RagamuffinTop Challenge // 4


I’ll post my video in a bit.
But I wanted to let you guys start…
Simple to join. Any Week.
1. You must have a measurable goal.
2. You must place a photo or video on your blog each weekend and give us the scoop on how you did.
3. You must link back here so that the readers of your blog get to see how the rest of us are failing or succeeding.
4. You fill out the linky thing below and then people can get to your blog from my front page and we can cheer each other on.
Got it?

Look for my update later today…

Here is last weeks post so we can go keep each other accountable…

Fill out the link widget below so your blog can be accessed by the thousands who come by here each day.
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  • Ok guys – I can’t even remeber who brought up the “let’s give up Cokes” last week, but… I’ve managed to do without for 168 hours now and still counting.

    I’m not liking it though. Maybe next week will be better.

    Finish Strong!!!

  • I cut it out for the week, but had 1 last night.

    That’s tough to do.

  • Chadwick, I’m so sorry I couldn’t get through. Will try harder next week. Very proud of you.

  • I weighed in and have lost an additional 4 lbs. Did well with my eating and with the exercising. I am only 5 lbs away from my two month goal and I am still in the first month!

  • I’m going to get involved with this as soon as i run out of excuses 🙂 In the mean time I’m praying for all of you and had to post this pic.


  • I haven’t had any regular Coke (and only two Diet Cokes) this week!

  • TD

    only lost a 1lb, but feeling much better and doing great on the 5k training

  • This weeks video I almost spoiled a surprise for my son! Oops.

  • Starting today! Gym 4 days/week and trying to eat less. Shooting for 20 lbs in 12 weeks.

  • Wow – can’t believe how much this challenge has kept me accountable! And I don’t even know you people!

  • Ditto Martha. Thank you ALL.

  • where’s the update los?

  • Hope everyone had a great week!

  • My update is going to be coming on Wednesday that is when my wife and I leave for Hilton Head. After spending the weekend at her parents and her Mom’s ridiculously great cooking I have a feeling that I will not be reaching my 255 goal for the trip.

  • “I’ll post my video in a bit”.


    Where’s your stats, yo?

  • the encouragement from diff ragamuffins has been good. thx.

  • Hi yall- I lost 2 more this week, total of 4 in two weeks! Yay!! I have been combining the weight watchers points system with body for life. my husband and i have been at the gym 3-4 times a week. he is making me lift with him and its been good. starting to see some progress in the arms! 🙂 you guys are awesome thanks for all the encouragement and accountability! 🙂

  • I’ve lost 10.4lbs since this thing started but I kind of cheated this week… Check out this site to see how to do it right. http://www.healthsteward.com/index.php

  • Down 2lbs this week. YIPPEE!

    Los, what happened with your stats? Where are they???

  • I am down to 223 from 230.8 when this started – know I have some momentum – love it!

  • I lost 8lbs in the last 2 weeks! I am SOOOOOO excited and really excited for all of the other bloggers I have been checking in on. Thank you all for your inspiration!


  • SO FRUSTRATED! Not much is happening and my scale broke so I can’t even tell for sure. BOOOO!

  • Jad

    I’m losing but it’s slow…my own fault really.

  • Andy

    I am down about 6 pounds in 2 weeks thanks to BTB boot camp. Getting up at 5 to run and do exercises from 6 to 7 am four days a week, homework on non camp days, eating better, etc.

    Saturday I did this http://crossfitnorthatlanta.typepad.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/2008/06/08/cfna_grinder_map_v1_full.jpg

    I’ll be official and put this on my blog and put a link later.

  • Thanks as well to all the encouragers out there . . . I need it! 🙂 I didn’t do as well in the coke department this week as I did in the previous week but I am back on the bandwagon for this week.

  • I updated my challenge. I did not do a good job this week, I am still at 260 but when we get back I am working my tail off to get down to 225.

    For everyone who has enjoyed my belly shots the last couple of weeks there is none this week or a picture of our funky looking scale.

    Good luck the rest of the week my fellow ragamuffin tops.