Halloween 2011

We had Angelica from the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. A salsa dancer. A little monster. A clown. A sexy Mexican. I mean a wrestler. And lots of fun with friends. And I’m locking Sohaila in the house until she is 44.
Dear Lord protect the boys that enter her life from my wrath.
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What did you do for Halloween?
Did you dress up?



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  • Dale and I were “Clive and Juliana”…Phil and Claire’s alter-sexual-egos from Valentine’s Day on Modern Family…awesome. …and our babies were Elmo and a hotdog.

  • my husband was the Unabomber and i was decked out in SWAT gear. spent most of the night holding a gun to his head.

    pretty much looked like any other day for us.

    • Los


  • Is it just me, or does Sohaila look a bit like Evie in that pic? You and Heather have such a beautiful family! 🙂

    Went as an adult with cat ears. Haha…went trick-or-treating with Ryan and his family. SO much fun watching the boys run from house to house and to see Dibora experience her very first Halloween. Such a special night!

    • Los

      YES! Glad you had fun.

  • My wife and I were pirates, our 10 month old was a parrot.

    • Los

      NO WAY!

      • way. had a little parrot hat with an eyepatch, and a vest with a skull and cross bones that had a beak.

  • Los

    NO WAY

  • Diseased international traveler.

  • Jim

    My wife, daughter and myself were all Jedi. My wife made the costumes and we all had lightsabers.

  • Didn’t dress up this year, unfortunately. We took our four month old trick-or-treating at our families’ houses around the area. She was a bumblebee for Halloween night, and a ladybug on Sunday afternoon at our church’s Trunk-R-Treat.


  • Pk

    I wore tighty-whiteys and a racing helmet. Ran around yelling “Help me Tom Cruise. Help me Oprah Winfrey.” Yep, I was a dazed, rabid Ricky Bobby.

  • http://calebgordon.com/?p=2799
    All the photos! 😀 #epictime

  • me, my 9 month old baby girl, and my husband all dressed as Princess Leia. We were a hit once people got past the fact that the husband was also dressed as Leia. Baby girl was by far the cutest of the 3 of us though!

  • Jesse Holden

    I dressed up as Justin Bieber…found the wig and all. My wife dressed in her pj’s, a robe, a thermometer in her mouth and an ice bag on her head. Together, we were Bieber Fever….amazing.

  • I was Batman, my son was Robin. My wife was The Riddler. http://jrocka.posterous.com/11012011obligations