Creative Chaos // 22 – Night Of Worship Promo

Creative Chaos 1-1

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Every Thursday YOU write a post on your blog as to what creative element, secret, process, whatever took place in your life the past week or month, or year, or decade.
Music, Art, Video, Production, Scripts, Sermon Illustrations, Design, ect. You get the vibe.

Tonight is our Night of Worship. I’m praying revival begins.
Ballsy prayer. I know.
But I think it can. especially with the partnership we are asking our church to join with us in.
More on that tomorrow.
This video is a video that Kaye Woods, our video assistant produced.

It is obviously set up like I am doing some sort of video blog or confessional right before I walk out on stage to lead at the Night of Worship.
It was fun.
I think my first take was the best but I farted in the middle of it so we had to retake.
Just kidding.
This has been playing the last few weeks on our 10b4 pre-service video segment.

So now it is your turn.

I’m about to start calling some of you selfish churches and people out.
Share your secrets.
Tell the world.
Nothing sucks.
It’s a beautiful chaos.


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  • Our worship night was so encouraging Los and I hope yours is the same. Just seeing that barrier between stage and seats break down throughout the night was inspiring. Praise God.

  • I love the look of the interior out of the building – it reminds me of John Mayer’s “Where the Light is” DVD that just came out. Great job on the grading.

    I took a cue from you Los, and used Gawker to catch a couple of hours of video editing. Turned out pretty interesting.

  • very cool promo.

  • Nice.

  • Dude. Are you going to wear the exact same clothes tonight? ‘Cause that would be slick…

    Except, I don’t know about your hair. It’ll be tough to get it to look exactly the same way ;0)

  • ConEsteban

    I don’t know, I am so excited for ya’lls night of worship. I hope it’s one of the best nights of your life…For real!

  • Let us know how it goes… Looks like nights of worship are gaining some ground….

  • awesome video, Los.

  • ok my 1st creative chaos attempt. Jim Drake is my hero, nice shots.

  • creative video.
    like your idea.

  • I hope everything goes great for you guys tonight.

  • ash

    man. i wish i could be there.

    i saw the planetshakers. =] singing healer. =]]
    with mike’s brother playing guitar. =]]]
    it was wonderful. =]]]]