Great Female Worship Leaders


This is Vicky Beeching.
Not only is she one of the greatest female worship leaders on the planet, you can take the “female” out of this sentence.
She is one of the greatest worship leaders on the planet.
She is also a great friend and an even better person.

I don’t think the lady’s get near the respect the men do.
There are far too few.
So I need to hear.
Who is your favorite female worship leader and why?


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  • Andrew

    Kim Walker

    • Andrew

      heart of gold and a voice like a lion

    • She is phenomenal!

      • i'm sorry but i haven't heard of her

  • Kari Jobe

    • Nat Prado

      sweetest voice & personality ever. She has a voice of an angel. To die for. Im an alto & her songs are tooo high pitched for me.

  • Kari Jobe

  • Misty Edwards


      yea! Misty Edwards is awesome! Kari Jobe is very awesome too ! All of them move differently in Spirit.. Kari Jobe is more to the gentle and love side.. Misty Edwards is prophetic. Kim walker is prophetic and warrior spirit..

      • Syndy

        l totally agree with you they’re very different in spirit and just the way you described it.

  • I like Sherri Carr a lot. Precious heart for Jesus.

  • mandy thompson, and some day… kass hodge. 😉

    • tam

      aww. thats awesome!

  • Christy Knockels

  • @melissaelguera #myhotwife. Oh wait, this isn't Twitter. Lemme try this again…
    My hot wife, Melissa Elguera, is my favorite worship leader. But besides her, Darlene Zschech. I spent a couple years at the Hillsong International Leadership College and she can really LEAD a congregation into the throne room of God. Besides that, she broke down mega barriers so that women can lead worship teams around the world.

  • My wife. She’s just as talented as anyone out there, but I know her heart firsthand. Plus she’s my wife ;). I also like Vicky beeching, Kim Walker, Kari, Melissa How, Brooke, etc.

  • Brooke Fraser-Ligertwood. I tend to gravitate towards male singers in general, but Brooke stopped me cold in my tracks the first time I heard her, and she's still one of the few female singers I listen to.

  • I heard Vicky for the first time at the Saddleback Worship Conference. She really is amazing and really seems like she has a heart after God. I need her on my ipod! I just have one question though…why does it appear that the majority of the great worship leaders are British?

  • Darlene has been my role model for the last ten years. Added to that is Vicky since I first heard Yesterday, Today, and Forever, thanks to and Kari Jobe, who I first saw on TV last year. I love them all for their strengths, but especially for their hearts, and the passion that exudes. I got to hear Darlene speak at a conference once, and I've read both her books. I really connect with her heart. I love Vicky for her rocking style. And I heart Kari Jobe, because her songs bring a peace to my soul like no other voice.

    Oh yeah…I can't forget Becca Boganwright :] I am blessed to be under her unofficial mentorship :]

    Being a female worship leader "in training" with a hope to be doing this FT someday, I am greatly encouraged by women who lead, and am encouraged when they are truly annointed leaders and leading from a place of humility and not for fame. I was drawn to this in High School and continue to pursue it because it comes from deep within. I know there are other things I could pursue that would be more stable, more financially secure, but all I want to do with my life is bring others closer to Christ, serving Him and singing for his glory, communicating God's heart to others.

    That's me. That's my heart.

  • Caleb

    Brooke Fraser! Whoop!

    Darlene Whatever.

  • My wife, Grace Hargrove… cause she's got pipes! Seriously my bride amazes me with her love for the Lord, for me, for our children & God's people. She has a heart to see people come to know Christ and to worship Him in freedom & with passion! The Lord has blessed her with an awesome voice, an incredible ear, & a contagious smile…
    Also – we both love Laura Story & feel very fortunate to call her friend! She is one of the most genuine artists/worship leaders I have heard and one of the best songwriters today~
    All these ladies mentioned above are great and definitely do deserve respect & appreciation! Great post (discussion)…

  • Marcy Priest (Jackson) from AWESOME voice, and personality too! She is such a great friend and I love worshiping with her!

    • oh i forgot about marcy… she is incredible.

    • agreed! Marcy is awesome both in voice and heart… hands down one of my favorite she-voices!

  • Probably Amy Grant! If not her, Sandi Patty.

    • Both are my two great women!

  • Brooke Fraser, Kim Walker, Margaret Murgida (no, you don't know her…though I hope you will one day).

    All 3 genuinely live lives of worship which is reflected in their leading of music to bring the people into worship. Transparent hearts for God.

  • Rebekah

    As lead worshipper I gravitate to worship leaders like Christy Nockels. Not only is she one of the most understated female vocalists in Christian music, she crafts songs that are so intimate, profound and powerful. She leads with such passion, excellence and humility.

    Another is RoseAngela Merritt at NewSpring Church in Anderson,SC. Phenomenal pipes, and you can tell she really connects with the message of a song internally as she leads others to do the same.

    • Rebekah forgot herself. She is freaking awesome and hot!!! She is also my wife!

  • Number one for me would be Brooke Fraser and then Misty Edwards. Kim Walker is in there, too, but I've only recently started listening to her stuff so I'm not as familiar with it as Brooke and Misty. Plus, I was fortunate enough to be at a United concert last September that Brooke was at also. Her songs were amazing to sing live with 3,500 people passionately engaged with their Father.

  • Cindy Beall

    Marcy Priest (Jackson)

  • katlyn

    the worship leader i grew up with – mary barrett who passed away last year…
    and my dear friend Kacey Lanier! there is no doubt that when she opens her mouth God's presence is in that room…she is truly gifted!

  • Leann Albrecht.

    I love her because of the sweet spirit she simple *exudes* from the front. I've only been to one worship conference where she lead, but how she lead is still with me and influences me as I lead.

  • Jami Smith….

  • Kathryn Scott…great writer…great voice…great heart.

  • Rita Springer
    Ana Paula Valadão (love her heart)

  • Michael J

    New worship artist here in Atlanta, Heather Mangum, @heathermangum She is pretty amazing live.

  • Natalie

    Definitely Rita Springer

  • Brooke Fraser is my #1 favorite worship leader….female or not!…. then next is line is Kari Jobe!

  • Gotta go with Christy Nockels. What a voice! And a heart that shines even brighter.

  • abs.

    she’s too busy pouring into her family, GAFA and the volunteers at ROCK church to even record anything herself. let me just say…

    love her. wow.

    • Tanya

      I love that you posted this. As a female worship leader, I don’t need to glorify myself, I just point people to the King.

  • mrsDeb

    Joann Rosario and I love when she mixes in Spanish with English. Kari Jobe and Kim Walker are awesome too.

  • That's easy, Chrystina Fincher. Mostly because how she can really rock it out. A lot of that has been at conferences that are covers of "regular" songs, not worship music though. But, she's a great worship leader too.

    • Jessica Coleman

      I agree! She was definitely an inspiration to me while I was in college and attending Buckhead church – she was one of my favorite worship leaders – and, when I was there, the only female WL at Buckhead – I am a worship leader myself and can appreciate her rock style and confident spirit! A passionate worship leader and powerful voice.

  • Miriam Ahkuoi at 12Stone in Lawrenceville, GA. Great voice, great talent, but most importantly, whenever I've heard her lead worship, the Spirit of God comes flowing down on the whole place!

  • Darlene Zschech is an absolute legend. Christy Nockels, Vicky Beeching and Brooke Fraser are also awesome

  • Mmmm…ties! I love Kim Walker's fearlessness in leading people. Misty Edwards because I know her anointing in leading worship was cultivated in absolute surrender to the Lord; there is a reason there's power when she sings! And Grace Kim (a worship leader at the International House of Prayer in KC — where Misty's from). Her sets in the prayer room are always anointed with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

  • Gwen

    Chrystina Fincher. When she sings Jesus paid it all …….

  • I'm gonna have to go with Chris Tomlin.

    • Justin K

      I love this!

  • Christy Nockles, Brooke Fraser, & Kim Walker.
    I love the emotion that comes through their music.

  • It used to be Brooke Fraser for me, but I discovered Vicky Beeching last week, and I was simply amazed. I have also converted a couple of my friends already to be fans.

  • anna

    Brooke Fraser//Christy Nockels.

    Not because they're female though. Just my favourites.

  • Marielle Bevan at Tri COunty Church in Dubois, PA. She leads leads worship with authentic passion. When she leads worship I come closer to God.

  • Kari Jobe, Brooke Fraser, Misty Edwards

    These gals are amazing!!!

  • Never have heard of Vicki but will have to check her out. I would say Brooke and Kari would be at the top of my list right now. Not familiar with many others.

  • Vicky Beeching, Brooke Fraser-Ligertwood and Kari Jobe. Amazing voices and great heart 🙂

  • kari jobe….. i went to bible school just south of dallas…. and saw a lot of her when she was at christ for the nations, and then more as she went on to gateway. I think she is very humble, and is first a worshiper.

  • Keith

    Tifah Al-Attas and her band Page CXIV ( Not a preachy worship leader, just lets her voice praise God. Also check out their other project The Autumn Film ( They're the best band you aren't listening to. If they are touring in your area, invite them to come lead you in worship. You will be moved…

  • Love me some Brooke Fraser, just wish she wasn't married.
    I thought I had a shot with her

  • Vicki Beeching is one of my favorite worship leaders – period! She is very gracious and sensitive when she leads and a great songwriter – us guys could learn alot from Vicki and other female leaders like the the ones mentioned above.

  • Jami Smith, and Kari Jobe

  • Sarah Melton

    THANK You Philipe I was beginning to be sad that no one has heard of Rita Springer. Her songs bust me open.

    "I Have to Believe" – that He sees my darkness. I have to believe He knows my pain. I have to lift up my hands to worship, worship His name. I have to declare that He is my refuge. I have to deny that I am alone. I have to lift up my eyes to the mountains. That's where my help comes from. He said that He's forever faithful. He said that He's forever true. He said that He can move mountains. If He can move mountains, He can move my mountain, He can move your mountain too."…

    "Moving with the Lamb"

    "Oh How You Love Me"

    "Worth It All" – that song got my heart through life until I (finally) met my husband

  • Jim

    i don't know any female worship leaders…

  • Christy Nockels. Hands down. Her lyrics teach me, and as a vocalist, she is one of the best technical singers alive. She can interpret every syllable as if it’s an individual brush stroke.

    And when our kids are freaking out in the car, we can just dial up Watermark / Nockels on the iPod, and a hush falls over the crowd.

  • Lex

    Misty Edwards is ma lady.

    Plug for a great effort here. My friend Tami (may have already plugged herself) is trying to get women worship leaders together for conversation and encouragement and all that good stuff. Check it out, ladies, at !

  • ash

    Brooke Fraser:: beautiful singer and totally authentic. She was leading Hossana in Orlando when the camera opperators moved the giant camera cranes right in front of her. She said, "Yeah, guys let's move these cameras down. I'm no golden calf."

    Love it.

  • Brooke Fraser
    Kim Walker
    Andrea Moore
    Andrea D'Angelo
    You dont know the last two, but you should.

  • Matthew

    Misty Edwards. I've recently been introduced to Kari Jobe, so I'm planning on checking some of her stuff out. On a side note, I don't care for Kim Walker's voice… not that that has anything to do with leadership ability, aside from it's too low for me to sing the melody along with her. :-/

  • shari brown

    Heather Miller, hands down, beautiful heart, humble spirit, God given set of pipes that will blow you away.

  • can't believe only two people mentioned Chrystina. come on people… plus i think it's even cooler when you know hers and Jayce's backstory with the Floyd's and Butch and whatnot, and then you see what they're doing now and how they're serving… plus she's got some pipes, man.

    and yeah, Brooke Fraser. i'm not the biggest united fan, to the dismay of many, i'm sure, but i dig her stuff…

  • Kate Miner

  • Jason

    Kari Jobe

  • Manuel

    As a worship leader, I find the use of the word "Great" to describe any worship leader a little bit weird…

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  • Jasmine Poon…. errr she's our worship leader extraordinaire in our local church….

  • Nic

    Neoma Montgomery. She was from a recent church I took part in. She led me to the throne room of God more quickly and humbly than any other worship leader I've encountered. period.

  • Joann Rosario

  • my favorite is darlene szhech from hillsong. *sigh* i am not sure if that's the correct spelling. lol!

  • Sarah Scharbrough (McLaughlin) was very instrumental in my spiritual growth during college. Great musician and leader.

  • Gina Cooper

  • Manny

    Denise Collazo is my favorite female worship leader.

  • Liseanne

    kari jobe, without question!

  • Love the power and passion expressed in worship and in real life, you know she is annointed by God.
    Jennifer Neugent Thomason, AL

  • Lynn

    All worship leaders mentioned are great. However, my ipod has been playing Kelanie Gloeckler for weeks…. Brave New Worship

    Lynn in New York

  • w

    kari jobe and, for different occasions, kim walker-smith, other than that there r a slew of great female worship leaders, unsung and unheralded but nonetheless still great in God’s eyes and their comparatively limited audiences.

    • w

      plus is loaded with them. Misty Streisand, I mean, Edwards excels in seeking, and singing to, God. Laura Hackett, Audra Lynn is also another great voice. They also have some of the greatest, or as they’d probably prefer, the leastest, male worship leaders. they just don’t have me 🙁 🙂

      • w

        plus, tastes and aural appeal vary from day to day, so the “greatest” is a revolving platform, and only a varied musical diet fully satisfies. so is there really a greatest female worship leader? I don’t think there is, at least now.
        ps. forgot to mention Darlene Zchech earlier, and really was the original global worship leader, for many of us anyway, she can really lead an audience in worship. love it when she hops “ihop!” 🙂

        • w

          if i had to choose today i would hands-down say Kim Walker-Smith, yet i prefer not, the term “greatest” lest we tempt our sisters to pride. and tamper with hearts still being perfected. sorry for all the replies!

  • Korah

    I noticed a couple wonderful women worship leaders that were not mentioned:
    Isa Agape Couvertier
    Laura Woodley Osmond
    Make Me Yours – Diana Waddell
    When I am Afriad – Laura Hackett
    I Love Your Presence – Chelsea Phillips
    When I Think About the Lord & Before the Throne of God Above – Amber Dawn Wilson

    You can google all of them to find out more info on the beautiful worship they are creating.

  • Nat Prado

    Nah i could care less for brook frasier. ima Kim Walker & Kari jobe type a gal. Maybe a lil bit of Vicky Beeching

  • my favourite female worship leader is DARLENE ZSCHECH.i also like to listen to leann albrecht,lou fellingham,kelly minter,miriam webster.

  • Amy

    Nichole Nordeman and Sue Rinaldi are inspirational

  • Sheila

    Jennifer Neugent Thomason, can draw you into worship so beautifully. Her raw, heart felt emotions bring you to the Masters feet.

  • DD

    If you refer lady to women you must use gentlemen upon men. unless that’s purely sexist.

  • Grant

    I am amazed that the name of Shannon Wexelberg has been mentioned in this thread, not once! I believe her heart, testimony, lyrics and voice are all exceptional.

  • Syndy

    Darlene Zscheck is sort of the original legend. she’s the first worldwide worship leader most of us started listening to. I love Kim Walker-Smith because she is a prophetic and warrior kind of worship, Misty Edwards is prophetic, Brooke Fraser can lead well and Kari Jobe is very sweet; im not really a big fan of Kari Jobe but her songs are great but aside from Darlene Zscheck; Kim Walker-Smith is my favorite by far and l love when she’s into the spirit and laughs during worship its amazing and anointing.

  • Bonnie

    Kari Jobe, by far! She’s so real, and humble, really knows how to bring you into the throne room to truly worship God and not just sing songs!

  • Cathryn

    Tamela Mann!!!
    She’s gat a powerful vocal that blows one away, and has that sense of humour when she ministers you wanna sing along with here, she really touches me alot.

  • Toni Redmiles

    Only read the first page of comments but I feel sad that we have missed the point. There are no “Great” worship leaders on this planet. God is the only great worship leader and the person on the stage is just a vessel. I would be offended if all the congregation saw was me and the useless talent that has no worth except through Christ. I would hope that all people saw was God reflecting out of me, because if they saw anything more or I desired anything more it would be sin.