The Virgin Diaries And The Mother Bird

Virgin Diaries.
Chronicling the lives of everyday virgins, just like we once were, or if our name is Tripp Crosby, still are.
I watched this show last night and was all over twitter .
I watched in horror.
I watched cheering the guy on.
I watched in pain.
I watched dying laughing.
But I watched.
Because to watch 2 people kiss for the first time on their wedding day in front of friends and family like a mother bird feeding her young was exhilarating and horrifying.

I mean after that kiss I fear that the poor groom wanted to run to the hills so he didn’t have to endure that again.
How much hands off is too much hands off before the wedding day?
1st base? Second base? Third base? Foul Ball?



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  • That still makes me die laughing. Toooo much. Can’t handle it.

  • i blogged about this today, too. consensus is she was trying to eat her way to back of his head.

    • JaxFost


  • I think one of my buddies put it best: “it’s like 2 fish grubbing on the same piece of food!!!”

    That was the most uncomfortable, and hilarious, show I’ve ever watched. πŸ™‚

  • Ben
  • Kara

    I can’t even comment on “how far is too far” because I’m completely horrified by that kiss. I’m thoroughly embarrassed for them. Don’t they watch TV or movies? Come on now!

    Okay…. now that I’ve got that out of my system… if there is one thing I will say…. I will not wait until my wedding day to kiss. 1st of all I already know I like kissing to wait all through dating, courtship, whatever the heck you want to call it…

    2nd…. I don’t know what else to say. I’m still traumatized. That was just horrifying… That poor couple.

  • Bwahahahahahhaa!

  • ahahaha! I’m flippin’ dying over here. How did I miss this?

    “…like a mother bird feeding her young…”

  • tower

    What exactly…is a foul ball?

  • Jennifer

    Just scary and sad. I think kissing is something a couple should experience before marriage. Although I remember a youth minister I had when I was a teenager who said “if kissing makes you feel like you want to do more, then don’t kiss”. ha ha. Of course I know now what his point was…but I would say at LEAST kissing, and hugging is acceptable prior to marriage.
    Then you won’t have your first kiss broadcast on national TV, facebook, youtube, twitter and blogs so people can watch in horror as you completely embarrass yourself.

    I feel so bad for them in a way…maybe they will do a follow up kiss so we can all see how they improve?

  • Age

    I thought is was funny….She tried to eat his face….My friend said if this is how they kiss someone is gonna get hurt on the honeymoon lol…but they made it seem like all virgins are weird. I’m 23 and still a virgin and i’m mad cool…Sex is not on my mind 24/7 and i’m not in a rush to lose my virginity….Like the crazy kissing couple i plan on having my first kiss with my future husband on our wedding day…But trust it won’t be anything like that…I’m saving myself for my husband…God gave me a gift for him and he will be the only one to ever unwrap it.

  • Brianna

    This must be a very select group because, surely not all virgins are that awkward. I didn’t want to watch, but my gosh, I couldn’t turn away! At your wedding, in front of ALL the most important people in your life is not the place to try for that first kiss. Even the brides dad laughed! And the groom, bless his heart!!! She wouldn’t get off him the rest of the reception! Extremely awkward for all the guests! But, good for them! Rock on and welcome to the other side! πŸ˜‰

  • My tonsils hurt just watching that kiss.

  • dex

    I thought they threw to a clip of ‘the Walking Dead.’

  • Joey Bergeron

    Honestly, this looks awkward but awesome. Compared to my current situation i’d love to be able to kiss again.

  • It looked like a knife fight Ina phone booth…

  • Diana

    and this is why the divorce rate is so high. lol

  • Oh my gosh…I’m thinking of rethinking my plan to not kiss before marriage…wow.
    In reality, that would be mortifying. Maybe a few practice kisses before the big day?

  • Amy

    I’ve steered away from this video until now and I wish I would have continued. I’m horrified. Oh my gosh, how awful. I can’t tell whether to laugh more or throw up.

  • Kristen

    My husband & i can not stop laughing at this video. It’s so sad but so funny. This clearly has to be evidence enough that one should kiss before the big day!

  • I can hardly wait to watch it!

  • oh that was VILE! I seriously yelled NOOOOOOO. Baby bird. *shudder.

  • I too watched and thoroughly enjoyed your tweets.
    My wife and I both waited as well and I think we were pretty darn normal. (people thought we were strange for waiting, but not strange because we were waiting)
    I couldn’t turn away from the show, but everyone who was waiting seemed super creepy and VERY strange.
    and all their friends thought they were dumb for waiting.
    Which is sad.

  • Ok 2 responses to this post:

    1.) to answer your question, a speaker I once heard in college was speaking to premarital purity, and his line was Boobs are hands off! Cause everything goes downhill fast from there. I’m down with kissing though!

    2.) This show already pisses me off because they make it seem like if your a virgin before you’re married you gotta be some creep, nerdy prude who knows nothing about sex. FALSE! My wife and I were both virgins and were not even a fraction as sheltered as these people seem to be. And I’d like to admit that our marital sex-life is pretty darn steamy… but oh well

    What else is new? Media portraying sexually active people as cool and what not, and portraying virgins as nerdy prudes…. what are you gonna do?

    • oh and one more thing…

      I don’t know why not kissing before marriage automatically makes you the worst kisser in the world. I guarantee my first kiss wasn’t that bad, so why would it matter if it was experienced when I was a teenager or a grown adult. These people are just awkward.

      I’ve been to 2 weddings where it was the bride and grooms first kiss (together as well as ever) and it was not nearly that awkward and weird.

      It is still pretty funny… just sad that they make it seem like that’s the norm for people who have high standards

    • JaxFost


  • 2nd base is my stopping point, but my wife likes 1st so that’s where I stop.

    • Mark

      Awesome! Too funny!

  • They were awkward enough on their own for the rest of the reception (and before, for that matter), but just pay attention to the ‘first kiss’ scene in that video. It’s obvious if you can focus on anything but their faces that the whole thing was sped up at least double time to make it look even MORE awkward. As for why this couple (and others) and not ‘normal’ ones? You wouldn’t be talking about this, Tweeting it, blogging it, etc. if they were the ‘normal’ virgin-til-marriage folks that we know.

  • Mark

    Based on the above, I don’t think I can watch the video!

  • Holly

    1. Oh my word! That’s awful… How can you get to that age and have to idea how to kiss? My first kiss wasn’t the best but it was… ok considering it was with a guy and I’m gay…

    2. Expressing the minority view… I live with my female partner. We’re entering a civil partnership in June and will have lived together for 2 years and, if it doesn’t go without saying, have sex.

    I think casual sex has the potential to damage people and it isn’t for me… I’ve only ever had sex with one person. However, consent is king and people should be free to decide for themselves what they believe to be right.

    I think physical intimacy is a really important part of romantic relationships and a natural and normal expression of love. I respect anyone who decides to wait as long as it is their decision and not culturally mandated by tradition…

  • Forever Tomorrow

    I’m not sure what’s more terrible, that kiss or the portrayal that those are normal virgins.

    I think it’s great if you don’t want to kiss before marriage. I don’t think it’s for everyone but I wish I had the strength for it. Why not fall in love with someone for reasons completely unsexual?

    Oh, and when did being a virgin become something so unrelatable? The shows airs between a show about hoarders and
    a show about midgets.

    But for the love, it looks like that woman is in an all you can eat face competition.

  • That doesn’t even look real it’s just such a weird kiss!

  • sucks that everybody is making fun of some people that have strong convictions, whether we agree or not.

    also sucks that the best man and maid of honor could not give a little prep before you let the tongues out of the cage.

  • awww bless their hearts for trying, it’s sweet πŸ™‚

  • I haven’t watched. Saddest thing is now they and the rest of the world have it on film…forever. The good thing is that now, it’s all up from here. She has no choice after this public outcry but to get some kissing help. In a couple years, she’ll probably be rocking him like a hurricane!

  • Sarah

    I think that was fake. WHO KISSES LIKE THAT? I waited until I was 26 to kiss the man who became my husband and let me assure you, it was NOT that awkward. I’m hoping they figured it out! πŸ™‚

  • layo24


  • JaxFost

    Literally laughing out loud. That kiss! Terrible. I used to be a “first kiss should be at the altar” person, but I’m glad I changed my mind! How incredibly awkward!

  • I saw this video a couple of days ago. Cracks me up! However, I really hate how this makes all virgins seem like a bunch of freaks.

    In response to your question: for me, 1st base is my limit!

  • AJ

    It’s been said…. but hysterics is always produced after watching that clip!

    In regards to ‘How much hands on and hands off’ I think my dad summed it up best to my then boyfriend (now husband) when walking out on our first date.

    He said “(Boyfriend), What ever you do to her, I’ll do to you!

    The look on my boyfriends face was priceless. Unpacking that comment in the car was priceless.

    “No, but even if I wanted to kiss you he would…. argh”
    “What happens if I want to just rub your leg…”

    Hahahaha… Thanks Dad! πŸ™‚