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How To Watch Football With Your Kids Who Don’t Care About Football

This is one quarter of the Falcons game.
You now know why I have to go to the chiropractor every other week…

I love my life…

  • I love how much your kids love you.

  • That is about how restless I was in the fourth quarter…but i was by myself.

    • Los

      That was the 4th quarter… 😉

      • I honestly thought we might have had you going into the 3rd. But you guys have way more talent then us and that was evident. Next time my friend, next time.

  • Love this.

  • At least my boys are 3 and 18 months…so the wrestling is less severe. Although, Jack, my 18 month old, did take his shirt off and scream when the Chiefs scored, so there is hope!

  • We found out No. 3 is on the way come July first of next year: I look at this and think, Yes, my future is going to be full of not getting anything productive done.

  • I think my favorite part is that your wife is calmly sitting off to the side MacBooking it up while you’re being used as a human jungle gym.

    Nice. 🙂

    • Kelly

      Go Mom, Go!

  • I feel you Brother. My back feels you too. Beautiful pain.

  • Pretty sure you could have called an illegal hands to the helmet call on those girls. Horsecollar at the least.

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  • Matthew

    This is awesome. I have a four year-old and a two year-old, and I haven’t made it through a full game with them yet.