I Slept On The Couch Last Night


There are somethings that people will never know about you.
Not because you don’t want them to…
But because they don’t live with you.
So for instance…I love to share the good bad and ugly with you guys…
But the truth is…I get to pick those good bad and uglies.
So you get to know what I choose.
And out of the 243145202748p572p48935 seconds a day I choose from…
Some things are insignificant.
But they make me…me.
Like the photo on the top of this post.
It’s me sleeping on Pete‘s deck.
He shot a tweet out this morning amazed.

If you “know” me…you know that if left with a choice between sleeping under a ceiling fan or under the stars…
I choose stars.
When we stay in a 5 star resort in Hawaii, I sleep on the balcony.
If we stay in a cabin in Big Bear, I sleep in the back of the truck.
That’s a tiny thing that makes me…me.

Your turn…
What is something that we don’t know about you…
That makes You…You…


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  • Well if we are on the subject of sleeping…
    -I hate sleeping anywhere else then in my bed at my house.
    -Also, when I hear the noise of someone brushing their teeth it gives me the chills.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA. I just LOL’d. For real.
      That is awesome.

    • I hate the feel and sound of metal on my teeth. I prefer plastic utensils because of it. And I hate going to the dentist…

      • oh man. that gives me the creeps

    • The noise that gets me is the sound of someone pouring liquid into a glass. That noise it makes as it is being filled up.

      I shuddered just typing about it.


      • Chris Surratt

        I can’t take the sound of someone gulping water from a water bottle. I have to walk away every time. Nothing personal.

    • Cleriston [tom] Antunes

      ok.. talking about sleeping.. I definitely can’t sleep w/ any kind of light on… even the small-blue-light of my notebook-charger…

      I had to improvise a big blackout curtain for my bedroom..otherwise.. i couldn’t sleep well, specially on saturday.. my day off lol

  • I love pillows. If I can’t have at least five pillows (2 for head, one back, one to hug and one between my legs) I can’t sleep very well. The more pillows the better.

    • thats intense amount of pillows. i tried the pillow over the head thing but felt like I was going to die of suffocation.

    • no way.

      • Oh yeah. Right now my bed has six regular bed pillows and two body pillows.

    • Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?

    • I have:

      2 behind the head
      1 on top of head
      2 underneath/in-between my knees

      • i’m uncomfortable with this kind of pillow talk. stop it.

        • You know you love it. 😉

    • Cleriston [tom] Antunes

      hehehe 437.573.920.938 pillows

  • I ABSOLUTELY will not drink after anyone, even my wife.
    If someone drinks out of my cup/bottle/etc. They might as well keep it.

    • there is medicine for that.

    • I do not drink the last part of my drink because I am afraid that it is backwash. Have always done that with all my drinks.

    • same here. especially if they leave that little pool of liquid in the rim of a can. *gag*

  • I have this thing for cream cheese. Wait, everybody knows that! Ummmmm, I have no tunes on my iPhone (I’ve had it since July)! I’m waiting until Rain Down is released! 🙂 That will be my first one…right?

    • you know it.
      And it’s almost unamerican that your iPhone is songless.

    • 16GB iPhone with 0 songs here too.

  • I HATE the smell of popcorn being popped in a microwave. It’s my kryptonite.

    However the ONLY place I can even stand to eat it is in a movie theatre…

    • word on that smell. in college we used to put the popcorn in someones microwave and set the time for 10 minutes…holy freaking mother of mary will it stink.

  • I can’t use or write with a pen that doesn’t have a cap on the other end.

    • Same here… or any pen that looks chewed.

    • again. meds…

  • Before going into a meeting @ work, I have to listen to “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. It just gets me pumped up.

    • awesome sauce

    • I love the soundtrack to “8 Mile” because when I talk about Hip-Hop, it is those songs I am referring to.

      I may not be the biggest Enimem fan but “Lose Yourself” gets me hyped.

    • I don’t know what it is about that song but I get pumped every time I hear it too.

      • That’s hilarious. I used to sing that entire song at my very strict Christian college. And people hated me for it. I think its good stuff!

  • i love football. that sometimes surprises people, but i am a maniac. i spend a good 4-6 hours a sunday glued to watching football.

    i also love hotels. if i could live in a hotel i would.

    i prefer sleeping on a couch to sleeping in my own bed.

    • I LOVE hotels, too! Everything about them. The lobby, the breakfast, the elevators. Glad I’m not the only one!

  • I love to wake up early. Actually I insist on being the first person awake. But I am not considered a morning person because I don’t want to talk to you until at least 2 cups of joe in.

    • I insist on being the last

    • Cleriston [tom] Antunes

      ok !!! this is the 1st time that i see someone saying “I love 2 wake up early”…
      I’m always fighting w/ my mobile alarm.. setting up snooze every 10 min.

  • Jay

    I hate doing dishes. Not in the “I’m a man and dishes are women’s work” kind of way. I don’t mind doing housework. Laundry, vacuuming, ironing, scrubbing toilets, etc. No problem.

    But doing the dishes literally makes me gag. Encrusted food on plates, dried up coffee in a cup, slimy stuff…I’m starting to get sick and getting the chills just writing about it. If had secrets and you needed to know them, just force me to wash plates with some mashed potatoes still on them or knives with mayo. Blech. I’d spill my guts in seconds.

    • meds…

    • I have a student at church like that. He’d rather loose an arm than do dishes.

    • Dude I hear you! Other people’s food grosses me out!

  • i never eat leftovers.
    i grew up on leftovers.
    as the youngest, all i ever had to was leftovers.

    it is my right as an adult and as an american, to never eat leftovers again. except Chinese. i will always eat leftover Chinese.

    • Most of the meals that I eat are 10 times better as leftovers. Don’t deny yourself culinary wonderfulness 🙂

      • Jordan Young

        i hear that. spaghetti the next day is fire.

    • I think Chinese is better the next day. 🙂

  • I like weird smells the repulse other people like ripe skunk road kill, propane, or ant poison. At the same time, I can’t stand most air freshners.

  • Well I guess Kyle and my roommate would never hit it off because she brushes her teeth in the same rhythm every morning. I can hear it from my room.

    I don’t like being barefoot. I wear socks in my own house so my feet don’t have to touch the ground. And I love real shoes. I wear them year round and don’t care if I get sock tan lines….because I think tan lines are legit.

    I not so secretly wish I could have a white girl fro and dance half as good as Beyonce.

  • I have a slight addiction to coffee mugs. And when I say slight, I mean that my younger sister (who happens to also be my landlord/roommate) has told me that if I buy anymore, I have to get rid of some. One of the cabinets in our kitchen is all mugs. I have mugs from almost every trip I’ve been on, mugs I remember my grandparents drinking out of when I was growing up, a mug that my dad had for 20 yrs til my mom told him he had to get rid of it (I come by my addiction honestly :o)). I don’t know what it is, except that I am sentimental & have a vision of having people over to my house for coffee and each person getting to pick out whatever mug fits their mood that night… it’s weird. i know.

  • Here’s one. I forget that I hate giving massages as bad as I hate stepping on a roach

    • i’m not afraid of cockaroaches. hahahahahahaha. scorpions and centipedes yes…

  • I know almost every word to almost every Beastie Boys song. I can rap it just like them. I’m Ad Rock, my sister is MCA and my bro is Mike D. We put on an awesome show.

    I HATE messages in my inbox/outbox, text or email. It’s like elctronic clutter. I hate any form of clutter and delete immediately.

    I HAVE to eat take-out/fast food with plastic untensils.

  • Mike Niebuhr

    The smell of leftover ketchup on a plate, when doing the dishes, makes me gag. I don’t know why. It didn’t use to bother me, but now … eww.

    • Me too. I’d write more, but I’ve gotta go get a drink to wash the nasty taste outa my mouth.

  • One more thing… If there’s a restroom, I have to use it!

    It comes from when I was a kid and had to “go” everytime we were in a restaurant. I could right a book that rates public restrooms!

    • You should.

      • Cheesecake Factory in the Hanncock building in downtown Chicago has awesome bathrooms. The stalls have a real door. AWESOME. Sorry maybe i just revealed one of mine too.

  • rottweilers…love them. Most people think they are going to eat your face off if you get to close, but raised right they are the BEST DOGS for a companion. Now, this goes way deeper than just having one as a pet…I know almost everything there is to know about them. The complete breed history, what is a “correct” or “incorrect” rottweiler physically, etc. Seriously, I’d sit and talk rottweilers for hours if you let me

  • i’m afraid of little people…and clowns…so little people dressed as clowns send me into convulsions…:)

  • I cannot stand the smell of Ketchup, catsup… spell it however you want, the smell is unbearable. Especially if it’s been sitting around for a couple hours.

    Hold on, I’ve gotta go gag.

    OK. Same thing with old salsa.

    I eat ’em, but I don’t wanna smell ’em.

    • really?

      • really, really.

        I’ll just say college hazing and leave it there.

  • I am particular to the point of being anal about the order in which groceries are loaded from the cart to the conveyor belt.

    • wow. what goes in last?

      • Squishable/breakables like eggs, bread & chips. 🙂

    • nu2htown

      I try this too, but only to help the sacker out. They are supposed to put like things together. Yes, eggs and bread go last.

    • Me too! My family makes fun of me (right there in line…) It really irks me when the manager wants to “help” unload my cart! I’d bag ’em myself too if they’d let me.

    • Me too!
      I always want to have the non food items together and the cold stuff together.

      Eggs and bread together always.

  • I can’t stand to stop reading a book until I’ve finished the chapter I’m on, and if I have approximately 4-6 chapters left I will just read through until I’m done no matter how late it causes me to stay up.

    • I also cannot stand when chicken sandwiches come with cheese on them. If its sliced deli chicken, its fine, if its Grilled or Breaded Chicken breast, YUCK.

    • nu2htown

      I like to finish what I am reading too. I have read a certain 500+ page book in a day.

  • Wes Holbrook

    Probably that I am a hunter. Of all things. Anything. If we’re at the beach, I’m hunting shark’s teeth. If we’re in the mountains and it’s not hunting season…I’ll hunt crawdads in the creek.

    In the words of the great chief Sitting Bull…”When the buffalo are gone, I’ll hunt mice. Because I am a hunter.”

  • Brent

    I can’t stand to have any “unread” emails in my “Deleted Items” folder. Even if I know it needs to be deleted, I will wait the 5 seconds it takes for Outlook to mark it from unread to read before deleting.

  • nu2htown

    Oh wow. You guys are funny.

    I hate seeing other people eat/drink. I hate those commercials – it makes me sick. Like when Dr P was doing the commercials and showing people drink from inside the bottle. Ugh. I told my daughter that if she is ever face not to do any eating commercials.

    But for something good about me. I come off as hard to some people. Some people are afraid to get to know me. I don’t know what they see when they see me, but a lot of people are surprised by my actions. Or maybe its the tats. Not sure. However, I am the most loyal person/friend to you unto you cross me. I may forgive you, but it is never the same. Until that time, I am there 24/7.

    • nu2htown

      ***That was supposed to be if she is ever famous.

  • It’s strange to most ppl, but I like to ask random and sometimes seemingly insignificant questions to get to know ppl better. I enjoy ppl of all genders, types, shapes, sizes and colors. I love their stories. Their passions. It’s not about making myself more like anyone else. It’s about connection. Sit down and listen to someone talk about “something they love to talk about alot” and you will find yourself in connection with creation. We all are created by God and have His breath in all of us, saved and unsaved, and to to connect to that is to connect with God

  • Before I take a bite, I move my food around with my fork until it’s in a little neat pile on my plate. Annoying. I actually hate it, but almost everyone in my family does it. Weirdos.

  • I honestly cant think of anything that people don’t know about me.

  • Carrie

    I can tell you about the latest fashion trends and designers AND I can tell you football stats of college and NFL players. Weird, I know. That’s what you get for having a dad who played college football and a mom who put you in dance classes starting at age 3 🙂

  • i like sleeping diagonally in big beds. (this doesn’t happen very often, as my bed is a twin) but i got to enjoy the comfort of a queen sized bed this weekend. sooo nice. 😀

  • well, there are 2 things….i HATE coat hangers. I refuse to use them because they “freak me out”…it freaks me out to think that i would have hanger marks on my shirts…so i avoid them.

    also, once my toothbrush leaves my house or place of residence i will not use it back at home…so each time i travel i have a new toothbrush. i dont want those germs from other places back in my place. gaw nope!

  • I make up interpretive dance moves to songs as I drive in the car. Then people look at me funny. Word.

  • Cleriston [tom] Antunes

    about 2 cook!

    here in London, people usually share a house w/ friends (and sometimes not friends too), specially the immigrant ones. ok, take me 4 example. I live in a house w/ 10 adults (inclunding me) and 2 kids.

    ok, saying that.. i have to tell..

    I HATE when i get back from work, after 12 hours working, and go to the kitchen and see all the people there talking at loud and making a mess when I’m trying to cook.

    To cook.. for me.. its a relaxing time, therapeutic..
    if i could be there ALONE, would be better.. but its quite impossible.. most of the times i go to the kitchen w/ ipod on, they know already that i dont want to talk… just to COOK!

  • Whitney

    I have an OCD thing about checking to make sure things that can catch fire (iron, coffee maker, space heaters) are unplugged when I leave my house or office and that the doors are locked. Sometimes I can check them 4 or 5 different times and know that they’re good to go, and still turn back around after driving a mile or so to check one last time.

    I can’t help it. It’s so annoying!

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  • I name everything…
    My cell phone: Ellie
    My camera: Cecelia
    My iPod: Sherman
    My laptop: Ophelia (from Hamlet)
    I call these items by their names so often that my whole family responds to them as well. “Mom…can you hand me Sherman?” And she’ll reach for it (him), no hesitation.

    • agnes

      that is so cute! 🙂

  • I always push the little “push for signal” button at the crosswalk exactly two times, not one time, not three times, but exactly two times.

  • I sort and eat M&Ms and Skittles by color. Red ones are always last!

  • I’m an “adult” but still always eat with a spoon.

  • There are three things that gross me out more than anything in the world:

    1. The dried-milk crusties that form on milk jugs.

    2. Water left behind in the pot from when hot dogs are boiled.

    3. Any lunch meat that has “edges” on it. The texture is disgusting.

    Thanks for letting me get that out!

  • 1.When I’m walking I usually view my life as if i were the camera woman behind a camera shooting an indie film. The soundtrack is in my head.

    2. I’m not a picky eater or OCD, but when it comes down to making sandwiches I have to flip the bread slices. I can’t just pull the bread out of the packaging and make a sandwich…it’s weird, i know.

  • Bring me to an eat all you can restaurant if you want to make me happy >>Now that’s me!

  • I have a friend who is deathly afraid of cotton balls.

  • – The Smell of play dough makes me nauseous
    – I love eating at a local grease dive than an uppity restaurant.
    – Owls freak me out!
    While at a friends I forced my roommate to switch guest rooms with me because my room was decorated w/ owls! Scary, felt like I was being watched!

  • I absolutely can not stand the smell of wet peanut butter! If there’s any left over on a knife, and I have to wash it, it makes me gag.

    Doesn’t happen with peanut butter any other time but when it’s wet. eeeeeeewwww