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  • yessssss.

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  • Loved seeing this!! Funny that you mentioned people commenting on Losiah not looking like your son…. When I showed the vid to my wife, she asked if the girls were adopted too! 🙂 Keep it up, man!!

  • dude…no album plug?

    • No time. Just time to plug the important stuff

  • That’s freakin’ sweet!

  • Great stuff Los! It’s amazing how God has given you a platform for all he is doing in and through your life 🙂

  • GREAT way to promote adoption!!! Way to go Losiah! Be blessed!

  • Great job, Los. Loved watching the CBS broadcast. Keep being real.

  • Keri

    Precious. Absolutely precious. What a cool family you have, Carlos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice job, Los! Way to turn the attention to something worthy!

  • Queenzilla

    True reality TV right there!! Loved it!!

  • Jeffery

    Love that you “rocked” Adoption on the interview! Great family man! Keep the music comin’!

  • Blessings on your family!

  • WOW! That’s awesome. (thinking of how to get Cool Baby to cry for the camera…)

  • You’re gonna need to have some LosWhit shirts printed up that say “I’m a single lady.” on the front. 😉

    Great job today guys!

    • What he said. ^^^^

      That’s a winner.

    • Either that or have shirts that say “I’m a horrible father”. I think that was the more memorable line from the video.

    • Kelly C.

      Great idea!

  • You just live it…IT so out there…THANK You for being such an inspiration …absolutely loved the video first time I saw it and every time since I laugh…

  • fantastic.

  • How incredibly sweet!

  • Awesome, Los!

  • Jason

    how bout a link to the original video on Im not sure what to type in to find it.

    • Nathan

      It’s on his blog. Just keep going through the previous posts.

  • Well done guys!

    God Bless you!

  • What’s awesome is that you can’t buy this kind of publicity. The cause of adoption is going to be so blessed because of this!

  • Don’t forget this point either, you were looking in the rear view mirror. Not through the back of your iPhone.
    I am pretty sure that is what those things are for, looking in the back of your car. If a parent says they have never done that then they are crazy.

  • Songrtr

    Finally little Los is getting some air time way to go Los and little Los

  • ha! your kids did great… all worried that they would be a disaster and stuff! well done los (and little los).

  • that video is absolutely priceless, and I’m so grateful that it led me to your website, your work, your beautiful family and Losiah’s adoption story.

  • Caught it on TV! Losiah singing the song during the interview, my word, so cute.

  • Mark

    HILARIOUS! I would so say something like that. Thanks Carlos. But what was SO awesome is that you are an adoptive parent and the Lord gave you an opp to share that. Lord willing my my wife Tori and I will be adopting sometime this year too. Blessings, Mark

  • Good for you, Carlos. This is a testimony to what persistent, genuine life can do.

  • Amy M Fry

    Los & Heather,
    That was absolutely perfect. All of it. Congrats to you all. You nailed it.

  • That was a great video. As an “AP” I’m so glad you got the chance to talk about adoption on a national TV show. You guys look like a wonderful family! I love how you daughter is trying to console him.

  • Rosalyn

    This is totally hilarious, omg!!!!!!

  • Great job Los.
    Very funny.

  • way too cool.

  • Yay! saw this over at Gitz’s blog and it totally made my morning 🙂

  • Los!! I saw you on the Early Show this A.M. This is too funny and the clip is soooooo freekin’ cute!! My mom called to say she was watching it too up in Michigan. Congrats on the publicity for adoption. Your family is amazing!!

  • Alice

    Daugthers are totally compassionate. The middle one saying ‘Thanks Dad ruin the moment’

  • Love it man! That’s awesome.

  • ashleigh

    love the video and love how you are using this platform to encourage others to adopt. you have such a fun and beautiful family! good job guys!

  • Okay so I am going to be a big bummer — While I love the video and you know how much I think of your family — you all are awesome my concern is because your kids are just darling — it’s super important to point out that drivers should not be working cameras and cell phones while operating a vehicle.

    What I can’t figure out is Heather was sitting right next to you and she had her hands free. How much attention were you putting on the road to make sure you got a perfect shot of your son — or was it just luck? With all the articles and studies out now about how dangerous texting, talking and reading while driving is we know that our attention to be focused on the road not playing with toys.

    Again, I know I am Debbie Downer, but it’s your kids lives.

    • Not a Debbie downer at all.
      It was as dangerous as you holding a drink in your hand while driving. Or scratching your head. Or snapping your finger. There is no way on an iPhone to see what you are recording because the screen was on the other side. I never once looked at the phone. Why would I? To see the back of it?
      So no need to be concerned.
      I agree that texting and working on your phone are dangerous. But holding your hand up is not. And that’s all I was doing.
      Thanks for coming by!

  • Albee

    I liked everything except the “family from Georgia” comment. Man, main stream news never gets it right…

  • awesome bro!

  • Manning

    What a beautiful family.

  • Albee

    The Cali shirt!!!! never mind, I take it all back! Awesome!

  • Great video. Loved the piece on CBS even though I don’t like their show. When you’re on the Today show . . I’M THERE!
    Many blessings Whittakers!

  • I already said this on Twitter, but I’ll restate it here. I’m hugely impressed that you took your opportunity on national TV to highlight adoption rather than to promote your album. I think it says a lot about the kind of person you are and the example you’re setting for your kids. Way to go!

    • Totally agree! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Short amount of time with what to promote- you made the right call. You made what was important just that…important.

    Hope doesn’t disappoint us. And hopefully, a lot of kids in need of parents will have some through the craziness of a YouTube clip. Love it.

  • That was totally awesome!

  • saw the show and kinda got excited like it was someone I knew on TV. Even Janet Jackson mentioned the video on Live!with Regis and Kelly.

  • Alls I know is, I definitely would not look as spectacular as you guys did at 5 in the am.

    TV or no TV…I don’t think I’d even be remotely coherent at that time.

  • Melissa Oakley

    So totally a parenthood moment! Loved it! Have been sending the link all around work today.

  • bub

    Of course the 4th issue you didn’t talk about was what happened to Heather’s legs. My wife was like “She doesn’t have any legs!” I also agree with a couple of other posters. Impressed that you promoted adoption and not the album Being an adoptee, I dig.

  • Marni

    You guys were awesome on the CBS Show. That is seriously cool to use the new platform to promote adoption 🙂

  • Liz

    I just want to point out the care and consideration of those little girls…the big sisters! How they stop and look so concerned about their little brother. They were having all that fun but it was over when their little bro was upset. What sweet girls!

  • Carrie

    This is so cool. You guys did great on the interview and the kids were great on camera too 🙂 Love the video, I’ve been telling all my co-workers about it!

  • Brian

    Your video is so cool and funny. You have amazing kids and keep up your good fathering 😉

  • Bravo.

  • That was awesome! Loved the video, was so cute… got my whole family to watch it. Glad to see you guys got recognized for it… bet you didn’t think that was going to happen! Miss my Sandals Family and miss you!!!

  • MaryAnna

    How cool is this??!! I am so excited for you guys and can’t wait to see how God works thru it all!

  • That is so awesome Los! God works in amazing ways, word?

  • This is great, but I’m glad you addressed the iPhone issue…the first thing I thought of when I saw the video was, “omg is the person who’s driving the one who is holding the camera???”

  • Atlanta Parent

    Your video is cute, but as a fellow parent in Atlanta who has been in a serious car accident caused by a teenager on her cellphone that almost killed my infant, I beg of you to put your phone down while you are driving. The four lives in the car riding with you are more important than some video on youtube. You are their parent and an example to your children. If something happened to your children while you were driving, it would haunt you for the rest of your life. they are too precious.

    Again, I am not criticizing you or calling you a bad person or parent. I am just begging you parent to parent to be safe here. Distracted driving can be deadly.

  • Way to go Whittakers! That was so cool to see you on those shows 🙂 I feel like I’m a proud parent or something telling everyone about you…
    Just wanted to say that it’s so great that you highlighted adoption and I don’t think it’s any accident that your video is attracting this much attention to your blog. I hope that many children get adopted through your story and that your album goes huge!!

  • Ashley

    WOW! I wasn’t expecting to see your video on Today’s Big Thing plus the tv footage! Awesome!

  • Dee

    Loved the video, so cute and sad at the same time. LOl. You caught my attention just yesterday because of the Single Ladies Devastation video that was on and since then I have followed you on your twitter and blog as well as you wife’s blog. I can tell just by reading the blogs and looking at the pictures that you guys have an awesome family. You and your wife have inspired me to think about adoption, though that won’t be until years down the line.

    I believe that this craziness surrounding the video isn’t by accident. There are many like me, who, because of the vid, have discovered your family, your music and your blog. For you can now add me to the list of your growing number of fans.

  • Lindsey

    Dude… people need to chill about the phone and driving. sorry about all the flack (is that a real word?) about that. The video is awesome. I have laughed so many times at that cute kid (he’s even cute when he’s crying…)! And how in the world did this awesome video end up on TV??

    • totally agree!!!!!!

  • Kelly C.

    I have a little almost 4 year old who has had me play this video over and over again!! She loves it, and now keeps singing, “I’m a single lady! I’m a single lady.”

  • Johannah

    Losiah even made it to Dutch television! That clip was just shown on TV in The Netherlands.
    He is on his way to become a star!
    Go Losiah!!!!!!!!

  • What a great opportunity to use the platform for good! Adoption, family unity, authenticity…you guys rock!

  • Anthony

    It’s on the front page of Yahoo! now!


    i watched your youtube video with your son, and came to your site. I love you and your wife’s spirit, its so uplifting and the two of you really represent a good image of a new generation. Keep doing what your doing…I know there is more of you and your family to come. =)

  • Dorothy

    How amazing! I is an adorable video. NBC Today show, Yahoo front page…how cute is your family! How did you get the kids up and happy at 5 am for the interview???

  • Hannah

    You have a beautiful family! I loved watching this video. God bless you! Way to live your life as a witness.

  • That’s good stuff you guys!! It’s amazing how a family moment, good and funny, can thrust you into an arena to be heard! On a side note, my 3 year old was singing this song in the car today and my 12 year old tried to “recreate” your moment. I said, “Give it a rest!” 🙂

  • I loved your video – it sure brought on the laughs 🙂 Very cool family and adorable kids! Hehe the evil eye coming from your daughter sitting in middle…. priceless!!!!

    Keep up your good work!!

  • I saw the video posted by a friend on facebook and loved it! Came to your blog and have loved finding all about you…. also bought your ep.
    I want to stay here forever and read and read and read.
    ABSOLUTELY loved your post of the “I’m Sorry I’m a Christian” video and found it SOOO true!
    I can’t wait to read more!
    God bless!

  • Robin

    On the Yahoo! home page!

  • Loved it man….good stuff.

  • Gordon
  • Praise God for favor. This is how it’s done…

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  • OMG. That was you? We laughed so hard. This is going to be fun to pull back out someday when he’s engaged.

  • Mary


    I was looking at al your other posts and in one of them, it seems like you signed briefly. Do you know sign language? Just wondering 🙂

  • Courtney Jones

    This video is awesome. I love seeing the girls’ responses so sweet. So are you guys moving to Chicago? If you are then you will have friends only an hour and a half away! Would love to see you guys!

  • Niya

    So when’s the reality show?

  • Bill Brown

    Guess you’ve heard it a million times, but when I saw the longer version of the video, which revealed you (the driver) holding the phone, that was disappointing. The first short version shown on MSNBC left me thinking your wife was holding the phone. I thought the video was cute, then.

    Before retiring, the agency where I worked prohibited drinking any beverage, eating or talking on any kind of phone (hands free or handheld) while driving on company business. Something to consider when at the wheel with your family onboard.

  • Mike

    The video was just played on our local tv station (City TV) in Toronto Ontario Canada. When I was watching, and saw your face I said that is Carlos… so I checked online and sure enough it was you. Pretty cool!

  • Becca

    haha-love it! You should check out Christian Alliance for Orphans and go to their annual conference:

  • Mimi

    This is an amazing family. You can see the love in the video. Wishing you all the best!!!

  • Mik

    Your video was on the news in Japan too!

  • Q.

    Hey Dad! Please note that you are not a horrible parent. Always follow your instincts as a parent. The first thing you thought of was that your son is not a single lady and you needed to make a correction. As bad as this may sound please no that it is better to correct him now to avoid confusion later. Many men have been confused on their sexuality because boundaries have not been set early in their life. You did right daddy. Let him know now that he is a boy and boys are different from girls. Let him know that certain toys, clothes, and colors are for girls. Then there will be no confusion when he is sixteen. He won’t be in his sisters clothing wanting to wear pink and purple and running around the house like a girl singing all the single ladies. Set your boundaries now and you won’t have to make corrections or deal with identity issues later. If you start something now they won’t understand why they will have to stop later. Same rule applies with your girls. Ex: If you let them wear skimpy clothes now they will want to wear it later when they have grown in young women. Good Job dad! Stay strong and raise him to be a strong man. We have enough soft ones in the world!

  • Whit

    I loved the video. It reminded me of my oldest when he was little, he would tell me “his heart hurt”. You have a beautiful family and kudos to you for adopting. And for getting the word out about it. It never even occurred to me while watching the video. I was laughing at the girls getting mad at you. I wish all of you all of the best! God bless!

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  • Ellen

    Question for you Carlos – are your other girls adopted too? You mentioned on the CBS AM show that you wanted to bring adoption to light. I love it that you have info about Losiah’s adoption but would also love to know where your girls are from too, or if they even are adopted? Did you always use the same agency? Any other adoption-related stories you’d care to share with us would be welcome. It is so much fun to see your mixed family!

    • They are not! They just came out different shades!

  • Carlos

    God bless you, Los-
    What I enjoyed most was the reaction of your two daughters. They each reacted in their own way.
    Your daughter (furthest from Losiah)with the dark hair, her immediate reaction was to reach out to try and comfort her baby brother. She probably thought it was kind of cute too. Your other daughter who is right next to Losiah seemed to really feel his pain. She immediately stared at you with a look that seemed to scold, “Now look what you did, Daddy. How could you!”
    One of the reasons, I was drawn to your site is your name and profession. I have a friend whose last name is Whitaker (and as you see my first name is Carlos). My friend and I are also Christian musicians.

    By the way, in my country (as in many countries) our families are often mixed. I would be more surprised if you said that your two girls weren’t your biological daughters.

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  • I can watch the CBS clip a million times, and your talk about adoption gets me every. single. time. Love it, and thanks again for bringing the news of the joy of adoption to the masses.

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