How To Use Social Media For Effective And Authentic Conversation

I don’t censor my blog comments.
I just don’t.
I mean if someone is being a complete @$$, I’ll let them for a moment and then shut them up.
I’m not here to make friends.
I’m here to have honest conversation that disturbs and disrupts people to see Christ’s face fresh again.
Here are a few thoughts I have on how to use social media to have honest and authentic conversation.

1. Realize that you are not going to convince anyone of anything they don’t already believe through online banter.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t know of anyone who had a twitter conversation and suddenly accepted Jesus or became a Buddhist. It is what it is. You are not smart enough, wise enough, or witty enough to change the world with a single tweet.

2. Everyone except you knows your online persona is way sexier than your offline truth.

If you come correct with this at jump street, people will take their capes and breastplates off faster than if they think you think you are all that.
Admitting your faults while rejoicing in His strength will get you a lot farther in conversation than you imagine.
And my abs online look WAY better than they do offline.

3. Remember that people probably only see 25% of what you blog/tweet/say.

We all think that we are the center of the universe. It revolves around us.
So I say things all the time like…”Why is that guy going off on my because of that one Instagram with a beer in it? I Instagram pictures of beer all the time?”
Um. Earth to Carlos. He is not holding his phone waiting with baited breath for the next unoriginal sunset picture you Instagram.
Newbies to my blog may read something without getting the holistic view of me and suddenly think I’m a stuck up shock jock.
Little do they know I cower in the face of conflict and fear confrontation.
But I can’t place this expectation on my readers.
So I have to be consistent in my inconsistency. 😉

4. Don’t just have conversation in your own space. Have it in other spaces.

When people see you stepping out of your space and entering theirs for conversation they feel safer to be genuine with you in yours.
I regularly visit conversations with opposing views as I and comment in direct opposition to their view without being filled with venom in order to make my place safe for them.
The post below on Elevation is a perfect example.
There are plenty who disagree with me, but the venom filled commentators won’t be gaining conversation from here. The authentically concerned who commented in love will.
It’s not rocket science.
Be an idiot and eat alone.
Be kind and eat with me.

5. Be willing to be wrong.
You will want to take the post down.
You were wrong.
You don’t want to look like an idiot.
You will want to take it down.
Bask in your idiotness for a good while.
And think harder before hitting “publish” next time.

These are some things I do to keep my authentic conversations sharp online.
What are some practices you use to keep it real online?


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  • Jesse

    Nice post! Love it! Always love reading your stuff

  • Opening my rib cage for my “audience”is risky, but so worth it. I struggle so much with people pleasing- sometimes, when pushing PUBLISH I have a little panic. I recently sent out a very disruptive tweet that had a LOT of people angry- but after freaking out and talking it over with a very good friend, I realized it was authentic and loving, not careful, not “blunt”, and not mean.
    My motives are simply to encourage- to improve the life of the people who “follow” me- which is an honor to me. I am not entitled to any audience or attention.
    I also have a great team that keeps me focused on the task- which is not to build MY platform- but the movement of GRACE and second chances.



  • Doug

    If I talk about others, I keep it positive. If I’m going to go negative, it’s always about me and my weakness and my need for a savior.

    My need to remove my ‘log’ is always more important than your ‘speck’.

  • Great thoughts! I often find myself not even commenting here because I’m scared of confrontation and people and I don’t want to get into it with people with such strong views… Yah, I’m a wimp!

  • Haha. I always say dumber things on your blog than I do on my blog anyway. It’s a safe space. Unlike my apartment wifi.

  • Jon

    It’s ‘idiocy’ not ‘idiotness’… but don’t take it down… bask in it for a while 😉

    But seriously – great tips here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Sam

    All good advice – I currently have the comments switched off on my site as I wanted to write from the heart and was feeling like I might spend too much time questioning my posts if I get a lot of negative comments. There will always be people who don’t agree with you in life but that’s what makes the world interesting!

  • I got rid of FaceBook because it was addicting and a glorified version of my life. Now, I just have twitter and a blog. Its simple and helps me focus on outlets that challenge and excite me.

  • Andrew Williams

    I just stumbled on your song with Danny. I think it would be a good idea to record a version with him in it. And cut him in on the profit you make from it to help him out, and get him back on his feet.

  • Loving #4 right now and working on it.

    Hating, I mean HATING #5 right now. I hate basking in it, seeing it there in all its “Dear God why did I write that out loud.”

  • Great tips for conversation flow. Only reason we keep comment moderation on is to keep some cyber stalkers from flaming my wife’s posts. Though reading this I think letting them have a say and show their butts may be better.

  • santa

    great blog

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  • Amen. Good word, Carlos. Thank you.

  • Wait, people are different online than they are in real life?! Well, I never! *Slinks away, hoping nobody notices…*

    Good word, ‘Los.