SexyBack Challenge 2012 Introduction

OK Peeps. It’s time.
3 goals.
Physical Mental Spiritual
12 weeks.
Report in every Saturday.
That’s it.

Use the #SexyBack12 hashtag to tag all tweets, instagrams, and everything.
You in?!!!
Talk to me…


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  • Ready.

  • oh my… here we go!!! let get it!

  • So ready that I refreshed Facebook specifically to see if you’d posted the video!

    And I’m liking the three elements. Took me a couple of minutes but I’ve got my goals.

  • Ready to do this!

  • Christina

    YES!!! let’s go!!!

  • Let’s do this!!!

  • In & Ready ? Ja Sure You Betcha

  • Stacy

    I just signed up. I think this is the push I have needed.

  • Ok, I’ve already started on my physical and mental, but I will be away at a cancer camp this Sat. so I can’t check in. Can I check in Friday?



  • Eric

    I’m in! Just need to finalize my goals now.

  • Andrew Stevenson

    yup, looked at a scale and realized i need to change

  • Let’s do this!!

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  • mo

    serenity now.

  • Jess

    Ready! Guess I should put down my can of Pringles.

  • Ryan

    Gotta put the Tough Mudder training into a higher gear, September 9th will come too soon!

    • 22nd September is my turn at Tough Mudder and I’m still 15kg overweight.
      OH CRAP.

      Time to get my sexy back.

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  • Looking forward to running a 5k this Fall! Gotta get there one day at a time!

  • Dawn Thomas

    I was with you last year for #sexyback11 and I’m here again for #sexyback12. Hoping we all stay with it and don’t slack off.
    I’ll be doing P90X and the lemonade diet.

  • Ron


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  • Far easier to type #SexyBack12 than to come up with three goals! Hope this doesn’t mean I’ve failed the challenge already?! But I’m in!

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  • TheJasonR

    1. Physical – Lose 20 lbs: I am the heaviest I’ve ever been and I HAVE to get in shape. I have been eating less fast food and exercising more. I even joined a gym today.

    2. Mental – Read 2 Books FOR FUN!: Usually I read books in order to be a better pastor or Christian. I want to just enjoy the story for a change. I am on the hunt for the first book.

    3. Spiritual – Be in the Word daily: As a pastor, you would think this was a given. But as you know, pastors are human too. I am asking God to speak simply and clearly.

    I’m really excited about bringing sexy back in 2012 and I am looking forward to the journey!


  • I’m TOTALLY late…. but still want to start.

    PHYSICALLY: I want to lose over 24+ lbs in the next 12 weeks. I will be using 17 Day Diet principles that have worked for me in the past.

    MENTALLY: Take one (1) Skillport course per week to enhance my job/career skills.

    SPIRITUALLY: I want to grow closer to God. Him and I have a special relationship. Messy sometimes, but distant for the past couple of years. That’s my fault. I miss Him. This goal, I know will never be complete in my lifetime. It’s a process…. Daily devotionals and morning Gospel music to get me ready for the day!

  • Ok, I did this from January to April… went from 156 to 117… am leveling out about 120. Blogged about it on my site… does that count?

    My battle now is figuring out how to integrate exercise and main-to-the-freaking-tain this!

    So does that count?

  • Andrew P

    I’ve signed up. No idea which direction for goals though. I can come up with general ideas but I know myself I need something specific to shoot for (and I’m depending on ALL OF YOU to keep me on track. Kick my … rear … if I fall off the wagon, so to speak).

    Better devo’s (I want to LOVE God, not fear him like some authoritarian but distant father)

    Better shape (start doing pushups & situps at home)

    somehow get the desire to quit smoking. I can think of lots of reasons why I should… but frankly lack the desire/willpower to actually DO it!

    beg/borrow a guitar and start playing again. Or pick up my bass guitar and teach myself good technique and theory

    ……???? I dunno. I guess most of all I want the DESIRE to be a better, more Godly man. Deep in my heart I do, but I’ll be honest.. I’ve been conditioned over my 34 years to believe that I’m more prone to fail then to succeed, so most of me believes I’ll start this and just not finish 🙁

    • William H

      Hey Andrew just read your post and wanted to say that if you needed someone to check in on once a week and see how your doing I’d be more than willing to help you succeed and not fail. I totally believe that you can finish this. I am trying to quit smoking as well so I understand ya on that one. Good luck bro and here if ya need a friend via the web.

  • William H

    Forgot to list my goals for #SEXYBACK12 so here they are..

    1. Physical – I have been going to the gym for a while but I want to continue to get in shape as well start eating better and stop smoking.

    2. Mentally – I want to spend the summer reading books for myself and my personal growth especially books on marriage and family.

    3. Spiritually – Develop a personal time and keep it with God. I need more discipline in my life and I want to get back to a place of awe with God. Maybe even really just meet Him for the first time all over again if that makes sense.


  • Two weeks late, but I finally posted my goals!

    Gonna post my “Week One Check in” tomorrow!!

  • Keisha

    Goals during #sexyback12

    Physical – Lose at least 15 lbs. Increase endurance on the treadclimber.

    Mental – Learn a new song on the keyboard every week.

    Spiritual – Learn to listen for God’s voice when I pray, not just come to Him with a laundry list of demands or concerns.

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