I’m That Guy

I’m that guy who shaves his head because he is balding.
I’m that guy who wears tight shirts because they make him look like he has muscles… until he see a picture, then he knows he’s just fat.
I’m that guy who struggles being real with himself, others, and God.
I’m that guy who almost lost his wife to a stupid mistake 4 years ago.
I’m that guy who could lose his wife at any moment if he thinks he’s beyond a stupid mistake.
I’m that guy who hears all the time how arrogant and stuck on himself he is.
I’m that guy that wants to walk up to those smack talkers and punch them in the face right after he tells them how lame their relationships really are.
I’m that guy who loves his stats because he feels like it means he is important.
I’m that guy who loves to wash the dishes so he can try and hide from his wife that he knows how miserable his display of affection really is.
I’m that guy who spends 3000 dollars for a guitar then makes you feel bad for not sponsoring a kid from Compassion International.
I’m that guy who lives on the edge of information addiction on a daily basis.
I’m that guy who talks smack about those who are more intelligent than him.
I’m that guy who get pissed off when he sees people get used then asks his wife for a “favor” when he feels like it.
I’m that guy who over promises and under delivers.
I’m that guy who talks big about commitment to the local church yet forgets to say thank you to his volunteers.
I’m that guy who knows you really don’t look like you do in all your pictures because you pout your lips and take them from above angles.
I’m that guy who never smiles in his pictures without opening his mouth wide because his dimples make his face look fat.
I’m that guy who deleted this post 3 times but copied it to his clipboard because he knew he had to post it.

But you know what?
More than all of this.
I’m a guy who is going to continue to let God use him in spite of all that $hizz.
Because in spite of all that crap…God is using me and is only just beginning.

When are you going to stop waiting until you are out of your sinfest and let God use you in the midst of your arrogant and sinful chaos?
Get over yourself.
It’s better that way.



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  • Chad Cannon

    Love this post…love the transparency and how real you are. Keep up the amazing ministry bro!

  • ian

    you sound familiar

  • Challenging…because this is true for all of us Los.

  • seems like God is doing something in the ragamuffin community in forcing us to deal with crap & begin / continue the process of being “true faced”… everyone i talk to that ive met through here seems to be thinking the same type of thoughts.

    thank you for being obedient & being a catalyst for the conversation to continue. this is my favorite ragamuffin post yet.

  • Preach

  • Thanks for being so real man. Really…thanks.

  • Rob

    This is by far my favorite post I have read here. Thanks for being real! God Bless!

  • great post Los. Thanks for being real. It’s something we all need to work on…especially as pastors.

  • I’m glad you decided to post this… it was less than an hour ago when I was running down a list, in my mind, of everything I do that makes me undeserving to be used by God. Helps to know that other people also have their ‘lists’ and that God wants to use us despite all of that.

  • Steve

    I once heard a Teacher say “If God is made strong in our weakness, then why do we hide our weakness(es)?”

    Another “older” guy once said “Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.”

    More Power to Ya Los!


  • HOly @#$%..dude…as i read that post i started crying…because i thought you were describing me. Every thing you said is me… how did i get here…how did i get this way? Man, we are so much the same guy it is not funny. I will pray for you Bro. God uses me every day in really cool ways, yet I am totally undeserving. I will continue to attempt to be obedient to God in spite of sinful self.

    Thanks for the honesty, maybe now i can be honest with myself.

  • Gotta love this — gonna print it out and read it repeatedly (for me). Thanks.

  • Thank you for being real Los and thank you for pushing through and publishing this man! I wish we could be so real that we did a Rated R version. I’d probably have to leave the country after mine.


  • the truth is like a knife dogg.

  • nice post man. Written beautifully

  • Mandy

    THAT took balls.

    Ive been reading your blog for awhile, and this is the first time I just had to say something.

    Thanks for being so real. Its encouraging me to start a relationship with God that I have longed for but just always put on the back burner.. Please pray for me to get my butt to church on Sunday.

    Thanks again

  • that’s real – that’s all of us. thanks so much

  • Isn’t it amazing that we all could write this- or a version of it?
    I mean I know I’m that girl…on many days and in many ways…but then to actually even begin to fathom that in all of this- we are still “complete” in Him, loved by Him, the apple of His eye…totally and unconditionally accepted. Blows my mind.

    Even while we were sinners Christ died for us. I am humbled to the core thinking about the fact that He loves me. *That girl*

  • amen

  • Preach Los.

    Thanks for being transparent. I’m gonna have to bookmark this one just to keep myself in check some days.

  • How awesome is our God that he can use people as broken and messed up as we are for His glory and our good? I think I need to copycat this post to remind myself that God is big enough to use me despite all of the things that are on the need to fix/change/pray about list.

  • You’re that guy that leads by example.

    You’re that guy that says things we wish they would have.

    You’re that guy whose blog we read for inspiration.

    You’re that guy who we want to be our friend.

    You’re Carlos “Freakin” Whittaker – thanks for peeling like an onion man!

  • Dude…BTW congrats on 1 million visits. WOW!

  • keep rockin the tight shirts, no ones knows except us!

  • amazing post los. hits home here. m.

  • Wow, Thank you for that Los. It really hit home, in a big way.

  • Right on, Los. Raw, real, honest. Thanks.

  • dude. wow. Yeah.

    now thinking about my list… hurts.


  • That was like looking in mirror, brother.

  • Word.

  • los, thanks for being so honest-so transparent. i don’t think that its any accident that God is laying on the hearts of believers right now to get real…to stop the fake..we are going through a book on personal revival together as a church called Downpour by james macdonald. AWESOME! come check out what has been going on at sherwood in albany, ga and what will happen today…on dr phil…curious yet???

  • Word…

  • I’m that guy in the amen pew.

  • Brian

    This is beautiful…

  • Thanks for the post, los. This is a great reminder that we are all that guy. Sometimes we need to be reminded because we are too low and don’t think God can use us. Other times we need to be reminded because we are too high and think that all the good stuff is us and not from God.

    Keep on keepin’ it real.

  • Abe

    I am that guy too!

  • Wow. I gotta go look in the mirror.

  • This left me breathless, it put a sick feeling inside of me. Thank you, as I have said to you before your blog is alot of fun, then all of the sudden you smack us in the face with reality!

  • I’m that girl. Except for the tight shirts.

    Thanks, brother.

  • What is so amazing about God is he still chose to call YOU!
    You are the man who remembers that “every click is a heart beat”!
    Thanks for being so transparent.

  • Mary Jac

    blown away…i need more friends like you.

  • Shayne

    Ok…that’s it. I’m coming down to Buckhead to meet you. And I’m bringing the family so you’ll know I’m not a weirdo stalker.

    Now I just need some gas $$$. Anybody got $500 they wanna lend a sista for a tank of gas?

    Great post.

  • Wow. Harsh and honest. God’s pleased. And we’re here to support you. That’s what confession is all about. Even in a virtual reality community, we’re for you.

  • AO

    One of the best, most transparent and authentic posts I have ever read. Los, thank you for the challenge to get over myself and get real!

  • Dude… Thank you, for the openness.

    Me too.

  • Amazing. Thanks for being authentic.

  • Was just about to take you off my blogroll because I was getting the sense you were “that guy”. Truly glad I didn’t do it because just about the time our (read my) judgementalism gets the best of us God wops us up side the head and says, “Take a look in the mirror.” Thank you for the lesson in humility.

  • hey man. my pastor/boss sent me to your blog the other day. not really sure who you are, but love the blog – layout, content, everything.

    especially this post.

    i needed to read this. this morning. right now.

    thanks for having the courage to post it.

  • bub

    Tell your own damn story, not mine! Thanks for keepin’ it real Los!

  • Jan

    If we think we aren’t that guy we are fooling only ourselves. My righteousness is as filthy rags, yet I choose to put my rags on every day instead of dress myself in the robes that He has bought for me. His clothing is so much better than mine, but I just don’t seem to get it. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Los,
    Thanks for reminding us that we’re not alone in this…..

  • Wow.

    Thanks, Los. For real.

  • Thanks for keeping it real and being real.

  • Now *that’s* how you celebrate 1 million hits.

    Awesome. Off to make my own list now.

  • AWESOME post Carlos, thanks for being so real

  • Todd Dunn

    Los is also a thief. He stole my identity. Love ya bro!

  • This is probably my favorite post that you’ve ever done…because it’s real. It’s raw.

    P.s. I can’t HELP pouting my lips and using a higher angle…takes my double chin RIGHT AWAY! (what a God send) hahaha

    Oh, and I agree…if we wait until we are “right”…”without sin” before we start making ourselves available to God…IT WONT EVER HAPPEN!

  • Thanks for keeping it real.

  • I know that guy!

  • thanks for this. i think we sometimes need to be reminded that God CAN use us where we are at. i’m not perfect and it’s ok.


  • Kevin Bazal

    I’m so much more that guy that you are…but that makes Christ’s grace all the more beautiful!

  • Wow. So this is the REAL Los.

    I think I like him. And I know God uses him.

  • I’m that girl who is going to do exactly this on my own blog because it touched me, made me cry, and helped to feel you as another human being instead of just this cool pastor dude on a blog.

    Thanks Los. Again.

  • Chip

    Man, that is bold. Best thing you’ve ever posted…your credibility just jumped tenfold with me. And I am challenged by your closing statement.

  • d

    Best. Post. Ever.

    Thanks for brutal honesty and forcing me to look inward, Los.

  • awesome in so many different ways.
    thanks for your honesty and for taking us back to reality

  • So REAL, so Transparent! I think you should challenge all ragamuffunsoul readers to do their own…”I’m that guy or I’m that girl” post! (wait, you just did) You sure have challenged me to think through some things/crap that easily get overlooked or swept under the rug….I need to remember, “I’M THAT GIRL” Thanks!

  • i’m that guy who digs the man behind ragamuffin soul because he’s got the unction to share authentic posts like this.

  • Great stuff, thanks for the candor and the honesty

  • I am so glad you didn’t delete this post.. it will definitely affect my day.. 🙂 In a good way.

  • aaahhh what a breath of fresh air! Thanks for posting it.
    You truly are that guy that says the things we all wish we would have.
    Thanks for your continued confidence in your place in the Lord, and for sharing your life with us


  • Best. post. ever.

  • You can’t be that guy!!!!!!!!! I’m that guy!! Amazing insight.

  • I showed this to my wife, and she said “Yeah, you’re that guy, too”. Man, I don’t feel so out of place now…

  • I bet that you’re that guy that is eating up all the kind words in these comments too. I know that I would be.

    Thanks Los. Christ in you is shining through the internet brightly.

    I truely believe that you would do anything short of sin to make the name of Jesus famous. Truely.

  • Tara

    this rocks.
    you rock.


  • michael

    Reading this blog actually hurts.. where to go from here..

  • matt borrett

    holy crap. thanks for putting me in my place! needed that one today.

  • Thank you……

    Thank you.

  • Ken

    That is a awesome post, thanks for being honest. I realized not long ago that God is in control of everything, and will use me even when I don’t know it. I’m just following his lead, and hanging on for the ride.

  • Carlos,
    I LOVE this post!!
    What a humbling, honest, baring of your soul.

    I can so relate right now.
    I’m going to admit something… I did not join your “Raggamuffin Top Challenge,” because when you have struggled with a serious weight issue (50+ pounds) for the greater part of your life (as I have), you become slightly gun-shy of such things.
    I kept thinking, “I don’t want to put myself out there; I’ll wait until my weight is lower.”
    God has been showing me what a mistake that truly is.

    He doesn’t want to wait til we deem ourselves “perfect” and “ready” for Him to use us for His glory.
    He wants us now, warts and all.
    My faith in the last few months has grown exponentially as I have witnessed His undeserved grace in my life.

    Today, I stepped on the scale and I have lost 60 pounds since February.
    Not by MY strength or power — Only by His.
    And God is using my struggle AND my success for His glory!

    I agree.
    “It’s not about you” and “Get over yourself” have become my life’s motto over the past year. I’m far from “finished,” and I’ll never be perfect, but that no longer matters. I just want to live this imperfect life for Him in any way He sees fit.
    Thank you for this beautiful post!

  • Oh, I am so in love with you! I love every ounce of “that guy” H

  • Rhi

    thank you for your open honesty. that is why we love you. THIS is why you have a faithful community of friends, colleagues, admirers and foes. you may be those things but you know what is worse? being THAT GUY and NOT admitting it! so, step one is done. hehe

    i need to do a post like this….

  • thanks

  • Ron Swanson

    I’m That guy and more. Thanks!

  • I LOVE this entry and your blog in general. We all have faults, no one is perfect…all we can do is all we can do…but if we accept that then we better be doing ALL we can do ALL the time. Otherwise it’s just an excuse.

  • love you bro

  • Silvana

    You are that guy that decided you don’t give a crap about what people think, because you care more about what God thinks and what He is doing and will do in your life.

    You are the guy that is listening to the Holy Spirit leading him to be transparent.

    Thanks for that post Los.

  • your that guy that Jesus loves all the same! (:

  • Stephanie

    Dude. that was raw…
    Way to put it out there

  • gah! so how ’bout them free drums? hahaha!

    man, you hit that one out of the park, didn’t you. I’m the guy that wishes he had the stats you have…….keep it up, los.

  • Amazing…

  • I resemble many of those remarks…

    Thanks, I needed that!

  • This is good stuff. Took Balls. Like Love.

  • kells

    Like a shot in the gut, who doesn’t resemble this post. Thanks for the honesty!

  • Great great post Los.

  • i rarely post comments, and never have here…but THAT is inspiring!

    thanks for being real!

  • I feel like that was the story of my life.

  • I loved this post. Well put.

  • Dayna

    This lurker came out just to say thank you for this post. Being reminded that perfection is not a qualifier changes me every time I see it demonstrated. Many lives have been changed today.

  • T. Ro.

    I’m the girl who has been asking God questions and saw His answers in this blog post. Thank you.

  • I needed to read that this morning. Sometimes when you feel like you are the only christian who struggles it totally sucks.

  • sue ann

    I like this post because at the end you admitted to not wanting to post it. I am glad you did, and even though I agree that we are all being used in this world by a higher being I do not think that it makes things justified. The fact that you have come to this realization is GODS work, so take what you have learned adn stop being a jackass to your wife and yourself! I like that a lot of the commentors have identified with you and feel similarily to being THAT person, but you sound like a jerk that needs to change some of your ways!

  • Hey Los thanks for being that guy. I am that guy too.

    I have been stuck on philippians 2:12-13 for about 2 months now. I am so blessed to be in ministry since it definitely isn’t because of me and what I’ve done. Those verses continue to kick my butt in reminding me that I am not finished yet and it is up to God on how I am used not me. It is my choice to follow Him though.

    I would be honest and say that if someone asked me about you I would not have thought you were the guy you posted, but by doing so it means that if someone asks me who you are I can say it in one word “Real!” You’ve encouraged me to be more real with myself and others as I continue to “work out my salvation in fear and trembling”.

    Thanks Los

  • Casey

    I am that girl that almost left her husband due to his stupid mistake 4 years ago. Thank God that forgiveness is sweet and worth all the pain (most days). And on the days that are still hard, God reminds me that He is at work in his life and I don’t have to fix him.

  • I too am that guy.

    I am the guy that doesn’t have the balls to make a post like this because he is still in the process of getting over himself.

    Thx Los for the honesty

  • gbrad@mag

    I’m that guy who can not understand the haters who point out what they see in you but for some reason still post knowing they’ve got AT LEAST one MAJOR issue to deal with.

    I pray for all of us “guys” who know we live foul and desperately seek GOD’s face for guidance and strength

    Stay real, Los
    Throw love on the haters
    GOD’s got your back

  • E

    I have always started to type comments on this blog and always deleted them, I always write a comment on how much I am moved or touched and then delete it feeling like I sounded dumb. But on this I will not delete, I am truly touched. I admire your honesty and wish i could analyze myself as you do just so I could start each day knowing full force who I am. I am that woman standing in the corner wishing I had the self esteem and confidence to fulfill God’s will for myself.

  • Came here from your wife’s blog. Thanks for your honesty. We’re all just trying to walk this thing out. I just thank God for the grace He allows me to walk in every day because, believe me, I need it. I stink just as much as you do. (that sounded bad, but you get my point)

  • T

    Yeah, I’m that guy too. While I use to think we were two totally, radically different guys that would never possibly get along if we met in real life…..I’m totally wrong. We are exactly alike.


  • Authentic. Transparent.

  • I am that girl that pisses people off but then cant handle rejection.

  • WOW! Working on my list to post soon. Thanks for the honesty and being the example we all are learning from.

  • I love you and love when you write like that! Almost cried tonight at the thought of hanging out with you and H next week. Seriously, can’t wait!

  • I wrote a whole post like you and don’t want to take up a huge chunk of your blog took a lot for me to write this so here it is out on the table.http://portraitsofmyself.blogspot.com/2008/09/real-me.html

  • Wow! Your post hit me pretty hard as I step in front of that mirror. Thank you for stepping out there.. and leading the way.

  • Wanting to just set you on a stage with this post blown up behind you and ask every know it all Christian why God is using you! It might solve some of the high and mightyness. All of us on this post are living proof that GOOD NEWS has come down, free of charge – no strings attached. Beyond that, the Deliverer is working it in and through us by the same mysterious Spirit who started it all in the first place. Your post is living proof of the work in progress. Thanks for outing yourself in such a powerful way.

  • christine

    Thank you. =)

  • Scott


  • Owning your own shit is hard and respectable. Makes the rest of us cracked pots feel less alone in our broken-but-pushing-on state. Thx.

  • Klint

    I’m that guy sometimes too. Longing to be used and more of the person God wants me to be!

  • Mandy

    Dang. We may have been separated at birth.