Whittaker Family Night – I Am You Night

It’s been a while since we documented one of our Family Nights for you guys.
So I’ve decided to document them this year and put them up when I have time.
Hopefully it will give you guys some ideas and direction.
You can see just how “lowtech” these can be and the kids had a BLAST.

Just remember, all it takes is 15-30 minutes of your day to make your kids feel as if they are your world.
And since they are…
Take time to shoot them with your love gun.

It’s better that way.


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  • Looks great even with your frame issue. Did you create the intro/outro bumpers or did you have someone do it for you?

  • love the intentionality Heather puts into family nights – so cool!

    p.s. Final Cut Express or iMovie?

  • This is great. Love seeing the creative side in this… kids love things like this!

  • Love this video, but especially how Heather and Sohaila give the same “stop it” look to Losiah! You guys are so much fun and Heather is so stinkin creative!

  • LOVE this idea. I’ve read about all of your family nights on Heather’s site, and I’m so excited to have family nights with my family one day. Now we just have date nights since there are no kiddos yet. Thanks for sharing!

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  • francine

    brilliant. y’all are so kind to share these ideas with the rest of us!!

  • Erin

    I just love these little videos and I love idea of dressing up with each other. Just proves that you don’t need to do something fancy or expensive with your kids to have your quality time. These are things the kids will remember for a lifetime!

  • Loved the video. I think it’s cool that you guys do family nights and how you involve the kids and make it part of meal time, after meal, and then snack, that is pretty cool. I like that you guys bond with the kids like this. Great example.

  • Oh my word, Sohaila as you was too funny! What a fun way to spend some time together. I think dressing up as each other is a great way to point out what you love about everyone’s personalities.

  • Chris

    Bro, when we first saw you guys throwing all that creative mojo into ministering to one another in your family, it inspired us, so we did some planning for some of our own. Sadly, it’s been too long since our last one, and this post was the needed reminder to get back on course with that. My family has been forever impacted by taking time like this to have fun and be creative together. Thanks for letting your LIFE be louder than your MIC when it comes to “leading worship”.

  • Renee

    That is sooo awesome! I’m not married yet and don’t have any kids but think I’ll try this one with my friends….Good Times Los!

  • PC

    Bro, I love this. It is the sort of intentionality and creativity I hope to take into fatherhood. As a father of only 5 months, I am in a place to keep hoping and dreaming and carrying through.

    It reminds me of a short post I put up a couple months ago. I would seriously be honored if you’d pop in and check it out.


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  • AshleyD

    Back in the day when Heather blogged and before Pinterest, I copied all your family nights down in a notebook for when I did have kids. And now I do have one, so I might be busting some of those out. Thanks!

  • ok…come off the info. What camera are you using. Looks amazing!