Joplin Relief Effort Video Recap –

Video never does justice…
But this is some of what we did when we went to to Joplin the last few days with our church
I had no tripod or steady cam so forgive my shaky hands.
I’m glad I got to live a piece of this story.
I’m also glad I missed the meetings I was supposed to have on Monday.
Cause they were canceled…

Don’t forget to get up and do something…
It’s better that way…


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  • Thank you for that. So powerful. Glory to God.

  • Beautiful and painful to watch.

  • Wow. Wow. So many emotions.

    I am overcome with a desire to fall on my face and worship our God.

    His Church can be such a beautiful picture of Christ’s love. Pity we screw it up so much. So grateful for grace and for the example of people who get it right.

    Way to Go, Crosspoint!

  • Sara

    Thanks for sharing! Prayers go out to the people of Joplin!

  • Thank you for sharing…I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face.

    I’m looking for a place to connect with to get a small team onsite in Joplin for a few days and then (hopefully) a larger team later.


  • There’s some big tornado cleanup around the area I live in, and when I see pictures of my friends helping it just looks overwhelmingly bad. When the guy in the video asked Jennifer (I think) if he could pray for her, I was so touched. Sometimes I forget how powerful it is to take the time to remember these people and lift their needs to the Father. Thanks for sharing, Los.

  • You are so right that all the pictures and videos can not even begin to describe the devastation here. Thanks again for all your help and support it is going to be a long few years to recover but we will…especially with the Church leading the way!

  • That’s awesome stuff Carlos! Thank you!

  • This is what it means to be the church.

  • mo

    Yes! the surest way to never accomplish anything is to never get off your butt and go.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • I was honored to be a part of this with you Carlos. You and your family are absolutely amazing. I am praying for you as you go to Wheelwright this weekend.

    Much love,


  • Bill Todd

    it was an honor to co-labor with you and the family from Crosspoint dispensing in large doses the grace of God to hurting, grieving, helpless folks. The devestation was no match for the goodness and compassion of Christ’s hands and heart extended. It was awesome to witness people taking the first steps in triumphing over their trajedy because someone – person by person – took the time to hug, cry, pray, and listen to hurting souls. As Pastor Blake said, “that’s the real church!”

  • Carlos,
    It was an honor to meet and serve with you in Joplin. I hope your foot heals quickly 🙂

  • wow.