Ragamuffin Soul Prayer Meeting Nov. 3rd 9:30 PM // Praying Backwards

I have not seen division like the one I see within the American church walls, ever.
I think we need to hold tight to our moral and spiritual values, but the division that is in the air right now is MASSIVE.
We have the technology to hide behind our 140 characters at a time or anonymous blog comments or venom filled blog posts.
We are saying things to each other that we would never say in person.
I honestly believe God himself is looking down upon his church and crying.
So what should we do?
We should pray.
Those who are voting for Obama should pray blessings over McCain.
Those who are voting for McCain should be praying blessings upon Obama.
We should stop moaning and complaining about inexperience, Alaska, taxes, teenage pregnancy, terrorists, wardrobes, racism, and Katie Couric.
We in turn need to pray.
Pray for what?
Well my pastor, Matt Brown, preached an AMAZING message that can set you up for this time of prayer.
So tomorrow night.
Right here.
We are going to turn off the news, open our Bibles, and pray for our leaders.

1. Pray that our leaders would grown in Faith. In their relationships with Jesus Christ.
2. Pray for their marriages.
3. Pray for their children.
4. Pray for those around them.
5. Pray for their emotional and physical health.
6. Those on the left pray blessing on McCain, those on the right pray for Obama.
6. Those on the left pray blessing on McCain, those on the right pray for Obama.
6. Those on the left pray blessing on McCain, those on the right pray for Obama.

So. Here. Tomorrow night. Monday the 3rd. 9:30 pm ATL time.
I bet we could get a few hundred. Or not. We did when we prayed for ourselves.
It would be glorious if we could gather to pray for our leaders.
I’m not sure of any churches around town doing this, so let’s do it here.

See those little banners up top?
Let’s spread those puppies around this here interweb until people are sick of them.
Then tomorrow night you can take them down.
There is a little “Share” button on the bottom right of each of them.
Click that puppy and copy the appropriate code and paste away on your sidebars, myspaces, facebooks, blogs, ect.

Let’s show the world that we are more than a bunch of politic loving Jesus tolerating people.
Let’s actually hang out with Jesus as we pray for our leaders.
Who’s in?


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  • I’m in.

    Working in a television station, I have seen the arguments, the disgreements in issues, etc. over the past few months.

    And I have wondered. Why can’t we all just agree to disagree.

    Because that is what makes this country great.

    I vote my way. You vote yours. Then we all rally behind the person elected and lift them up in prayer and trust God will use them to take our country where he wants it to go.

    Instead. We post anti-president bumper stickers on the car and talk bad about the leader of our country because “we didn’t vote for him.”

    But you know what. It is 4 years until you get another chance. So perhaps we could all use that time to be making a difference in our own sections of the world and using that energy to do some good.

    Ahem. Sorry. I feel better now, though.

    Great idea, Los.

  • dude. i’m so in. great idea.

  • I’m so in!

  • Los-Man I could agree or love you more for doing this.

    Ill be there!


    It’s about time! I have been praying and will continue. Remember what I said last month! Love, DAD

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. We all have our own opinions on who we think would be best to win this election, but that doesn’t give us the excuse to bash other candidates. Christians are recognized by the fruit we produce, and the fruit many Christians are producing lately isn’t Christ-like at all.

    Question- I’m assuming this is 9:30pm Eastern time, right?

  • dude!!! Done deal! Me and my family will be praying!

  • Hey, that’s 3:30am here, but we’ll pray at 2130 our time in honor of the election candidates.

  • bub

    Alright, I’m in! We need to come back together and this is a great way to do it.

  • I’m in. Thanks for tweeting the sermon from Sandals last week too – that was a great sermon on this issue

  • Kenton

    Done. I agree with you here…except, I belive God could potentially be chuckling a little. He already knows how messed up we are. Or maybe He sighs, kind of like when you watch an old rerun. You have the foreknowledge of what’s going to happen and how it plays out, but you sit through it anyway…waiting for the more interesting new show that’s coming on later. Eitehr way, He already knows what the answer to our election. The question now…that is once we find out on Tuesday/Wednesday…is whether we will be more faithful to His word and His will or to “our” candidate. That, I think, is where we stand to really honor or disappoint God…but he ultimately knows that too.

  • Zach

    I agree Los…but to take it a step further, maybe we should all come together tomorrow night and ask God for His wisdom on who to vote for. There has been so much mud thrown by both parties that it is hard to believe anyone. So, go to God and ask that the Holy Spirit guide our movements as we elect the next “leader” of this great nation!

  • Art

    I’m in… at least if my crap computer and slow dsl will allow me. Great idea!!!

  • This is a great idea! My church is having a week of prayer and fasting that begins Monday night so I’ll be there and unfortunately miss your prayer session. But I’m still going to put your banner on my blog to let others know they can join you. I’m sure our church here in San Diego will be praying about the same concerns you have. How comforting to know that. God Bless you.

  • Karen

    I’m so in.

  • I’m in!

  • w00t.

  • stellar idea

  • I’m in. I have posted to my Facebook page & my blog.

  • What’s the middle supposed to do? 🙂

  • Could we also institute a 72 hour moratorium on all electin related email forwards…most of which are false anyway???

  • oh yeah…count me in

  • Jesse

    I kinda disagree with the backwards thing, not because I’m for one side or the other, I think we should all be praying for God’s will, not our insignificant, shortsighted, small will.

    I see where you’re going with this, and it’s a great tool to help people get humble. I just think neither party needs prayer either way – “praying support” for either way seems so little and small. We just need to pray for the will of God for our country. Just my thought. Good luck with the prayer night though.

  • Los,
    This is the first time I have come across your site.
    Thank you for stepping up and calling our Nation to PRAYER…
    I LOVE PRAYER! We also need the love of God to penetrate these two men as they finish out their campaigns.
    Also, I hope that we all agree that neither one of these men can save our country…but the Most High certainly can…cause Hes the man!

  • Hey Bro!

    I’m all in and will sell this hard with every bit of online influence I have. We need to pray and pray hard and pray together.


  • Los

    @ Jesse // Agree to disagree.
    We are not praying for our shortsided small will.
    Unless you think praying blessing on people is shortsided and small.
    We will be praying, you should stop by if you can.
    Prayer is never small.

  • Will be praying in Canada. We have been watching your drawn out election process for what seems like forever (ours started in July and ended in Sept).

  • I’m in Canada too, but will be there praying right along with you!

  • im in. and trying to get our students to join in as well. they cant vote because of age so encouraging them to pray as being best thing they can do.

    question though. under “pray nonpartisan” and your list of things to pray for number 6 is repeated two times. assumed a typo, but what if “those on the left prayed blessing on Obama, and those on the right prayed for McCain” as well. i believe that is true “nonpartisan”. just prayer right? i don't know who will be the next leader, but i do wish that my God blesses both in their lives and in their faith. just a thought as this community prepares for a night of prayer. one.love

  • Ansley

    I’m in. This will be a great night for God. The family and I will be praying!!

  • I don’t know. Call me the minority here. But, I agree in prayer 100%, always right.

    But this sounds more like a ah, shucks can’t we just all get along, kind of thing. Agree to disagree? Is that what God does?

    I think God is looking down and crying. Crying at how far both parties are from His view. And one even further. Which one has more atheists on their team?

    I am sorry, everyone else has done a good job of keeping politics out of this, and I just broke the rule. But I don’t like hiding wrong beliefs around prayer.

    I will pray tonight, and tomorrow and the next. And pray yes as you say for whoever wins. The prayers you suggest are valid. But I won’t check my values at the door. My values come with me to my knees.

    And I would say any of this to any of your faces. In love.

    out, bb

  • This is genius, I tell you! I don’t know if I can make it due to the time difference. However, way to go. I’m loving the sensitivity to the Spirit that is so apparent in you, man.

    Thanks for blogging your way through life…

  • I linked this and I will be praying. I agree with you 100% on this. Thanks for calling it.

  • Great post. Thanks!

  • What about the Libertarians? 🙁

  • I’m in, posted it on my blog, although I couldn’t get the banners to work.

  • i’m in

  • Awesome idea! I’m in.

  • I have been praying since Saturday morning at 10am and haven’t stopped and will not stop until midnight PST time on Tuesday evening. May what the enemy has used to divine, God will use to Unite His church in one voice.

  • I won’t be able to be “here” but I’ll be praying!

  • Pink

    Word Homie! I”m in.

  • Goldston

    Part of me is surprised that someone on the far right hasn’t bashed this idea swearing up and down that the left’s candidate is the antichrist. If that’s what you truly believe, I don’t have much of a problem with it being said. I just want to know why. And why does sharing this often come off as hate.

  • Carlos,

    I was so glad to post it on my blog. The banners would not work on my site either. I won’t be able to join in online tonight but you better believe I will be praying for all the candidates and their families and this country. Be Blessed!

  • Scott McDaniel

    I’ve not prayed in years. This has inspired me to do so.
    Thank you, Carlos.

  • Brady

    I will be there no matter the time, praying non-partisan for blessings, Gods will, and with my values. i believe that is what God wants and is pumped that people around the globe are getting together to pray over disagreements and division. Thanks Los, for your passion and willingness to step out and stand for God and His people. Much Love

  • SNOB

    I sat in a very Big & Well Known hospital in Houston, tx last month. Looking out the window I saw T Boone Pickens name on the bldg across the road & chuckled out loud.

    The lady beside me heard me say his name out loud and we both smiled because he’s been on the TV alot lately. We started to talk and I could tell that her political views were far different from mine. It didn’t really matter because we were both sitting in a cancer hospital and that is what connected us. Neither one of us felt the need to bash, condemn or belittle anyone.

    If we as Americans can somehow put the craziness aside and see the other person as an American also it would be alot easier.

  • Carlos, great stuff tonight! Thanks for your leadership, vision and heart. Love seeing the “C”hurch coming together.

  • BP Nichols

    thank you. i missed the scheduled prayer, and i do not pray as most of you do… however, i do pray. and i do believe that this is the type of message that can actually restore HOPE. that can genuinely reach out. that can touch and reach across racial religious gender partisan politics. this gives me hope. i do not know any of you, but thank you. and i, as someone very much not of your community, join you.

  • Trish

    Kinda disappointed that I missed it, but I’ll be praying as you suggest nonetheless. It’s a beautiful idea, and inspirational–and doubtless effective, as all prayer is!

    Peace and all good to you!

  • ebaG

    I like it! We prayed Backwards at our YMCA Teen Leaders Club meeting Tuesday night.

  • ebaG

    I like it! We prayed Backwards at our YMCA Teen Leaders Club meeting Tuesday night.