Pimp Your Better Half

The time is now.
This internet is filled with nothing but memememememememememe.
Time to talk about themthemthemthemthemthemthemthem.
I want to know who your better half is.
Husband. Wife. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Dog.
Answer this.
1. Who are you “together” with?
2. What do they do?
3. Why are they better than you?



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  • 1. Who are you “together” with? Married to Sharon for 18 years
    2. What do they do? She manages me and 3 awesome kids (homeschool, bookkeeeper,teacher,friend,business-partner,gourmet cook)
    3. Why are they better than you? Empathy, loving, compassionate, understanding.

    • Lucky. You got freaking lucky…

  • My wife’s name is Erica.

    She is an RD of one of the female dormitories at Nyack College.

    Additionally, she is in charge of Leadership Training and Development for the campus leaders (worship, small group, RA’s).

    She teaches the leadership course that all campus leaders are required to take.

    In short, she’s pretty much the Cat’s Pajamas. She’s so great at what she does. She was made for it, and I’m pretty much blown away by her as she works in her element.

  • Aaron J

    My wife, Cecily, is amazing! She’s my partner in Youth & Worship ministry, she sings like WHAT, and she’s a fantastic mother to my 2 beautiful children. She works harder than me every single day of the week. With a 2 year old and a 4 year old, we’re at a very high-maintenance time of life. She handles it all with grace, and she even makes time for me too!
    Los, you didn’t ask for us to post anything like this, but if you could, could you all pray for my wife and her family? My wife’s step-mom is very sick, and she’s not doing well at all, not sure how much longer she has. Thanks for prayers, all.

  • 1. Married to Kelli for 11 years
    2. Awesome mother to 5 kids ( 3 boys and two girls ), fundraised for our adoption of our youngest daughter Lilli, writes and coordinates for http://destinyinbloom.com, women’s mentoring group leader, just a few other things
    3. Amazing compassion, very sensitive to the holy spirit, can read me like a book, she is the only reason why I have any social life at all.

  • 1. My fiancee’s name is Allyson (http://brenna.co).
    2. She is a grad student going for her Masters in Social Work.
    3. She is going to be working with addicts… drugs, alcohol, eating disorders etc… I could never do that. She is better than me.

    • weird. my wife is named allison, just finished her MSW, and works with a tough population that I never could. Well done graham.

  • My husband of 17 years is Dean Turner. He has worked for Coca Cola for 15 years. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever known. Not only does he work 50 hours a week but he also volunteers at least 10 hours a week at The Baton Rouge Dream Center. He’s kind, sexy, loving. and the best father I’ve ever known. Watching him with our kids shows me what I missed by growing up without a dad.

  • 1. craig alvin. married 18 years.
    2. record producer and mix engineer.
    3. he can grow a beard. i can’t. he also is crazy smart; understands and can explain scripture to others better than anyone i’ve ever seen. usually over a beer.

  • This one is easy for me.

    1. Tripp; boyfriend
    2. Comedian, host, director; pretty much anything he wants to do he is great at.
    3. Here are just a few reasons…
    *Has an enormous heart to continue being “better” in all he is/does
    *Brings joy/laughter to any/all situations
    *Is really great at apologizing
    *Sees the best in people, even when I can’t.
    … he makes it really easy for me to respect him.

    I’m a lucky girl.

    • WHOA! Funny… because I know you (but not Tripp). Bahaha…

  • francine

    1. alan, my boyfriend of 3ish years!

    2. computer programmer, works for some top secret research lab… it’s all very serious and way over my head (also he’s not really allowed to talk about work so i’m not quite sure what he does!)

    3. he’s so smart, levelheaded, rational, objective… very much my opposite in so many ways (:

    • francine

      oh, and he’s so, so, so funny!

  • 1. Jen – married 7 years, together 13 (highschool sweethearts)
    2. She’s on mat leave right now (child #2) and she is being a real trooper taking care of the kids and me, as I am still in recovery from back surgery, and can’t do much of anything. When mat leave is over, she might go back to work as an office admin, but I might just keep her around here if we can afford it.
    3. Did you not just read my last statement.. She does EVERYTHING, and doesn’t complain (even though I see it in her face sometimes) but it’s been a long hard road for me, and she puts up with it like a rockstar.. I dont know that I could do what she does, I’m far to selfish

    • Did I mention she’s smokin hot to boot!!

  • Ann Gardner

    1. I’ve been married to Richard for 32 years.
    2. He works in shipping but his love is plants and gardening.
    3. He loves me unconditionally and taught me to accept love unconditionally. No, he’s not Christ ! He supports me being a lay prayer minster by being the sole financial provider in our family. When our daughter lived at home he supported and encouraged me when I home schooled her. We have the same sense of humor and laugh a lot . I could go on but you wouldn’t believe how wonderful he is!!!!

  • 1. I’ve been married to Raygen (my wifey) for just over 8 years.
    2. Between birthing our children (we’ll have our fourth due in just a matter of weeks) she has certified as a Childbirth Educator so she can teach other women about birth and how not to freak out during labor.
    3. She is better than me because she prayed for wife for two years before we even starting dating. She didn’t know it, but she was praying for herself. She always has this kind of heart and she is passing it on to our kiddos. I could not imagine life without her and the love and grace that she speaks into my life and those around her.

  • Krissie

    My husband is Travis, we’ve been married a year. Right now he sells insurance, but that’s not who he is. It does however speak volumes about his character. Ministry is his heartbeat, he was running a homeless shelter for minimum wage when we met. But knowing that he couldn’t support a family on that (knowing I’d have to quit and move to him) he left and moved to me. We thought he’d be able to find another ministry position, but that hasn’t been the case. So he’s finding himself in insurance, and we’re learning that ministry is a lot more than a paid job, or even “serving” at your church. He’s an amazing man.

  • 1. Nina is my wifey (@ninabunk)
    2. She keeps me sane. She keeps our kids alive. She give me more grace than I deserve and make me like a lucky son of a gun. (She also does this ninabunk.blogspot.com)
    3. Man. Where to start? She’s everything I’m not. She remembers dates (I don’t), she talks to people nicely (I don’t), she listens when others are talking (I don’t), she waits patiently (I don’t), she wants to do fun things all the time (I don’t). She is the peanut butter to my jelly.

  • Chris Mathews

    1. Tracy, my wife of 8 years

    2. Wife, mom, and office manager

    3. Last year when I was lying in the hospital for 3 months with no idea what was wrong she fought doctors, nurses and insurance to get the treatment I needed and then stood by me during brain surgery and rehab while I relearned walking and other basic needs, all the while keeping the rest of the world happy.

    • Chris Mathews

      BTW, I think you’ve all got some pretty incredible SOs too.


    1) Stacy – 17 years and we are only 32 years old (middle-school sweethearts)
    2) Loves God, Prays for me, mothers 3 great kids and watches our nieces 2 days per week. Works on charity fund-raising boards and is supportive of my music habit.
    3) She is WAY HOTTER than me, way more compassionate, way more loving and very nice.


  • 1. Married to Carolyn for 13 years
    2. She’s an artist, homemaker, candlemaker, and friend to all
    3. She’s better than me because she loves Jesus so much that she shares Him with everyone she meets — everyone.

  • AM

    My husband and best friend is Josh. We have been married for 14 years. He is a children’s pastor and CFO but he is talented in so many areas. He is better than me at both writing and public speaking…both things I wish weren’t difficult for me. He has the ability to just talk “off the cuff” (and sometimes its pure BS that just comes from who knows where lol) and it doesn’t stress him out to stand up and speak on whatever…be it from the heart or to instruct or to teach. And he can do it at a moments notice and not care.

  • Who: My Wife of nearly 5 years Laura
    What: Daily wrangles 25 kids (23 kindergartners, our 8 month old, and myself)
    Why: She spends all day dealing with the State of Texas Education system then comes home to my insanity, and still loves me. With no disrespect to anyone else, she is the single greatest mother imaginable. Her patience and love are unmatched. In comparison, I’m kind of a schlub.

  • Jon

    1. Leanne – married for 15 years.
    2. She’s a teacher, a cheerleader, a mom, a friend, a wife, a Christ-follower.
    3. I’m not even sure where to start with this. She’s way better looking. She’s so compassionate. She’s so passionate about life. She cares so much for people. (And she puts up with me.) I’m blessed beyond words!

  • 1. Brad and I got married in 2000- so ELEVEN years next month. But I have diary entries from when I was 12 telling God about this cute guy named Brad that I wanted to marry someday. I got lucky. I got him.

    2. He leads our home. He leads a church. And he is the Michael Jordan of the Godaddy executive accounts team. (VP of his company’s words not mine) Anything the man touches turns to gold.

    3. He as the most gracious heart I have ever met. He gives second (third, fourth, 100th) chances to everyone. He is wise and creative in a very unique way. I learn from his effortless parenting skills daily. He really is my biggest fan, and I know it. He is real, and completely unapologetic about who he is. He is beyond generous and holds people tightly and things loosely.

    • Tracy Kase

      this just made me cry.

    • He’s OK I guess. As long as he hasn’t had a Monster energy drink before we carpool home.

  • My wife is amazing.
    She works full time at the bank as a financial consultant.
    At the same time she is ministering to loads of people. Her love and care reaches far outside our own little family to people who are in different kind of tough situations.
    She spends time working with organizations that help cancer sick kids in her home country, Lithuania. That lead to that she got to go and visit the president in Lithuania.

    She supports me in my work helping ministries around the world communicating effective online. She believes in me, even when I don’t deserve it.

    I am sooo proud to be married to this incredible person!

  • Brandon Boudin

    1. Married to Andrea for 5 adventurous years.
    2. Mentor Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters, best friend, keeps me and our crazy pup Jethro inline.
    3. Once was asked by a middle schooler if we argued over who was cooler than who I said no she has me beat by a long shot! Hands down she is just way more cooler!

  • 1. Aaron, married for two years
    2. He’s an IT administrator for a cardiology practice
    3. If it weren’t for him, I’d spend all my free time locked away from the outside world. He does the dishes every night. He enjoys leading people. He’s very rational. Just the first few things that come to mind. 🙂

  • Emily M

    1. Greg, husband of 9 years in October
    2. Creative Director/Graphic Designer/Entrepeneur
    3. Oh, so many reasons he is better than me! He was laid off 2 1/2 years ago and since then he has done everything possible to make sure that our family not only survived, but flourished. He is the most motivated person I know. He has a desire in his heart to create and as a result approaches things so much differently than I do with my left-brain. He is completely selfless when it comes to our family and deserves all the respect and love that we can give him.
    We are praying right now about a job opportunity in our hometown. Praying to hear God’s voice about this move and this job! It’s his turn!

  • kit hogan

    My loving husband of almost 37 years ( Sept 13) is Tim. We started dating in high school. He is a retired corrections officer, is a manager at Lowes and is an amazing man of integrity. Tim as a Masters in Apologetics, has worked at a Christian homeless shelter and with juvenile offenders. And 2 years ago,he brought his ailing brother into our home. He provides all the support for his brother and does so without any complaints. I have never met anyone with more integrity in my life.
    He is so much better than me in so many ways. He is logical, and deep thinking, I am Definitely not. He knows me better than I know myself. He protects me, provides for me and loves me well. He makes me smile and laugh and I know he would give up his life for me. I LOVE MY HUSBAND! Thanks for giving me a chance to tell the world.

  • My better half is my wife Julie. This Sunday we will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. God blessed us with 3 awesome kids. We enjoy what God is doing in our lives together. As of late our conversations have been extra deep and cool. She just started her Master’s degree and is rocking this classes (with an A in the first 2 classes). She is better than me because she makes me better, she is a servant and completes me. Glove and a hand, kind of like that. Weakness and strength, stronger together. Julie is sweet, precious and totally awesome. Los, thanks for letting me share about my “better half”.

  • My hubby is Matt (mattrcoulter.com). He currently is working at the University to take care of us. He is made to be a writer and teacher though. Just waiting for his break with his book he just finished writing entitled Torn Wineskins. He also has a heart to be a church planter. He is an amazing Daddy, husband, and friend. He is a giver of grace to me and has loved and served me so unconditionally and well. He inspires me to live by Faith and chill out about the little things. He loves well and lives his life with excellence. He encourages me to be a better parent and follower of Christ. Oh…I could go on and on. After 10 years of marriage, I am more in love with him than ever. I’m excited for our life now and the next season that God has stirred in our hearts, although its still unknown.

  • Cindy

    I’m together with John.

    He’s a retired cop who works for our church and is director of our baby Dream Center, where we serve hopeless, hungry, homeless people.

    He defends the weak with his big bad gun from abusive spouses but gently rocks their broken children to sleep in his arms.

  • 1. Who are you “together” with?
    My wife’s name is Amber. We have been married for 11 days.

    2. What do they do?
    Besides being the best wife and mom ever, she is a photographer.

    3. Why are they better than you?
    Where do I begin? She is calm when I am irrational. She is cool when I have blown my top. She is rocksteady when I have gone over the edge. She makes me rethink about a lot of things. Some things we still don’t agree on but that is more than okay. She exposes what is really on my heart (in a really good way). Being with her, through the will and grace of God, I am rapidly being conformed to the image of His Son. Everyday, I know I got the better end of the deal. She is wonderful, beautiful and altogether lovely. I love her so very much. I thank God for all the things He has done which, at least, brought me and her together.

  • 1. Married to Eric for 13 years
    2. He is a children’s pastor, devoted spouse and awesome dad
    3. The above mentioned things plus, he is the most disciplined and reliable person I have ever met. He is the INTJ to my ENFP, my perfect compliment, the follow through to my crazy ideas, and he treats me like a queen!

  • My Dale, my Dale is amazing. I married up…he’s patient, he’s thoughtful, he’s understanding, he’s my best friend, he’s the love of my life, he’s creative, he’s hott hot! He’s an amazing father and friend. He has flaws and owns up to them and strives to be better everyday. He is loyal and smart and independent and needs me and loves me and loves our kids and loves God. He’s amazing…did I already say that?

  • wow.
    I don’t have a “better half” (not even a dog).
    But I thought I would try something different.

    1) God knows my better half.
    2) What would he do? Maybe a youth pastor/leader or college group leader. Maybe some tech or designing on the side. I used to care that my husband could sing, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore. His heart would be the most important.
    3) Why would he be better than me? Because he would complete me. He would give me the motivation I need and he would make me laugh. And his heart would be so big that it would show me how much God loves everyone.

  • Cassidy

    1. My husband is Ben Nelson

    2. He is a worship leader

    3. He is better then me because he ushers people to God’s presence daily. He dedicated his life to creating events, churches, retreats, etc that facilitate freedom in worship in an environment that makes it inescapable to want to sing Go’s praises and worship his greatness. Ben has a connection to young adults that is indescribable but undeniably effective in helping them reach deeper into their personal relationships with our great God. Ben has offered his talents to God and pursues to please Him daily. http://www.bennelsonworship.com

  • No “better half” yet. I’m currently accepting offers.

  • ejay

    i’m not married, but these are fun to read about. i like hearing people compliment one another.

    i’m curious what your answers are carlos. can you do it about heather? 🙂

  • I have gotten to be married to allison for the last 7 years. She is the foster care supervisor. She loves those kids when no one else is willing to. And she loves them well. She is the most supportive, encouraging, humble, amazing woman. She also loves puns, and thinks she is hilarious, which is funny in it’s own way.

  • 1. Who are you “together” with?

    Amy. Married for over 3 years.

    2. What do they do?

    Wife, mom & child care provider

    3. Why are they better than you?

    Because she has the strength and patience to put up with me.

  • 1. I’ve been married to my wife, April, for almost 9 years.

    2. She’s in HR and leads worship.

    3. She’s better than me because she’s put all of her drams on hold in order to allow me to chase mine.

  • My man Daniel! We have been married for 6 (7 in October) years.

    He is the College and Young Adults Pastor at KACC in Anaheim.

    He is better than me because he straight up loves God and he really loves people. He tells folks that he scored really low on the spiritual gift of mercy (which he did haha!) but if you were to see him in action, you would truly believe he was joking. He is generous, forgiving, does not remember a wrong, plays with our kids, the babies love him, people love him. I am in awe of all that he is able to do everyday. he works so hard so that I can stay home with the kids. He is truly a rock star.

    Thanks for having us brag on our SO’s. It is good to remember how good we actually have it. Blessings!

  • Ben

    1) My wife of 6+ years, Sharyn, is my better half!

    2) She’s a band/music teacher at a local high school.

    3) She’s better than me for lots of reasons. Notably, she survived Guillain-Barre Syndrome which caused paralysis and hospital stays for 55 days. I had the wonderful pleasure (though it was torture at the time) of seeing her walk again, learn to eat again, and learn to play her French horn again. She is an amazing and inspiring person, a tremendously talented musician and teacher and I’m wholly devoted to the love she offers me, though I don’t come close to deserving it.

  • 1. Tania and I have been married for 16 years.

    2. She’e a stay-at-home mom & she designs/sells jewelry and children’s clothes (in her “spare” time).

    3. You’ll have to read this to understand: http://kitpalmer.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/shes-awesome-im-lucky/

  • Marty

    1. My wife, Christine and I have been married almost 8yrs (Oct.).
    2. She is an Operations Mgr for an office chair company.
    3. Wow, she is better than me be of our opposites. When I’m being angry she reminds me to show love, when I’m critical she ‘positive’ly interjects and when I’m boring she seems to find ways to act like a 5yr old. I couldn’t have “hand-picked” another so “perfect”. Truly, a God send!!
    Great opportunity to share and be reminded of the importance our “together withs” have in our lives!!


  • 1) Married to Mary Joy since April of 2011

    2) Manages two active boys and home schools them. Helps me manage our website (http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com). Helps me manage my music teaching studio by handling the scheduling. The most important thing she does, which is also the greatest gift she has given me, is that she has loved me unconditionally and has shown me respect.

    3) Why do I think she is better than me? In February of 2011 I had a series of petit mal seizures. She didn’t just manage to get me to the hospital she also stayed right there with me in the hospital and prayed for me and never once did I hear her complain. She is better than me in that by her example I have come to understand what real love is….and because of that I have become a better Dad, father, writer, and a better Christian as a result.

  • 1. My best friend, lover and husband is Daniel.

    2. He’s a Computer specialist, he can so anything when it comes to technology.

    3. He is everything I am not. He’s strong, smart and patient. He makes me feel safe, and is a man after Gods own heart.

  • Paul

    My wife is Nicole. 3 weeks ago she was hit by a car and had her right leg run over. It left her with 4 broken bones and the need for surgery to reconstruct her ankle.

    She home-schools our 4 kids and is the lifeblood of this family. I have had to do most of her job for the last 3 weeks and will have to do it for the next 6. Her job is killing me and I don’t know how the heck she does it every day all day.

    I realize, even more, how much I need her and how much she contributes to our family!

    Get better honey! You’re 3x the woman I could ever be!


  • My husband’s name is Paul and we’re coming up on 13 years this October. We met online, but in an old school system called IRC. (None of this e-match-harmony.com crap for us!)

    Paul just turned in his journalist moniker and is in a graduate program on Teaching English as a Second Language. His recently-developed passion for internationals and an urge to do something different led to this. It’s a great way to impact people around the world from right where he is.

    He’s also an awesome dad to our daughter Jadyn. He adores her and she knows to her core that she is loved.

    He is better than me in the areas of compassion, integrity and patience. He supports me in what I do, helps out around the house (and not just the “boy” jobs), and wants to help those who find themselves having to do things “on their own”.

    He’s pretty awesome.

  • 1. Who are you “together” with?

    My dog Jackson. That’s right, I am THAT person. We saved him from being euthanized a year ago and my life has been filled with so much joy/laughs/dog poop since.

    2. What do they do?

    Shows me unconditional love. Maybe a little too much love.

    He is there to greet me with a huge grin at the end of a long horrible, day.

    Protects me when I’m at my apartment. He is also a very verbal dog and I swear he thinks he is talking.

    He also runs in circles — > http://www.twitvid.com/9KXIL

    3. Why are they better than you?
    Because he can outrun me any given day despite the fact he has three inch legs.

    Proof of cuteness —–>

  • I’m married to Elizabeth, or @thisisvantage.

    She just quit her job to start an organization called (www.thisisvantage.com) to help educated teens on the consequences of sex with more than one partner. She has a passion to change the statistics in our local area for teen pregnancy and teen STD’s, which are depressingly high.

    She’s better than me in every possible way. Better looking, a higher output leader, a bigger risk taker, and more savvy than anyone. She is fully alive, a relentless lover of people, and an even more relentless lover of God. I’m so totally and completely in love with her and feel lucky to share my life with her.

  • would love prayers for a better half. God has blessed me in so many ways but I’m still waiting on this. And i’m 36 so it’s hard to keep waiting…

  • Mike C

    I have been married to my wife for over 8 years and she is by far my best friend and the most amazing person I know. This year we adopted triplets 2 boys and a girl (Kingston, Major, & Londyn) and she is super human. She has three times the diapers to change, clothes to wash, mouths to feed, and boo boos to fix and she seems to do it all while making it look so effortless. On top of that she works as a spa manager and was actually nominated as our cities top employee of the area. Most importantly she loves God and not in that super religious I read every new devotion that comes through the local bible outlet and I only watch Kirk Cameron movies kind of way, but that raw, organic, God speaks to her kind of way. Simply put words cant describe how amazing she is and my life wouldn’t be half of what it is without her.

  • His name is Nick Felix. My middle school sweetheart. ( I wish I could say we dated straight on since than but we are together now)

    He’s a brother, a son, a soon to be cop, possibly going back to school or hopefully a detention deputy so he can get into the police academy.

    He’s better than me because he enjoys life for the ride unlike me. He see’s the simplicity in life and can enjoy it to its fullest. He see’s the cup constantly half-full when I tend to see it half-empty. His gift at making anyone smile, I love him.

  • Bethany

    My husband of a year and a half-ish, Josh, is a software developer. He is one of the smartest people I know, but he is completely humble about it, so you never feel stupid around him. He also has more integrity and patience than anyone I have ever met. He thinks before he speaks. He listens so well, and does his best to understand me, even when I’m at my most confusing. I feel completely safe and cherished with him, heart, mind, soul, and body. He truly does not care what people think of him, and happily defies the shy, geeky stereotype everyone sees in him.

  • zac

    1. Who are you “together” with?- My wife Mandy, we’ve been married 3 years.
    2. What do they do? Mandy is a mom to our 15 month old, she is a staff pastor at the church we work out.
    3. Why are they better than you?- she is super compassionate, very thoughtful and selfless, very passionate about people, and has a great attitude in the midst of anything. she is a winner!

  • CJ

    1. My wife, Kelly. Married just under a year.
    2. Everything. Her day-job is local outreach pastor @ ROCKHARBOR. She’s also one of the most creative people I know. She sings like Aretha and styles weddings/photoshoots/etc.
    3. That deserves an entire blog-post. I always kid her that we have similar talents/skills yet she’s way better at every one of them than I am. Example: She’d never pimp herself so I’ll do it for her, she basically laid the smack down on all this leadership hype yesterday writing this killer blog for ROCKHARBOR: http://ow.ly/6h792

    Yup..she’s alright.

  • 1. Who are you “together” with?

    My wife of 7 yrs, Joy.

    2. What do they do?

    After being an apparel designer in the surf industry (O’Neill, Ripcurl, & Toes on the Nose) for 10 yrs ALWAYS making more coin than me, she chose to humbly serve our family as a stay-at-home momma to our 2 daughters (Emerson & Reese) while her husband goes out to HUSTLE. She still does a lil’ freelance graphic design work on the side & is a rockin’ girls leader w/in our JrHigh ministry at church — as well as a leader for the women’s ministry. AND she is probably the best friend that any girl (and me) could EVER have.

    3. Why are they better than you?

    She’s cleaner, more organized, wiser, WAY SEXIER, funnier, more compassionate, more focused, more creative, WAY more humble, and more giving of her time/treasures than I… she’s just better than me. no contest.

  • Her name is Ria.
    She fights for your freedoms as a US Army soldier.
    She’s currently in Iraq and I’m not…

    • Rebecca Smith

      your both amazing.

  • Benita

    My husband of 18 years and many more to come…his name is Jeff.

    He produces our church’s television program. He is funny, handsome, creative and extremely charming. Most importantly, he loves Jesus.

    Jeff is the most selfless person I know. He is always serving me and our 5 children. He was a tremendous support while I went to school full time while working so I could finish up my degree.

    Random fact…he is Charlie Chaplin’s great nephew. I think that’s cool.

  • Jean Stauffer

    Well, I gotta say something here, since we’ve got more years together than anyone else who commented.

    1. I’ve been married almost 40 years to my high school sweetheart, Richard.
    2. He is an auto technician by trade, a crazy good basketball player, a guitar and bass player his entire adult life, dad and grandpa to our beautiful, multi-ethnic family of twenty, and has persevered through years of cancer treatments and a job loss.
    3. He’s better than me because he is so patient with me almost all the time, even when I constantly gasp at his driving and usually think I know better about everything.

  • Sarah Paskie

    I’m with Keifer, boyfriend of almost two years. He is definitely my future husband.

    He is a musician, naturally. Guitar, bass, drums, piano, mandolin, banjo, ukelele… anything he wants to learn, he will. He is a preacher, and now he is in seminary, learning all about God’s word and preparing himself to some day be a pastor.

    He’s better than me because he has serious devotion to God and has an intense thirst for knowledge and growth. He teaches me, guides me, and protects me. That, and his patience with me when I try to be right about everything.

  • 1. Who are you “together” with? I’ve been with my husband Scott (scottsandmeyer.wordpress.com) since Easter 1989. We’ve been married since right before Christmas 1989.

    2. What do they do? He supervises probation officers in a probation office.

    3. Why are they better than you? He’s a whole lot smarter & intellectual than I am. He’s a much more faithful Christian. He’s a better writer, too. He is my better half.

  • Who? My wife, & best friend Zhenya. Married 1 month today.

    What? She created and now runs our business (a children’s boutique called Sugar Snap Pea-shameless plug). Which she started all on her own. She also manages to keep 2 kids in line daily (me and our 10 yr old Golden Retriever Gibson).

    Why? Because simply, she just is better. The most selfless, honest person I’ve ever met. She pushes me to pursue my dreams, and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is the epitome of compassion.

    Did I mention she is fearless? (moved half way across the country solo to a city where she knew no one, and opened a business 6 months later)

  • My husband, Matt, and I have been married for 11 years & have 3 kids.

    He currently works in the financial industry. Before that he was a senior pastor.

    He is spontaneous and fun and not afraid to try something crazy. He has an extensive knowledge of the Bible and can write & preach a darn good sermon. He can do logic & number puzzles in the time it takes me to read the directions. He puts up with me & mental health issues and can always make me laugh with the random things he does. Not to mention, he does a great job with our kids.

    We’ve been hanging out together since high school and I still enjoy hanging out with him 13 years later. He is definitely my best friend.

  • Keifer

    1. my girlfriend is Sarah Paskie 🙂 and she is the love of my life. After our first date I was an idiot and told her I didnt want to hurt her and that i wasn’t good enough for her. But she pursued me and went after me. And not to Jesus Juke but this reminds me everyday of Luke where Jesus tells of the shepherd who went out and pursued the sheep that lost its way.

    2. She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, but she wants a job with a deep purpose. As of now she works her butt off at 2 jobs so she can pay her way through school.

    3. She is better then me not just because she is smart and hilarious and the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on (and by her grace she deals with me everyday) but because she loves others as herself. She is patient with people. She understands and listens to people. She is a daughter of God and she lives like it.

  • Griff

    Who? My fiancee of 9 days. Her name is Ariana.

    What? She is a 2nd grade teacher.. She loves her job and her kids. This is one of the things I love most about her.

    Why? She is the most amazing person I have ever met! She has a heart of gold and LOVES Jesus. She introduced me to Jesus and has been very instrumental in my walk with Him. Ariana has changed my world forever! She makes me want to be a better man. She is the love of my life and I can’t imagine my life without her.

  • My husband since October 31, 2003 (not married on that day on purpose) is Brian.

    He has worked his behind off since he has been 14 years old. He has supported our family through the lows and has never asked me to work.

    He expected me to stay home and raise our three children.

    He is a child at heart which makes him such a great father!

    He has such a great smile, laughs all the time, and makes the funniest jokes.

    He is a gret bug killer.

    He is currently going to school to be a Dental Assistant.

    He cleans my house daily, and loves to wash laundry.

    He is the sexiest man I have ever laid my eyes on and I am glad God gives my husband the patience to love me for who I am; a bipolar, anxiety ridden woman!

  • Johnny

    1. Her name is Molly, and she is my wonderful girlfriend; but most importantly, my best friend.

    2. She is an absolutely amazing dancer. She knows what she wants to do with her life, and she isn’t going to let anything stop her from getting her goal.

    3. She is better than me for a ton of reasons. She just has a way about her. She can certainly dance way better than my two left feet can. She is a hard working, determined women, and I respect her for her hustle, drive, and work ethic so much.

  • Anj

    Terry has been my husband for 1 year 6 months and 9 days. He is a social worker here in LA for the mentally handicap. He is also the best daddy to our 6 week old baby girl, Eliza. He is discerning and supportive. He has this quiet, rugged sexiness about him that I get to bask in:) thanks Los!! This was fun!! I think I’ll go kiss him on the mouth now!!

  • Lex

    1 – My hubby, Timothy

    2 – He does it all. He works for a sound equipment company most mornings, and he’s a guitar tech most afternoons/evenings. HE COOKS (Thank You, Jesus!). He’s an amazing artist, and he makes me laugh all the time.

    3 – His faith holds mine up during the worst times. His love of people is real and practical. He is better than me in almost every way. I am who I am today because of it.

  • 1-My hubby, Aaron aka Ignacio Aaron Ibarra aka Iggy or Nacho when I want to annoy him! =)

    2-Full time Monday-Friday commercial plumber for Local 38 in San Francisco, Full time student at the South Bay Regional Police Academy Saturday & Sunday which he has to commute to, and a Full time Dad to my crazy 21 month old twins and my 7 year old stepson AND a full time husband to yours truly 24/7!

    3-He is better than me because he loves Unconditionally. He is better than me because he takes a lot of crap from people because of the color of his skin and the way he dresses and just brushes it off…he doesn’t give into gossip and drama, he is better than me because he is so freakin handy. He is better than me because he doesn’t take things to heart like I do and he doesn’t let petty things bother him.

    I am one lucky gal to have my husband who is a “bad boy” on the outside (backwards flipped up hats, bandanas, tattoos, etc) rides dirtbikes and Harleys but that also has the biggest heart and isnt afraid to show all of his emotions to me or his children or God!!

  • 1. Who are you “together” with?
    My wife, Leanne

    2. What do they do?
    She is an amazing cook, a fantastic mom, sarcastic, funny and amazingly beautiful

    3. Why are they better than you?
    She is slower to anger and helps me to see the other side of situations.

  • 1. My wife Angie
    2. She is a great mom, a wonderful example for me and our kids to follow because she is so generous and giving. She works very hard at all she does and is even getting her college degree at 42 years old along with raising a family, volunteering, and working.
    3. She is better because she is many things I am not. She has brought me out of my shell and has taught me how to be a doer and not just a thinker. I am a better person because of her.

  • My boyfriend, Bryan.
    Starting today for the first time as Professor Maurer.
    He is patient, kind, and more generous in every way than me. He teaches me everyday about God’s love just by bring himself.

  • My boyfriend, Steve, of (almost) 9 months. He is constantly doing things that “serve” me and thinking about ways to help relieve my stress. He is a genius at the tech side of music and production. He’s always willing to help fill a hole when one exists. I have a lot to learn about serving well from him.

    • My girlfriend Amanda, of (almost) 9 months. She is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

      She’s currently working to better server women in out area who are in tough situations.

      She’s a better dancer than me, HOTTER than me, and has an amazing love for the oppressed, poor, and forgotten people of this world. I can’t wait to see how God works through us to change the world.

  • Jon

    I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 15 years.

    Julie is absolutely amazing. She is studying to get her degree in psychology, then moving on to her masters degree so that she can counsel women who have abused drugs, been through any type of psychological abuse, or been physically abused.

    We have three boys and even after being pregnant three times she stills looks like she did the day we met. Seriously. She is so beautiful. Her belief in Jesus and the way she lives out her belief in our home, at our church, and where she works now in the school system simply amazes me. I would say that I am blessed, but a more accurate statement would be that I am floored by God’s grace in my life and how He showed me his grace by just letting her be part of my day….every day.

    Julie is also everything I am not. She is SO organized that it makes me crazy. At the same time if it weren’t for her organization the boys wouldn’t get to eat everyday, our time schedule would be flippin’ out of control, and I wouldn’t remember where I needed to be and when I needed to be there. Julie is also the most loyal individual I have ever met. I would have given up on me so long ago but Julie still sticks with me, no matter what, all the time. Julie also has the market cornered on how to love. I don’t know how, but she knows when to say what, to show me how much she cares. It’s truly a gift that she has mastered. Julie is also incredibly intelligent. She is an honors student. She partners with me to take care of our three boys, she cooks, she cleans, she loves, and she sings. She is simply incredible. I am simply blessed. My words fall short of who she truly is but hopefully I explained enough to help you understand that Jesus created her just for me and He knew exactly what He was doing when he brought us together.

  • Ashley

    1. Who are you “together” with? My husband Matt, we have been together for 10 years and married for 4 1/2.
    2. What do they do? My husband is the Director of Students (youth pastor) and Director of Missions at our church.
    3. Why are they better than you? Matt is better than me because he can lead two very high stress ministries and manage to stay more level-headed and positive about life and his job than I can (and I don’t even work for our church!). He also leads our home and is an amazing father to our 11 month old son. I adore him, and see more of who Jesus is through him. He would give any person his car/home/clothes if I would let him 🙂

  • 1. Married to Dan for 15 years.

    2. Youth/worship pastor. Quite nearly the best daddy in the world (I admit, I’m still biased towards my dad). My biggest fan.

    3. There’s so many things I could list here…he’s more patient than I am; he has more faith than I do; he has a map in his head that I’m envious of; he’s more calm and logical (I am a paranoid and emotional freak); he’s put up with my newly-acquired physical limitations without (much) complaint–I really can’t blame him for being annoyed by it, because I sure am; and, MOST importantly, he has stepped up to the parenthood plate in a way that I’ve never seen before. We took in my three nieces–aged not quite 3 and 18 months (twins) at the time–in a “temporary” arrangement. He was with me all the way when we determined that, for the sake of these three little ones, we needed to fight their biological parents for custody. They invaded our plainly-ordered lives over three years ago, and he IS the daddy to these girls, and they know it. He loves them as if they were his own children…because, he says, they ARE.

    If that’s not the coolest thing ever, I don’t know what is.

  • Ivory

    His name is Casey we have been married for almost 3 years and are excepting our first baby in 23 days. He is the most amazing person I know. He had fought so hard for me and he wins me everyday. Life with him makes perfect sense. Right now he is a painter he paints inside and outsides of houses and he is incrediable at what he does. He is starting his own business in a month and he also loves youth he pursuing his master’s in teaching and the desire of his heart is to do full time youth ministry. He is so smart and he gets people and he helps me navigate through the things in life I don’t understand!!!

  • Christina

    1. My Husband’s name is Rob, been married 19 years.
    2. Besides a shipper/receiver for a milk production plant, he is the most awesome Husband, Father, leader of the house, Mr Fixerupper.
    3. His patience is so much more than mine, his artistic abilites out weight mine (he painted me a picture for our engagement), He has taught me how to be more patient and has never ever left my side all we have been through.

    I am the luckiest woman 🙂

  • 1. Married to Sarah – been married for 10 months!
    2. Sarah is an interior designer, she makes peoples homes look frikkin amazing! I live in the best decorated house on a tight budget that you could possibly imagine! Also she makes sure I’m not working myself to death. (which is a full time job in itself)
    3. Sarah is more creative than I am, smarter, and WAY better looking. She connects with people in a way that I can’t. She is 100% amazing! I am way better with her by my side!

  • 1. My boyfriend of 17 months Robbie
    2. Music music and more music, he is a PHENOMENAL guitar player and drummer, bassist, any instrument he looks at he plays like THAT. its incredible
    3. He is much more laid back and easy-going, he teaches me to relax and not be so uptight hah.

  • My husband of 2 and a half years, Will, is a rocket scientist. An aerospace engineering grad who climbed Mount Rainier last month.

    Along with his job, he is constantly helping others, most of all, me. And he’s a neat freak, and does most of the cleaning around the house. Oh, and he’s the funniest man in the world. He even taught himself how to cook using “The New Best Recipe” cookbook. And he’s super romantic. He’s the best, greatest person in existence and now that I’ve spent my life with him I could never go without. He’s also the oldest child of five and will make a great father.

    He’s better than me because he’s stronger, mentally and physically. He’s got willpower.

  • 1. Who are you “together” with?
    – My wife, Narcie!
    2. What do they do?
    – She’s a Pastor serving as a campus minister.
    3. Why are they better than you?
    – She has such a compassionate heart, a mind that can bounce anything around, and the patience to put up with me.

  • Rebecca Smith

    1. Who are you “together” with?
    Sidney Brian Smith, the love of my life, together 10+ married 9+.

    2. What do they do?
    Better question might be what doesn’t he do. He is a brilliant business man, SEO Guru, one of the best live show directors around, serves at our church, he is so creative… but most importantly He loves god with all his heart, adores me in a way that makes me smile even on the worst day, and he is a great daddy to my step-daughters.

    3. Why are they better than you?

    He is better than me, because he NEVER gives up, he always pushes thru even in the darkest of times. He loves in a BIG way even though he has been hurt in the past, He is kind, positive and shows God’s heart to everyone He meets.

  • kate

    My fiancee, Aaron, serves in the US Army. I am selfish in life – of my ambitions, of what we eat for dinner, of almost everything. I frequently put my foot down, put myself first, whine about life’s trials. Aaron is risking his life in Afghanistan right now for selfish ol’ me, and for people he’s never met and will never meet. He’s a better person than me.

  • What a great community post Carlos. Love it.

  • Natasha

    Together “with”…no one, but there’s a guy I met two months ago or so and I can’t help but wonder if he’s the guy I’ve been praying for, because when I met him, God used that chance meeting to flip my world upside down. At the time that I met him, I’d forgotten that I wanted to fall in love, be married and have a family. I was focused on ministry and sacrificing my heart for the kingdom! Lol! That day it all came back to me.

    This is what he did: He made me smile and then he made me laugh, because he really IS funny. He’s comfortable in his own skin, and I soooo need that. He plays the guitar and I’d love to have that, because I write songs and it’d be a perfect compliment. He’s not intimidated by people who don’t look like him, and we don’t look alike at all. I interact with so many people from so many cultures, that this is high priority. He’s playful, and I forgot to mention…cute! Finally, he knows and seemingly loves Jesus.

    I don’t know yet, why he’s better than me, but I certainly hope to find out. So pray for me, that I muster up the courage to not act like a NUT when I see him, because I’m a little scared.

  • 1. Who are you “together” with? I’ve been married to Roni (Veronica) for nearly 13 years.

    2. What do they do? She takes care of me, the house, three Wild Things, helps in the youth ministry and has gone back to college this semester.

    3. Why are they better than you? Because she is better looking, smarter and is able to manage The Wild Things with (far) more ease than I do.

  • My wife Marissa:

    1. She is my biggest cheerleader after a year and some change.

    2. She is the greatest mother to be of 12 weeks ever!

    3. She has a giant heart for the hurting girls and women out there.

    4. She can sing like nobody’s business.

    5. She has shown a sensitivity to the Spirit that I have never experienced before.

    6. She is a gifted writer, poet and photographer.

    7. She is my best friend.

    8. My horse is bigger than your horse….wait…lol

    9. She is devoted to God (and to me) in ways that I am not capable of understanding yet.

    10. She is the most beautiful creature i have ever laid eyes on.

    Extra Credit: She is EPIC!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    9 Years ago I married my best friend, Kate.
    She’s the best wife, mom, and friend anyone could ask for.
    She’s an amazing mom to our 2 children.
    She’s a great wrangler of her scatter-brained husband.
    She is so much better than me in that she has shown me how to love people who are really hard to love. Her heart is so full of compassion and grace.

  • Cy

    My wife is Jen. We’ve been married nearly 9 years. She stays home with our 4 year old. He is all 4 and all boy which makes her all angel.

    Jen is an amputee, type 1 diabetic and lupus sufferer. Her “good” day would render me whimpering on the couch. She is way tougher than me. I can’t imagine the pain that is normal for her. But on she leads in our community, among her friends and in our home. God has truly blessed me, through her.

  • Tim

    1. Who are you “together” with?
    My better half, my wife, my love and my best friend is Hope. Our nine year wedding anniversary is this month.
    2. What do they do?
    She serves God, leads worship, sings, plays guitar, takes care of our two youngest kids our two cats and our dog, and me, she makes our house a home, loves her friends and family unconditionally and is passionate about Jesus and her family above all else.
    3. Why are they better than you?
    So many reasons…in addition to everything in #2 – she is selfless, always thinking of others before herself. Always puts God first in all things and all situations. She can find grace and forgiveness when I see revenge and anger. She sees an oppertunity when I see a roadblock. She keeps me going when I am ready to give up. She keeps me focused when I see something shiny. and , she has a wonderful sense of humor. I am blessed.

  • My right hand man Jason. We’ve been together for over 2 years… just waiting on him to pop the big question 😉

    He’s one of the most talented graphic designers I know. He loves what he does, and he does it for our church for a huge pay cut, because he knows it’s where he’s supposed to be.

    He’s patient and kind and has a huge heart – I am not 2 of those things. He’s quiet, but that is his best attribute, because when he speaks… he drops wisdom on you like you wouldn’t believe. He’s a catch, and I’m super blessed to have him in my life.

  • 1) Brandy, my wife of 9 years.

    2) Wife, Mother, Home Schooler, blogger, photographer, prayer warrior, encourager, faith builder, and much more.

    3) She is my better half, sooooo..

  • First and foremost. I am from SC. I heard you song Rain It Down for the first time I guess about a year ago… just b/c it was a free iTunes song that week… And became infatuated with it. I sent it to so many of my friends, one of which I know immediately bought your album. That song would never fail to bring such joy and spirit to my heart. Then a month or so ago a friend of mine (in VA) had a link on his facebook. I click it… b/c he labeled it as ‘incredible’… and who do I see? — but you. And Danny. Singing with such intensity. And his reggae voice. I — of course — forwarded that to my fiance… who said, quote unquote, it made me glassy eyed for sure. Which brings me to the point of the comment/post.

    1. I am together with ((my fiancee, soon to be hubby on 10.15.2011)) Casey James Burdette and he is something and someone that is hard to describe in a confined box.

    2. By definition/label he has a BA in English from Clemson U and currently welds and does steel fabrication, but on the side has a Master in Patience, Compassion, Relaxation, Fun, and Forgiveness, all while ensuring I feel loved and cherished while praising the name of God ::together::

    3. He is better than me because he is the driving force in our journey in to deeper commitment to Jesus while becomeing closer as a couple. He ((90% of the time)) initiates or self-lead daily Bible studies while always asking first if I would like to lead ‘this one.’ He is better because he is not quick to anger in tough situations… or at me when my temper flares. He is better because… sigh… I need him and he makes me smile . Constantly. And I know that God has presented us with this journey of love and commitment… and Casey wants to take it head on. Together. With the Lord at our side. I could not be happier.

  • I wrote a post about my wonderful other half in time for Aussie Father’s Day (1st Sunday in September). It’s actually from the nomination I wrote for Father of the Year. He didn’t win – pffft! Those judges don’t recognise a gem when they see it! Anyway you can read it here: http://footprintsaustralia.com/blog/2011/08/16/in-praise-of-dads/

  • deb

    its maybe a small thing to you, and I know it has become common and “cool” to use the word “pimp” as in make something better, and maybe you’ll find me too sensitive…

    but having been prostituted as a child, it hurts me when people attach anything cool to the word pimp – especially christian people

    and since there’s just not that many ex-prostitutes in the church, I figure sometimes I need to speak up about what hurts