Don't Chase Your Dream. Make Your Dream Chase You

It is January 1st.
There is a big dream you desire to get this year.
I am 100%, completely convinced that you can get it.
Here is how I plan on getting mine and it think can help you get yours.
I’m not some dream architect, but common sense proves better than books and seminars sometimes.

1.  Make your dream chase you. Don’t chase your dream.

Put it on your phone home screen.
With a Sharpie on your bathroom mirror.
Tattooed on your wrist.
Hang it from your rear view mirror.
Laptop screen saver.
As an alarm on your phone 3 times a day.
Whatever you can do to have it chase you down and stay in your face.
Do it.

2.  Realize that owning the dream beginning is just as powerful as owning the dream ending.

Just because you don’t own the end of the dream doesn’t mean you don’t own the dream.
If you know you will have more swag when you get your dream, then walk with swag from the kitchen to the car.
If you know you will have more money when you get your dream, then start caring for your money like you should and will.
If you know you will have more time for your kids when you get your dream, then make them wonder where all the time came from now.
If you know you will sing in front of thousands at the end of your dream, then sing in front of 20 and blow their minds

3.  Surround yourself with dream kerosine and not dream extinguishers.

When you have a dream, it is important that you surround yourself with people that will help your dream explode and not put out your dream.
There are people who want to constantly doubt your dream.
There are people who want to dilute your dream.
There are people who want to put out your dream.
There are people who want to laugh at your dream.
Not only do you need to not surround yourself with these people, you need to completely disconnect from them having ANY sort of conversation about your dream.
It’s not because they don’t love you.
Most of them probably do.
It’s more because they want to protect you.
Protect you from the hurt of not achieving your dreams.
This does not make them bad people.
It just makes them bad dream people.

Take these 3 points or leave them.
But I’m going to blow your minds this year by achieving more than I have ever imagined.
And I’d like you to blow mine.
Start running.
Your dreams are coming…


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  • Between this post and Jasmine Star’s post, my rear end is sore from the solid kicks to the pants. Thanks.

  • Thank you for the encouragement. Let’s do this.

  • YES!!!!!! Thanks, Los. I can do this. Just watch me fly…….

  • Thank you for the words of encouragement. Here’s to everyone’s dreams happening!

  • Carlos, thanks for telling the truth!!

  • Betsy

    I had part of Ephesians 3:20 tattooed onto my foot this year to remind myself and anyone else who sees it, that God is doing “immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine.” Trying hard to trust and believe that in 2012 as I pursue my dreams.

  • Some of the best writing on this subject I’ve ever read. Thanks! Sharing.

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  • Very encouraging. Thank you.

  • Dang dude… thank you for this!

  • Most of us are still looking at our provision (what our bank statement says) to help us determine our vision, and therefore our living within our means instead of his blessings. (Kris Vallotton)

    I feel like I am standing infront of a hugh blank canvas surrounded by paint. I could pick up a pencil and start small but I don’t think that is the Kingdom way. God has given me a freedom to paint something full of life and colour.

    Lots of love Andrew

    P.s. God promises us the paint won’t run out if it’s a kingdom picture from our hearts!

  • Freaking A right dude! Chasing dreams right along with everyone here.

  • Excellent post! I think chasing dreams is why so many of them fail, we must let them chase us! Thank you for this encouragement as I pursue my own dreams and goals in 2012.

  • BriAnne

    Thanks for the kick in the butt.. needed it.. I’ve let go of my dreams because my life makes it seem impossible to have any… but you reminded me that I just need to change the way I look at things.. will take some time, but what I needed to hear.. Thank you..

  • T

    First, I gotta find my “dream”.

    This could take awhile….

  • After a few years of not having a dream, I finally have one this year… it started mid last year when my photography started to take off 🙂 I want to be the Jasmine Star for wedding photography of the East coast – except for not her, me. My style for wedding photogs, my clients, and only as a part time gig because I love my job in ministry. How all of that will happen? I have no clue… but I’m totally going to walk around with a sharpie this afternoon and write this dream everywhere in my house and start believing I can do it 🙂

    Los thanks for being right.on.time!

  • diana

    what if your only dream and prayer is that the pain will stay out of your head and down in your back? how do you make that happen? Right now I am laying down with my keyboard at the couch, afraid to move.praising God that it is not severe today. I just want my life back, to walk drive a ttend church, simple things that others take for granted. How can you make that happen with prayers wishes and faith, when i t surrounds you and you can’t even think right????very serious,. metal surgeries, bones weak, legs weak neck and hands bad. I need a miracle. I don’e wanna be famous, mu kids are raised. I live on 936 a month in a disabled commuinityu and rent is 450 + utilities. I just wanna be a real person again. I am to young for this. I can’t hope this gets better, there is NOTHING I can do to change this. Only
    GOd and Prayer, so anyone wanna pray for me? I believe in prayer and would love it. thank you. that is my dream. walk, drive, get out of here. have a life go to church.period. My dream ,,,,,,,,,,
    My Doctors are at the Mayo clinic and they can’t help, just take a pill. I hate that., I want life, I wanna come hear you in concert. I don’t know if you know how to check a computer,mine is not protected, but chech and you wil see that every day honestly ( God of Second Chances, with Danny) is my fav. song every day for a long time now. I wanna be pain free, or at least able to keep it from consuming my mind.I am really damaged from hard heavey work all my life. not drunk dribing or partying, just working. Ask God, Please pray for me anyone. I do believe in miracles, but it is getting so bad ten years now, that I need help even Mayo clinic can’t do. the one in fla btw. if you wanna check, whick you won’t , please just pray for healing. I can’t be any kind of witness laying on a couch with no friends.

    • Fermin

      I will be praying for the miracle of healing in your life. May God’s healing power move through your body. God bless, Fermin Whittaker, Carlos’ dad.

  • Thanks for spread’n it dude. Praying for your 2012, and for the Bachelor to work out in your liking.

  • Great stuff! Let the chasing begin.

  • Amanda

    How do you reignite a dream that is all but dead? I’ve been around too many dream extinguishers and have pretty much become one myself.

  • This post made my life! Thank you…2012 is going to be a great year.

  • Keenan

    thnx so much los 4 the post. my dream is 2 b a surgeon, nd i am just bout 2 start on my first bach this spring so cheers to school parties!!!! lol

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  • Great content. I will put these three points to the test. Additionaly I am writing goals, subgoals, etc. and creating a plan to work on each goal daily. Hopefully by 2013 they will all be realized.

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  • Melissa

    God spoke to me through this article in a way you never could have imagined or planned yourself. WOW!!!

  • sam

    Hi. Reading this post made me not only to chase my dream aswell as let it chse me but to Belive in myself everyday
    In my heart
    In my head
    In my vision everyday in everything i see and everyone i talk to always makes me think of my dream

    i would like to say people mocking your dreams and goals in your life you should not ignore them get to know them and no matter what they say it will make you stronger with your dream

    they can just be jealous help them find their dream and they willprobaly help you with your dream

  • sam

    Oh, Yeah never doubt yourself no matter what happend my dream is golf i had a bad day i didnt doubt myself which made me stronger in the end i had a good day as i recoverd

    i wish you all luck with your dreams and dont ever stop them chasing you or ont stop chasing them

    the money doesent matter just aslong you have passion for your dream you can make it

    if its about the money high chances you wont get there gl everyone

  • Ikede ebhole

    I know I’m a random person but there can be miracles when you believe. I actually didn’t use to believe in miracles until very much recently when something extraordinary happen in my life, and trust me it wasn’t just dumb luck. I’ll pray for you and I believe that if u pray too you’ll emerge from your present situation eventually and stumble on something even greater. God bless.

  • andrew

    hi i dont know why i want to be a fighter i wish my dream could help other people and not make me seem like an egotistical douchebag could anybody help me with this??