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  • apparently, fun isn’t allowed for them.
    which really refers to number 4, but if the rest float other people’s boats… well… i love jesus.

  • haha nice
    i cant stand those people.

    *friendly reminder to update “MAY’S FLAVA” TO “JUNE’S FLAVA”!

  • los…which side were you talking about?

  • Definitely forwarding this one to the hubby. I know he’ll get as much of a kick out of it as I did!

  • Aren’t these a little redundant? Seriously, couldn’t you just put in bold letters IDOL WORSHIPERS?

    Big Chris

  • “Repent, Turn to Jesus…because He wants to make your life boring!” – I am glad Jesus was the one hanging out with those who needed Him, not holding signs up pushing them away.

    This is what Jesus would have said to them, I’m sure: Matthew 23:13 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces…”

  • seriously, child molester and liar on the same page? where did you find this?

  • No wonder Christians have such a bad reputation for being haters and extremists. I’m sure the media used this picture to report on some event. I just want to ask people “what are you thinking?”

    Not much love or grace in that sign…

  • whew! I’m glad I smoke crack and not weed!! I was wondering. I’m so glad they cleared that up for me..

  • Shouldn’t it be “Heaven’s Most Wanted”? The list could go on, but I can think of a few more: lazy, murderers, selfish, deadbeats, halfwits, republicans, democrats, policemen, brain surgeons, gluttons, etc. Name your flava, we’re all in the same boat apart from grace.

  • Los

    ON THE LEFT SIDE funny Chicago Boy

  • sports fans?

    GO BRAVES!!!!

  • Yeah, because we all know Peter went to Hell for lying 3 times that he knew Jesus. And I bet Rahab’s enjoying those flames, because she pretty much fit two categories (Prostitute and Whoremonger, wait aren’t those the same?)

    Anyway, I would change the list from Hell’s Most Wanted to God’s Most Qualified…

    I didn’t see “Judging” on their list, Hmmm…

  • Oh man. I’ve seen this in person. We get these guys on campus every so often, telling all us students how we’re on the fast track to hell.

    I think the sign I saw also included “rock n’ rollers”.


  • I disagree with all said categories…except for sports fans.

  • I think that somewhere between “whoremongers” and “pot smokers” they should have included “assholes”.

    I do appreciate that their sign has no objections to my potty mouth.

  • Winning people to Christ…one picket sign at a time! I once predicted the score of the Superbowl…I guess that makes me a “psychic sports fan”…I’m screwed!

  • I would have seen this earlier but I spent all weekend at a basketball tournament. Then I was busying making arrangements for my trip to hell..I’m really not that excited to go but I hear they have a hell of a softball team.

  • Caleb Porter

    What about bad graphic design? If youre going to judge at least do it aesthetically.

  • Sports fans? Wow, I haven’t seen that one in the scriptures. I thought running the race was a good thing.

    What exactly is the definition of a whoremonger, anyway?

  • Is there really a need to put psychics on there? I’m sure they already knew!

  • Tim

    I’m iffy on the first, being reformed, but 2 and 4… God loves Hockey and Soccer. The Devil shoots, Jesus saves!

  • Tim

    Tertullian did talk about Christians participating in sports as being immoral, but that was back when more people died during the contests.

  • that’s quite the varied list.

  • Oh, mercy…yeah, that will really point people to the cross, won’t it?

  • well im drinking a beer…so im sure they’d have me put down for #1…that sucks.

  • I love how Pot-Smokers makes the list, but I guess Heroin and Coke are ok.

  • Tim

    Tyler, depends on the beer. Guinness can be considered a sacramental

  • Brad Metzger

    That’s solid.

  • Um, so if I root for the Angels, does that make me a “forgiven” sports fan?

  • They forgot one…

    “People who hold these signs up in large crowds.”

  • amyharris

    I’m pretty sure that hating your neighbor is bad too, and circular logic states that if love does not take pride in itself, and this is obviously a very prideful sign, then these people are not loving their neighbor as themselves. Ick.

  • Looks like drug lords, murderers, slave owners, and those responsible for genocide are safe…

  • My goodness i thought that things like this dont happen any more. I mean you watch the moviews that take the mic out of chrsitians that protest against Gays saying “God will smite you” (Chuck and Larry). But to see this for real is a shame and only gives Christians a bad name. I mean no where in the great commission does it say that you should scare people into heaven by showing who going to go to HELL…


  • Amy

    I’ve seen this type of tactic used in person as well. In fact, one of the young men holding the sign looked me right in the face and screamed that I was “going to heeeeeyaaalllll!” At the time I ignored it, but now I wish I would have stopped and said something.

  • And we wonder why they don’t like us very much?

  • Crap. I just posted about loving sports.

  • looks like i’l see you in hell then Carlos, coz we are obviously not actual christians… lol

  • Haha, this reminds me of when we were on a mission weekend in ATL with FCA. When we were leaving a football game we went to, people were throwing signs in our faces like that. One guy told me I was going to hell if i didn’t repent of my sins. Ironically i was on a mission trip 😀
    (side note: Going on a mission trip doesn’t save you, Jesus saves you. Just found it funny that he judged me before he knew me)

  • I wonder what the requirements are to qualify for the job of sign holder?

  • Sports fans. I am ruined. Also, masterbation?? I will not comment on that one, unless enticed.

  • I misspelled masturbation. I am humbled.

  • anyone left off the list? praise God for His endless and sweet forgiveness!

  • Adrienne

    Hmmm…definition of whoremonger…well, prostitutes are already up there, so maybe whoremongers are pimps??

  • why the hell do people feel the need to make lists anyway. Whats the point?

    the banner should say, “Christs Most Wanted”

  • Hell hath no fury like a RedSox fan!!! 😉

  • vaughan

    i was good until sports fan, which only makes it worse since i went to a sporting event with a whoremonger, psychic, & an evolutionist. time to start the good deeds, i’m in the hole bad!

  • I think I lost track when I identified about 7 of those that I qualify for.

  • Do you think the person holding the sign realized he/she was on the list?

  • Sports fans, man I screwed now… any idea where this was, just trying to make sure I know before I move there 🙂

  • Oh, dear… they seem to have left one off:


    Should I call them and let them know??

  • I’m just so confused about “sports fans”. Some bitter wife got to put in her two-cents when they were making this sign, I guess.

  • Amy

    I am going to be frank. Seeing stuff like that is why when I was younger I became and am not anymore but was athiest or against organized religion in general. Who is anyone except for God or Jesus Christ himself to say who will go to hell for what and why?!? That is rediculous and I hope and pray for people like that to see the error in there ways and understand that in my oppinion actions like that are what sway a lot of people to not want to have anything to do with God or religon of any sort.

  • Whew. Thought I was safe. Then I saw the second to last one. Then I realized what the one above it said. And yup, I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

  • Sadly, these are the type people who when they fall into sin, they fall hard, and it is usually at a point of no return. Not to say they are not saved, but they have been so brainwashed and influenced that it is their guidelines and rules they have to live by that makes God happy, that when they give into one of the issues on the sign or get caught in one of them, they have only one option…to believe what they have preached and yelled at to everyone else. They totally fail to see God’s grace and forgiveness. I’ve known many people like this.

  • I’ve been seeing something similar in my neck of the woods. Hope it’s not contagious.

  • I wonder why the lesbians get hit twice?!?

    Seriously, as I work on one of the largest university campuses in the world, we regularly have folks of this ilk show up to argue with/yell at students on the edge of campus. I wonder if they realize how much their efforts set back the witness of those of us who live here, working to show that Christians can be rational, loving, intelligent people?

  • Here I thought you’d only go blind if you masturbated…and now I find out I have to worry about going to Hell also.

  • They have a point. Cubs fans are going straight to hell.

  • Wow. I guess that’s one way to evangelize. ???? Hmmm. I still don’t know what I think, but even being a Christian it makes me want to run the other direction. Sheesh!

  • haha, which side?! nice…

  • This is why people think christians are weirdos…
    Okay it’s okay to like money, right… cause money is what makes many things available to the ministry correct…such as their sign….just thought I’d point that out. maybe i’m looking at it all wrong.

  • I just remembered, I went to a FSU football game in Tallahassee in the late 90’s with a female friend. We were not dating, never did, just friends. As we were walking into the Doak a camous ministry group was offering free tickets to the game to anyone who would promise to stop fornicating. I wondered aloud that if we wanted the free tickets, would SHelley and I have to start fornicating?

  • Every year we go to the Rose Parade and folks this come right after the parade officially ends. I have to explain every year to my kids what they are all about. It’s practice in walking in the fruit of the Spirit:-)

  • Since “people driving cars into people holding jackass signs” isn’t on the list, let me get my keys.

  • the first time i read it i actually thought number 6 said “monkey-lovers,” and i thought, “how oddly specific…”

  • sally

    Ryan – “how oddly specific…” I nearly fell on the floor – laughing until my sides hurt! That was the best rely of all!

    There but for the Grace of God… right?

  • In the opening seconds of this video, I think Mike sums this up very good, the rest is geared towards Youth workers, but the first part is great!


  • I’m pretty sure it’s written somewhere that all Christians are hypocrites (listed near the bottom of the right column) without so much as one exception. That pretty much leaves me out.

  • Leo

    On a positive note (haa!), they did a nice job of using alternating colors in their list. Hey, just trying to show grace! (hehe)