Where's The Steeple?


This is Rolling Hills Baptist Church,  Fayetteville, GA’s web banner on their website www.wheresthesteeple.org
Not the sexiest thing we have ever seen.
And you know what?
Who cares?

Rolling Hills Baptist Church, Fayetteville, GA
Their building and property is worth over 1.1 million dollars.
The church has a nice facility that is almost paid off.
The church owes less than one hundred thousand dollars.
The church has 1 million in equity.
The church has many families who have lost their homes and jobs.
The community is one that could use resources and money to help families in need.
The pastor and his congregation have decided to sell the church building and property to take care of his members and put roofs over peoples heads instead of their own on Sunday.

On October 5, 2008, the members of Rolling Hills voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining GOD in His redemptive work by selling her buildings and property, and using the proceeds to increase ministry and mission efforts in our community and beyond.

They are looking to lease a movie theater or something after the property sells.
Other churches have offered their facilities.
This is the church at work.
Pastor Frank is my new local church hero.
Bravo to you for doing what you most would never do.
Bravo for you for following in obedience.
May God bless you and your church richly.

This is the most backwardly beautiful thing I have seen a church do in a while.
I can only imagine what could happen if this became a trend.


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  • Backwards? This is forward! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is awesome! We all need to take notes. At least I know I need to.

  • Wow. What an incredible way for a church to support those that have supported it.

  • ben

    inspiring. truly awesome. gives me hope.

  • Awesome.

  • That's an amazing story. Literally…goosebumps. I don't know that I've EVER seen such an overwhelming act of obedience. This is God's Kingdom.

  • amazing story!! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Jim Botts

    What a great example of the Body of Christ living out the heart of God!

  • Love it. Dead on.

  • "It is never that we have to worry about us pushing back the forces of hell but rather, we rejoice and celebrate as the gates of hell cannot possibly contain the greatness, power, glory, victory and majesty of our loving God as he works through us: His church, His bride." Matthew 16:18 (ESV)

  • Let me echo everyone else. Awesome! Props to them.

  • from a church with 9M in building debt, this sounds amazingly freeing. well done to them.

  • Jennifer Ruggles

    WOW, now that is the body of Christ. We should have each other's backs! I am so glad to hear about a church that gets it!

  • Very bold!

  • Right on. The Church doing what it's supposed to do. Taking care of each other….regardless of the cost.

  • Leslie

    This is amazing. That community will be changed forever! Bravo to that church for their obedience to God!!!

  • dean

    now THERE'S an option for my own church….

  • sherry

    that is awesome!!! more churches need 2 do that,be more out reach than in reach! be blessed!!

  • I really love that! I think it just might catch on actually. With the economy the way it is, I am thinking maybe God is up to a new kind of shaking. We have become comfortable in the Mega church, and I KNOW Godly people go to and serve at many Mega churches, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more of this as huge buildings become harder and harder to afford and Christians become more and more aware of how little we really need to have church..and be the church.

  • Wes

    love it!

  • Very inspiring.

  • Its about time. I think that buildings are fine, but we should not put them above people.

  • Great idea. I love that my church is a purposely built conference centre/church so that in time it will both pay for itself and bring the community into the doors of the church.

  • Wow!! That is awesome!! We should all learn something from this!!

  • Way cool.

  • That is 100% inspiring and amazing…that pastor has some cajones! Seriously…imaging the committee meetings, gatherings, and congregation meetings he had to LEAD through…I bet that guy can teach us a thing or two about leading people on mission!!!

  • Awesome example of the church having her priorities in the right order. Can’t wait to see what God does with this local body if they continue to live out what they are called to be and do.

  • Awesome to see the local church taking Acts 2 seriously 🙂

    Our church also has no debt…but we also don't have our own building. And it will stay that way until we can have a building debt free. If God wants us to have our own building, He'll make a way for it to happen without debt. Our mission is restricted with debt.

  • kudos, way to bring the Kingdom of God into the here and now in such a practical and surprising way!!!!

  • Byron

    It's the right move, reading the needs of the people, and responding to how God wants to demonstrate His love through his people. As believers, we are called to be God's gifts to this world. I applaud the pastor and his board, and members for doing this. Bravo… let the trend begin!


    The church I go to in Nashville currently has no building so we can be more mobile and have less overhead. Renting may prove the best thing in the world for this body. May the Lord bless this decision and its example to so many churches out there that have “too much” and don’t use it or steward it well. And may the Lord bring sale of the property soon to sooner draw aid for his people.

    My heart is warmed at an early hour of the day… Thank you…

  • WOW, I'm speechless. This is great!

  • This is the body! Awesome! I hurt in my heart wish wish wish that American churches would do something similar. Stupid Christians! We are MISSING it. Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this, Los. 🙂

  • thats crazy love. the love that most “christians” neglect. kudos rhbc.

  • Beautiful!

  • Check out North Georgia Church..they are doing a similar thing but the money goes to build a university to train pastors in Cambodia. http://northgeorgiachurch.com/ngc.html

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  • WOW! this completely blows me away! I am so proud that the body of Christ is SO in tune with what it means to truly demonstrate what God is all about!!! Woooo!

  • stinginthetail

    that's lovely 🙂

  • I have nothing creative to say. Just, Wow. That's amazing.

  • The building we are in the midst of purchasing has a value around $900,000 and yet we are getting it for $250,000, which leaves us with a monthly mortgage that compares with what it costs to rent anything for a Sunday morning in our area. SO, this is incredibly encouraging for what we could give away in the future!! Rolling Hills sets out a great challenge and encouragement!!

  • Jeremy

    This is what church is all about.

  • Michael M

    I am just beginning as a Pastor of a small community who wants to walk as Christ did. Thanks for reminding me that His church builds people.

  • Jaison Jacob

    wow I hope God blesses all the members of this church and the pastor for really truly having a selfless love for each other……. that is definetly wat God wants……..to be selfless and to give i know God will bless all you guys soon. You guys are really going forward even though it might seem tough in the beginning but God will give u a sanctuary…… may God bless your congregation and all the believers the coming days

  • Midge Edmond


  • This actually restores some faith (for me) in the religious institution in a time of perpetually locked church doors, no trespassing signs, and inaccessible ministry staff. Whatever God may be, I'm sure he is saying "someone gets it."

  • Santiago Rivera

    This is the type of LOVE JESUS spoke about in the new Testiment. They will be rewarded over and over and over. GOD bless them for stepping out of the COMFORT Zone…

  • This is amazing! And I don't know about "backwardly beautiful"… I guess it depends on who's perspective, cuase this is just downright amazing!!

  • That is the heart of God being fleshed out! I have heard it said that we are never more like Christ than when we give, but this takes it to a whole new level. Thank God for a pastor with a vision to love people and a church that obviously has the same conviction!!! May all churches be this open to Gods direction. Great blessings are ahead for this congregation!

  • I am speechless and in AWE of this church's move of God.

  • This is incredible!!! A LIVE example of truly BEING the church and not just living with the title! May God multiply their efforts and surpass their expectations!

  • Impressive, but I wonder if it isn't a little short-sighted.

    During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, church buildings in our area became indispensable havens for evacuees. The Governor of Louisiana has remarked that he's counting on churches again in the next crisis, since the government doesn't have enough beds to house all who could be left homeless from a natural disaster.

    Buildings aren't the problem and they aren't the barrier to reaching people. It's how we use our buildings that matters.

    • I don't think it's short sighted at all. Putting roofs over peoples heads is just another way of doing what churches in Katrina did.
      Just without a "Katrina type" disaster.
      Good thoughts

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  • Donna

    Faithful Obedience…wonderful…inspiring. so glad you shared this Los!

  • Backwardly beautiful, indeed. It's so refreshing to see a church make a move like this. I can only imagine what it means to those families they are helping so immensely.

  • The url is amazing huh? Wow.

  • micke

    What are the signs of Doomsday, the end of days ?

    The 2 tower, earthquakes, nature striking back, brother against brother ?

    Or like in this horrible story , a mother and sisters against a sick sister struggeling for help, but they have already in secrecy decided to "sacrifice" her ! for money ! !

    read the horrible story here


  • Wow! That is inspiring!

  • awesome story. inspiration to us all. we could all do more!

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  • Great idea. Nice thought. Way to put people’s physical needs first. But help me here… This loving idea does no good if building doesn’t sell. Right?

  • That's crazy awesome. Talk about 'dying to self' as a church whole and providing for real needs. I think it's awesome. I'd love to hear stories of how things are going with this idea as it progresses.

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  • WOW, that is just awesome! The sad thing is we get so stuck in our bubble, this should be the norm not something that wows us.

  • I hope this starts a trend!

  • Jim

    wow…all i can say…

  • A model for other churches – better yet – a model for our own lives. What are we willing to give up for our neighbor?

  • amossie

    I agree. This is BACKWARDS! =D Backwards because this was how the Church operated in all it's time before the 1200's. Unfortunately, today, our churches are more concerned with aesthetics, drama, and self-glory instead of the example that the Book of Acts portrayed. Much failure today, but great hope because of a church like this one. =)

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  • Woodrow

    Makes you feel all nice and warm and fuzzy. I would argue it is a potentially immature decision. Disturbing.

  • Wow! What a cool story! I'm afraid selling our church wouldn't help much right now. We built a $6mil building in '05 and are still paying it off…

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  • laurie

    this is crazy love!! i absolutely love this!! it gives me hope for the Church. Pray for a body of believers in Roseville, CA. We do not know crazy love any more. Some of us are DONE being shut down by the enemy, being ineffective, being faith without deed-ers…No one will listen to us.
    Thank you for giving us a glimmer of hope.

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  • delightfully speechless:)

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  • Selling the church of God was a wrong idea, the pastor must have lost focus or is not fill with the spirit, a pastor suppose to move only when the holy ghost led him to move, and the last thing the holy spirit will lead a man to do is sell the sanctuary of the Lord. Carnality at work.