similar this Halloween.

  • Cute…in a disturbing kind of way.

  • Meghan

    i can see how this would be freaky to some, BUT i absolutely love this costume i think mostly b/c i love to cook. so why not love a lobster baby?

  • Long time lurker First time to post. I think it is to cute. Great idea for Halloween.

  • it is so very cute

  • The lobster part is cute – the “in the pot” part is disturbng.

  • Cute! I appreciate creative costuming.

  • Disturbing!

  • I agree with Patty B. Cute outfit… disturbing that in a pot.

  • dharkness

    strait out cute

  • That’s freakin’ awesome!

  • Susan

    a little of both

  • Totally cute!!!

  • How about most ingenious ever… and cute.

  • I thought it was cute. Not disturbing. I would say first and foremost though that it was creative.

  • It is cute. They did that to one of mine in pre school!

  • So cute, now if it were actually on the stove we would move into somewhat disturbing!

  • I can’t decide either but that baby is freaking adorable!

  • That is not the disturbing part. You should have seen the other lobster babies in the observation tank.

  • Toss up. I’ll go with cute – that’ll be hilarious for the kid when he’s older, and make him question his parents a bit..might even think they are cool after he thinks about it.

  • definitely, definitely cute.

  • Amy

    Cute!!! I hope they wouldn’t boil the baby but the idea is pretty cute a beach scene would’ve been a little better. But so cute!

  • Tim

    Where did you find that? I now have a kid and this might be the best baby costume ever

  • Very Cute…and an excelent conversation piece!

  • it’s absolutely cute…but what i wanna know is how the heck they got that baby to stay in the pot and look so content, even for a 2 second photo?

  • So cute. It mad me laugh!

  • Definitely cute and disturbing. Disturbing with the pot but not as cute without. Such is the life of a performance artist.

  • Kim

    some friends of mine did that last year. i agree, it’s a bit disturbing, but that is seriously adorable!

  • Rick

    Definitely going to need a larger ramekin of butter

  • gbrad@mag

    D i s t u r b i n g . . . what is up w/people and costumes?

  • Kristy

    I vote for disturbing.

  • You think this is disturbing? I PROMISE you, I saw this same concept on a Christmas card. Only instead of a baby in lobster inside of pot – it was dog. And guess where I saw it…at a Chinese restaurant. Now THAT was disturbing.

  • You know when you first throw them in the boiling water and they make a noise that sounds like they’re screaming? Trippy. I don’t think they really are screaming. They just make a weird noise like they are. I don’t think babies in boiling water feel anything at all, to be honest.

  • Kiki

    Adorable! Now, if the pot was ON the stove, THAT would be disturbing!

  • i’m undecided… though i will admit i giggled when i first saw the photo!

  • Tara


  • Emily


  • lildoc

    I can’t stop SMILING to myself seeing this picture! THIS IS TOO CUTE!!!! haha…. the cute looking baby in the cute lobster costume and boy, did he really fit into that pot?! Oh and carried by the well i dont know if that person is a chef or maid or something like that! =) But it is SOOOOOO CUTE! It reminds me of how “delicious” litte kids are! =)

    Thanks for sharing the picture! =)

  • lildoc

    Oh and would you mind sharing with us where did you find this cute picture?? Thanks =)

  • Sandra Berggren

    A bit evil since the baby´s in the pot, but I laughed a lot!
    So… evilish cute?

  • cute as can be!! its halloween…everything is typically out of the ordinary!!! 2 thumbs up. i may use it one day! 😉