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  • BAHHHHHH……Don’t know whether because it’s 2:20 or what but that was some serious belly laughing. Thanks!

  • mo

    Chunk likes candybar.

    • shayne

      You made me snortle.

  • TRsinger

    How absurd, she curses at 1:11 seconds. C’mon loswhit clean it up. :o)

    • Los

      I cursed at 1:12 😉

      • Trizz

        My children cursed at 1:13… I’m no square and I honestly laughed hysterically, but this video only makes me think of one thing.. smoking weed. I’m all about not being sheltered from outside inputs, but a high girl and cursing just doesn’t seem productive for individuals that are wrestling to think of “whatsoever things…”.

  • I wonder how long she kept doing this for…hours???

  • Know what may be even funnier? The undistorted version of the video! It makes the girl look super crazy:

  • That was hilarious! Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves to just be happy.

  • Now that is a scary thing for sure. The video itself is almost as bad as the laugh!!

  • hahaha… thank you Los! great break in the day… love it!

  • so HILAR – thank you – can skip crunches today – that was a great ab workout just laughing

  • Not quite as hilarious but this video of my friends’ french and minnesotan grandma watching herself in the webcam cracks me up

  • This is so great. I’ve done this before with a friend and our faces hurt so much afterwards from laughing so much. Thanks for posting.

  • Wow…that’s all I’ve got.

  • WHAT THE HELL!!!! wow!

  • Um, wow.

  • who in their right mind uploads that kind of randomness?? hahah. so weird.

  • HAHA. That was hilarious.

  • Great…and random…which is why it’s great.

    The undistorted version is classic.

  • goldeneagle

    Oh suuure, laugh at us ugly people. Now can you say “SANC-tuary!”?

  • My face hurts from laughing so hard! Who cares if we got no job, got no money, we can still laugh! Thanks!

  • I heard this was the video that caused Prop 19 to fail in CA. They just passed this around and said…see what’s going to happen to everyone…

  • this. made. my. day.

  • david u

    and why not? Sometimes we have to just stop. Stop taking life so seriously. Good for her. I still want my 3:58 back, however! lol. good stuff.

  • merle s

    HAHA! lol.. sadly the second one is almost funnier