RagamuffinTop Challenge // 9


OK. Here it is. Time to bring it not sing it.
Simple to join.
1. You must have a measurable goal.
2. You must place a photo or video on your blog each weekend and give us the scoop on how you did.
3. You must link back here so that the readers of your blog get to see how the rest of us are failing or succeeding.
4. You fill out the linky thing below and then people can get to your blog from my front page and we can cheer each other on.
Got it?

OK. Sorry about not getting this up yesterday.
I’ve been slammed.
I ran my first half marathon today!!!!!

Or yesterday I mean. But my dogs are barkin!!!
13.8 miles to be exact. So a bit farther.
Here is Heather and I around mile 5. Still smiling.
Img 0278-1Img 0279-2
This was us after the run. We could not even get the numerals in the right order. We did not run 31 miles. We ran 13
Img 0280-1

Weight wise I am down to 199.5.
Or. Up to 199.5
I can’t remember.
Img 0283

Your turn peeps.
Bring it dont sing it…

Who is getting close?


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  • Great job, Los! Wow… half-marathon is awesome! Keep it up. We are all in this together!

  • holy cow. how high did you have those shorts pulled up?

  • MickeyG

    I’ll be joining in as soon as I’ve migrated my blog to something decent and added photos LOL I have signed up for a fun run in a couple of months… I’m making progress from couch-potato-dom to fitness freak. :o)

  • Los

    theyre running shorts dummy. like your nut hugging cycle things

  • Congrats on the half marathon! That’s so exciting! ~:-)

  • I’ve re-started and re-set my soul. Slowwwwly training for 10K, but did well in 5K 🙂

    Nice to you two run 🙂

  • And yeah – congrats on the half marathon – yeah!!!!

  • good job! woo hoo! way to go for both of you. a friendly reminder to everyone trying to lose some weight….the way i understand it, in order to lose a pound, yo need to burn 3000-3500 more calories than you consume. (and fasting usually doesn’t work) cut back on your calories, increase you activity and you’ll see gradual weight loss happen.

  • you’re amazing me!

  • Matt G

    well I don’t have a blog, but I have been in competition with my roomate over the last 2 months. Started at 189, down to 172. 17 lbs lost, nearly 10%. My goal is 160. I do check in on everybody.

  • Nice goin you two. 14 miles is flippin awesome. I’ll never be caught running a marathon…or half of one…or a quarter of one…BUT the pounds are still going away and I feel GREAT! Thanks for this challenge Los!

  • The first picture of you looks like someone photoshopped your head onto your body. Good work!

  • Very cool on the half-marathon!!

  • Check out my blog for this week’s comments. Sigh… please keep praying.

    BTW, PTL for where he has brought you two in your stamina and fitness. He Is Good!

  • ALL RIGHT!!! Great job!! And it’s so nice to see your wifey running with you…great marriages are built on supportive-ness, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂 Nice work!

  • Seriously, who looks this good after running 13 miles?

  • Great Job! I love running half marathons. You go boy and girl! Bring it on.

  • Jad

    Keep up the good work.

  • Scale is broken. Good job on the half marathon.

  • Dan

    – 2.5 pounds. Two pound to go until I’m back to the 160s.

  • I went down 2lbs bringing me into the 170’s!! Stop on by to see the new disco-rific theme!!!!

    Loss great pics! Good job on your running man!

  • What happened to this week’s weigh-in??

    I’ve actually lost weight this week – and you have no post or Mr. Linky up!

    What’s the deal?

  • Auntie B I agree!, Where the heck did you go man???

    I dont know Los….

    Is “Bring it, dont sing it” an eat your own words “tune” playin’ live at Ragamuffin Soul this week??? Hmmmm…

    Come on man! Get on it!


  • I’m still here! It may have seemed as though I fell off the wagon, but I’m hangin’ on 🙂 The weight is not really leaving me so much (I think it must be a combo of that dang metabolism shift happening, and I’m gaining some muscle? Let’s go with that). However, I am so proud of my new running habit that I have formed! I think I’m tweaking my goals to continue with that. Still hope to continue to lose the weight, but I am so excited to finally be one of THOSE people (that enjoy running!) that I want to take that and run with it (pun intended…haha).

    How is everyone else doing this week?