Oh. My. Word.
I can’t wait to devour this project.

If you had to describe what the word “MUSIC” means to you in 3 sentences or less…
What would you say?


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  • Music speaks to my soul and both expresses and helps me express the things of my soul.

    Music is what I fall back on when: I’ve had a bad day, I’m bored, I need a motivation.

    Music is what I believe to be one of the best gifts that God has given to emotional people.

    There, that is the best I can do in 3 sentences! πŸ™‚ There is so much more, and I’m lovin these videos. Hey Los, can you give us the links to these so we can repost them on our blogs? Or at least the project website, or something? Please πŸ™‚

  • mo

    1. Nowadays you can’t be too sentimental.
    2. Your best bet’s a true baby blue Continental.
    3. Hot funk, cool punk, even if it’s old junk,
    it’s still rock and roll to me.

  • Music: I can do it in 3 words –

    tickles my ears.

  • Music (n.):
    1) an organized collection of sounds, tones, rhythms
    2) the only true universal language
    3) behind Love, the greatest gift that God gave to human beings

  • JoJo

    Music is kind of like love, you can define it with words we have in our language – but it still doesn’t quite touch on the truest definition or it’s power. It speaks to your very soul. Quite possibly one of the more creative things the God of the universe spoke in to existence.

  • A means to express Truth and emotion via sounds and, many times, language that goes with the sounds.

    It’s like poetry with sound.

    The best way to calm our restless souls outside of God Himself.

  • 1. Music is my first language
    2. Music is the language that touches me the deepest
    3. Music is what helps me be vulnerable when connecting with God

  • Not even three sentences. Three words.




  • shayne

    1. Music moves me in ways the spoken word does not.
    2. Music gives people who have no words, the ability to communicate what is reverbating through the depths of their being.
    3. The world would be a soundless, soul-less place without music.

  • Vikki

    Music is a language that speaks to everyone whether they like it or not.

  • β€œMusic is a witness to the reality that life is not random. That this is not an accident. That there is a God of love and joy and peace behind everything, including your life.” – Dr. Timothy J. Keller

  • Andrew

    Heartbeat of life…

  • “It’s somewhere in between conversation and sex.”

    Yes, Fiona, that basically describes almost any social interaction. That comment is somewhere between brilliant and the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    That said, a really interesting good collection of artists. Andrew Zuckerman must be friends with all the right people.

  • Robert Cortez

    Music is the vibration and voice of my soul…

    …what does your soul want us to feel and hear?

  • Music, to me, is my greatest sense. It can taste better than my tongue can, see better than my eyes, feel more than my skin, smell scents that my nose cannot. Music is my greatest sense.

  • Music is to audibly communicate one’s heart, soul, and creativity.

    One sentence!

  • Allison

    Music is like healing balm to my wounded soul.

    Music helps my heart see truth in it’s purest form.

    Music is how I make love to my God.

  • Music is a balm, an ointment as I do life. It covers emotions from joy to sorrow and everything in between.

    Music is a gift from the music maker Himself, God. Heaven and earth are filled with His music, His story.

    Music is inspiration.

  • Lorna

    Music is like breathing. It heals, it commiserates, it soothes, it fires me up, it teaches, it worships, it rocks. I wouldn’t want to live without it.

  • Cash

    music is everything that 3 sentences couldn’t even hope to capture.

  • Not being able to make music would be like not being able to pee. I’d have no way to get poison out of my body. And then I’d explode. ch:

  • I recently wrote a blog post titled “Music as the Soul Invader”( ) based on something I heard Cornell West say, He said that music is the only thing that can get into our soul uninvited.

    I love music. I feel sad for people who don’t need it. I do.

    oh and I must say, Lenny Kravitz is stunning.

    • Carole: wow…I love that West quote! Where’d you hear him say that? (Checking your blog now in case you explain it there). ch:

      • It was on the documentary about fighting human trafficking called “Call and Response”. It’s a great video.