Today I Hugged A Deathrow Inmate…

Today I stood next to a woman who had been on death row for 26 years.
I put my arms around her for a group prayer.
I watched her weep for a friend who had just lost her 5 year old to a horrible accident only days before.
The only thing…
I had no idea.
I had no idea this amazing woman’s story.
I had no idea she had been on death row.
I had no idea she had written letters for 26 years asking for a pardon.
All I knew is that I was next to a grandmother who was just like me.
A sinner in need of grace.
The thing is…
She had no idea.
She had no idea she was standing next to a man who in spite of his best effort to wreck God’s blessings in his life, is still a man who God will not only use but God will use mightily.
She had no idea that she was standing next to a man who is on 20 mg of Paxil a day because he is on the verge of crazy.
She had no idea she was standing next to a man who has wrestled with demons of fear much of his life.

All she knew is I was a shoulder that needed an arm around it for the group prayer.
All I knew is she was a shoulder that needed an arm around it for the group prayer.

So much intersection in our lives.
So much weaving.
And most of the time we go through it with eyes glazed over from running so hard trying to get ahead…
That we end up missing what we are running right over.
Stories that would change our lives…
If we just stopped running towards another place…
And enjoyed where we are at.

It’s better that way.


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  • Thanks once again for your candor and transparency. It’s so easy to think we’re less of a sinner than someone else because in our minds our sin is less than someone else. I think that in matters of sin, all our shoulders are equal. Blessings to the Whittakers. You’re doing a great work. Love the new single, by the way…

    Tom W

  • Shirley

    This is the reason you are great and amazing at what you do, you can show others that God loves us, in spite of ourselves, and that we should love others like he loves us. God uses you Sir…You are a gift to us.

  • Joe

    Freaking Best.Post.Ever.

    Seriously I couldn’t breathe reading because it was so powerful. Thanks man!

  • Rebecca

    As someone who works in a maximum security prison; It’s nice to be reminded they have stories too. In this environment, we need that reminder because it’s too easy to be lost in the shuffle of things.

  • BriAnne

    This is awesome.. thank you for posting.. my parents were foster parents for voluntary placements from women’s prisons near us.. if they had a baby within 4mo of getting out and were going straight to a program, we took the babies in… Met some amazing people through that program… locations are not important… people’s hearts are…

  • Ben


    Years ago I was serving in a homeless soup kitchen. On my way to the kitchen I saw a homeless man begging for money up a head on the sidewalk. I decided to cross the street early so that I didn’t have to pass him. An hour later he was the first through the soup kitchen line!

    I am always so eager to see what is next and to get to my destination that I for get to take in the NOW! To see how God is stirring in THIS MOMENT!

    Thanks so much for the post Carlos, I needed this reminder dearly!

  • A sip of cool refreshing water on a hot summer’s day.


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  • Midge Edmond

    Great word! Rushing through the days I need a reminder to slow down!
    You are the best! Love the single!

  • That was an amazing post! I have to believe that it was more powerful than you even realize! Los, I saw you for the first time at the 2011 echo conference. You were an inspiration then and this post couldn’t have came at a better time!!

    Thanks again!!!

  • We are so clueless to the brushes of greatness we encounter everyday. Greatness disguised in the ordinary. So glad you shared this. I need to keep my eyes open.

  • rodge

    Very honest post, thank you Los.