5 Ways To Cure Your Song Writing Creative Block

There is not much I can’t say about creative block when it comes to writing music.
Because I live in it.
I am not a natural music writer.
I am a story teller.
How to make a story fit inside a melody frustrates the hell out of me.
But here are some areas of focus I use to break out of that life long bondage to squeeze out a song that just might change the world.

1. Stop listening to music that sounds like yours.
This would seem like a no brainer. But it is not. When writing a song, if you want to sound like John Legend, don’t listen to John Legend.
Because your natural tendencies will ALREADY take you that direction. Let those tendencies flow while allowing other influences to seep in and make you unique.
2. Change instruments.
Now I know some of you are screwed.
You only play one instrument.
So go down to Toys R Us and pick up a kazoo.
This change will explode new and fresh ideas into your lame G C D chord brain.
Then put the instrument down all together and just sing.
3. Ask a 5 year old to sing back your melodies.
It may be a whack idea…
But I honestly think that if a 5 year old can’t remember your melody, then neither will I. Keep it simple and as you simplify your ideas will begin to flow.

4. CoWrite.
I know. It’s kinda like walking into a room with another person naked and asking them to judge your body.
And honestly, it is that bad.
Sometimes. Not all the time.
Great ideas come in sets.
Use this to your advantage to flow off of each other.
If it is not working…then don’t force it, just find someone else.

5. Write a song, verse, hook, chorus, or bridge every day for a month.
I’m serious.
Even if it sounds like Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars or Ice Ice Baby.
I GUARANTEE you that if you get 30 ideas, at least ONE of those is gold. You just have to empty the trash before you can find the treasure.

So there you have it.
Spread the love and share your song writing creative block solutions in the comment section!
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  • I’ve tried #1, 4, & 5… they really do work! Now I need to borrow a 5-year old & her kazoo.

    Sometimes I just play the last song I wrote over & over & over until I’m absolutely SICK of it & I’m forced to write something new just so I can stop playing the old one.

    Also, coffee.

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  • I think #1 is huge — in any kind of creative effort. While we may glean all kinds of wonderful ideas from each other, we have to be careful that we don’t fall into the creative comparison trap and try to replicate the coolest new thing out there. I’m glad you’re not doing that with your music, Los. With the temptation to get some radio play, it’s easy to compromise quality for a few pats on the back. Great post, man.

  • Love to see this behind the scenes peek into a creative genre I know next to NOTHING about. For my own artistic creativity, I’ll hold onto gem #1. I think being around people and saturating yourself with artists that aren’t quite like you is invigorating.

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  • Love this. Your 30 day challenge is golden. I think all writers should do this even if by day 15 you’re pulling your hair out. That type of discipline is so important for creativity.

  • @Carlos Love that you brought up co-writing. Working with other people can create killer ideas. Synergy. Keep it coming. 🙂

  • Great post. The last time I had writers block someone told me to write about why I am having a difficult time writing… Worked! I wrote a few tunes based on my brain fart!


  • Haven’t tried #3 yet. Good ideas.

    When I’m blocked I get away from my instrument and go for a random walk and kinda pray and sing. I then pull out the smartphone and record ideas as they come. Being in new surroundings helps me get past the block.

    I’m off to discover the synchro-blog.

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  • I love this man. As a songwriter and worship leader this is like music to my ears (no pun intended)
    Great steps, and something that I will implement in my songwriting immediately.

  • Love this man, I have a method for breaking through “the block” which basically involves using a timer and just recording whatever comes to mind for 25 minutes.

    Then I go back through the recording and pick out the good bits.

    There will be times when I’m just waffling but my mind usually jolts back into ideas.

    – Chris

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  • you are sweet.

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