The Story Behind The Carlos Whittaker EP // My EPK

Thanks for your conversation that helped shape this whole project.
You guys are amazing.
Let’s take iTunes by the throat tomorrow and show them that bald, fat, dads can make good music too.

And yes.ย  That’s the still randomly generated by YouTube for your viewing pleasure.ย  Just goes to show it’s not about me. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • This captured you very well.
    Loved the story behind the record.
    Tomorrow is the day

    • thanks man. and I did get your dm today. lets chat soon

  • looks/sounds killer! can’t wait to see where God takes you

  • Disturb and disrupt. Yeah!

  • very excited for you, Carlos … I’m a Mom of 3, who didn’t grow up in church or singing in choirs. I didn’t go into this season of life expecting an album either, but mine released in July. God is awesome and can do impossibly more than we can ever think or imagine. I overcame fear, stepped out in faith and found my voice and my songs. So glad you did too. Looking forward to getting your album tomorrow. Bless you as you continue to use your gifts for Him. 1 Peter 4:10

    • Mela. I’m honored to have you in this community!!!
      I’m heading to buy yours right now!!!

      • Thanks much – I twitvid’ed my 5yo Max dancin’ around to Rain it Down – we’re really enjoying the songs. Looking forward to getting the full length!

  • freaking yes.

    • freaking freaking yes yes

  • I am so excited to hear it I can completely relate to being a worthless ragamuffin of God just like Danny trying to find our way in this world thanks for exposing your soul to us

  • Love it. I’ll be hitting iTunes up. Has anyone been able to reconnect with Danny?

  • great stuff carlos…thanks for sharing…wish we could find danny…

  • if people don’t watch this video to the end … they’re missing out.

    i respect your authenticity. Jesus Saves!

    • Thanks Amy!!! Let’s hang b4 we move to Chicago!

  • Wow! Love those God moments! And love the story behind it all. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Laura

    I cannot wait to listen tomorrow….I love the story behind your album. Hope you can sleep tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • CanNOT flippin’ wait. Excited to get this flowing through my earbuds.

  • Prayers are with you Los. Such a moving moment when Danny rocks up. Brilliant. All the best!

  • AlexSwann

    Thanks for sharing the story behind the music! The reason you do what you do…

    • Thanks Alex for listening

  • Los! I can’t wait, brother. Been enjoying/learning from you on the blog, Twitter, etc. for awhile now. Excited to listen to your heart. With a groove. ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless, man. Keep disturbing and encouraging the Church!

  • tyson

    very nice…they did a great job on the documentary. the video is killer.

  • Jam

    Hey Los I’m so excited for you. You’re an inspiration to me and many others. Looking forward to talking to you in March on God bless you and your ministry here.

  • seriously?! that video is incredible! i swear it doesn’t matter how many times i hear that clip of danny it gets me every freakin time.

    one hour! can’t wait!

  • Colleen Foshee

    Great presetation. Just what is God about to do? ๐Ÿ™‚ Waiting and wanting to see. Disturb and disrupt us good.

  • eduardo

    My brother rocks! I’m proud of you. e.


  • Your life and music are inspiring me. Thank you. I’m really excited for you because you’re not just singing because you think you’re awesome, but because your story (HIS story) needs to be told. I love that.

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    As 1 of those 7000 hits a day (usually) I am truly excited that through some little thing, let’s call it twitter, brought many of us here. For me? A little over a year ago. You make me laugh, you inspire me. You are raw, you hurt. Tonight, watching Brother Danny again, brought tears to my eyes. Again! May your many fans bring tears of joy to your eyes tomorrow. And put dinner on the table for those “ragamuffin” kids of yours. If they are still speaking to you after forgetting early release at school earlier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Heading to itunes right now

  • Great EPK! I remember when you tweeted about Danny the homeless man. That is such a God moment! I just bought your EP just now and it’s playing as I type this… dude… I’m lovin it.

    I wrote a little something here about what I think of all this…

  • hey! I’m a bald fat dad!

    Los on a serious note… I am in desperate need of song writers to help my with my lyrics! I have tons of great hooks most of my stuff is pretty fragmented. I have a few finished songs. So how do you end up connecting with songwriters?

    by the way awesome video! I am really glad to have found Ragamuffin Soul and you!

    Blessings brother!

  • soooo excited to check your ep on itunes tomorrow! When are you movin to my neck of the woods?

  • We’ve all been waiting for this for a very long time. Thanks for your labor of love. May the Lord use it for his glory. Oh, and power to the tubby bald dads (TBDs). ch:

  • Very well played. Glad this came out and things are going so well for you….

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  • @mattsing

    EPK is sick… What a moment you guys captured. Knocked me over.

  • Love this! Can’t wait to hear the EP.

  • tam

    Lord, bless carlos and bless others through Your, Your love and Your grace that is pouring out through los’s obedience to serve You….

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  • Phenomenal.

  • ashleigh

    Such an awesome piece on the stories behind the songs. And i love it that God ordained that moment for you and Danny during that particular song. He truly is GREAT and GOOD! enjoying the music today as well!

  • Very cool to see how what seemed to be an ‘unscripted’ encounter was a Yahweh (Ja) scripted a divine appointment to minister “to one of the least of these My brothers”. Exciting to see what God is putting together…stay humble, stay hungry (for righteousness) and be strong and courageous!

    In Him,


  • PS :: That whole part about Danny broke me. ch:

  • such a beautiful video. love the quality of the shots. wow

  • Ant

    Beautiful. Really excited about the new things God is doing and the new expressions of worship that are emerging – you being one of them. Go large – you’ve got what it takes to make a massive impact by just being you and inspiring others to do the same. Real wth God, real with people and real with ourselves. That’s awesome. The rest will follow.
    PS: Convinced that Danny was an angel.

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  • So how do you look at the fact that God says in the Bible not to make any cuts on your body…