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  • Joel

    Thankfully single. Dated the wrong girl, too busy, and life is changing big soon. So, thankfully single.

  • Adam Shields

    Married 13 years. No kids, nanny to my 3 year old niece and here 19 month old sister. Feel like they are mine much of the time since I have them 50 hours a week.

  • Willie Brown

    Been engaged for almost a month now, but will be getting married in 7 months.

    • Lex


  • Meaghan

    Single 23 year old Woman. Single for 23 year years as well!

    • s

      SAME! Exactly the same! :)

  • Cathy

    Married 21 years to the same guy. Have a 4-yr-old and a 2-yr-old that I waited a LONG time to give birth to. :-) Got married at 18.

  • Tara

    34 and single (as in never married single) :)

  • Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

    i’ve been married for 16 years…. and that makes me feel SUPER old. Kiddos are 16, 12, and 10. And i LOVE this stage of marriage and parenting – sincerely. It’s awesome!

  • Amber

    Married 14.5 years with 4 kids (16, 13, 8, 6)

  • Rachelle

    Married 12 years with twin 4 year old boys. Lovin’ it!

  • Diggs

    Single. 32 years old. Some serious relationships, just haven’t met the right one yet. Holding onto hope. :-)

  • @LaureeAshcom

    i was married for 20 years when my husband died. i have been a widow for 11 years. but I AM NOT OLD.

    • Lisa Johnson

      No you are not old!

    • Matthew W

      My parents had been married 20 years when my dad died… it’s been five years now… and my mom says the same thing: I may be a widow, but I AM NOT OLD!

  • Kevin

    Married (up) 27 years ago to an amazing woman that is passionate about Jesus and influencing others. We have 2 lovely daughters (one who attended Sandals when you were there which is how I found this blog) who are 26 and 24.

  • Lance M.

    Married for 3 years, and we have a 5 month old.

    • Kenny

      same here – except our 5 month old is adopted (girl), and we have a biological girl due in less than 2 months.

  • lisa jane

    32 qnd single and allowing God to use this season in my life for his purpose

    • Caitlin

      Well said!

  • Wagregg

    Celebrating our 15th anniversary on December 30th. Will be in the hospital helping my wife recover from delivering our 5th child. Taking the Arrows In Your Quiver verse VERY seriously. :)

  • Michael

    I’m 28 and have been married for over 7 years to the most awesome girl in the world.

    • mo

      whoa, you’re 28? i thought you were older :)

      • Michael

        Lol. On my birthday I’ll be 29 :)

  • Alejandra

    28, Married for 7 years with no kids.

  • Lisa Johnson

    Met at, 1st date after 2 weeks, engaged after 3 months, married after 6 months, married to the most amazing Godly husband for 8 1/2 years and we have 4 kiddos. :)

  • Dustin

    Married 5+ years… 3 yo, 17 month, and one in the oven (April).

    • Jen

      I’m fairly certain most health care professionals are now recommending not putting your children in the oven, no matter how cold they may be… (har har) πŸ˜‰

  • Jenny

    Married for nearly 13 yrs with a 3 yr old and 1 yr old at home.

  • Bill

    Married for 11 Years tomorrow. 4 Kids (8 Girl, 7 Girl, 4 All Girly-girl, 1 All Boy)


  • Stacey Burns

    Married for 12.5 years to a most amazing man of God. Two kids, 8 & 5 years old.

  • Sarah

    37 and married to a wonderful man for 10 years and 6 months today! Lost a son early on but have a very active 6 year old daughter and a beautiful 4 year old daughter who is special needs and medically fragile. We REFUSE to wind up letting our situation tear us apart as it sadly does with so many families like ours. God has bless us beyond measure!

  • Stevie

    OK I’ll break the happy run…


    divorced (was married 10 years)

    7 yr old son

    As info…starting over SUCKS!

    • @LaureeAshcom

      yes, it does.

  • mo

    Been married almost 3 years now. son on the way in a month :)

    man i heard sterling heights rocked last night. i had snot running out of my nose all night, so i had to pass :(

    • mo

      Im 30 BTW

  • bill (cycleguy)

    Married 37 years this past June to someone I don’t deserve. Two adult children (35 & 31), one son-in-law and one grandson (4). No dogs or cats.

  • Jay

    Married 15 years this past June 10.

    2 kids. Michael, 13 and Ally, 12.

  • Niki Boggs

    Married 5yrs and have two beautiful girls, 3 and 1!

  • M

    37, single, never married, was engaged, mother to an 11 year old who cannot wait for his mom to find the ‘right’ one.

  • becky

    33 years…3 kids….4 Grands and a new one coming…but I am not old

  • http://bianca bianca

    What?!?! You gonna hook all the single people up?!! A little Ragamuffin Connect! ha! 25 yrs of SINGLE! :)

  • Michelle

    I’m chronically single (self-diagnosed). Been this way since birth! That’s 25 years.

  • Connormcc

    I’ve been married for 9 months… no kids, and no plans for kids…

    • Bill

      Bro, let me tell you, no need for a plan to have kids! =)

      (raising them, is a different story)

      But I get what you are saying.

      • Connormcc

        he he, let me rephrase that then,

        at this moment, we don’t intend on having kids any time soon, but God may have other plans

  • Lizfentondecker

    My husband and I have been married for 40yrs. Still best friends & still crazy in love. No one else in the whole world I’d rather be with. He still searches my heart everyday and wants to know what I think about everything. He understands me better than I do myself. He makes me laugh everyday. He is my champion.

    • Brenda

      I love hearing about couples like you! I really hope to have a marriage like this someday (soon).

      • Lizfentondecker

        Failed to mention, he also gets the ‘menopause crown’. Even as I went thru a terrible transformation, even when I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror or in my own thoughts, he loved and comforted the little girl in me that felt lost & held me til we were thru. Champion.

    • Carissa

      Thanks for making me mush… beautiful.

  • Ruth

    Married for 6 years next month. Have 3 kids – 4, 2 1/2, & 9 months.

  • shayne

    Married – 19 years

    Daughter – Will be 18 years old Nov. 24th. I know this because a) I was there when it happened and b) she reminds me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. that she will SOON be 18. Not only that but she wants to pierce her eyebrow and get a tattoo for her birthday. Her father has promised he will go with her to the tattoo parlor and will get his eyebrow pierced too. Did I say we’ve been married 19 years? Cause it’s not lookin’ so hot for No. 20.

    Son – Will be 16 years old Dec. 5th and is waging a serious campaign to get his driver’s license. I’m still not used to his older sister driving. I’ve never been much of a drinker but jeez I’m tempted to just go buy a blender with some booze and fuhggeddaboudit.

    Hello. My name is Shayne, and I’m a helicopter parent. Deal with it.

  • Maria

    30 and Single!

  • Ingrid

    I met my good friend 19 years ago, became his wife eight years ago and we’re blessed with two kids and a giant dog.

  • tymm

    36, married 8 years to the hottest most incredible wife ever. I know all the guys out there think their wife is the hottest most incredible wife ever – but sorry – she’s not. Mine is.

    1 son (buried in Ethiopia) 1 daughter (home with us 3 years from Ethiopia) and another daughter waiting for us to get her home in hopefully January.

    Life is good. Crazy… but good.

    • Amy

      Ive said this before, I love how you guys love! I love your story, and I cant wait to meet LH3

  • kim

    married for almost 4 years (this coming january). just 1 furry “child” who barks and has fleas. hoping for a human child soon :)

  • Gary Durbin

    32 and married for 11 years. 2 kids: 6 yr. old boy & 2 yr. old girl. Life is fun.

  • Ana

    Married 6 years, to my best friend since childhood; it took me a long time to find the right one, who knew he was already in my life. We have no children together, but I have a wonderful 21 year old to whom I was a single mother for nearly 16 years. He has lovingly taken on the role of Dad.

  • Holly

    married 17 years to the man of my dreams. Mom to 2; our son (homemade) is 14, and our daughter (3 yrs old)came to us through the miracle of adoption.

    bride of Christ since 1991!

  • John

    25, married for three (pretty amazing) years, and now we have a 3 week old little girl.

  • Mari

    28 y.o old and single for 28 years =)

    • Patty

      Me, too!

      • Shelley

        ahhh! Me three!! Just when you thought you were the only one..

  • Holly

    Had a quick read through and think I’m breaking a run of straight people…

    Living with female partner for nearly 4 months. We’ve been together for a year and a half… hopefully getting a civil partnership (as close as we can get to being married in the UK) at some point in the future but really happy for now.

    We probably plan to adopt.

    We couldn’t be happier :)

  • tsholo

    26 – never been married – not-dating-single for 4 years

  • anna

    i’m 29. no kids. single.

  • Lizzy

    27 years old and always have been single, but looking to get married!

  • Gabriel Spence

    I’m a 28 year old single campus pastor. Loving every minute of it!

  • katie s

    married 2 years no kids!

  • Jason

    Single for almost all of my 29 years. As my pals used to say before they got married, “Bachelors ’til the Rapture!” I’m the only one maintaining that.

  • wpusey

    Married 11 years, 2 boys 8 & 7 years old and one adopted Daughter from China 6 years old, and sending the paperwork “TODAY” to start the process of adopting one or possibly 2 more children from China.

    • Michelle

      Yay for adoption!! And double Yay for China.

      Married 20 years. After saying for 10 years we’d never have kids my husband heard his biological clock ticking. We adopted our daughter from China 10 years ago and can’t imagine life without her.

      • Amy

        We adopted our daughter from the Henan Province in 2009! Yeah for adoption!

  • scottfinn

    Married 19 years. (yikes)

    2 kids. 16-yo daughter and 11-yo son.

  • Christina

    HAPPILY Married for 18 years(married at 18) 3 kids
    Son 14, Son 12 and daughter 8.5(can’t forget the half or I get in trouble)

  • Scott

    Married 21 years with a 20 and 15 year old…

  • rustin klafka

    i’ve been married now for 5 years to my wife L’Ray who is the only one who keeps me balanced and organized. without her my life would be chaos, now it’s organized chaos.
    we have two kids – a son, Kye, who is 3 & a daughter, Haygen Reese, who is almost 2.

  • Mike

    22 and single… Is this an ad for the Loswhite dating service πŸ˜‰

    • Matthew W

      One can always hope, can’t they. πŸ˜‰

  • Jon

    25 and been married for 4 months. Man, I love that girl.

  • melinda

    Not married. Almost married once, but currently single. I’ve rarely been as fulfilled as I am right now.

    …Los… are you starting up a matchmaking service? cause i feel like you should have disclosed that in the beginning so we could pimp our comments appropriately.

  • Brenda

    Single, never dated, for 24 years. No kids. I’d really like for those to change in the near future.

  • lee

    SIngle for all 23 years of my life…….

  • James Brooks

    Almost married…

  • Jake Anderson

    I’m 26 never been married (Single), never close, no kids. A product of living next to one of the top three best cities for single ladies (San Jose). The ratio is working against me, which is funny compared to most places, where its the opposite.

    • Liz

      Move to Iowa. We have the opposite problem πŸ˜‰

      • Patty

        I will be contributing to the number of single women in Iowa in January!

        • Liz

          Nooooo! it’s already 100 ladies to 90 men here!

          You can join us statistically doomed women. πŸ˜‰

  • Amy

    40 single – never been married still hoping to…but hope is fading fast.
    I have a beautiful 16 year old daughter.

  • molly

    Married for going on 12 years
    Two kids, 14 & 9

    For those that are doing the math, yes we did things slightly backward.

    So blessed with a fabulous family… love our life!

  • Cindy

    Wow. Not very many people like me here.

    I’m on my third marriage. Pregnant at 17, got married, discovered he was certifiably crazy, got divorced.

    Married again at 25 to a recovered drug addict, he did a slow back slide into hell and I went along for the ride. Five years in, I got pregnant unexpectedly. I gave him a final chance to get it together but sadly, he could not. Got divorced a second time.

    I developed a love affair with my Jesus, met and married a man I thought had the same love affair but it turns out he is still holding on to some other things (mostly alcohol) and that interfers with all relationships. We are separated right now.

    I don’t know what will happen next. I just focus on my kids, girl almost 24 (who has given me the most adorable grandaughter EVER, she is 1.5 yo) and a boy who is 11. I trust that God will work all this out in His time. I know that as difficult as my relationships with men are and have been, right now my situation affords me the ability to serve at church in ways that I couldn’t with a spouse to consider. So it’s all good.

    • Stevie

      Amen sister! Keep your head up and keep looking up!

    • ETS

      “.. right now my situation affords me the ability to serve at church in ways that I couldn’t with a spouse to consider. So it’s all good.”

      This is part of the core of my ministry philosophy. I am a 29-year-old divorced man with no kids who has no plans to marry anytime soon.

  • Kelly

    24 and almost married (…in 29 days, but who’s counting?)

  • Ben

    Married a year and a half, dated for 6 years prior to marriage. Blessed!

  • dominic

    33, single and having a hard time. Met the girl of my dreams, pursued her and thought everything was going great and heading toward marriage when out of the blue she broke it off without any explanation.

    That was 3 weeks ago. Every day gets a teeny bit better, but many times are spent wondering what God’s plan is, because it wasn’t what I thought it would be….

    Thank you for listening.

    • Courtney

      on a slightly more positive note – your pictures are amazing!

      I’m sorry for your heart ache. Wish I could say more but I have no other words.

      • dominic

        Thank you, for both.

  • wvpv

    Happily married for 15 years, daughter 13, son 11. Wondering when I’m supposed to start feeling grown up.

  • Jan

    First marriage about 10 years, then 3 years single.
    This time I got it right! We’ll celebrate our 20th anniversary by buying our dream house.

    My amzing daughter, 30, has a 9 yr old son and lives close by.
    My unbelievable son is 27 and coming to see mama this weekend.

    I love it when all my chicks are together.

  • Brandi

    single for 26 years and counting.

    …ahem… BROWN EYES… :) ha.

    • Carissa

      Thanks for making me chuckle, Brandi! :)

    • Jody

      and bass players. if those combined your status would change πŸ˜‰

  • Midge

    Married 40+ years (where did it go?) Have 10 kids, the youngest is 17. Also 17 grandchildren (so far) God has been very gracious to us!

    • shayne

      I’m sorry, but did I see that correctly? TEN children?

      *stands up, takes her hat off and salutes*

  • Shanta

    Single, never married.
    2yr old son.

  • Carissa

    33. divorced. no kids.

  • ll

    will be 41, single for 13 years, never been married, with 13 year old daughter. Don’t date either am a social hermit.

  • David Joshua

    20. I dated a girl in high school but that doesn’t count, right?

  • sara

    married 15 years. two boys, 13 and 10… yikes!

  • Paul

    26, getting married in 21 days! I turn 27 the day after as we fly off to our honeymoon.

  • Liz

    Single. Very, very single.

  • Jay

    Started our love affair in high school. Dated 8 1/2 years, been married 10 1/2 years. 3 kiddos – 6, 4, 2. Number 4 due in May.

  • Rachel

    Been single all 24 years of my life. Haven’t really dated at all. Haven’t found the right guy yet.

  • Jen G.

    Married for 3 years. 2 dogs. No kids (yet).

  • Gord

    Funny you should ask. Today I celebrate 5 years being married to the most amazing woman. We have 1 son who will be two in a couple of weeks, and are expecting our second in mid Feb.

  • Liz

    super single.

  • Kyle Reed


  • Bryan McGee

    I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 16 years. I promised her father we would not marry until after graduating. So… we both graduated on Saturday, I was ordained as a pastor on Sunday morning and we were married that same night. I said we would wait. I didn’t say how long.

    We have three incredible young men. Gabriel is 15, Noah is 13 and Adam is 10.

    I do not deserve the life God has given me. I am a blessed man.

    • Heather EV

      Wow…what a weekend for you, huh?

  • Dawn

    My husband and I will be celebrating 20years of marriage in February. We have an 18 yr old son and a 13 yr old daughter. We are looking forward to the days when both our babies are grown-up, on their own & livinthg a life that pleases God.

  • Andrew

    Married 2 months, no kids, one dog.

  • A.

    I wish I was married with a two year-old! Still praying for that special guy to come along (I’m a girl despite what that picture shows. I have no idea how to get rid of it.)

    • Lisa

      aaaawww A! That made me laugh.

  • Shana

    married, 16 years – 13 yr old & 9 yr old

  • Jonathan Chang

    married, 4 years, 2 kids, 3 year old and 6 month old. love long walks on the beach and into canoes…oh wait…wrong site!

  • Jessi

    Married to my best friend for 3 and a half years. No kids, unless you count a 115 pound golden retriever as one.

    • Anita

      I would! :)

  • Heather EV

    I’m 19 and I am single…

    It’s gonna stay like that for a while, too. I want to finish college before I go messing in romance.

  • Albert

    25 and single like an ice cream scoop.

  • Fuzz

    Divorced, and just loving the adventure I’m on raising my three kid. Through everything, I’ve been abundantly blessed.

  • Caleb Gordon

    married w/ 4 kids!

  • Steve

    Married for 2nd time, 11 years in December. Have one child from first marriage who just turned 16 (and boy is he good at it…).

  • Amy

    Married 12 years, 5+7 yo girls

  • Kevin H

    Married 11 years, 3 kids – 8, 4 & 3

    After we had 2 girls I told my wife we would keep going til we had a boy…she made sure #3 was a boy!!

  • Claire

    Married for 2 years, no kids!

  • Katie McNemar

    29, single, and lovin’ every minute of it. Catch me if you can! :)

  • Josh

    Married 5 months today to the most amazing woman God has ever placed in my life! No kids.

    • Anita

      Happy anniversary!

  • Kyle Troop

    Married a year and a hlaf. No kids. I chased her for 7 years before we went out.

    • http://Website(optional) Tracy Kase

      year and a hlaf huh? i just had to comment b/c i know you :) glad you chased tiffany for those 7 years… y’all are awesome together :)

  • Hayley

    Married for a little over a year and a half. No kids, just two dogs. Kids in the next couple of years and then plan to adopt!

  • Alyssa

    18, single.

  • Melanie E

    Single and 30 and lovin’ life!

  • Eric McCoy

    Almost married…

    but by almost I mean, we’re probably still two years out. So single I suppose…but man, this girl kicks me in the face daily in the best possible way. God is so gracious.

  • Anita

    Married my best friend over six years ago; no kids but we have three furry “kiddos” who pretty much rule the house.

  • Clint

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for 3 years now. We started dating when I was a junior in High School and now we go to the same University, ETBU. I can’t wait to marry her!

    • Courtney

      I went to school at ETBU! Graduated in 2007 with a BA in Religion

  • yeidy

    Wow there are almost more single than married people responding. I am inmy thirties never married yet. I could talk christianese and say jesus is my lover but I know myself I need a real family someday. I am ok for now starting a new career and excited about my future. Felt bad for dominic he sounds like a sensitive guy and thinking about the same girl for over three yrs. I wish I could hook him up w one of my girlz!

  • Paul

    Married 27 years to the most awesome women in the world. We have two kids, 22 and 18, 18 still at home. So we are almost empty nesters. Married my best friend, and we are going to do life togather.

  • Jen

    23, single. Was engaged, but (thankfully, though I couldn’t see it at the time) that didn’t work out. Trusting God for something (someone!) better!

  • Zach

    Married four months with one on the way already!

    I’m fairly certain that, unless you plan on murdering your spouse, “almost not” is not a biblically recognized state of being.

    Divorce is a sad condescension of the old covenant.

    • Rick

      Just hope you don’t find yourself there somebody, bud.

  • Lisa

    26 and single with no children. Learning to enjoy this time in my life everyday.

  • Ron

    Married, 10 years, 2 girls (daughters not wives)

  • Rebecca

    32 and married for a year and a half. It was a package deal that came with twin daughters who are now 4 so I became wife and part-time mom all at once. Life is good!

  • Andrew

    Single, a couple of serious relationships but now im taking a year off to heal. after that, we’ll see.

    • davo

      join the fan club :)

  • Tim Ortman

    Married nine years and with 2 kids…Evelyn 8, and Josiah 4

  • Nate

    dude, ‘los, you’re trying to play at matchmaker, aren’t you? ragamuffinharmony dot com?

    (oh, and single)

  • Chris Loach

    26, single, and still looking for this –>

    • Christina

      I love your list. When you find the right one your list of requirements will be lost…LOL You will just know. But it is great that you know exactly what you are looking for…she could be just around the corner. My hubby was right before my very eyes, he had even been to my house several times, but I had just not taken the time to get to know him because I did not think he was what I was looking for!

    • Courtney

      I love your ironic sense of humor! hilarious. hope you find what you’re looking for!

  • Christina

    36,married 15 almost 16 years to my best friend. We met and were married in 6 months. It was whirlwind but so worth it. We have a son, who is 12 will be 13 on December 30. Tried having more but God did not have that in his plans for us.

  • josh

    single for 26 years

  • chelsea

    Married, no kids, one weiner dog:) Adopting baby soon Lord willing! ( This blog actually helped inspire that idea) :)

  • Amy

    Married 9 years. No kids even tho we really wanted them. We are closing on our 1st house a week from today so maybe after that we can figure something out since we’ll have more than enough room.

  • Jessica

    Married 14 years.

  • Toby

    Married. 10 years on Veterans day (Nov. 11)

  • Collin

    28, got married in June, we were together for three and a half years before that. We’re expecting our first child next June. :-)

  • mike raburn

    Married for 12 years. Two daughters from my first marriage (17 and 16) who live in CA with their mom. Two daughters (13 and 11) and a son (1) with my wife. Thinking about one more.

  • DisneyCyndi

    Married almost 28 yrs. We have three grown childen (25,26 and 27).

  • Crystal Renaud

    Single. Oh so very single. Nearly 26 years now.

    • shayne

      That’s cause you’re one big heart of awesome-ness. Not just any Joe-Schmoe for you sweets. Father God is still perfecting your guy.

  • Ryan Rotman

    Married 3 years. No kids yet.

  • brewster

    Status: Fly
    4 kids
    29 years old…for life.

  • EmilyBoo

    Happily married for 13 years (holy moley has it been that long??) with a 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son.

  • JanMM

    Happy to report that we just celebrated 3 years of marriage on October 21st! We have no children. We do have a 14 1/2 year old dog. After she is no longer with us, we plan to wait until we move to Texas where we plan to foster or adopt rescued pit bulls/AmStafs.

  • Art

    37 y/o. Married for 13 years. One child, 8 y/o boy.

  • Dale

    Married 13 years. 3 daughters…15, 8, and 6.

  • AmyRhubarb

    Married 15 years, one kiddo, she’s almost 13.

  • gail

    28. i’ve been married for almost 7 months!

  • Simon

    Married ten and a half years to the fabulous Lynda and God has blessed us with two awesome sons!

  • Jam

    Single. Never been married. No kids. Got a house. Good job. Quite handsome. In good shape. Love the Lord!

  • Jenn

    I’m 38 and have been married 17 years, 3 children, and 1 child coming in the next year or so through adoption!

  • Tyler

    Married for almost 4 years, no kids.

  • Aaron

    37, married 15 yrs. 2 kids – 1 girl (6) and 1 boy (2). 1 adopted (China) and 1 biological.

  • Lex

    My hubby and I celebrated five years at the beginning of the month! I can’t believe it. No kids yet, but we’re waiting on a miracle of healing or baby who needs saving.

  • Tammy

    37, never married, no kids. But it’s all good. God is still in control.

  • Erin S.

    First marriage 1996-2004; produced two boys, 11 &8.
    Second marriage 2006-present; produced one girl, 4.

  • Marilyn

    27. Happily divorced for nearly 2 years; separated for a year before it was final. I was married for 4 years, 7 months, and 16 days.

    One child – a 5-year-old boy – whom I have joint custody of.

  • Caitlin

    25 years old and single (never married). Life is good. :)

  • CR

    I’m 39 and have been married for 11 years.

    My wife is moving out today. :(

    • Stevie

      Thoughts and prayers with you and your family

  • Jen C

    I’m 28. Been married 10 years (wedding was 1 week to the day after I turned 18) to a great guy who is my best friend.

    We have three amazing kids: 6, 5 and 2.5

    I am very blessed; I love my family.

  • Amanda

    24, single, trying to survive my final year of law school with sanity intact :)

  • Linny Best

    I have a boring answer to that one…I’m married with a 2 year old…and one more on the way.

  • Chris Martin

    Married 4 months and loving it!

  • Eric

    Engaged!!! Getting married to my best friend in 29 days!!! wooot!

  • Courtney

    26 and single! loving life in the PNW but would like to get married one day.

  • Jon

    I’ve known my wife since I was 12.

    We are both 27 years old.

    Been married for 6 yrs this November 27th.

    We have two little girls (8 mos and 3 1/2 yrs old)

    Been through 2 deployments to Iraq.

  • pam

    married one year. No kids yet.

  • Ivory

    married 1.5 years and we just started trying this month!

  • Angela

    31, divorced (I was married 7 years) and dating the same guy now for 3. No kiddos (yet!).
    Life is good. :)

  • Harry Colegrove

    Very happily married for 21 years to my high school sweetheart (who’s waaaayyy hotter than I deserve!). 41yrs old with 4 kids ranging in age from 9 to 19

  • HeidiH

    Will be married 16 years this New Year’s eve. 2 kids: our aspiring drummer, he just turned 13 & little princess who is 5

  • joe t

    21 and I’ve been single for 3yrs…looking for a wife. :-) no casual dating stuff.

  • Rachel

    28, married 5 years, no kids yet

  • Faith

    31, single, absolutely loving life

  • Tanya

    28, married for 4 years to my first and only boyfriend. :)

    • Tanya

      oh and no kids… we only have our neighbors cat. haha!

  • lea ann

    look 30.
    oh wait you want my real age? 42 (thank you, swedish family genes! wow. I’m way off topic here.)

    Not married – looking forward to God’s amazing plan for me. Realized a year ago that if I get sad because I’m not married – then I’m really sad about the IDEA of marriage.

    I cannot wait to meet a best friend with whom I can never see myself being separated from – and thus just HAVE to marry him! :)

  • lea ann

    PS: I type too fast and read too little. I meant I get sad about “the idea of not being married and that I should be married by now, what’s the deal here??”

  • Abby Y

    16, single. Plan on being single for a few more years!

    • shayne

      On behalf of your mother I say this.


      There. That’s off of my chest. Thank you for listening. :)

      • Harry Colegrove

        On behalf of all the pastors out there (like me) who are sick and tired of people fornicating their little brains out and wondering why God won’t bless their life I say this:

        IGNORE EVERYTHING THAT SHAYNE JUST SAID (although I’m sure Shayne meant well)

        Statistics prove over and over that married people do way better in college than single people and that people who marry younger, and do things right, actually have far more satisfaction and far better marriages than the typical “let’s wait until we’re 30 before we even consider it” person. If you find someone you want to marry don’t wait years before you get married because the longer you wait the less your chances are of following God’s design for sex (i.e. wait until you’re married).

        • Kelly

          I guess going to college and remaining single and abstinate isn’t an option??
          Shayne didn’t refer to marriage at all.

  • Ryan

    Married for 4 months on the 26th of this month. Both of us are working and saving until we get somewhere that we can set down some roots! Marraige is great! So so so so hard but GREAT!!

  • Jody

    22. Single. Beyond content with that status.

  • Miriam

    Three months away from 36. Not married. Never been married. Not even near being married.

    A mother of a beautiful 5 year old girl.

    Ok, ok. I’ve learned my lesson all ready!

  • Kyle

    24. Married 4 years. Have a 5 month old.

  • Blake

    Married for 12 years come December with 3 kids. Four of the best choices in my life.

  • Brittany

    28 & married for two years (to my BEST friend) and pregnant with #1 who will be arriving in April!

    God is good!

  • Shelby

    I am 19, a college kid!
    Dating a guy for about 7 months now.

  • Laurie

    45, single, never married. Oldest single person on here from what I could tell scanning through! Grateful God spared me from marrying the wrong guy. He’s taught me my fulfillment can only come from Him. Excited for the plans He has for me!

  • jennifer

    Just celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss. I was 19 he was 20….and THEY said we’d never make it! Lots of THEM are divorced and we have stuck it out. sooooo worth it.
    2 kiddos. Junior in college, 7th grader. Life is good in the Ozarks.

  • ChrisW(churchpunk)

    Married for almost 7 years.
    2 Kids 5 and 4.
    Crazy life.

  • joshcruse

    19, never alone cause we’re all God’s children!

  • Mark Entner

    I’m 42, married for 6 years.
    2 kids 11 and 8.
    Life is good!

  • Sharon

    Married for almost three months! It’s been great so far.

  • Discoworship

    Married for 4.5 years. Coolest two kids on the planet, 3 year old princess and 1 year old little man.

  • Caitlin

    I’m 24 and have been single for … wait for it … 24 years.

  • Laura

    Married 3 years. 1 fur baby, age 1.5 named Moose!

    Good to see there are others out there who waited a long time to have kids after getting married… starting to get those, “So are you thinking about kids?” kind of questions!

    • Laura

      Oh and I’m 24!

  • Carole Turner

    married 16 years 3 kids

  • Leigh

    I’m a 30 year old single making the most of this life God has given me until the right guy comes along. In which case, I’ll continue to make the most of this life!

  • Jen

    29, single, hoping its not for much longer, but not waiting around- I moved to Egypt- he can come find me :)

    • Katie

      LOVE it!

    • Tanya

      You go girl!

  • Alyssa

    20 years old and single for most of it though I’ve been through a few serious relationships in the past.

  • Johnny E!

    Married for 6 years, with a Miracle 4 year old (doctor didn’t know how we had him, since my wife can’t have kids…um GOD!)

  • Dave

    28, Married with a 3 mo. old girl.

  • Al

    23, single for the most parts of my life as I have only been in one relationship. We were in that “almost married” category when he used the line, “God has called me to marry you.” Then later, when he decided things were wrong, said, “God has called me to call this off.” (A bit of a contradiction.)

    So now I am single again and waiting on God for his REAL callings, whichever they may be. But I’ll definitely have trust issues for the rest of my life that I’m trying to give up and give over to God.

  • Bev

    Married 8 years. 5-year-old son.

  • Leah

    23 single and rockin things for God!

    Los…love your blog, dont think it only applies to the married folks! Good to learn from those who have already walked a road we haven’t yet!

  • Yvonne

    20 and single. ^_^

  • Simone J

    22 single

  • Larry Hehn

    Married for 20 years, with four awesome teenagers!

  • michelle George

    almost 20 years…2 kids …and just about to turn 40…I don’t feel this old LOL

  • Amanda Mae

    I’ve been very happily single all 21 years of my life. I really don’t know if I ever want to get married, but I’m open to it, and I’m pretty sure that I definitely don’t want kids. :)

  • Sarah

    I’m 32 and have been married for 6 years, with two red-headed girls ages 6 and 3.

    And it’s significant to note that in my early twenties I stated that I never wanted to marry or have children. Out of my close friends, it turned out that I was the first one pregnant, first one hitched!

    • nicole

      all of my friends were that way too…
      all i wanted was to get married…
      they all have babies and hubbys and i am single and traveling the world….
      we all switched rolls

  • Matthew W

    Male, 22, and single for 22 years. Single as in have never dated.

    I must say, I wouldn’t mind, as was mentioned earlier. πŸ˜‰

  • Amanda

    39 YO, married for 12 years this month (we met online back in the days of IRC), with a 5 YO daughter.

  • dave miers

    married with a two year old!

  • Michael

    I have been happily married for the past 7.5 years. My wife and I actually met at church. We were saved within two months of one another and within 8 months of being saved, we were married. Since then, we have 5 children…two of which are worshiping with Jesus right now. The children we have here are 4 years (f), 18 months (m), and 5 months (f). While our marriage has not been easy, but it has been filled with hope in Jesus and the love that he pours out on us daily.

  • Daniel S.

    28 and single…

  • Katie

    25. single. content with that right now. :)

  • dina

    Married – will be 17 years on November 20th.

    Eldest (step) daughter is 18 – freshman in college 3,122 miles away from her Mommy who misses her desperately!!!

    Middle (adopted nephew) son is 17 – junior in high school, basketball star.

    Youngest (biological) son is 13 – 8th grader in middle school – crazy, hilarious kid!

    BTW, I swore I’d never get married, never marry anyone in ministry, never mary anyone who had ever been married before, never marry anyone who had any kids, and never marry anyone who had a parent living with them. I got married a month before I turned 30, to a widower with a 15 month old baby daughter, whose elderly mother lived with him, who was pastoring a small rural church in SE Kentucky. :) Isn’t God hilarious?

  • Jason Cormier

    I have been married to my awesome super sexy wife and have 2 wonderful daughters.

    • Jason Cormier

      typo..should have added married 8 years

  • Russell Martin

    Married 6 years.. currently trying to adopt.

  • Should Know Better By Now

    26. Single. As content as one can be when they know it’s not their calling :-)

  • Steve

    45, Married 17 years, 4 kids 15,12,8, and 6

  • Stephanie

    27, married for two years, no kids

  • Stephanie D.

    I’ve subscribed to your blog for around a year (give or take) but I’ve been married for five years. I’m 28 and No kiddies yet but hopefully we’ll have one or some in the not too distant future. I’m still trying to decide if I’m ready for that responsibility! But, I love children and so does my husband so we’ll see……?

  • Greg

    Ok, here’s my list:
    Married to dope from 16 til 27. Then I had a radical encounter with Jesus and got completely set free. Single from 27 til 32, and then met my first wife on a Christian dating site. Got married a few months later. We were married a little over 7 years when she died of ovarian cancer. Went through a few months hating God and trying decide whether I wanted to continue with Him or not…Decided I did. Fast forward 8 months…
    Decided since the online dating worked the first time that I would try it again. Met my amazing wife, Melanie. We married a few months after that, AND to both of our’s surprise, she got pregnant 3 weeks into the marriage. We have been married almost 5 years…we have an almost 4 yr old son, and an almost 2 yr old daughter…and I am 46…yep, they are keeping me active!

  • Kristel

    Married almost two and a half years…no kids yet…but hopefully soon. :-)

  • BrandiB

    Married 9 wonderful years! We have 8 and 5 year old daughers and we started our adoption process to adopt a baby brother from Korea last year. Still patiently waiting and hoping to have him home next Spring. Amazed at how when we let God take control of our family how He is working it out!

  • sj

    27 and single. was almost married in 2006 but we called it off after discovering that we were just heading in totally different directions in life. so been single since then.

  • nicole

    my only date (prom) :came out: a soon after that….

    i’ve :waited: my whole life for the :right one:
    or what i thought was right. over the past few years God has been breaking my desires and replacing it with his desire for me. and in truth, his desire for my hubs is WAY better and WAY HOTTER then anything i could come up with!!!

    there is a promise and a hope for love….
    God is just cool like that :)

  • @n8brnk

    33 and single…

    Can’t stand trolling thru pics on dating sites so I may remain single for a while. Especially since I can cook better than a lot of chefs in my town and I don’t drink, so therefor I don’t go out much either. πŸ˜‰

  • Elisia

    married 5 years… love him lots!!! 3 kids, 7yr old girl, 3yr old boy and 2 yr old boy!! Crazy life sometime, but I love it!

  • Ricardo

    Casado por 34 annos, un hijo de 25.

  • Jeremy D

    Can you believe that it’s been 7 1/2 years since you did our wedding? The kids are 5, 4, and 16 months.

  • april emery

    was single 23 years … now have been married 7.5 years. my man and I have 4 littles – ages 4, 2, and 9 months … and a baby we lost.

  • Erin McFarland

    Married 8.5 years. 4 year old girl and twin 2 (almost 3) year old boys. So I do fall into your married with two year olds category :)

  • Brian

    38, divorced, engaged to be married in Dec.

  • Kim S.

    26, single for 26 yrs..Just letting God mold me into the woman He wants me to be & letting him take care of the man of God he has set aside for me.

    (It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one waiting for God’s best.)

  • Chad Maag

    Single, was almost married.

  • Chelle

    Married to the hardest working man I know. 10 years. 1 Kid. So thankful.

  • Brandy

    First time dropping by. My husband (Jason Cormier) got me hooked after I looked over a few posts with him last night LOL

    So, I’m obviously married. And we DO have a 2yr old. And an almost-seven yr old.

  • Stephen P.

    Wife and 2.1 kids.

  • Carrie

    married for 7 yrs this Dec. no kids yet (but not for lack of trying).

    infertility sucks.

    • Al

      Adoption is an amazing gift. There are so many children out there who may never see the outside of the vastly corrupt foster care system. Maybe you are unable to conceive because you are meant to save a child and raise them up in the Lord/ a loving home.

      It’s not for everybody, but it seems you really want to be a mom. So it might be worth checking out. God Bless!

  • Lindsey Nobles

    Single, forever it seems πŸ˜‰

  • Sarah

    27 yrs old and single as a pringle as my little sis says! Loving life!

  • Destiny

    I’m a 26 year old single…and I’ve been 26 years single. So yeah…good times.

  • Andy

    Married with a 2 year old

  • Melissa

    25 & Single

  • Jan

    51 years young. Married 30 years to the same amazing man. 4 incredible kids – 23, 23, 8, 6 and one lovely daughter in law.

  • debra

    Married 37 years this October to the same man :)
    3 grown children
    4 grandchildren

  • Sara

    23 and…single

  • Kelly

    17 and verrry much single- and hoping to stay single for another year or two at least. :)

  • Kathy H.

    Married for 42 years!!!

  • Shannon Smith

    Married 6 years next month.

    2 kids, 3.25 and 1.6.

  • freddie

    Anyone notice that the married folk don’t tell there age? I’m 32, have been married 2+ years (to Mo) and having a baby boy in about 6 weeks!

    • erinnovian

      HA! Love you Freddie!

  • jackalopekid

    Married for 6 years with a kid due in March

    • Neal MD

      Congratulations…it will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

  • Mercy

    I’m 33, married 14 and a half years and have one 12 year old son.

  • Neal MD

    31…married 2.5yrs…6 month old girl

  • john

    been married for 17 years with 4 kids. an amazing ride

  • Wayne

    Married, 24 weeks. She’s crazyhawt and I’m crazyblessed to have her

  • Dorothy

    Married 29 years with three amazing children and just as amazing son-in-law. What a wonderful journey it is.

  • Jessica

    Been married for 19 months. no kids.

  • Adrienne

    22 and single (since forever) but I love this season of life (most days). I have faith that God will deliver the right man at the right time!

  • Christen

    29, single, never married

  • Trish

    30, single, never married and fully embracing (and enjoying!) this season of my life!

  • Rachel

    19 and single…single since forever, minus the one pre-school boyfriend. πŸ˜‰

  • Boethius

    married 30 years….kids (29, 28, 25)

  • duppypog

    After 26 years, I filed for divorce on Sept. 10. The last 6 weeks have been some of the hardest of my life, as each day, my spouse behaves more like a sociopath in efforts merely to hurt me and everyone I know just to hurt me some more.
    I also keep finding “hidden stashes” of his in the house that I never knew existed, he living a double life, faking it quite well at church while addicted to pornography, alchohol, and still pining over an affair he had in 2006.
    I keep hoping it will get better, but he just seems to be on a vendetta to destroy me, quite effectively, I might add.

  • Kenny

    Married 11 years with a 6yr old, 4yr old, and almost 2yr old.

  • maranda

    single… for 2 1/2 more weeks! Getting married in Marietta, GA on November 19th ! :)

    • maranda

      …turned 27 in Sept.

  • Rebecca

    26 & single….I’m content with that – but most people inthe church think I should be married by now. Everyone wants to set me up with their son, grandson, nephew, friend, co-worker or UPS guy (not kidding!)

  • Jana

    just turned 31. single and learning to love a life I never expected.

  • stacikristine

    We’ve been married for almost 2 years (December 20). No kiddos yet, but hopefully there will be before too long.

  • Nick

    24, popping the question soon. Hopefully she doesn’t read this…

  • Cassie Jebber

    Married, 7 Years, with 2 babies (3 and 5)!!

  • J

    3 year old
    In a relationship that is the best ever now.

  • dj

    Happily married for 32 years to my best friend! One son 17 years old.

  • Luke W.

    22, single, not really looking but my eyes are open and I think I am ready.
    Where I live people think you should be married at my age and I think some people are ready for marriage at 22 or before and some of us are not ready yet… but soon I will be ready!

  • STE

    Divorce. No kids. Single.

  • Alicia

    24 & single (but dating a great guy!) today i have exactly what I need and that is more than enough. :)

  • Rick

    On my third marriage. Blessed beyond words, I have two boys, she has a boy and a girl. Lotsa challenges, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Natalie

    Single, and have been for all of my life of 20 and a half years! Whoot!

  • Kayla

    I’m content…most days

  • Brad

    Almost married.

  • RTB

    23, single, and I agree with Kayla. God’s been faithful in placing me where I am. So not really worried about the relationship to people status so much as I am concerned with my relationship to God status.

  • Shelly

    married 15 years with one incredible 10 yr. old, one very missed 8 yr. old who is with Jesus in heaven and who we can WAIT to see again!, two 3.5 year olds that are 3 months apart, and one 15 month old that we are journeying toward bringing home even now. We love God’s heart for adoption and have been BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE to grow our family through children God has chosen for us both biologically and through the gift of adoption. :)

    So wonderful to see you on Friday and even though it was a JCamp show, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted you to keep singing – such an amazing worship experience and your music is truly full of God’s spirit! May He continue to bless your ministry and your family as you SHINE your light for Jesus! My hubby wants me to purchase your iTunes album for him for Christmas! :)

  • Saidah Ali Knutson

    Married, almost three years! Woot! No kids, yet though, but our timing is not God’s timing!

  • John

    My wife and I are both late 20’s. I’ve been married to my best friend, my better half, for just about 6 months at the moment. We have a beautiful baby boy who is about 3 months old and though we did things backwards, we couldn’t have asked for more. My family means the world to me and we’re so thankful for having our God, our son, and each other each and every single day. Every day is a blessing, a huge challenge, but a journey, and we are so grateful to be along for the ride!

    – John

  • Jenn Williams

    I’m married with a two-year old so you’ve got me pegged :) I’ve been married 5 1/2 years (I think that once you’ve been married more than 7 years you stop counting halves just like you stop counting months when your kid turns 2). Love the Ragamuffin community!

  • Rebecca Lewis

    Single. Never married. No kiddos. Trusting God as He directs my path.

  • Samantha Johnson

    Married 3 years and 9 months. No kids!

  • erinnovian

    status: FABULOUS 29 and never been kissed
    Kids: only those that are mine according to Isaiah 54:1… they keep me busy :)

  • Theresa

    41 years old…I’ve been married to my best friend for 20 years…2 kids..daughter 18 and son 16. Life is good…loving this season of life.

  • Julia

    37 years old…Married to my high school sweetheart for 15 years; 2 daughters – 13 (please pray for us as we enter the teen years!) and 9. LOVED your concert in Salem, IL!!!!! Bought your CD and am playing it for our Wed night youth group tomorrow. Awesome!

  • Jason

    Married and praying for our first kid

  • @CynHendrix

    Married 3 years with a 6 month old English Springer Spaniel named Raleigh. Just moved into a new house so no plans for babies right now.

  • david u

    Married for nearly 10 years to a bad ass chick that rocks my world! 3 awesome kiddos..15 yr old boy(first marriage), 7 yr old boy, 5 yr old girl! They are each my favorite! God has a great sense of humor! God and family first!!

  • Brittney

    23. singleish/dating someone. no kids. no rush to get married. Just going where the good Lord takes me.

  • Kimie

    i’m technically single (like tax-wise haha), but I am in love w/my boyfriend that I have been w/for almost 3 years (on Jan 15th) & we are hoping to be married Oct. 7, 2011 =)

  • Isaac

    married for about 2 1/2 years to the most awesome woman ever

  • Graham

    I’m “dating” the best girlfriend I’ve ever had! I know I’m totally late to this comment party but Los, a few months ago you did a post asking how you could pray for us… or something to that effect. I posted that things weren’t going well in the girlfriend area and you prayed for me in the comments. Welp… that worked! I met the most amazing girl, Allyson, and things are going great! I typically don’t move fast in relationships but this is THE one and I recently bought a ring. Not proposing until the spring though. Wedding in fall of 2012!

  • Ann Gardner

    Married for 31 plus years to a wonderfully patient, loving and funny man.
    22 year old daughter, 25 year old son-in-law.
    This “oldie” loves your posts and music. Your CD has been in my car for months and you sing to me along the way. Thank you.

  • Lori Jo

    super single. never dated, never been kissed.
    hoping to marry my first :) one day.

  • Virgil

    31. Married for (almost) 10 years to my HS Sweetheart. We have three kids- 9,6,2. Life is insane and amazing all at once. And to add to the insanity we’re planting a church in the most un-churched county in America this January. Good times!

  • Lori Jo

    28 next week…woohooo…

  • Danielle

    25 yrs old, married 1 yr (as of Oct 31st) and no kids till I’m at least 30. Probably gonna adopt.

  • brokensaint

    35, single and starting to lose hope (almost married a few years back but turns out he had a hidden addiction). Lost my beloved dog of 10 years so feeling a bit alone in this sea of happy families!

  • Michelle

    married HS sweetheart when we were 17 and 18
    married 17 years
    2 boys
    1 daughter-in-law
    1 grandchild due in dec

  • Pearmama

    Married to my best homie for thirteen years. Seven kids. Six biological, one blessed. :)

  • Tracy

    32 yrs old, divorced with one child. Adopting my 2nd.