Just Jump

Thanksgiving Los Jump

When the budget is tight…
When you feel the heaviness of life…
Sometimes the best thing you can do…
Is grab each others hand…
Walk downstairs…
And Just Jump


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  • Now. What we don’t see is the Ragamuffin jumps…I know there are pictures…

  • perfect! love these shots los.

  • Awesome! Thanks to this my wife wants to try…jumping on our bed.

    Also, does intense debate not work on here anymore? It never loads when I check this site.

    • No more intense debate. But I have comment replies enabled

  • I want to try. But living alone is more lonely even when you’re jumping. Thanksgiving was a rough one but I hope to feel the joy of jumping on the bed again sometime.

  • Love!

  • Carlos,
    What an aweome visual.
    A picture really does speak a thousand words.
    Thanks for giving me the gift of smiling right now.
    I’m smiling in my soul.

  • I’m not showing this to my son, ha ha ha

  • joe hernandez

    somehow, I think that your dad allowed you and Eddie to do the same, just not sure if he participated in the fun

  • Just fabulous! Pictures are worth a thousand words…for most people. Yours are 10K. ch:

  • The day we got the call for our son, we had recently lost a third of our income and did not feel prepared to adopt fortunately, God spoke through a friend to tell us ‘do not pass up a blessing because it does not meet our criteria. It felt like we were standing on the edge of a cliff. Jason reached out his hand to me and asked if I would jump with him. We held hands and jumped over a grout line in our kitchen tile. Jumping is a good thing.

  • Candace Sargent

    Love it!! a mini F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!!!

  • Dude you have truly inspired me today – thank you. I am lifting your precious family up today in prayer. Love you man!

  • Los…the “dancing pastor” from cat west coSt here…thanks for the smiles…we love to do that every chance we can at hotels…. Which is never enough. So… David Lee Roth and I both agree….JUMP!!!

  • Heather’s hurkie is down right impressive!!

  • great stills!

  • That’s all there is to DO. That or run away; to hide. I am with you brother! Let’s jump in!

  • LOVE THESE! Makes me miss your wife a ton.

  • This visual is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love these pics!

    What photo software are you using now?

  • So the other night my four kids were going crazy. My wife says, “What can we do to let these hooligans run off some steam…since it’s dark and cold outside?” Answer: Jump on our bed. There’s nothing better for family-bonding and almost-emergency-room-visits!!

  • i could use some “just jump” action…

  • love it.