Why Do You Go To Your Church? Why Not?


Some of you go to church.
Some of you don’t.
Some of you go to church and wish you did not.
Some of you don’t go to church and wish you did.
I want to know something.

WHY do you go to the church you go to?
WHY do you not go to the church you do not go to?
Everybody now…
Where and why or why not?


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  • Kyle Loria

    I go to sandals church because that's where i was born and raised, that's where i experienced God, and that's what got my musical career started.

  • My reasons change with the seasons. But..for our particular church
    1. To support my husband who is on the praise tea.
    2. They are mission minded and sponsor a MIssion Start which is a shared passion for both of us.

    OTW – I'd be in a non-denominational.

  • I am part of Canyon Creek Church in Lynnwood WA (http://www.canyoncreekonline.com) because of the people.

    • What about the people?

      • They rally around those in need, whether they are part of the local community or part of the church. They're broken, humble, and ready to lay down their own needs for others. They show me Jesus each time I see them, whether on Sundays, in the mall, at the local Starbucks (we are a stones throw from Seattle) or on facebook.

        On a side note here's a good link: http://canyoncreekonline.com/

  • I meant to type Praise Team.

    • I like tea better.

      • if my church had praise tea… i would probably go more (and maybe some white sneakers).

        • too funny. Our denomination is rather traditional. Praise teams are new – Mission plants with a full praise service and not liturgial – is unheard of. And yet we are doing it. I think it's cool.

  • Planting a church — a part of it because with them, it's OK that I'm me (and not what they expect me to be), it's real, they care about people and together we're chasing after the pure love and grace of Jesus.

  • I'm going because I want to serve others through the gifts God gave me.

  • I go to Church of God of Exeter.

    Our church has always had a pretty healthy youth group, so as a youth I started going here and over the time have been 'raised' in this church and now work here.

    Also, I live in a smaller town and ChoGE is one of if not the biggest church in our town and I enjoy being around and involved with this many believers.

  • Lex

    I stopped going to my last church 'cause I achieved "confirmation" and no one made me go anymore.

    I go to my church now b/c I less-than-three it. Big time. My pastor, for one, is pretty awesome. He's a genuine guy who really knows his stuff and isn't afraid to talk about it. He's in the Word, but he's also not afraid of the Holy Spirit.

    The worship is real (and pretty stinkin' good, just musically), and the people are really living it – or at least really trying. I'm challenged and encouraged and believed in here. Church in the Word for life, baby.

  • I go to Buckhead Church because it's a place where my sister (back in church for about 3 years after MANY away) and mom are both comfortable and I love having church discussions at Sunday lunch. I LOVE Buckhead Church because I worship most easily through music and WOW!! Most Sundays during at least one song I forget I am with a gazillion other people and I can focus on who I worship, not who I am doing it with!

  • KevinSwitzer

    I go to my church (Crossbridge Christian, Tallahassee, FL) because it's a small church (~300 people) where I can get to know people without feeling like they look down on me because of my past. In fact, the slogan is "No perfect people allowed." There's just a real sense of community within the church that I don't feel like I would get from a bigger church.

  • I go to my church, Mesa First, because I believe in the vision and leadership of my senior pastor. I know where we are headed and I want to be a part of it.

    • Perfect. Where are you headed?

    • Good stuff! I believe there's big things ahead in that vision! You guys rock!

  • I'm leaving my current church and moving to a different town in about a month. Wife new job. Me, switching gears a little. I've been the music/media coordinator for the past 3 years.

    What I LOVE about this church? Community focused: serving the community outside the 4 walls and building the community inside the 4 walls. There are a handful of couples who we just absolutely love hanging out with. 2 or 3 times a week we're hanging out. That to me is Church.

    I'll miss it.

  • bill

    I don't know why I go there anymore. Our pastor resigned due to having an emotional affair. We wanted to continue to carry on as a community but it is becoming so hard. There are people in the church who are causing a great deal of pain among the church community. Anyone who has remained friends with our pastor has become a target. It's really hard right now.

  • it's a small evangelical church somewhere in Holland 🙂 – somewhere here: http://maps.google.nl/maps?f=q&source=s_q&amp

    oh wait, I also go to worship God and meet with friends! But yes, I do believe in being faithful to a small family of people. Even if it's not perfect or not my style.

  • My church gave me a journey…showed me what a journey was…brought me to Christ…owever you want to word it….and my church never wavers from it's mission… being for the lost…and since I was lost I believe in that mission….

    • That my friend, is why the church exists.

  • Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.

    Bryant is not afraid to step on toes. He leads with biblical authority, and he teaches straight from the Bible.

    My husband and I found this church together while we were dating, and we got married there. Our children have thrived in the preschool program on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    Our Sunday school class is our little community within the bigness of our church. We've made real connections with people who are at the same stage in life as us, but who may not be just the same as us. Make sense? Our common thread is Jesus.

    The Bible studies and mission trips offer endless opportunities to get to know others while getting in the Word and spreading the Word.

    LOVE our church home!

    • I live about 3 blocks from there!!!!

      • I am somewhere in the picture of the people with the shovels breaking ground for JFB. Bryant is awesome- just happened to be in the rival school area so we didn't quite fit in.

  • I go to The Oaks in Red Oak, TX because it’s an awesome Church. What really got me interested first was the way they used creativity in their series and messages and from that I’ve got to opportunity to experience even more great things.

  • Lori Smith

    I go to church because Jesus is the love of my life and I love to worship Him with others. I also like the opportunity church provides for me to share His love with others who might need encouragement.

  • I go to Liquid Church because it's where I re-acquainted myself with my faith in Christ. It's a church that's trying to have a major influence on the community as well as a global impact through our charity: water projects. Our pastor's messages have helped me see God in new ways, and the community of people at Liquid is welcoming, loving, and nonjudgmental.

    Also, I work there.

    • Awesome. What is your staff position?

      • I've been serving as the Interim Liquid Kids Director, but now I'm working in a logistical support/administrative role for our Student Ministries programming.

  • Colleen Foshee

    Obeyed a leading from God

  • I stopped going to church because I was tired of the people just going to worship and bible study. There was more that Father wanted to show me. And I would not disobey the prompting.

  • I go to my church and lead outreach there because they love people. Anyone can come however they want and be accepted and loved. The message is awesome and the people are so friendly.
    We just started a new series called I Love My Church talking about the body of believers and the first week we talked about fellowship and having fun with your church body, so we went roller skating and had a 70s theme. There's also a part of our site where people can submit why they love our church. You can check it out here:


  • I love my church because I serve on staff despite that my soteriology differs than from everybody else on staff and in the entire church of 17,000+ (Calvinism versus Armianism). Yet, because of the strong Biblical teaching from the top down, many us it as an opportunity for iron to sharpen iron so that we would all be able to defend our faith intelligently, honestly and sincerely.

    It is never about the lack of a merciful God in predestination or the fact that true free will does not exist. Rather, it is the gospel of God that is centered on the cross of Christ and the empty tomb and that Jesus might use us as examples for all of those who might believe on Him for eternal life.

    • Dude. We need to meet. I've always thought you and I are on the same wave length.

  • adam

    i go to christian church buckhead (NOT buckhead church!) because it is home. i care about the people there and they care about my family. collectively we care about others here and around the world. our services are diverse as i know heaven will be. the place is full of love. my wife and i are plankowners here. 5 years later we're doing well. i've literally invested my money, my sweat, my blood, my tears and my life there. ive gained the best friends ive ever had there. my life has been changed.

    we quit going to the other place (also NOT buckhead church!! haha) because it was stuck in the old ways. the surrounding community had changed – mostly changed color – but the church had not. when some "bad" areas started to be razed in favor of high dollar development the church leaders started to talk about how awesome that was. what about the people there all the while?

  • Melissa Culver

    Joshua Harris in his book 'Stop Dating the Church' calls us to be a part of a local body of believers. I yearn to build a family model where my children see the body of Christ at work together as the body of Christ.

    We go to Faith Bible Church in Merced, CA (faithbiblemerced.com) because the teaching is alive. It doesn't compromise. It's sequential, contextual, applicable, reachable, solid, and unswerving. Our pastor's heart is grace-centered. His preaching is grace-centered. His daily life is grace-centered. If you haven't read 'Transforming Grace' by Jerry Bridges, then I'm not quite sure you'll ever get the heart of grace or Christianity on your own. (BLASPHEMY!!!) A harsh statement. I know. Read it? Do you agree? Haven't read it? Do.

    I go to FBC because Christ is alive and at work there. It's an intimate body of believers who truly yearn for Christ's work to be advanced. We are an imperfect people who want to see other imperfect people become fully-committed followers of Jesus Christ. We want His trasnformative work to transform the dead, lifeless, broken, and desperate.

    • Melissa, my aunt lives in Merced and is not a believer. Maybe I could somehow get her to go there!

  • I don't go to church. I haven't been comfortable in church in a long time. I want to find a place to worship & praise that will take me from Sunday to Sunday; not just on Sunday. I haven't had that connection in a long time. And I don't mean a church where I would go 7 days a week. One that gets me excited about life the other 6 days. I've always been an isolator. Guess it's the addict (recovering) in me. I can't explain why. There are a couple of mega-churches here, but that is overwhelming to me. I going to try a Saturday night service starting next week. (I'm going to Austin to help daughter move this weekend). Maybe go with her to a church that is being planted there. http://www.somaaustin.org/ She is loving being a part of that. I hate being so picky. I don't want a "plastic" congregation. Good topic. Again. 🙂

    • Hey Shellie, if you'd like, check out the Liquid iCampus. I don't often attend (since I work for one of the other campuses), but I've heard that the camaraderie among the peeps who attend our online campus is amazing (especially considering the fact that they meet online).

      Hope you can find a good church to call home.

      • Keep searching and keep going even when it's hard. Don't be a bench warmer though or you'll never love it. Get involved and be a part of something so much bigger than the building.

    • Hey Shellie, I live in your neck of the woods and attend ACC. I know the size is intimidating, but after that wore off and we plugged into a Lifegroup for a deeper sense of community we were amazed at the transformation in our life. I was raised Catholic and my husband Baptist and ACC was so far off the grid for the way we thought church life was supposed to be, but in time it wasn't about the building, it became about the people, the real church! We have found community to sustain the day to day trials and God has truly transformed us as we obeyed his leading. I pray you find somewhere to be yourself, be knit in, and GROW in the Lord!

  • i go to Sandals because carlos liked hillsong united. for reals. and small groups kept me; the vision i was looking for :] I <3 Sandals Church!!!

  • HAHAHAHA. Awesome.

  • Love the worship, I can be myself and I get a huge hug when I walk in…thats pretty cool.

  • I am a part of the Bridge community because Sx. Ben Holsteen is the rockinist theologically rich and culturally smooth pastor of joyful noise in the entire planet. (And I suppose because God told me to move to the town and help start it).

  • I'm a member of Greater Mt. Pilgrim B.C. yeah yeah it's baptist, because it's the church I was born into. My grandfather pastored there for over 50 years. I also frequent Dreamcenter Church and of course Lifechurch.tv.

  • I go to Oasis Church in Nashville, TN. We got burned in ministry and found Oasis to be a place that loved me and my wife more than they love the gifts we bring. The music also rocks and our pastor is one of the best communicators out there. I love my church.

  • I go to Phoenix First Assembly. It's not where I grew up but it is where I am growing. I am surrounded by great people and a great lead pastor (Tommy Barnett). People expect God to do something BIG every service and that expectancy is never let down. We are a collection of people from all walks of life that come together as a family. The altar isn't just for people who are new in their walk, every service it is packed with people who just got saved and Christians that have been following Christ for years. It is a place that doesn't judge by outward appearance but embrace people with love. It's great when you find a place that is HUGE but can still feel like you are an important part.

  • Jen

    Vintage 242 I go because of the community of people there that are committed to doing life together and the desire to equip people to live this life victoriously.

  • I go to the Journey Church in Murray, KY. (http://theepicjourney.com) I go because they accept me right where I am. I don't have to be something that I am not. I can be who I am, and I am loved for that. It's a place people can go and feel comfortable and welcome even if they don't believe. It meets people where they are, and offers the true word of Jesus. People can come with all kinds of baggage. We all have baggage. Believer or not. The Journey shows people that Jesus has already taken care of the baggage on the Cross, and that He meets you right were you are. It's a really cool place. You don't have to change to come to the Journey, but you will change if you stay.

  • I go to the Journey Church in Murray, KY. (” target=”_blank”>http://theepicjourney.com) I go because they accept me right where I am. I don't have to be something that I am not. I can be who I am, and I am loved for that. It's a place people can go and feel comfortable and welcome even if they don't believe. It meets people where they are, and offers the true word of Jesus. People can come with all kinds of baggage. We all have baggage. Believer or not. The Journey shows people that Jesus has already taken care of the baggage on the Cross, and that He meets you right where you are. It's a really cool place. You don't have to change to come to the Journey, but you will change if you stay.

  • @janakid

    I go to Lifehouse church in Portland, OR because I get to lead worship despite my gender. Of course that's not the only reason, but it's a big one.

    • Until I started following US churches closely, I had no idea there was a perceived issue with female worship leaders.

      I've never been part of a church where the head worship leader was male…until now, and I'm the male.

  • I go to LFA in Longview, Texas. Our pastor (of 15 years) retired several months ago. Our board didn't immediately hire someone, and our staff didn't rush out to start looking for new jobs. The sense of urgency to put a warm body in that position does not trump the growth that is taking place right now.

    The reason that I still go there despite the transition is that the door to my heart has been kicked in. I feel the presence of Jesus more than ever before. My ideas of Christianity and religion are constanly challenged, and I have a new vision of "Church." I play drums on the worship team, and I get to be immersed in the presence of my Jesus every time I sit behind the kit.

    God is calling, and for the first time in my life – I am really, truly listening.

    Our church website – http://lfa.ag

  • I don't go to church, but I wish I did. My husband and I are praying and waiting on God to help us to understand what church is and how/where we are meant to engage it. I am willing, interested and eager to attend, but find that coming to it as an "outsider" and listening to each of the churches I have attended since coming to the faith tell me how theirs is better/stronger/faster than the others makes it nearly impossible to connect with any of them.

    I have learned from every "kind" of Christian and find sitting in a chair/pew/couch listening to someone bash the evangelical/denominational/Roman Catholic or other member of my family to be off-putting and, ultimately insulting to Jesus – the head of all of it. Like going to each of your siblings' house for dinner and spending the evening listening to them tear the rest of your brothers and sisters to shreds. So we are praying, asking, listening and trusting that the Spirit will light our path.

    • Wow. Great comment. Praying you find where you're supposed to be.

    • Thank you for sharing, friend. Praying for your journey.

    • So awesome to hear that you're as careful as you are.

      And yeah, I'm with you on the others-bashing. I grew up in a fundamentalist Baptist church that prided itself on its exclusiveness and "we're right, you're wrong" attitude. I hated churches after that.

      I really consider myself lucky to have found Liquid, and I hope you can experience the same kind of joy, adventure, and challenge when you find your church home.

    • Hey don't settle for less than what God has for you. He's placed the desire in you and there is a place for you.

  • I go to One Church (onechurchsite.com) I use the website, because our location changes with each gathering. We are starting this church, and are still looking for a place to hold our weekend services when we launch in September. I am a part of this community because I feel like people need a fresh start with church, and many churches aren't offering anything different than what's been done for way too long.

  • Cesar Morales

    I attend C3 Church, soon to be City Church, in Garden Grove, CA. because of the weekly good message that God comes first, the pastor's desire to personally get to know everyone in service, music, connect with others in the community, and most importantly the free coffee.

  • I LOVE MY CHURCH! We go there because of several reasons:
    1) They are Biblically oriented and teach straight from the Bible
    2) They are very focused on teaching/leading the next generation
    3) They stress the importance of not just serving in church or our fellow church members, but getting out into the community and serving our neighbors – being Jesus to the world around us.

  • Patty

    I'm still trying to find a church after 4 years in a new town. Most of the ones I've tried have ended up too conservative for me. (No woman can teach a man, too focused on appearances, etc.) I had one church I went to for a while but it seemed too hard to form relationships within the church. I listen to pastors online which speak to me, but it's not the same as the entire worship experience for me. I'm finally trying again at the moment. Maybe I'm just too picky. I just want something that preaches authenticity with a contemporary flavor. And that reaches into the community to be the hands and feet of Christ. I know God has a place for me. I'm not giving up!

  • Go to harvest time (http://harvesttime.net)
    I was basically born at HT. Been here for 22 years and I'm 27. I've seen this church go from 300 – 2000. I believe in this church, it's home, it's where we have friends, it's where I work, it's where I get fed. Nuf Said.

  • Through last Sunday, my family attended Ambassador Community Reformed Church, in Windsor Ontario (Canada.) Back in April, my bride and I felt a calling to attend Amherstburg Community Church, in Amherstburg, Ontario.

    We were comfortable at Ambassador. I was an elder, and Jenn was the VBS Director. We were deeply rooted there, but felt God's call to switch.

    God will guide you out of a comfortable situation, if it is His will to do so. We are testing the Spirits (1 John 4) to make sure this is where God wants us to serve.


  • anna

    "WHY do you not go to the church you do not go to?" Because I've been too ill to go these last 2 years. Sucks. Otherwise I'd be there every sunday, I love my church. They don't forget me, though, and that's really, really cool.

  • I go to church at The Ramp, http://www.theramp.org. We have a Sunday Night Regional Service and I go here because we will see The Third Great Awakening. We are a community of believers that want to see Jesus manifested in the world. We want His kingdom seen in the world. We are reaching our community, region, nation,and world.

  • Matt

    I go to Midlothian Bible Church in Midlothian, TX. It's the church I grew up in and moved back too once my wife and I started having kids after moving around the DFW metroplex. While it was revolutionary in our community back in the 80's and 90's, it's become stagnant and slow to change in the 2000's. The Sunday morning service leaves a lot to be desired and it's a struggle some Sunday mornings to find the will to attend church. But it's the people that make MBC our home and it's the reason why we keep going back. They are genuine, authentic and really feel like family to us.

  • :-)

    I don't go to church because christianity is stupid

    • Alex

      You don't know what you are saying. Pray for help, bro.

    • Keep on reading Los' stuff and perhaps you'll change your mind!

  • RamonRivera

    I go because God is there. Pastor and WL are real. And Im not afraid or embarrassed to invite friends.

  • RamonRivera


  • I go because I can make an impact.

  • Kelly

    I don't go to church, nor does my husband and three daughters. I feel guilty for this sometimes. I did send the girls to VBS at a local church that a friend attends and they had a wonderful time. I keep getting closer then shy away. So why don't we go? Well, I kind of have a love/not in love relationship with God and every time I seem to get close, something seems to happen to make me enter the "not in love" phase of our relationship. This has been suicide, death, daughter with birth defect, another suicide…gnarly stuff that has made me question everything I thought I knew and believed in.

    I guess I'm not a total lost cause – I stalk many faith-based blogs and hope some of it will some day rub off on me.

    • Hi Kelly: I had a similar experience when I came to faith. Got trounced. Lost everything. I can't imagine what you have been through, nor would I presume to know what it has been like to walk in your shoes. Just wanted to let you know that, while some folks appear to have a smooth spiritual ride, there are lots of us fighting for it tooth and nail. And I, for one, wouldn't trade it for the world…

    • Kelly hate that you are hurting. Suicide and sickness seems to follow my family. Not all my family is believers, but it's Christ who sustains me. I was healed from Mutiple Sclerosis a year ago, and the enemy has tried many times to steal my joy, but God is constant. I pray that God provides comfort, I know he is hurting with you and loves you dearly.

  • Lindsey Lulla

    I go to Sandals and I think you know why I go there! It's a family.

  • I go to Coldwaterchurch in Avondale, AZ because I'm the pastor.

  • I go to Sovereign Joy Christian Fellowship (http://www.sovereignjoycf.org) because the entire service is God-centered and His word is preached faithfully and unashamedly.

  • We (myself, my wife and our daughter) have been called by God to the church we are a part of.

  • alxndr


    Our Father, Jesus Christ awaits for you every second in his home, the church that where we all go.
    You just have to believe in Him, ask Him for help and be sure you will receive. The things we have to do first are to respect the 10 Commandments and be Sunday at the Holy Mass in church, among other things.
    Pray and shout for Jesus, regardless your religion and you won't be disappointed.
    That's why I go to church, because I love Jesus!


  • I go to the church I go to because it is where God has planted me for the last 4 years to grow, be stretched, and be loved.

  • Highpoint Church here in Memphis (http://highpointmemphis.com)

    I go there because it is filled with a bunch of screwed up people who don't pretend they are perfect. As the church slogan says, it is the perfect place for imperfect people.

  • I don't go to church. I am part of the church. The lexicon of "going to church" needs to be dismissed and left behind. I personally think that silly little phrase all by itself is the root of many of today's issues.

    I'm about to take off so I can't go into detail but I think there is a pretty important distinction that is all too often overlooked. We ARE the church.

  • Like some of the others I started going to church because that's what my parents did. Throughout my life the reason has changed depending on where I was at in my life.

    As for now, I am a part of a community that cares for people and sharing God's love to them. Everything they do is a part of that. It is great to be a part of a body that cares for people and cares that they see God in what they do.

  • Well, I could say that a 46 year old habit is hard to break, kind of like breathing would be hard to do without. But the real reason is my life would be incomplete without it. I don't like to say I "go to church". It's not about the place. It has to be about God first of all. Honoring Him. And then about serving others especially those who don't know about God's greatest gift – yet…

    God lead us to Stonecreek Church, Milton, GA to do exactly that and I am eternally grateful (and that I get to work there during the week is an added bonus!).

  • I go to my church, Church of the Apostles (http://www.apostleschurch.org) because it is open and affirming to homosexuality, God is present, the community is awesome, I really respect the Abess and the worship is amazing. All this, and I just started going!

  • Our local church just changed its name, and it is a real conversation starter : Awesome Church.

    I'm part of this church because it's the one God led us to when we moved to Sydney 5 years ago. It's family (with all the love and pain that implies), it's community, it's where I get re-energised for being out in the world the rest of the week, it's home.

    But at the same time…if God moved us on, we'd miss lots of specific people, but there'd be new people in our new family, community, home. We know what it's like to have to start again with relationships…but that helps in being able to be an effective Christian anyway : it's all about relationship

  • We are members of Church of The Apostles and attend both there and Buckhead Church. I always need a Bible-as-the-ultimate-authority church to bring the people from all walks of life that I come across and influence–club owners, athiests, Muslims, bartenders, all cultures, etc. Buckhead Church used to have more ministry for that, but they are still good for that. I go to both for them each being filled with people that have a deep heart for Jesus Christ and for children, the next army. Ciao!

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  • Lacey

    I go to Hermitage Hills Baptist in Hermitage, TN (right outside of Nashville) because we believe church should be a verb (as our pastor Poly Rouse said last week)…. the church that I had gone to before was usually just Sunday mornings in a pew, it felt. At HHBC, we want to see LIFE change in people… and going out to our community and elsewhere. There were opportunities I'm sure I missed but the staff and people are so fired up to share the Word that it makes you think- how could I NOT serve?!

    I walk away after worship on Sunday always feeling my gas tank if full for the week. And I'm a college kid working retail. I need it. 😉 Sorry so long- I love my church!

  • Peace with God, love for one another, purpose and joy in life through Jesus! Stonegate Fellowship in Midland will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary next month and I've been there since the beginning. All I can say is that it's the real deal. Preaching is sometimes brutal thanks to a pastor who is not afraid to step on our toes. Check us out online if you are in the area and searching or come on by.

  • erryn

    I don't go to church because I have not found one that allows me to be me while i am within their walls. I feel judged and marginalized.
    I feel I am not good enough to be there and worhsiping the same God as everyone else.

    • Erryn, Jesus doesn't judge or marginalize you. He loves you in the deep places and in the intimacy of father and child. He longs for you to know his love for you. His mercy is great and he desires to pour it over the wounds that you carry. I pray that the Father seal up those wounds and heals that tender places.

  • Anon.

    I don't go to church, but wish I did. I'm a young adult living with my parents, who disagree with most of my religious choices, so I don't attend in order to keep the peace and prevent more friction between us than there already is. I fellowship online and through college Christian clubs… someday, I hope to join a church; but I don't know how to do that a.t.m. without utterly disobeying my parents and further giving my parents reason to resent Christ's message.

  • I go to Kingsway Baptist Church in Toronto Ontario. I go to church because I believe Christ called us to be a community of believers, I also believe you have to be the church you want to see, so I try to get as involved as I can. Sadly I may have to leave this church because I am moving across the city. But I think God could use my move to bring my gifts to a congregation that might need it more that KBC.

  • Jay

    I go to Parkview Baptist Church. I go because:

    A. The Pastor, Greg Peters is all about preaching God's word but does it in a way where you don't feel beat up each week, but it's also not all puppy dogs and ice cream. It's uplifting and convicting.

    B. The closest friends I have, I made at that church and the people there are just great.

    C. I get to play drums with the worship team. I've been off for 2 months to take a break but I'll be back in this weekend and can't wait!

    D. The church has a real heart for taking the message beyond the walls.

    On a side note, I just wanted to say that I can no longer listen to the song 'Happy Day' without thinking about that video over there ———–&gt; Just cracks me up.

  • Dawn

    I was raised in no church at all. At fifteen I started going to a non-denominational church by myself. Since that time, I've been involved in a non-denominational church, Jehovah's Witnesses, a Church of God and as of just recently a Catholic church.

    I have found my home in the Catholic church of our very small rural community. I never once thought that I would have such a strong calling to be in such a traditional based church, but the times that I visited there with a friend, I just felt the holy spirit upon me in a way that I never had in any other church setting. I've become a member there due to that and I feel so full of joy and life and peace when I'm there every week.

  • I started going to my church 9 years ago because my mom dragged me there.
    I continued to go because I thought the guy on stage singing was hot.
    I went to youth group because my crush in high school invited me.
    I went to camp because my mom paid for it.
    ~I got saved at camp~
    I started volunteering at my church because there was a need.
    I started working at my church 5 years ago because there was an opening.
    I am still here because I believe in the vision, I love the people and this is where God showed me His heart and who I am supposed to be and what I'm supposed to do. Waiting on the next adventure.

    Westside Family Church – Kansas City

  • Cathy

    Originally, I attended my church because God told me to stop "surfing churches" and just go to worship and listen. Now I go because it is starting to feel familiar, comfortable, home. God meets me there each week and I find myself wanting to read the bible and pray. It is a small church and it kinda freaked me out (in a good way) when EVERYONE quickly knew my name. 🙂

  • Mel

    So…if you get kicked out of a church where exactly do you fall in the whole "church/no church" discussion? Not many people can say they've actually been kicked out of church. Not something to be proud of I'm sure…but sometimes "the church" is not all it's supposed to be.

    Sometimes churches do things that hurt people. I find myself in a very strange place and I'm not really sure how I feel about church. I know I love Jesus with every bit of myself and he makes this journey so much better than it would've been without him. I obviously don't know everything but I won't believe in a church that does harmful things. Like what my family experienced. Jealousy, arrogance, and ego are not good things to experience from church leadership or be caught in the middle of.

    Right now, as far as church goes, I find myself drifting a little bit. Not quite ready to open my heart to that experience again…at least not right now. I guess I fall into the "not going to church right now" category BUT I haven't given up on church and I hope someday….well, I guess I want to find a place to share community. Still believing…..

    • I hate that you were out in that position Mel. The people are the church. And people are human and make mistakes. I hate that your family experienced the sin of being a broken people. Jesus did not quick you out. His home is your home and he desires you to be a guest in that home all the days of your life. I pray that God comforts you and leads you to a community of believers who will love you well, as Jesus intended.

  • I go to a Catholic parish because I want to be part of a universal church, not an Americanized church. I want to be a part of a church that teaches the historic Christian faith in terms of faith and morals (e.g., contraception, divorce and remarriage, the real presence in the Eucharist). If one reads the writings of the early martyrs of the Church, there is no question where they would worship if they were alive today. I want to live in continuity with the Church Jesus founded, not start something new.

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  • Cindi Mathys

    We have been going to EastGate Bible Church since February after 19 years of not attending any church. It is a newly planted church in Ashland, Ohio. I go there because it is simple. The pastor preaches from the Bible, there are no "rules", the music is contemporary, no hymnals, just words on the screen. It just feels like home there – a place that is alive with people hungry for God's word, that desire to serve him and that's all I need. I just want to hear God's word.

  • I go to my church because I teach the high schoolers and feel it is my duty to help with their spiritual formation. If I did not teach them, I probably would not go to that church. I don't know of many churches in my area that I would WANT to go to, but a few that I would be okay going to. It's hard for me to describe all the struggles going on inside me right now – but Larry Crabb's new book "Real Church" addresses a lot of them.

  • West

    have 5 kids….so…youth pastor, tuition discount and I get to run sound on sundays.,,wuts wrong with this pic

  • West

    I found a T on the web that says "Church Sucks"

  • The reason I go to church in general is quite simple. I believe that by and large the church is pretty messed up. Will Campbell pretty much sums it up in his book "Brother to a Dragonfly," when he tells the story of how the church is like the Easter Chicken (do a search I'm sure you can find it). I also believe it has the greatest potential of reaching this world with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. It's like the saying goes, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

    I go to the church I do because I've seen it change lives (my own and my friends). It's also conveniently located just under an hour from my house.

  • I just moved to a new town. I was church hopping trying to find the right fit. I twittered something the pastor said & someone who worked on the worship team twittered me back and said "Are you seriously twittering in church? Uh oh."____I knew right then the church was not for me. 2 weeks later I found one that felt right. Kids program was great. People were welcoming. Their volunteer opportunities were amazing. And no one cared that I was twittering parts of the message.

  • I go to the church i go to because I have never experienced the beauty of the bride like I have here. We are doing baptisms this weekend and we have three people from our church of 20 getting baptized in Lake Michigan. God has rescued these people and they are thankful. We started this church to be a place where people are loved no matter what their background or lifestyle. We have had Wiccans, Mormons, Gays, ex-cons, and church people come through our doors. The church people mostly leave after some time. The others seem to stick around and enjoy it. We had the greatest compliment I think we could have said this weekend by a guy who has devil horns tattooed on his forehead. He said "I didn't feel judged like I have at other churches I have gone to."

    I have also wrote about this same topic before here:

  • I've been searching for a church now for sometime. I'm a pastor's kid, so being in church is something that I love (as opposed to the stereotype placed on most PK's). In my county alone, there are over 300 churches. Yes, I said COUNTY.

    Seems ridiculous that I can't find a church, right? Well, I can't seem to find one that brings the straightfoward word and disciples the church while also offering great music. I've lived in this city for 9 years now, and stayed in the same youth group but the "big church" on Sundays just wasn't my style. It's funny you mentioned this because I was JUST talking about this yesterday with someone.

    I just wanted to find a place where I can learn and feel spiritually mentored outside of my own personal devotions.

  • New Life Church (newlifechurch.tv) in Conway, AR. Started going there because of the Celebrate Recovery Ministry. Then realized that is where God wants us to be…followed His Leading.

  • Jim

    We've been at this church for 3 years after leaving LA. We are in a very small church. I got so sick of all the meetings every week. We have folks in this church who have been married longer than I've been alive.

  • Hmmm I was raised up in oregon one of the most, if not the most unchurched cities in America. I was brought up in a fire and brimstone church much like my blog-buddy Matthew Paul Turner was. So I learned to judge everyone very well by the age of 10. Now 36, I am unchurched.. at least for now. I found many of the post-modern churches had gotten away from the gospel and or at least the word. I got tired of getting up to go to a rock concert – don't get me wrong I love music and play, but faith come by hearing the Word, right, right?

    I tried several churches and it was all the same thing, music, music and more um music and then there was 10 minutes of actual preaching. seems a little backwards to me. I remember reading about Jesus in the the temple how the would open the Torah and read and discuss Gods word. I guess I still haven't found what I'm looking for in a church.

  • The church I feel most at home at is located in a small village in Germany. I go there because I like to gather with family and friends and worship together. I will be back there soon and probably for the rest of my life.

    Here in the US I really haven't found a church that I am comfortable with. I go mainly to hear a spiritually nourishing sermon. Community has been pretty non-existent here.

  • Shandon Baptist, Columbia, SC

    I go there for two big reasons.

    1. To be able to speak a word or two on the Word and give some perspective to college students is HUGE in my book.

    2. The college pastor is a great communicator

  • I do not go to church right now. I live in a small town and am in the midst of divorcing a pastor. Not only do I feel like I am making people uncomfortable by going, but I do not not want my kids to have to choose who to sit with and other wierd and painful things. I love Jesus. I just love him at home or at work on Sunday mornings.

  • I go to Buckhead because it was the first church that told me it was ok that I didn't have the answers. Plain and simple, you all took me as I was.

  • Jennifer

    We don't have a church right now. My husband has some deeply rooted family issues against "church" and we live in a small town where everyone either wants to know your business or thinks they know your business. I feel judged enough as it is without the "Sunday fashion show, how are her children behaving, secular bickering" that seems to still be there. I want to go somewhere that makes me feel like a flower being watered after a long dry spell, not withered and scorched.

  • We just moved away (geographically) from our church… the church where I learned I could be myself and follow Jesus at the same time. It is my church because I BELIEVED in it, in what it was doing, how I could serve there, where it is going. http://www.loudonpurpose.com Praying that my family finds our church where we are now, 6 hours away from 'my' church.

  • dean

    sorry… late to the party AGAIN. without reading thru 150 comments, i'd venture to say i have a pretty unique reason for attending the church i do… i was assigned to it. my wife and i work at a children's home, and each cottage is assigned a certain church in town. our church happens to be dying… ran the pastor off a year ago, 2/3 of the congregation subsequently left, and there's little outreach into the community beyond VBS and the pre-requisite "harvest party" at halloween…

    HOWEVER, we do love our sunday morning small group (we snuck out of our "age-appropriate" class and are in the young couples class now 🙂 and we have a killer praise band in our early morning worship service. it's probably the last church in town we would have chosen had we had the option, but we are where we are, and so a la "Experiencing God" we've looked around at where God is already at work, and are plugging into that where we can… a lemons & lemonade kinda thing…

  • i dont go to church because my parents arent jesus fans and i dont want to deal with rounds of questions and lectures about my "weakness"

  • Our kids sing a ridiculously simple song that has more solid theology than 90% of the worship songs out there. It goes like this:

    "I am the church, you are the church, we are the church together."

    I'm about to move across the country and honestly don't know whether I'll go to church or where and why. The whole premise of "going to church" – that we go to be instructed by one or a few individuals – has fallen apart for me in the last few years and so many churches are busy doing church that they're not being the church. What I can tell you is that I am no longer capable of doing or being church at a place that's all about hierarchy, treating women, poor people, the GLBT community, and anyone else who's on the margins as though they are second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God, or where people are more concerned about the facilities and the show on Sunday morning than they are about the least of these we spend most of our lives neglecting.

  • tdyberra

    I go to my church because I needed a new home church and a friend invited me. I stay because I've found a purpose for me to be there, and I feel like I'm welcome and needed.

  • I stopped going to church. I found I was only going to make someone else happy… I feel it is something I need to do for me and my God, not someone else and theirs. I also had conflicts with the beliefs of my last church and couldn't stomach it any longer. That sounds terrible, however I guess it is, what it is. I know God, and speak to him often. I just do not do it in a formalized, organized, every week do the same thing, kind of way.

  • Sometimes I think the only reason I go to church is because I work here. I love God and I do love this church… Sometimes I would like a break. I would like to go to church to worship and not to work. Not to look around the gym and make notes about what need to be cleaned/fixed or what announcement got missed. But just sit and gaze at the Father and exalt Him as King and praise Him for every blessing and there is so much power in doing that in a cooperate setting. Voicing praising God together and crying out for more of him. It would be nice to do that every once in awhile.

  • jeff

    I haven't been going to church because I'm a recovering inner city missionary. I live in a poor black community in western Pa, and labored for six years to partner with the local church to do Christ centered community development, and to invite the white middle class church to join in this very local outreach. The local churches are very territorial, small and don't want partnership with a white guy. The suburban white church didn't care enough to come to the ghetto to love and help people, even though its' like 10 minutes away from their churches. They have nice cars, nice church building, nice houses, nice lives, and are happy to go far away at great expense to short term mission trips where they can feel like they are making a difference. This neighborhood has crack addicts, prostitutes, theives, hustlers, lots of hurting children who just want love and attention, and many broken people for whom society has not worked. So yeah, I'm hurt and bitter, still love God, trying to get over it.

  • Jill D

    I go to my church because God has called me to go there! It is an amazing awesome tiny church filled with loving, serving people who love Jesus and show his love to others, and me. There are all ages and family sizes and the whole thing just makes my heart sing. Tigard Community Friends Church, I LOVE YOU!

  • Great question, Carlos. I am amazed at how different the answers are.
    I go to church for two reasons: to learn more about God (through sermon & classes)
    and to serve others for Him and through Him (this often looks different from week to week)

  • I stopped going a couple of years ago, because I needed to take a big step back and take the time to figure out why everything felt so very wrong.

    In the meantime God led me to a non denom group that has an outreach to the homeless and low income where I'm so blessed to have friends with servant hearts and have the privilege of serving in a meaningful way rather then being entertained.

    Now that my perspective is reformatted, I'd love to find a church group to join that is about serving others and living out Jesus shaped principles in real community more than it is about supporting infrastructure (buildings, salaries, etc). In my heart I know what that looks like but it doesn't seem to exist where I live.

    Jeff from a few posts back, I can really relate to how you feel. You would probably not be surprised to learn that getting support for our ministry from local churches (outside of a very few) is like getting volunteers to have teeth pulled with pliers. God is so faithful though to meet our needs.

  • I go to Roots Church in San Bernardino, California because the presence of the Holy Spirit is incredible. The church is Bible-based, and developing a real, authentic, humble relationship with Jesus is encouraged. I also serve on the worship team because in so doing, I am able to grow deeper in my personal relationship with Christ while opening my life up to be used by God.


  • We were part of a mega church for years, and are now attending a small newly formed church called Epic in Pompano Beach Florida. We love it because, just like the old TV series Cheers, everybody knows your name. I have spent more time in "community" this year than in the last 10 as part of a large church. The church also has a focus outwardly with it's time and resources, not on buildings and programs. I love that!!!

  • Bro. Neal

    I go to Grace and Truth because God is there. You can feel him in the worship and in the word.

    The Holy Spirit leads the order of the service.

    Its good stuff.

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