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So I have been on a journey to help my my wife enjoy her 30th birthday.
We decided to embark on 30 days of 30
Well today she got her BIG gift for the month.
I love making her happy.

Love It.
[and yes. my wife snuck this video onto her blog first. that is going to have to count as her gift for Monday when Jacinda is gone 😉 ]


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  • carlos you are the best husband ever!! good job!

  • How funny that the screen capture has her nose as they play button!

    Awesome job. You have just raised the bar for every husband out there.

  • why the hey did I just cry at that?! I am such a girl!

  • dang. i hope i treat my wife like this when i get married. your love for your family is awesome.

  • amy

    Wait! I have seen this video before! Oh yeah, it was on your wifes blog! hahah!

    Rockin video dude!

  • you should’ve passed out dramamine and tissues before that one, Los.

  • chrissy

    i cried! an awesome gift!

  • Nice title. Definitely saw this on H’s blog before yours. =) The execution of it all was so hilarious!

  • Carlos. Carlos, Carlos, Carlos, Carlos. Dude, this is the best gift you could have EVER given your MRS. Unbelieveable. I caught it first on J’s blog and sobbed like a baby. Everything was perfect. On a serious note, I pray our children have the same kind of friendship in each of their lives. The day we dedicated our daughter my J was there ( The pastor spent time identifing the treasure in a sister-friend and how infinately important that is. She even prayed our daughter finds the same. I pray for yours too.

    Great work!

  • Nicely done! You do realize that you’ve set the bar pretty high for the rest of us guys now… I’ve gotta keep my wife from seeing this 😉

  • Ben

    You seriously had sex with Jacinda downstairs. I am in awe. And my wife would kill me for that aspect of the whole thing.

  • Brent

    So good! that was funny.

  • So great. Wow. Makes me miss MY best friend.

  • Well, as I watched this with my wife, I am NOW the biggest loser of a husband. Thanks for that Carlos. Now I gotta come up with 31 days of something to try and compare. 🙂

  • I cried watching that at the end. I am still giggling about your text and that she had to wait on you two….you HAD to take one for the team…LOL!! You rock dude…you are seriously funny. Jen

  • Amy

    I think I just cried. Until I thought about the fact you guys just had sex. That could be weird for Jacinda yet she doesn’t seemed phased.

    That rocked, good job.

  • awesome.

  • Boo hooed when I saw it over at Heather’s.

    Your videos are my favorite part of your blog…I recently went over to youtube and watched nearly all of them…

    You rock!

  • Took one for the team, huh?

    I cried like a BABY. This was really sweet. My sister lives in California and I only get to see her 2 0r 3 times a year. This is exactly how I feel when I see her.
    So very sweet of you carlos!

  • Carlos – thank you for sharing moments like this with us and the blog world. My wife was shocked that you and Heather were so “detailed” with the whole story!

    It’s moments like these that redeem the world’s perspective on married life. It takes work – but it’s totally worth it and everyday get’s better as a result!

  • As I said on Heather’s blog, you had us crying from coast to coast. Good Job!


  • Good work my friend, good work. The only challenge now is the future birthday gifts!

  • amyh

    That is awesome.

  • I couldn’t help myself. I had to blog this:

    Thank you,

  • I’m totally crying. Geez… amazing, totally amazing

  • One more thing: Maybe, just maybe, go back and edit the video. Between when Jacinda walks in the house and when they meet, maybe put text reading “several hours later.” This might help combat Heather’s previous blog post :-). Just tryin to help a brutha out!

  • that made me smile.

  • smooth bro, real smooth!

  • That was very cool. I actually watched the whole thing. Very sweet.

  • Amy

    That was so cute Carlos I saw it on Heathers blog first but major brownie points for you!! You truly have set the bar for other husbands. It’s funny how casually akward you walk down stairs. Heather is a very lucky girl. Hope her and her best friend have lots of fun together the next couple of days.

  • wow, i just totally cried.

  • I’ve got one more year before my lady turns the big 3 to the 0. This gives me great inspiration. Thanks Los!

    Oh yeah, way to take one for the team! Ha!

  • Denise

    OMG that made me cry!!!

  • Rhys

    Holy Poo Los…way to take one for the team. lol This movie had me bustin’ up. I love the passion you have for your wife and making her feel special. Speaks volumes into such a cruddy society. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration as I embark on the journey of marriage soon. Thanks.

  • That’s a great moment you created Los. Way to Go!

  • you must be a beast. she caved so easily!!

    great video, and you got scooped bro!

  • freakin amazing…i confess…i cried watching it….m.

  • dude?
    Way to take one for the team!

  • Ok, unrelated to the post, I saw Hannah do your tattoo on LAInk online the other day. It looks AMAZING. It was a really cool segment and hilight of how cool God is when usually you see people getting tattoos of a baby called Bhudda sitting in a Lotus flower…..among other things. Anyway, good stuff!

    I found the ep. here:

  • You are so sweet. You should start a weekly “How To Show Her You Love Her blog”. You are the man!

  • Well done, mate. Well done…

  • You are such a stud!!

  • Zach

    Dude…that was totally awesome. Major props for pulling that off. Btw, rock on for taking one for the team!

  • all I can say is… AWESOME!!!

  • Karen Erickson

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! That is too sweet!

    Have fun, Happy birthday Heather!

  • YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Even though I have seen this video on another blog~

  • Dude!!! what an Amazing Husband you are..I wanna be like you!..And witch song is that?? I love it, the Song of the end of the Video..this is my mail : if you can send the name of the artist to me!
    Blessings Man.David

  • Priceless

  • Wow, there were some sort of water droplets coming from my eyes. What’s that? Great job!

  • LV


  • Rob S.

    Enough with all the schmoopy accolades! I’m crackin’ up that your wife’s friend had to sit there while you were upstairs! Granted, it didn’t look like she sat there for more than a minute or two, but still … 😉

  • You’ve definitely got talent, friend.

  • That was awesome, all of it! I thought you would like to know of an answered prayer– we passed court yesterday and one Abenezer Tesfaye is officially an Alexander now! You can see his cuteness on our blog.

  • Los,

    You continue to make it difficult for the rest of us mere mortals! Keep it up.


  • Nice!

    Great idea, Los.


  • I cried too! What a precious gift!! Way to go, Carlos.

  • Awesome video! Of course my wife who turns forty on her next birthday will never be allowed to see it. Okay, maybe I’ll tell her about it if I can come up with forty really cool presents. You are too cool.

  • Take one for the team! HA! That’s an awesome gift Los. I’ll have to keep that one in my repertoire.

  • Love that! Job well done.

  • Way to take one for the team! You rock.

  • That is too funny! My wife and I were just at FlowerDust’s site laughing at your “get your cha ching” comments, then followed your link over here to see what people might be saying back. We ended up watching the video and laughed several times. Thanks man, you are doing a great job on “your book”.

  • so sweet BUT not the reason I am commenting! how are you getting you tube to upload videos with songs – mine keep saying copy right issues…..HELP!!!

  • Wow! Everyday I pray for something like this. For God to bless me with a man who loves me this much and loves God more. Well done Carlos. Something to look forward to.