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  • wow

  • Exactly….He is a good God…even in the midst of questions.

  • beautiful

    thanks for sharing

  • In an attempt to be real here: In some way this has strengthened my faith…even my belief.
    I have looked up to SCC as long as i can remember…literally from singing songs with my dad at church like “my redeemer is faithful and true” when i was like 10 yrs old….to moments of singing “i’m diving in” at childrens camps…and even full on believing that when i got married one day i was going to adopt from his organization…and still hope to.

    He has played a major role in sculpting who i thought God was and what serving Him looked like in my early years…

    And so over the past few days…it has been almost as if in someway my faith or trust was hinging on how he responded to this, because of the incredible pillar of faith he has been for me and my family to see and be inspired by MOST of my life…

    I have DVDs etc of him speaking and sharing in such REAL and genuine…and very profound ways…

    And now to see those things tested….almost like Job.

    God knowing that no matter what….Job…Steven…would praise Him and still acknowledge that He is God…and He is good…

    – wow –

    And so the reality that this could happen to any of us…has been ever on my thoughts in the last days…but i feel strengthened by SCC and this family…encouraged in my belief and trust of a God who “gives and takes away” – that in fact….He always has been and always will be…and He can be trusted….His heart for me and my family is good.
    I can trust Him with my family….but still praying deep in my heart – that i never have to go through such a thing…

    Carlos – Thanks for keeping all this up to date and up front for us to follow…

    every time i look at ava – i think about this…i know this is the same for you…and it means so much to know the people i serve with are so open and broken to what God has been doing abroad…

    Love to yall


  • Wow you Rock, I am glad you were able to use the link I sent you on this. The name of the person who wrote this is Jim Houser, he is in SCC’s management team and his blog has a detailed history of events as an insider to the Chapman family and this is his link.

    Thanks again for using this to encourage us – and please remember the banner…

  • Christy from IA


    So sad, but beauiful at the same time. It’s ironic – a bit like the crucifiction – beautiful but sad at the same time.

  • ::sigh::

    This has been heavy in my heart this week. I’m so glad you shared this. All I keep coming back to is that He is good, and He is here.

  • wow…we actually did the song “You Never Let Go” in our service today. I felt led all morning to have our church sing this song while praying for the Chapman family. We did and it was the most powerful moment of the day, and now I know why. God is sovereign.

  • Thank you so much. :)) Greate…

  • wowww… That’s excellent . Thank you for share it.

  • Scott

    Strive to know Him, know Him deeply.

  • People Magazine had a write up about the Memorial Service also here:,,20202406,00.html

  • gbrad@mag

    Bein’ real: “The righteous will live by his faith”
    but it still hurts when GOD shapes us sometimes . . . GOD is real, true and sovereign and the Love that lives in his people will continue to spill out all over the Chapman family . . . ’cause GOD is good

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