RagamuffinTop // 11


OK. Here it is. Time to bring it not sing it.
Simple to join.
1. You must have a measurable goal.
2. You must place a photo or video on your blog each weekend and give us the scoop on how you did.
3. You must link back here so that the readers of your blog get to see how the rest of us are failing or succeeding.
4. You fill out the linky thing below and then people can get to your blog from my front page and we can cheer each other on.
Got it?

That little flash Nike Plus widget screams the pain in my right knee.
It was a grueling day.
I feel good though.
I’ll post my video later but I wanted you guys to be able to update today.
Do so below.

How are we doing?


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  • I think I might start something like this for my wife’s sake.

  • Awesome job on the run Los!! Afraid to hit the scale this late :-). I’ll weigh in tomorrow!

  • I love the accountability!

  • stephanie

    This is really a great idea. Had you ever been into running before or did you just…hey y’all I’m running a marthon? I have tried like 4 times to train but can never get past mile 8 or 9. There’s a very big mental wall at the double digit area.

  • Hey Los, I’m getting hooked up with a new nike+ kit, I had one that never worked, so giving it another shot. Starting Monday.

    Question: Where’d you get your little flash nike+widget from? Is it on nike site? Or something like a WP plugin?

  • Hey brother, congrats! I envy your commitment…

  • I’ve been reading your site for a while now, and just wanted to drop you a line noted the respect that I have grown for you. You are truly one of the few genuine people out there. I really love your desire to incorporate community on your site and hope to join in a bit more often soon.

  • Andy

    Back in boot camp after taking last month off for the birth of my son. Humidity this week at 6 am has been rough

  • …hanging in there…seems like working out is always the first thing to go when life gets busy. The triple-digit heat here in OK doesn’t help, either. This week will be better!

  • how come it’s so much harder to get the weight off than to put it on? LOL it is soo not fair! 🙂

  • Finally onboard the RagamuffinTop Challenge. Training for the Disney Marathon January 11th.

  • I’m still here.

    I have not fallen off the wagon.

    This is just extremely hard. MickeyG is preaching it straight! I’ll amen you!!!

  • New rules at home will hopefully help our whole family do better this week. We are working on it. Hope your knee feels better.

  • Decided to join my wife (Suzanne) in the RagamuffinTop Challenge. Created my blog called BigDaddySayWhat? Thanks for starting this. It should help keep me motivated and focused on my goals.

  • I’m in like flynn on this bad boy. My name is Jason and I likey the food.

    On sunday at church we launched a missions initiative to send 5 girls to school in kenya, and one of the ways we are going to try to raise this money is by having runners in the Seattle Marathon/Half-Marathon and 5k collect pledges. I said that I was thinking about running in the half marathon (because I’m a doofus) and after church I had a ton of people talk with me about running. We even started a fatbet.net.

    So here’s my goal, 20 lbs by november 30th, and finnishing the seattle half marathon, also November 30th. Please pray. I’ll continue to post back on my blog, jasondeuman.com.