Your church social media plan may suck but Youcef Nadarkhani is facing execution.

We have needs in our churches.
Cool videos, logos, lights, pretty people, greeters, parking teams, Disney shows for the kids.
None of these are bad.
But sometimes we need to be reminded what the church looks like outside of our walls.
Youcef Nadarkhani is a Christian pastor in Iran who is being sentenced to death if he does not renounce his Christian faith.

So as you sit in your next meeting deciding where you are gonna launch your next campus, or trying to figure out how to increase your churches social media presence, stop and pray for Youcef Nadarkhani and maybe head over to the bar for lunch and share a beer and Jesus with someone.

Then sign this and try to help stop this excecution…

It’s so much bigger than we think…


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  • Thanks for sharing this, Los.

    Might I add that in our prayers, we pray that through this circumstance, the Kingdom of God would be made more visible to those around us.

    It’s always difficult when a brother dies, but could his death do more to mobilize the Church than perhaps his rescue could? I’m not advocating that we pray for his execution, but perhaps we shouldn’t necessarily pray for his rescue either.

    Something tells me he’s not praying that prayer. Something tells me that he’s praying for the urgency of Jesus’ mission to reach everyone’s heart through the circumstance that he’s enduring.

    So, while I hope for his safe return to his family and loved ones, perhaps I should pray for the furtherance of the Kingdom of Heaven in this world.

    May we all, through the adverse circumstances we face, work to make the invisible kingdom visible.

    I’m certain that’s what Pastor Youcef’s life was all about.

  • Jake

    This link is for the UK Ambassador, does anyone have a link for the US?

    • Neal MD

      There hasn’t been an Iranian Embassy/Ambassador in the US since 1980.

  • Just sent an email. Thanks for the link.

  • Great post. The title puts it well and information like this really puts our lives into perspective.

    Thanks for highlighting this, Los.

  • Thanks for posting this. I will be signing it, for sure.

    I loved this perspective because it is both shocking and true. We get so wrapped up in our own worlds in the West that we forget how incredibly awesome we have it. We are living in Thailand, where police are bribed on a regular basis and which is beside Myanmar where a military regime is committed horrible injustices against it’s own people, and yet we Americans gripe about Obama all the time. I see on fb statuses of people back home complaint after complaint, and honestly, it drives me a little bit crazy– because, really?!? We have laws and freedom and money and jobs and welfare and hospitals and lots of people around the globe would kill to be able to call America home. Literally, not kidding. And, yet, because running from the soldiers in Burma isn’t our reality and rising healthcare costs are, we forget that too quickly.

    And the same applies to our churches– absolutely. Thanks for the perspective. It is so needed.

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  • Amanda Rose

    It is quite sad that this is what is happening. That people claim a religion of love and yet hate those who are different. I have a Muslim friend and she told me that Muslims are supposed to tolerate Christians, as we basically believe in the same God and the same early ancestors (Adam, Abraham, etc). It breaks my heart to see people willing to take a life over this.

    That being said, is there a way to participate in the e-mail/online petition without having to put in my address and personal info?

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