Gotye Pays Homage To Their YouTube Cover Artists

Again. Thank you internet.
And thank you Gotye’s Wally De Backer for actually remixing this yourself.
Wally took hundreds of covers off of YouTube and edited them together into this amazing clip.
I don’t normally watch videos longer than 60 seconds but this will amaze you.
You’re Welcome…


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  • Shannon

    That was flippin awesome!

  • mo

    caught this on gizmodo last night … very cool!

  • asdfsda

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  • Justin


  • Favorite moment: 3:55 – “This is ridiculous! No one can play a whole guitar by themselves!”

    Loved it! Thanks for sharing. I would seriously listen to that mp3 in my car any day.

  • Man…Gotye just keeps goin! Atta boy!