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[Yes. That is a MAXWELL Leadership Bible. It’s even signed.]

Sickness. Divorce. Death. Fear. Pain.
These are themes I receive on a daily basis in the form of emails from you guys asking for prayer.
Let’s do this together.
Tomorrow, 10pm Eastern Time.
I’m going to hold a prayer meeting over Mogulus live on this blog where we pray together for the needs of this community called Ragamuffin Soul.
You will be able to join in via chat to pray.
So share what we can pray for you .
I’ll be leading us tomorrow night at 10 pmEastern Time.
Be here. Be honest. Be real.

How can we pray for you?
Everybody now.


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  • My wife is scheduled for a C-section on Tuesday to deliver our new daughter, Hailey. Thanks for the prayer!

  • I need it. You have no idea.

    I went to church this past week for the first time in like two months.

    And to be honest, I wasn’t even completely there mentally.

    I don’t know. I feel like I am so far from where I need to be. I honestly feel out of control.

  • we moved to calif. to adopt our granddaughter with shaken baby syndrome. she was taken away from her parents (my daughter). the father is in jail. we had to leave everything in florida (our home, job, church, family, friends) to make sure our now handicapped granddaughter didn’t go into the calif. foster care system. we finish up the adoption process in september. we are praying about going back to florida, but we have no guarantees (job, home). i’m a missions pastor and have gone into missionary status with a missionary admin org. we’re praying that we’ll make the right move and that God will continue to give us wisdom and provision… life is incredibly complicated these days.

    thanks for praying.

  • taking our youth to nashville this week for m-fuge. praying our kids get disturbed.

  • Leaving in 2 weeks…leading a trip to Rwanda. While I am there I will be looking for my daughters 2 brothers and her birth mother. Seeing how her AIDS is doing…dont know if she is alive. Lots to get done at church before I leave
    Thanks Los

  • I am usually still in bed at 10 EST, but I will join as I am getting ready tomorrow. I just ask for prayer to be open to new possiblities in life. That includes new jobs, relationships, and homes. I am having to move out of where I am living and wondering if God is asking me to move more than just houses. Just want to be faithful and true to who God has made me to be and what I have to offer.

  • Please pray for my husband and I that we will receive Gods direction and favor in the choices that are before us.

    Thank you!

  • Kris

    My grandpa, Charles, is very sick and has been to numerous doctors and had test after test after test and there has been no conclusive answer. Each day he looks worse and he feels horrible. My heart is so heavy with fear as the “what ifs” start to take over all of my thoughts, this man is the most adored man in my life, and it breaks my heart to see him in pain with no answers as to what it might be.

    Pray for healing, strength, comfort and peace.

  • I go back to work on Monday.I’ve been on a 3 month sabbatical due to an extremely stressful ministry season. I’m a bit anxious about going back.

  • I joined staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and am currently raising my financial and prayer support. Prayers would be appreciated during this faith-stretching time! but i’m darn excited (and freaked out- in a good way) to be called to do ministry full-time!

  • Stacy

    My husband is a minister of music and things at our church are not very pretty right now. People are gossiping that he was fired in staff meeting on Tuesday, which did not happen. It was discussed that he needs to start looking for another job because people are not happy with him. But he was not fired. Anyway this is the part of being in the ministry that sucks. We leave for vacation in the morning. If I have internet access I will join you.

  • just found out a lady from my old church has lymphoma cancer and it has spread to her abdomen. They are doing surgery to get a biopsy to see what kind it is. they have already said chemo will be mandatory no matter what.

  • Salvation for my family

  • Anonymous

    That the people I have recently hurt will be able to breathe, and that I will learn great and mighty things and forgiveness. That God will show me the real definition of grace and lives can move forward. And that relationships can be healed somehow. And that I from various sources will change.

  • we are working on the next phase in our lives…new baby, new job, new place, new city…and it’s starting now.

    thanks for the prayer.


  • Have begun a long-distance stage in a relationship after a great year of dating in the same town, with no end in sight for this new stage…and my thought-life, emotions, and fears are running away with me.

    It is causing me to be broken and open-handed before the Lord…but it is a draining battle most of the time. I want to give the people in front of me my full attention and be fully where I am, not wishing or “fearing” away this season.

  • Mack’s mom

    Our 18-yr old son, Mack, has surrendered to Marijuana… again. He has been through treatment and we thought he was free. He failed a drug test at home last night. His lies and behavior are killing our family. Please pray for him to be honest with himself and realize how serious his situation is. Pray for us to have the wisdom to make clear decisions concerning next steps.
    Thanks for the prayers! God bless you.

  • Jon

    i’m struggling with living full out for God while trying to lead a summer bible conference staff of 70 daily.

    oh, and i’m phoning a pastor point-blank tomorrow to ask him to give me a job.

    i have no idea how this is all going to go, so needless to say i need some serious coverage. thanks los

  • Silvana

    My husband just started a new job after looking for 9 months. God had grown us so much thru this experience.I just pray he is able to do well with this new job and that God gives him the peace he needs to have as the provider for our family.

    Thanks for praying and I’ll be praying with you!


  • My brother-in-law and myself are in the process of starting an urban student ministry. I’ve got 79 street names that need to be covered in prayer. If anyone would like to take one, you can check out my site. I’ll post your link on the street name for link love.

  • anonymous in florida

    Better life management — I need to be more disciplined in a few areas. For creativity — I feel like I’m in a rut. And for my Dad, that he knows Jesus. We’re not exactly sure where he is.

  • Last Monday, my husband and I went in for a routine ultrasound at 20 weeks, and found out our baby no longer had a heartbeat. I delivered Isaiah early Thursday morning and we had a beautiful Memorial Service for him this past Monday. These last two weeks have been hard, but have brought our family closer together. We know that Isaiah is in heaven with his REAL Daddy and one day we will see him again.

  • AJ

    I have been dealing with some relational things for a long while. Whether it be looking for the next hookup or clinging to friendships for fulfillment, I really don’t like where I have been or where I am going. I know that Jesus is enough, but I don’t believe it. I am now in the beginning of a relationship that is against what I know to be right. But, the thought of giving the relationship up hurts to the core (even though it’s in its early stages). Please pray that Jesus would meet me where I am. I really don’t want to give it up though.

  • My cousin got into some trouble with the police for being involved with drug dealers, and in order to get out of it he spun this ridiculous story about how his parents abuse him [which is the farthest thing from true]. So his parents are under investigation and are very close to getting all of their kids taken away and put in foster homes, along with getting completely alienated by their friends and church. They’re at the end of their rope, so please pray for them to have patience and strength to get through this.

  • Anon

    The Exodus Freedom conference is taking place this week. Let’s pray that those that attend will experience God’s grace, and that He will comfort and love on those that have chosen to come out of a gay lifestyle or are getting help with same sex attractions. That includes me, and many that I know. It’s a hard, painful process, but God is so good and so worth it. Pray for continual hope and the strength for all of us to carry on towards Him.

  • Cody

    I desire to be a missionary. I know God wants me to be a missionary. However I dont look like and act like the typical button up missionary. I am afraid I might have to be someone I am not to get the support my family and I will need.

  • I assisted in a car accident on saturday, doing CPR for a man who was unconscious at the scene. He is on life support, and his wife has made the decision to remove that. However, he has an estranged daughter in canada who has made arrangements to be here on saturday to see her dad one last time, so the plan is to take him off on sunday morning. pray for God’s grace in this horrible situation. I didn’t know this family prior to saturday, and I have been honored to sit with them some throughout the week. Pray that I can minister to their needs in a real way, and above all that they will know the unfailing and unimaginable power of God.
    also, we just received word that we will likely not be able to get our adoption referral before the shut down in vietnam. Pray we get to bring our little girl home!

  • I work with a youth ministry…and am the “Junior High Girls Cell Group Coach” fancy words for I lead the junior high girls small group mid-week and have no helpers for the fall – beginning mid-August. No adult leaders yet who have a heart for junior high girls – who will love them, support them, disciple them, mentor them and just love them to death!

    Thank you!

    The entire youth ministry could use prayer.

  • Someone in Need

    I’d love prayer for financial concerns, a husband (just turned 40 and am single…I know God will write my love story – which at the moment is blank – no, not blank, I believe it says that “She waits patiently and with hope for the husband God has for her.”), and unsaved family and friends. Thank you!

  • My family has been through just about all of the above in the last few years… My dad’s cancer, twice. My divorce, with four kids in the crossfire. And last week the death of my beautiful 3 year old neice which, to be honest, makes cancer and divorce look like a party. Pray for the many who will come to her memorial service on Sunday. That the legacy of her life would reach the unsaved for Christ. Many who will attend her service do not know Jesus. Also for His peace that passes all understanding to fill the gaping emptiness in my brother and sister in law’s hearts.

  • Margaret

    For my husband…I haven’t met him yet. Please pray that God continues to work on us until He’s ready to introduce us! Thanks.

  • CJ

    For my baby boy – Asher. Born two months premature, but making great progress at the hands of Christ.

  • Well. I won’t be able to attend because I am going to be in Costa Rica on a mission. I have never been out of the country, so I am excited.

    I will be here in prayer for all of the requests I have read so far. I love this community. I really do.

  • Hey, I love this idea.

    I do have a prayer request — several actually, but I think you are looking for something more personal.
    Without giving too much away, I want to ask for prayer for this:
    I have a very specific call upon my life that is dependent upon my being obedient to the call. In other words, if I don’t become the “who” of the call, it ain’t gonna happen.

    The enemy is REALLY working overtime to keep me from getting there.
    I need prayer for encouragement and clarity; dedication and stamina. Mostly, I need to remain faithful to this vision I have been given.
    I can’t wait until I can share openly with everyone what this is all about, but it’s gonna be great. =)

  • LOVE this los. i think that time works for me too, so i’m excited to be a part of it.

    my church announced some big budget cuts this week. in the area of $500k. my church and specifically my department (worship/creative arts) could use prayer as we are having to downsize and lose people we love.

  • Joanne

    Please pray for our friend’s son Ben. He was adopted from Korea at 18 months and is now 5. He’s had a challenging life so far, being premature and having CP but always has had so much spunk! He is now at UCLA battling a very rare and aggressive form of brain and nervous system cancer and is in his 2nd to last round of chemo before a stem cell transplant (they harvested his own stem cells pre-chemo). The future is very uncertain and the cancer has taken a devastating toll on him and the family. However, Ben has this unshakable spirit and says so many loving and beautiful things and never complains. He is such a gift from God. (if you want to check out his mom’s blog, it’s– sign up and his page is called BentheBrave.).

    If you could please pray for my daughters continued adjustment. She arrived from Korea almost 3 months ago and is doing well and starting to attach with us, but sleep is still difficult. She awakens very upset and also does not nap with any kind of regularity. Sleep seems to be the hardest thing for her and poor little sweetie needs more rest.

    Thank you, and how can we pray for you?

  • I will be serving at VBS at the time, but will be saying a prayer at that time. As far me I am in the waiting season. I have no job and I am a single mom of a 12 year old. I have no idea where she is going to school. I am out of money and one month late on my car insurance and car note. God is blessing me and growing me in the area of ministry, which I am a full time volunteer at my church and get to do some really great stuff with student ministries, worship team, our Spanish campus, sports, and our Bible College ministry but none of it pays and I am not wanting to give up the ministry I do. So I guess I need prayer for provision and clear guidance of the steps God wants me to take, and a paying job that allows for ministry.

    Thanks Los and everyone else praying

  • Thanks, Los.

    I’m praying for the usual. For my son to be less frustrated, learn to communicate and have less of a difficult time with medical issues. My prayers are slowly but surely being answered. I guess my prayer is for continued forward progress and less steps backwards.

  • Amy

    My son has to go see a genetisis on july 30th I’m really hoping he’s just small and there’s no uner lying issues with him please pray that he’s a healthy young and just small boy. thanks

  • Please pray that I can blindly trust my Creator in everything. Everything.

    Thank you, Los, and everyone else!

  • We are really struggling with finances right now. Between medical bills and unexpectedly having to replace both of our cars in a month, we’re in trouble. Thanks for taking care of the Ragamuffin community.

  • My husband is hoping to get out of the military soon but has to find a job first. We’ve been looking for six months and have a daughter starting kindergarten next month. I’m a little stressed because I was hoping to get her in kindergarten in our new location…especially since the schools here are awful.

  • God got me through my first talk ever at church last night. I’m stoked about the future and am looking forward to what He’s going to do in the lives of the people at my church.

    Thanks, Los. God’s doing a good work through you.

  • i work among a church staff that suddenly has no pastor. please pray for a new pastor that is able to heal the brokeness left behind.

  • T

    I think I need to come to a place of acceptance regarding some things. I’m in ministry, too….so it’s nice to be prayed for by someone else. Thanks!

  • Clay

    Still trying to sell our house. It’s been 13 months now since our ministry move. Please pray that God will open the door and move on the right person’s heart. Thanks again Los! God bless you man

  • My husband and I are going to plant a church in a year… please pray for the city in which we’re to go to and for Mike (my husband) to know where that is. He is currently raising funds, so prayer for that would be wonderful as well. Our son just finished 3 weeks worth of antibiotics for lyme disease, so prayer that he is completely healed is appreciated.

    Um… okay… real right? We’re loosing everything and although we’re making a new start, it hard to see everything go. We know God will provide, but it’s still hard. We’re being forced into bankruptcy and just want it over. We are praying for our home to sell so we can pay off some debt and for a new living situation to present itself.

    Encouragement from the Lord… some encouragement…
    Thanks Carlos… and everyone else.

  • I’m asking for God to work in me as I begin on the adventure to take our fellowship to a deeper understanding of what daily worship looks like. More than hour or so on sunday. I know . . . it’s trite right?. But I feel like my life is inconsistent with what I’m being challenged to do. But, I guess that’s the point . . .
    Pray that God will continue to shape in me that life that reflects what He is wanting to teach through me. Show humility, grateful living and opportunities to respond to him in the same way.


  • MichelleVeach

    I am struggling with serving at the church where my husband is the associate pastor (actually, he is struggling too). There are supposed leaders in the church who are doing everything in their power to undermine the authority of the pastoral staff. I can hardly get to church on Sunday ams w/o ending up in the bathroom several times because my body is reacting to the stress. I could add more, but this seems to be the crux of my need at the moment…

  • Ben

    Pray for more folks to partner with us financially. We are full time campus ministers, and just had our first baby. If you want faces to put with the prayers, check out

    I have been convicted in the past that we don’t pray specifically enough, so pray for 10 families to join us at $100 per month, in the next month. Thanks.

    If you are interested in being the answer to your own prayer, check out our website above and click on contributions. You can set it all up online.

    I am in prayer for the requests above. So much need. Our God is bigger than our need, though!

  • amanda

    we have been trying to get pregnant for 2 1/2 years… please pray it happens soon.

  • CB

    I’m leaving a ministry job in three weeks, to go to graduate school. Very excited and at peace to be done with full-time ministry for a while. Accepted a part-time job with a Christian conference, and was all set to go to university B. Last week got a call from university A, asking if I was still interested in an assistantship for the fall (which would pay my tuition and a stipend comparable to the other job!! I was supposed to go to A in the first place, but no doors opened). I said yes, and had an interview on Tuesday. So, I’m trying to leave one job, that is kind of in chaos and stressful under normal circumstances, start a new job, but I’m already not so thrilled about it, and don’t even know if I’ll be there more than a few weeks, and not knowing what will happen with the assistantship. Also dealing with over-committing to take pictures for an awesome ministry, family visiting, and an amazing serious relationship. I feel like if I can mentally make it through the next few weeks, grad school will be easy!

    Compared to so many of the other stories, I know these aren’t huge issues, but I definitely appreciate the prayers that the right doors will open in God’s timing.

  • ATL Anonymous

    I was hospitalized in March due to depression and sexual addiction. Soon afterwards I was laid off from my job. I am currently not working and finances are very strained- and I don’t have health insurance so affording medication and therapy is a desperate struggle. I am actively looking for a job but not having any good luck. My family is getting strained supporting me.

    My best friend is on a month long mission trip right now and her team is having serious struggles. One team member had to go home. My best friend is overwhelmed with guilt and responsibility as she is the one in charge of the trip.

    Please pray for both of us!

  • I’ll try to be there then, but am not sure I’ll make it back from a family day trip by then, but can you still include me?

    Pray for my surgery which is scheduled on Aug. 6 — modified radical mastectomy. I have Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer and really feel the Lord with me through all of this lately. I know he will continue to be. Pray for recovery and healing.

    Also, my mother had a moderate stroke on June 21, has been in hospital rehab for 3 weeks and is being moved today to a nursing home with rehab. Pray for her continued progress and recovery.

    Thank you so much. Praise God for everything He’s done so far and will do for our family.

  • Dan

    Wife left for a mission trip to South Africa just hours ago. Pray for God’s work in that!

    Also prayer for our kingdom business to take root.

  • I wish I could join you all today! Please pray for 25 people who are in the Dominican Republic with Cross Point Church (Nashville). They are working on the feeding center and church that we are building in Santiago.

    Thanks Los! (BTW – I have the Maxwell Leadership Bible too and I love it.)

  • Recovering from surgery to remove a pituitary gland tumor. It’s miraculous what the Father has already done in 7 days, but strength is slow to return.


  • Amy

    For the strength to have to tell my 13 year old son that his Papa is dying of terminal cancer.
    Thank you..

  • Ellen

    Please pray for me to find joy— to open myself up to experience joy and try to let go of the bitterness.

  • Me

    A few requests-
    For strained finances. We moved a year ago for a job transfer and cost of living is much higher here. I work part-time as a preschool teacher and do not go back to work until September. Pray that the finances will come together before now and then.

    For my uncle who is dying from mouth cancer. Pray he will seek salvation before it is too late.

    For a dear friend of mine’s family. Her husband lost his job after 15 years with the same company. Pray that he will be able to find a new job soon as they are also struggling with finances and have two small children at home.

  • I’ve got a lot of stuff wearing my spirit down right now but my most primary is for me to get a new job. I’m at risk for a layoff next month and am not in a financial situation where I can keep my head above water if that happens. I had a great interview with a hospital near my parents (where I would like to move again to help out more as they get older & deal with health issues & such) on July 3 and am praying for this opportunity to be mine. Thanks Los! I will try to get online tonight

  • I will be at a leadership retreat for our church but would appreciate the prayers. First, for my father-in-law’s health and recovery from two brain cancer surgeries. His mood is improving and he is starting to take part in his own recovery and rehabilitation, but prayers for his health are always appreciated. Also, prayer for an issue that our Bible study group is going through right now. My husband and I are trying to work with the leaders to figure out a solution to an “issue” that we are going through. It is proving difficult right now because one of the leaders seems to be taking it very personally and that is not how it is meant at all. Please pray for discernment and wisdom as we meet with the leaders next Tuesday to discuss this and try to find a workable solution. Please also pray for open hearts and minds for all involved in these discussions. Prayers for our leadership retreat tonight and tomorrow are also appreciated. Our church is going through some serious struggles right now and the leadership needs to be united. Also, the leader of our bible study group is involved in this leadership retreat. Pray that I can have an open mind in my conversations with him. Thanks for doing this, Los.

  • Tina

    My husband and I prayed about adopting for 2 years before we decided to go with it. It’s been 19 months since we started the adoption process. (over 3 years now!) I can’t begin to tell you the days I have cried b/c NOTHING has been happening on the adoption front.

    WELL, I just found out there is a pregnant teenage gal looking at our family portfolio! She’s looking at ours and 2 other books.
    Please pray that if this is the baby God has planned for us she will PICK US! And if it isn’t, that I won’t crash into a deep depression over it. I just need to see that God still has His hand in this adoptoin somehow. That He is moving in this situation and will provide us with a child.
    I also need a new job. My old one is an ugly situation.
    Thank you Los for doing this!

  • Hi Los, thanks for the prayers. Please pray for our 14 weeks pregnancy, the health of the baby and the mom-to-be and my badly sprain ankle. I’m going to the doctor today. Thank you so much!

  • Pray for the right house to open up for my wife and I. And soon!!!

  • please pray for my in-law’s hearts to change towards our upcoming adoption — b/c of cultural issues and preconceived misinformation they’re having a tough time accepting it in general, and more so against the possibility of a boy referral.

  • Al

    Hey Carlos,
    My wife and I…we have put in an offer on a bank owned house, and have gone back and forth a bit with them. Counter offers and all. Could you pray that we will get the house for the price we have been holding at. $135K.

    I appreciate it much bro’. I will not be available @ 10pm, but I’ll pray today for the others here. Thanks for your leadership man, you are refreshing!


  • *addendum*… and for provision of the finances required for adoption.


  • I’m in a good place, but I feel as though God’s about to do something great with me. I don’t know what’s coming and I’m being very ambiguous because I have no idea what to even say about it… Just pray for God’s direction in my life in these upcoming months.

  • OH PM!!! I am totally not in bed then (hopefully). I gotta do a better job of looking at the details 🙂

  • David

    Reading through some of the request that I had time to read, mine seem so small but I know nothing is too small for God, and for me and my current circumstances it is big.
    My wife and I are really struggling with where to go in life. I just started a job 7 months ago but we really want to move closer to family for the benefit of our twin daughters (4 mths old) and finding yet another job is tough.
    In addition, I’m starting to feel that maybe I am headed in the wrong direction with my career and I’m really starting to feel a desire to go into ministry. Having job hopped every 2 years for the last 6 years, its time for me to settle down and I am not sure going back to school to study ministry is something we could support financially, right now.

    We really want to follow Gods plan for our life and we need his patience and wisdom to see and do his will.

    I just ask for prayer for these things and that we have the faith to do whatever it is he needs for us to do.

    I appreciate your prayer and hope to join you tonight.

  • FaithfulB

    For faith that all that is happening is happening perfectly as it should and everything is in line for the greater good.
    Thank you.

  • our house building process will began quickly and finish quickly

  • I agree with David. My requests seem so small compared to some already on this list. I also agree that nothing is too small of a request for God.

    I will be taking a group of teens to our denominations national convention this next week. There will be a service geared specifically toward them. Pray that they are open to what God wants to tell them. They have decided that they’re tired of “church as usual”, but don’t know how to change it. Maybe this experience will give them some ideas.

    Pray for our church that if the kids begin to change the delivery of The Message (not the message itself) that the older generations will be loving and accepting, and not critical and harsh. Pray that the Lord will soften their hearts to understand that this group of kids is tired of religion and are seeking a passionate, personal relationship.

    BTW, I won’t be available tonight, but I’m going to print this list out and take it with me this week while I’m at conference (as well as tonight). If I miss you, I’ll still be praying for you.

    Los, is there anything I can pray for you about?

  • Please pray for my family as we’re trying to get moved to Nashville. My husband has a job interview on Wednesday with Gibson Corporate and he needs prayer for that. We’re also trying to sell our house when the housing market happens to be in the biggest slump in years. I am getting a lot of stress from my job and would love nothing more than to be able to stay at home with my 7 month old daughter (which I’ll be able to do once we move…). We would all really appreciate the prayers. Thanks!!!

  • Pray for quality time with my family. That I would be a good husband and father first. Thanks, bro.

  • Chris

    I’m so tired of parenting. I feel like I’m at the end of my rope. Please pray for me. Thanks.

  • tn chick

    My husband is out of a job, he has been through about 5 jobs in 4 years. I work part-time, and turn into sole breadwinner. he is….. unmotivated.

    I keep praying that God will change ME into the person he wants me to be, when I really want to pray, “God, WAKE HIM UP!!! Make him see what this is doing to his family!!!! Please please please please give ME a break!!!”

    obviously, I don’t have the right spirit. my family and friends say I am letting myself be a doormat. I think he is worth saving, but I just. can’t. do. this. much. longer.

    I am strung out and at my wit’s end.

    I don’t even know WHAT to pray for. I don’t feel like my prayers have the intrinsic value that other people’s do. I feel like I am praying “wrong.” I am so very sad.

  • Thanks for this!

    Please pray that we would pass court on Thursday (24th) for our adoption in Ethiopia! If we do, we will travel 3 weeks later to pick up our precious 4 month old baby boy. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I am moving to Maine from Nashville in two weeks. Prayer for the journey, finding a community, and my new position would be greatly appreciated.

    My faith in the church is at an all time low and I am having difficulty making my faith real. I do not understand this whole personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but I really want to. Also, I want to bring about systemic change in the world.

    Thanks and I will pray for you.

  • Dan

    I just feel lost and exhausted in my Christian walk. I know I am saved, but over the past year or two I have really felt distant from God. I really want to feel close to Him again. I just feel like I can’t get going again. I really want to hear from God to know the direction for my life, too feel like I have pourpose again. I know He loves me, I just want to have the fire in me again to love Him the best that I can.

  • Kim Weaver

    I’ve been blurking here for many months (found you through Tyler Reagin) and have found great encouragement, but have never commented. I have been a Christian since age 11, but I haven’t felt close to the Lord since my late teens. I am part of BBCC and am very active there. I learn a lot from the great teaching, have been a volunteer since NPCC began, but I just don’t feel that I have a real relationship with Jesus anymore. Please pray that I can get that closeness back.

    Thanks so much for doing this.

  • broken

    i have been sitting here listening to you pray for people instead of spending the evening studying for two midterms i need to take in the am.
    I am in tears and am not sure why other than realizing i am in desperate need of prayer.
    My life was ripped out from under me in the past year.
    I am angry with God and hurt
    I need Him to heal my calloused heart but am hesitant

  • Los, I’ve been watchin’ for the past few minutes and am blown away by your heart for this community!

    You don’t need to pray over the webcam but I would absolutely appreciate it if you would pray for my daughter Carmen’s second birthday party, which is this Sunday the 20th.

    I don’t have time to get into the specifics but the short of it is this. Due to special circumstances, the birthday party is being held at our church. Many, many non-believers are going to attend.

    Please pray fervantly that even one of them will open his/her heart to Jesus during this party!! PLEASE!!!

  • If you wouldn’t mind praying for me that would be great! This weekend is/has been really rough…I’m still having a hard time getting over a certain boy and tomorrow would have been our “anniversary”/date we were talking about getting married. So prayer for healing, guidance, strength, ect. Thanks so much! This is such a cool thing you are doing!

  • I left a prayer request earlier about the youth ministry but neglected to ask for prayer for the 20+ students and adults who leave TOMORROW for a mission trip to Nashville (from our state of Wisconsin). Pray for mighty works of God to be done, for their strength and endurance, and an authentic joy and desire to serve others. Pray for “divine appointments”. One of our adult leaders will be stepping in to join the staff of the organization we’re working with.
    (we as in the youth ministry – not me. I’ll remain in Wisconsin – praying)

  • Carlos… we are fundraising too right now… can we ask for prayer for that as well? My husband has been very stressed over it, and today was especially hard. We know the Lord is calling us… but some days are so tough. People have brought us food and given when we least expected. We are amazed by Him. We just need encouragement, and sometimes finances are a “need”…

  • I am sitting praying with you for all of the amazing requests that are coming thru your blog…the heavens are rejoicing in this community of prayer. I am asking for prayer for my husband and myself and our church plant here in Duluth, GA. I pray for God’s cont vision and wisdom on this journey as it is a tough one at times..and for laborers to join us as we strive to win souls for His kingdom. I pray for people such as these that will pray!

  • Sorry Carlos… it’s not for a child… it’s for our church plant… I’m sorry I wasn’t clear… we have eight already ! 🙂

  • I am sitting praying with you for all of the amazing requests that are coming thru your blog…the heavens are rejoicing in this community of prayer. I am asking for prayer for my husband and myself and our church plant here in Duluth, GA. I pray for God’s cont vision and wisdom on this journey as it is a tough one at times..and for laborers to join us as we strive to win souls for His kingdom. I pray for people such as these that will pray! P.S. moved here from Cali..miss our peeps like cray

  • thank you for the blessing of getting to join you and this community in prayer tonight.

    what an amazing time to live, when we can pray all over the place for our brothers and sisters.

    simply awesome. thank you God.

  • Tish

    Thank you Carlos for this time to share. I am also blown away by this night. It was awesome. Thanks for letting me share in on it. I can’t believe I was able to hang this long. I pray for your run tomorrow.Sleep is overrated. The Holy Spirit is stronger.

    Peace & love,

  • we are officially in the waiting process of our adoption ( & we could use some prayer. pray that the mother of the child finds peace & comfort in the decisions she has to make. pray for the health & safe delivery of this baby. pray for my wife & i as we continue down this journey of adoption, and also pray for the provision of finances to finish this adoption.

    thanks for letting us share man.

  • Pray that we have a smooth, healthy pregnancy like we did last time with this one…AND…that the Verizon info helped you watch your game! Ha ha…

  • Please pray with me that god will grant me favor and wisdom to publish my book;a job in ministry that i can keepand the money for a car.