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Dear God… If You are in control, then why does life suck so bad?

Dear God.
You are in control.
You are sovereign.
This is what the Bible tells me.
This is what the preacher told me on Sunday.
But you see it’s not Sunday.
It’s Thursday.
There isn’t a pew I can sit in today.

Today I simply can’t breathe

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow the checking account is going to look like this so we gotta make the groceries, and gas last…

Today I also can’t drive very far because my back tire looks like this…

And my gas looks like this…

Today my 10 year old daughter cried when I told her I had to work all night and wasn’t coming home…
So that I can buy my asthma medicine, put gas in the car, get a new back tire, and catch the checking account back up.

You see God…
Sunday it all seemed so pretty and had a nice bow on the top of my faith.
Today it looks like someone stepped on it.

So here’s what I’m thinking…

You just continue being You…
The one who gave us another months rent.
The one who delivered a child from Korea to bless my life with.
The one who has continually provided us another month of money to to live on since I decided to work for the global church and not the local one.
The one who miraculously healed my marriage when no one thought it could be.
The one who has blessed me with the 2 most beautiful daughters on the planet.
The one who moved us to Nashville to find a community that has called us family since day one.
The one who rescued my soul from the stench of sin and despair only to wrap your arms of love around it.

Yea.  That you.
You keep being that God and I’ll stop complaining.
Cause I know you never stopped being that God in the first place.

PS.  This post wasn’t written for pity but rather for those of you facing a crappy day.  We all have them.  Just remember the good days on the bad ones.  K?!!!

  • Jenny

    Praying for you and your family today Carlos… for an abundance of God’s Presence, peace, joy… and also some provision to be dropped to you as well :) Hope that’s ok…


    • loswhit

      Thanks Jenny!

    • Jimbo

      Let’s not forget God’s control is a choice we must make. Love can’t exist without choice. And choice is a gift from God. Our choices control our lives.

  • Marc

    Thanks for reminding me that its ok to not always be ok. and that God is still God and thats what matters.

    • loswhit


      • berto

        If there is a god,it could care less.An absent landlord.It is a silly sad concept.Religion ruins everything.Ban it and these silly thoughts of talking snakes and miracles.Be an adult.Think and use your brain.When these dumb stories were written people had the education of a 2nd grader.Of course they believed this foolish stuff.There would be no sick or sadness.Please spare me the Satan stuff too.Just more silly stuff.A guy in a red suit with horns.REALLY?We may soon have a new nut in the white house that believes in a planet called”Kalob”behind the sun were God lives.I wish it was a joke but people will vote for this crackpot.Life sucks because it just does and mankind is way to stupid to admit it.These kooks on television claiming to be doing miracles should be banned.How about fixing that sad comb over first?A real shame.

  • Rae-Ann

    when life is kicking my ass, I think ..Oh wait…I forgot….He will never let me down.
    Hang in there :)

    • loswhit

      I’ll be fine! One bad day can’t replace the 324345252 good ones!

      • Jesse

        Hang in there los.

        P.S. I called 324345252 and it was a bad number.

  • Joan Ball

    Here’s where some corners of the church miss something that seems pretty self-evident. Yes, I will pray for you and your family. That said, I have my daily bread and a little more today. No money in a retirement account. No money socked away for my kids’ college. No cash for creature comforts. But I want you to send me a link to your Paypal anyway. And Martin and I will send you some money for the meds (can’t cover all of it, but we’ll make a dent). And maybe someday when I have no money for meds, or gas, or something else, someone will ask for my PayPal (or not). And suddenly they Kingdom come had, indeed, come. I’ll be waiting for that email, Carlos…

    • loswhit

      Damn you Joan. You always mess me up. for years…

      • Joan Ball

        Blame the Holy Spirit. I’m just along for the ride. Now send me that PayPal info…

        • Rebecca

          Beautiful. This is the Church.

  • Richard Tesorio

    God does and always will provide. I’ve been dealing with the same thing this week with being so high on Sunday and feeling like I just got kicked down in the middle of the week and I’m still feeling it.

    Just like you reminded yourself of what God has done so far, he’ll come through again so you can praise him even more. I’ll have to do the same for me because I know he’ll turn it into good so I can tell everyone of how he provides once again.

  • Bri

    Thanks for posting this! I’m there. Due to some unfortunate circumstances we are losing our house, and moving tomorrow. I’m freaking out because I don’t work, only my husband does. I go I school full time and next week is my first national board exam. I’m afraid I’m going to do well because of the move and the fact that getting out of here on time has taken over my study time. I’m afraid my kid isn’t going to adjust to the move well. I know I’m supposed to be faithful and trust God but right now I’m stressed, I’m not seeing the other side of this yet. But, thank you for reminding me he stays the same all the time and keeps his end of the bargain even when being a sucky child of his.

  • V

    Wow…thanks for that, Los. I totally need to hear that for my own drama…and sorry things are rough for you guys right now too!



  • Jason

    Praying for you Los.

  • Dawn Thomas

    We have been in your situation many times in the past. Thankfully my husband has gotten a new job working for the state. We are not rich by any means, but I would like to help you and your family. Please send me your mailing address to my email; and I’ll get a money order from USPS out in mail tomorrow.

    God bless you Los. You and your family have always been an inspiration to me and mine.

  • Chris

    Thanks for your vulnerability, Carlos. We need more of that in the Kingdom. Amazing witness of stalwart faith. I pray relief soon from all of the stress that those pictures signify.

  • Tara

    Thank you, not that I ever like to see others go through hard times but sometimes it helps to know you are not alone and we are all trying to make it in this crazy world.

    • Rebecca

      Amen! #ShareSomethingReal

  • Jonathan Madrid

    I just tweeted this, but I love your transparency bro, wish more leaders and influencers would talk this way. Praying for you man.

  • mo

    At least I’m here to provide the laughs, which is some kind of blessing.

    Praying for your fam … we’ve all had those moments of poopstorm.

  • Daniel McCullough

    Los, thats great stuff. I’m in my first year in the ministry, in my first 6 months of marriage, wife is unemployed, debt out my ears and nose, and for the first time in our marriage our checking account is way overdrawn and pay day couldnt be any closer. But for the past month I have been preaching a sermon of Faith in the Storm, and would you know that the last point i wanted the YOUTH to understand I think hit ME harder, and that was to just simply know Christ and His faithfulness. You have obviously found that in your place of ministry, in your kids and your marriage. I am praying for you! And to those who have asked for his PayPal, thank you! You dont know want it means to us to receive an anonymous check to bless us in a time of need! Just want you to know that I look up to you and how Christ has been, and is using you in your ministry!

  • Greg

    A good friend that has since gone to be with Jesus asked me this question one day when life absolutely sucked:

    “What part of this surprised God?”

    His wife said the same thing to me the morning he died of a sudden heart attack.

    It’s perspective.

    God’s never late – it’s just that His plan and timing are probably different than ours.


  • Elizabeth Birak

    Los, I connect with what you’ve shared here because I’ve been there so many times myself. What I appreciate so much is your willingness to share this. I’ve always been afraid to be this honest about struggling financially because I didn’t want people to think I was just irresponsible (which we both know is not true).

    Can you please send me your PayPal info as well? I am praying for you and your family. I look up to you so much.

    Could you pray for my family as well? My husband and I pastor a little church in northern Canada. We are really isolated and have been going through a difficult couple years. The most recent hurdle is that I have to have back surgery and have to travel 15 hours to the nearest hospital in my province to have it. There’s a lot more, too, but I don’t want to write a book. :)

    Anyway, keep at it. We need you. And seriously. Send me your PayPal info.

  • BriAnne

    You tweeted this a bit ago:
    Be still and know He is God

    this is a phrase I had to be reminded of daily when things got super crazy in my world.. it’s a wonderful thing to remember when things get really rough.. I was told it more as basically- stop, shut up, tell God about it and then let HIM deal with it.. you can’t do anything, so stop trying.. He’ll get you through it.. you may not see how or when, but He will.. so be thankful you’re alive today, be thankful for the good things, and knock off the complaining..

    best kick in the rear ever.. and glad I had someone who told it to me all the time.. we all need someone like that in our lives.. and you Los, appear to have a few who do so… praise God for those people.. and I’ll be praying for you and yours as well..

  • Marla

    I am sorry for your situation. But why would you have posted all this, especially your bank account balance, if you were not looking for financial help? Maybe a few less of your “toys” would add to your account.,

    • Elizabeth Birak

      This makes my heart hurt. Please don’t pretend you know him, his family, and spending habits because you see a few pictures on Facebook, twitter, or instagram. Not that that would give you a reason to judge anyway.

      This ish is why Christians can’t be honest. Sharing stories of struggle must mean the person is either desperate for attention or manipulating you to get something from you. Ugh.

      Or, maybe they’re looking for support. Or declaring that even in times of trouble, God is faithful. Or being honest about their struggle so others feel comfortable to share their pain. You know- actually live life together as the body of Christ the way God planned for us. Authenticity isn’t always pretty.

      But you’re right. It’s probably about the few bucks people want to give him on PayPal. Since that was his idea and all.

    • loswhit

      Thanks for your thoughts.
      I’ve been telling these truths for years.
      The bank account will be back in a day.
      But its not there today.
      Read the comments.
      Those are why I shared…

    • John

      WOW… My reaction to this post was a lot like my road rage. At first, I’m angry, down right pissed at the person driving around me like, as I describe, “an idiot”, then I realize that maybe they are just having a bad day and are taking that frustration out on others.

      So that being said, I’m sorry that whatever you are going through needs to be taken out on Los and his simple sharing of himself and his situation. Like him, I’ve seen many highs and lows, in finance and in other things.

      I hope that next time you’re at a low point, someone has the courage and the love and compassion to reach out to you and just help, any way they can, whether with money or prayers or just being a shoulder to cry on. We all need that every once in a while. So I choose to give something to Los and his family because knowing him, just as little as I do, if I reached out to him, he’d be there for me in any way he possibly could. He’s that type of man and I hope that one day I can be as well.

    • Tiffani Brown

      The funny thing about following Christ is that sometimes in some situations it “seems” to others that there are other motives.
      I have found it happens often. I like to think that is the voice of the enemy bringing dissention among the body of Christ. But i’ll save that post for another day :)

      I am positive that Carlos could tell us story after story of when God asked him to do something and he said Yes and then God provided.
      Yesterday’s “yes” happened to be to be transparent and post his heart on his blog. And God provided. God also used that “yes” to minister to people yesterday.
      But i guarantee you that there have been plenty of times that Carlos’ “Yes” left not a soul knowing his financial or emotional status. That Carlos “yes” ministered to people and that for a moment he thought “Lord, i said yes, but if these people don’t know im broke/broken how are you supposed to bless me” and that God, in all of his miraculous wonder, STILL provided. In fact, if Carlos’ relationship with the Lord is anything like mine, i feel as if there has been times when God called him, Los hesitated, maybe even said no, and God provided.

      The thing about my God is that His love and provision is NOT conditional. It is not conditional on Carlos obedience, it is not conditional on your approval, or anyone else’s for that matter.
      But one of the things i LOVE about my God is how he rewards our obedience. How he reminds us that He is faithful. And encourages us to keep being faithful and saying yes to Him!

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  • Breanne Blanchard

    Sometimes you just need to know you aren’t alone…..
    I have been way over using my inhaler (which now is out) and my nebulizer because I haven’t been able to afford my Advair. Today, on the way to MOPS, the last piece of my beat up, but paid off!, car fell off…..oh and I battle depression and anxiety too. My bank account isn’t in the red today, but it has been plenty of times. You aren’t alone….always love your honesty. Prayin for you! It kinda sucks not being able to breathe…

  • beard_brain

    You really let God off the hook there. I was raised to apologize for God my whole life. Just when I am on the precipice of real answers to my most honest questions I short circuit the process by defending Him with anecdotal, reflex responses because I don’t want to seem ungrateful or like I’m second guessing the almighty’s way of doing things because after all He is right no matter what. He has blessed you with many things but just maybe the honest questions are the key to the escape from the hamster wheel of dissatisfaction and inner longing for more attentiveness out of Him. I know I sound like a douche but what is more unsatisfying than a relationship where you have to continually remind the other person that you feel overwhelmed and your needs are unmet. The people are really gracious to send money, and I’m sure you’ll say that was God looking out for you, but my wife would kick my ass if I strung her out shitty day after shitty day to prove a point that I’m really awesome when she gets to the end of her rope. MY QUESTION: “God after all these years I still get anxiety. If you have been everything that you say you are, why is it not getting any easier to trust you? Thanks for the money.” I will short circuit now “His ways are higher than mine, I just need to have more faith.”

  • Barry Sims

    Hey Carlos, could you call me please? I emailed my phone number to your account this morning.

    Thanks, Barry

  • Christy

    Thanks for the reminder of this today… just emailed a friend earlier telling her of what a shitty day this had been. (okay it’s been a shitty few months) and to come here and read this and remember not all days are like this and tomorrow is new and He is good…even when I forget.

  • Alysa

    How did you know to post this today? :) I needed it. Thank you.

  • Christi

    I work in Ministry myself. I enjoyed your honesty. On my bad days. I always remember there are always people worse off than me and then I fall to my knees and praise God for each and everyday I have on earth. Then I begin to pray for all those hurting, just like yourself.

  • Hydeny

    right there with ya on this one!!!!

  • Geoff Shafer

    Thank you for posting this Los. As a stay at home dad of two who’s bank account is almost always there, it’s encouraging to know I’m not alone. Your posts about depression and other struggles have helped me to know that it’s ok to be a Christian and have problems and also to talk about them. Thanks again.

  • Keaton

    I spare you pity and all the I’m sorry’s. I just want to say thank you! A BIG THANK YOU! I often wonder the same thing; why life sucks. Sometimes I’m sooo ready for Heaven.

    But thank you for your honesty and for being so transparent. I followed your wife’s blog for as long as I could. I related to it so much. I moved from the south to the west coast and you allowed to the south via the west coast. My husband is a worship leader and wears so many hats.

    We do the best we can listening to the Spirit and trying our best to follow the heart of Jesus. Some days I struggle, barely staying afloat, never can we get ahead. Then I read all these ‘Christian’ books, follow all the ‘famous’ pastors and worship leaders on twitter. I sometimes compare my life to their’s and it seems like they have got it made. What am I doing that’s so wrong.

    Since your wife discontinued her blog I often wondered how the Whittakers were doing. So I started following yours. I still relate the most to you and your family and I actually find comfort in your bank account and your broke down car! I can soooo relate! It’s been a entire year where people call us Job. It’s been tough.

    Thanks for this post! (Sorry I just wrote a book,)

  • Laurie

    My husband is a bi-vocational pastor and I work as a lunch lady at a local elementary. To say that we struggle financially is an understatement. We live simply and I strive to live by the motto of “waste not, want not”. We literally fall into the definition of poverty.

    My husband had a heart attack and six stents places in
    2009. We will never play off all the bills. I have some pretty bom-digity anxiety issues and chronic pain problems. I’ve recently had to drop my insurance because it became too costly. Our 13 year old daughter has recently followed in my mental illness footsteps. It’s been difficult to watch.

    But we are blessed. Sweet Jesus, your blessing overflow on us. For the past 17 years I have been married to a man who loves me with passion and vigor. He makes my heart quicken and I love him so. We have three children that don’t mind being poor. They don’t have the gadgets and trinkets that their friends do and they don’t complain.

    My husband and I give each other pep talks. We tell each other that everything is going to be alright. Just the other day we discussed that following God’s will is all that matters. Not riches, fame, nor creature comforts matter. All that matters is God and all else is secondary.

    To be honest with you, Carlos, at times you annoy me. But that’s okay. LOL! It’s good to be challenged. It keeps me on my toes. But today you’ve given me exactly what I needed to hear. To me you are a “star”. You have albums, a blog that people scramble to follow, nice things that I’ll never afford and you travel to places I can only dream of going to. I’ve seen you as a rock star, as a super Christian, as the popular dude that everyone likes, but I’ve yet to see you as human. Today that changed. Today we are both pilgrims seeking their God in situations where you feel alone. Thank you for that.

    • Nice

      I actually took a screenshot of that. Well put.

    • Seth Goldbergstein

      Shut the fuck up you crazy cunt. What a bunch of delusional nonsense. Lol wow…

  • Cori

    so glad I’m not alone…thanks for the courage to share – the good and the bad.

  • Megan

    Thank you for sharing this. I am in the EXACT same place you are and feeling very discouraged. I needed your perspective today. God bless!

    • Common Sense

      if you cannot get a girl because all the ones you meet are gay, then YOU are doing something wrong.

      • hella gay

        ^ Yeah. Like remaining in the closet. It’s ok, denial is just a phase.

  • Ebbie C

    Hi Los. I dont know you at all and I have just recently started reading your blog and I just want to say THANK YOU! As much pride as men have I know it took more than courage, but divine leading to write a post like this and be completely transparent. I know God lead me to read this because I have been struggling with being open and telling my story. Scared of what people will think or say or how they would treat me. I have concluded from reading all of your comments (the nice and the hurtful) that it doesn’t matter. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Thanks for your obedience. When we really understand that this life is not about us I think we can start living like our story isn’t our to tell anyway. We are all just vessels, instruments, billboards, and arrows that point to Jesus.
    I will be praying for your family. I pray that God give you courage to continue in this mission and to fight even when things get dim in your life. I pray that even when you can not trace God’s hand that you trust his heart. I pray that you find rest and peace in God and love flows out of your heart like a river. I pray that compassion unleashes into your life and that you walk into divine alignment. I know this may sound weird but I love you! LOL The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you and I speak peace over your finances and healing over anything in your life that is broken. Thanks for this lesson. You never know the unsuspecting lives you change just by walking in obedience. Be Blessed!

  • Jonathan Montan

    Been going thru some tough times. Thanks for this.

  • Kim

    Wow!!! transparency in the Christian “community”!!! Certainly God is pleased!! Only when we share our struggles and where we find our strength can others see HIM at work. Can’t wait to hear how He will provide for you Carlos and your family…..cause he ALWAYS does!!

  • Stephanie

    Wow, this is so totally spot on for what’s going on in our family, too. Too many bills to pay, not enough money to pay them. Car needs new tires and now the car makes a loud squeaking noise when you first pull out. GREAT!

    Oh yeah…and >$1000 of anesthesiologist bill from March of this year to pay off from my 4 yr old’s surgery to put tubes in her ears. 45 min in the hospital total and just the anesthesiologist was $1200!

  • Chad Miller

    We hear people say way to often, “I don’t pray… I don’t know how.”
    Brother, this is how you pray. This is for everyone who believes you have to use fancy words like thee and thou.
    Great post, Carlos!

  • steve

    that’s wuts up…be you…

  • Juliet deWal

    Oh, yes.

  • Aaron

    I’m not much of one for emotions however, this post and all of it’s comments have my eyes welling up and being over taken. But, not simply overtaken by emotion. Overtaken by the goodness of a God that loves, provides, and restores over and over again.

    I am currently in this very sucky situation. Bills that need to be paid, gas that needs to be put in the car, breaks that need replacing, plus planning a wedding that’s to happen in less than 12 months. Both my personal and business (band) account look similar to this.

    It’s in these times when I am truly reminded of God’s goodness and my desperate utter dependence on Him.

    Thank you for being transparent. It’s a needed thing. We all need to know that it’s alright to bleed. It’s ok to be in a bad place. Just don’t dwell in that bad place.

    I know you’re swamped with your new EP coming out tomorrow but, would you email me? I have some insight I’d like to get from you. I know this is probably a stretch because you probably have tons of people asking this very thing but, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks man!


  • Alexandr

    I am one of those christians who balttes with the command GO. I have so many ideas that would help my church grow tremendously, but my church is very small and there are not many youth advocates that would help bring my ideas to fruition. So, I choose to stay where I am due to the lack of help and motivaiton within my church. I am just stuck between a rock and a hard place and I don’t know what to do.

  • Absolutely

    certainly the truth.

  • angelseeker

    cant tell help how to help you!! The truth is in my heart now if i can quiet my mind to see and hear the signs that have been all around me but cud never see peace

  • Todd Bedusek

    athiest here god sux

    • Justsomedude

      Hello Todd. I must say, you could have sprinkled some sugar on that. Like “Hello, to all my hateful fans. The day of God before damnation and crime is about to unfold. Let the true cult of Atheist peasants overcome and succeed. Hail to the non-believers.” Or something. But, Todd, I feel Christ is going to influence your actions, because lets be honest. Characters like you are just looking to stand out. It’s not that you don’t believe in God, it’s that you just want something to bitch and moan about, taking the path less traveled by. But, bro, Atheism is already all over the place. 10 year old are bragging about how God doesn’t exist. SO! When you realize the path is more over the same as everything else, just don’t be a little slut bag and start cramming your religion down other people throats like you have something to prove. Because the only thing you proved today is that you can’t spell “atheist” or “sucks” properly. Now, I hope you feel good about yourself. Fuckin’ Todd.

    • Bluesbrother

      You can’t blame god for messing up your life, you may have sinned too much without repentance, so if you reach out to him and believe that you can be worthy of his grace, he will reward you. Otherwise, your life will just get worse and worse. You might just be stubborn and instead of making up for your sins you blame God and sin more for revenge, repeating the cycle.

      • T

        This is not necessarily true. God will not make your life easier because you follow Him. Lack of repentance does not necessarily mean you will have a hard time.

        Knowing God in a relationship is the most important thing, not begging forgiveness or trying to be a good little Christian.

        • NUNYA

          So true…

      • Bryan Doyle

        That is absolute GARBAGE! As I stated before many people do NOTHING wrong and get the shaft! People born with mental and/or psych disabilities did NOTHING to deserve it!!

      • NUNYA

        Are you serious????? There are people who have committed some of the most heinous acts and God has blessed them……Casey Anthony…for instance….Sometimes life is just hard…sometimes He really piles on some people….not because they have sinned too much I mean he should punish you for making such a silly statement….

    • Common Sense


  • wanda mcleod

    Thank u just googled why dose my life suck, never really though anything would come up…but u did thanks again!!!!!

  • burat

    God is sucks like everyone of us so stop complaining cock suckers you suck more than God sucks

    • Reality

      God is Not real, you Idiot.

  • j

    Made my day, thanks

  • Portland Mindfulness

    I don’t know much about God but I do know that life sucks because our minds suck. We have the ability to learn not to take our minds seriously, and that is the answer to the suckage. God, if He exists, probably would prefer we solve the suck problem on our own if we can, because He is probably incredibly busy running the universe, and He would know that we have the ability within ourselves to deal with the mind He gave us skillfully. If He exists. See my blog post on Why Life Sucks So Bad.

    • fuk u

      Thanks for the advert. By the way…not everyone has that ability. We aren’t any of us Einstein or Freud. So what then genius?

  • Cjl0719

    I guess that I am in the same place as a lot of people commenting on this. I googled “why does my life suck so much?” and expected some yahoo discussion to pop up. When I saw this I was shocked. It reminded me that everything is in God’s hands. I have been depressed and haven’t had the strength to remind myself that he is always there for me. He will never give us any more than we can handle. In fact, I already know that what I am going through will make me stronger.
    I prayed for the first time in a long time today. Well for more than just helping me do well on an exam with a crazy professor.
    Basically what I am trying to say is thank you for sharing. It turned my day around. One good day leads to another… And today will be good.

  • Yeah Right

    Yeah, well sometimes ‘bad’ things like above poem is ‘bad’ – YEAH RIGHT – maybe GOD just sucks REALLY to a few people. let me tell you whats a bad day/life:

    1) At 24 was engaged, dad got cancer and docs gave 3 months to live. Quit a $75,000 year job to help out. He lived 3 years. Mom went crazy would not let hospice or anyone help. My engagement went south because couldnt leave since nobody but me to take care of dad.

    2) Was engaged at 33. Called my fiance at like 7pm to come drop me off some food. On her way over she and her 6 year old daughter killed by drunk driver.

    3) Age 35 – got arthritis and severe stomach cramps that cant eat/drink without throwing up like 60 to 80 times a day. Docs have no idea whats wrong with multiple tests and doctros.

    4) Age 37 Let my mom move in with me cause my sis lost job and was evicted from her house and let her have my moms house (along with 2 nephews) whiule getting on feet. She doesn’t PAY HARDLY anything so my mom has to pay everything for her and cannot afford to leave my house.

    5) Age 39, was let go of job had 7 years (payed around 45,000). Becasue let go lost 401k, vacation and no severence pay.

    6) Age 40 – started own business. Put in all my money and business is failing – about to go under.

    So, now at 41 — no friends/girlfriend because cant ever go out with anyone because cant eat/drink in publuic because will start throwing up about 5 minutes after eating/drinking. Live with my mom so sister/nephews and live for free and she spends money on baseball, trips, new clothes for her, etc. Failing business living with two very bad health problems. Lost one fiance to help family and lost second fiance and little girl loved to drunk driver.

    I’m sorry God – I don’t think praying, or looking at good aspects (what good in my life – no friends, family that takes from me, VERY bad health, live with mom at 41, failing business) is going to do anything. I tried to do good, but like Job in the bible (losing family, business and health), I lost everything (he at least had 3 friends after all the bad stuff – I got none). So screw anyone that says look at the good and trust God.b Sometimes doing good and trying to be helpful and friendly just fucks your life up!

    • ncp

      i have a question for you I’m 21 and I’ve been jail for 3 and a half years got out in 2009 never had a job never had a girlfriend or even got laid my mom kicked me out with no place to go so i had to stay in a shelter and/or out side for about 1 year no friends the only thing going goodish is i got in to school but I’m failing because I’m so far behind. SHOULD I JUST END IT OR KEEP GOING CUZ ITS LIFE AND SHIT HAPPENS

      • FlukeLSX

        You want my honest opinion?
        Fine here it is… Don’t talk about it fucking do it.
        Life sucks for you it sucks for me it sucks for everyone…. Deal with it or punch the fuck out.
        I have been through more shit than jackass up there has been through in the same amount of time and I won’t even begin to talk about it… because I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
        But you know what? I’m to much of a fucking pussy to kill myself.
        You want to do it… then do it. I won’t lose sleep over it.
        Nor will I have any pity for you because of it.

        • itsnotgodbutclose

          I would do it if people wouldn’t feel bad and grieve. It’s just death which to me in not a big deal. I believe in the after life so for me ending it here seems fucking fantastic. This planet is a joke. The only people who do well here are people willing to become corrupted because that’s all this civilization breeds. I’d rather leave now before my soul becomes anymore filthy just by the mere presents of you other dirt bags

          • lopeonin

            you need to keep fighting, fight for whats right. The ones that want whats right need to hear their are others that are fighting for whats right too keep fighting
            it will all be over soon enough and who knows what may happen between now and then

        • Bryan Doyle

          The problem with that argument is that some people have everything and some have nothing. Life doesn’t suck for the lucky ones. Only the unlucky!

          • Roderick Silva

            Don’t let your joy and happiness depend on wealth and health.

            Faith Under Pressure
            2-4 Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.

            5-8 If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. People who “worry their prayers” are like wind-whipped waves. Don’t think you’re going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open.



            Do you think maybe people have thought of that whilst in travail???
            What I think is if you “fail the TEST”,
            …THEN you end up “deceived” AND IN HELL.

            NDE’s will tell you they saw people in hell who were told “HAHA I deceived you” by satan and guess what… THAT is their example to spread to others???
            ….That this is MERELY A TEST???

            Everything He has boldly shown me was evil supernatural, now that’s what I have to work with???——
            , and heresy on the rest of it…



            WRATH BY MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

            If He LETS me get over this, well maybe I won’t be a “HEATHEN”, HUH???????

            Fucked up people, parents, pussies, PUNKS—- FUCK!!!!

            I want to BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF SOMEONEwho deserves it
            RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Trey

            There is nothing fair or just about God! And if I have so much free will then why was I put on this fucking earth instead of God giving me a choIce. I have a whore for a mother. Fucked up kids that I never wanted and No prayer I have ever prayer has been answered. I want no part of a God that would do this to people and I certainly don’t want any part of his imaginary heaven. I want a good life now. What the fuck are we here for if it’s not to enjoy this life. God is evil. It’s all over the bible. He created it all. Even the devil.

          • Waxil Davidson

            There is no god and no free will. We are conditioned by our genes and environment.


            Better yet THERE YOU GO!!!

            There are BULLSHIT HOOPS one must jump through like NATURAL SELECTION that mean that GOD QUALIFIES EVERYONE to be WORTHY of SELECTIONNNN!!!!!!!



          • Roderick Silva

            Ha the NBA. No man, it’s not God playing games with us.

            What James is saying here is that when you go through hard times (and we all will) your faith will be shaken (Like some people tend to ‘test’ your patience). It’s natural for us to start to doubt during the rough seasons thats how our faith gets rocked.

            There are many things that happen that we will never understand why. No place in the Bible ever tells us that things will be rosey. God doesn’t promise a smooth ride but he does promise to give peace and strength. You need to dig in. Get to know God. Pray, read the Bible, listen to some messages ( Get with someone that can mentor/disciple you. Get with a church where people only care about God and none of that other nonsense that man has added (religion and traditions). Right now it should be all about you and God then later you worry about other people. Jesus came for the broken. We’re broken.

            Keep in mind when things get really bad (and they will) all the people in the New Testament that were used by God went through really bad times (even death). It has nothing to do with God turning his back on you or God ‘blessing’ other people more.

          • NUNYA

            Again…MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT!!!! He gives us more than we can bear….that’s why some people kill themselves…. to escape…peace of mind…..Because God has already mapped our lives out…so all that praying and shit..well I was still unable to have children. Although he blesses people with kids that mistreat and murder them…I thought children were blessings from God……I believe God exist….but just hasn’t made a big difference in my life right now. I’m all prayed out…prayer does not give me peace…when my problem is resolved that’s when I’m at peace.

          • Roderick Silva

            That fact that you can’t have children is sad, I agree. It is something that you can be angry about and focus on. It can eat you up and consume you. When it starts to consume people and they try to handle it alone it can lead to thoughts of suicide if you have no hope and no other perspective. I’m totally with you on that.

            That love that you have for children is God given. It is unfortunate that you can’t have your own but the love is still real. You have options. You can try to adopt. You can meet and help single parents that struggle on their own. You can volunteer for day care, nurseries, etc. Don’t keep it inside. That love was meant to be displayed to change someone’s life.

            Although life rarely plays out like we envisioned it we should still push forward and find our way. Find out why God gave you that love. I’m challenging you.

          • NUNYA

            Man miss me wit that bullshit…I was raised in the church…It doesn’t matter how hard or what the fuck you pray for….if its not in His plan…you will not receive it. Bottom line…God wants us to be all happy go lucky with the shitty lives he gives most of us…although we trust and believe in him. I just wish I had a better understanding when I was a kid…then I would not be so hurt and disappointed.

          • Roderick Silva

            Thats far from the bottom line. If we believe in a sovereign and almighty God then who are we to question him? The Word says it rains on the just and on the unjust. Just like the sun can shine on both too. Read the book cover to cover and nowhere will it say our lives will be rosey. We live in a corrupt, evil, and sin-filled world full of disease, crime, and accidents. Sometimes we bring on our own bad times from mistakes we make. Sometimes it’s just simply your turn.

            What the bible does promise is peace, strength, and courage. That is what you should be praying for when you’re going through what you’re going through. You walk THROUGH the valley of death you don’t hang around in it.

            Build and strengthen your relationship with God. Realize that our time here is short and not really intended to be a pleasure bath. Look to do God’s will and stay eternal minded. Joy comes in the morning.

            We don’t need to compare problems but know this; I’m going through the worst years of my life but I have God on my side and an unexplainable peace that can only come from Him. Chase after Him.

          • NUNYA

            I have been run’n after God for 47yrs….I’m tired…the treads on my xtrainers are worn out….. I have had to accept not ever being a mother biological or otherwise… He answered that by taking my job and house…..I have accepted not ever getting married…..but not being able to properly provide for myself…now that’s asking a lot…. I have been looking for work for almost 6yrs laid off for 3.5 of those years. I have cried prayed…trusted…now its time for Him to step up. I just completed my BS in business and I have 25yrs exp in my field (HRM)….. I haven’t even gotten temp work… Now my age is fast becoming a factor (47)….My support system is not very good….I mean I’m not homeless..but sometimes a person just needs a hug or a few words of encouragement…but it never comes…so I’m all prayed out…it doesn’t help anyway…doesn’t seem as if He’s even listening or maybe he doesn’t give a shit IDK…but I’m all outta hope, faith, and any now I dont give a shit…… I’m tired of hearing about his BIG PLANS for my life cuz they dont exist…..I am miserable….totally miserable.. I use to be so judgmental about people willing to do anything to pay their bills or make a fast buck…now…I get it!!!! So women with rich husbands you better lock’em up…cuz the next one that steps to me…which is all I seem to encounter…I will not turn them away….I will provide for myself 1 way or another!!! Oh….Glad you have found peace in your current situation.

          • Godslittletrumpeter

            Have you considered starting your own business? Surely with 25 years of industry experience, you have contacts/friends that could be clients or help you get clients. Also, would you be willing to move for a job? Just giving suggestions you may not have considered, and also, be open to going to your alma mater for career advice/counseling

          • NUNYA

            Of course I have thought of starting my own business…I have actually been researching the type of business I want to start…however it takes money…and my alma mater career center is a joke. I was raised to believe that God will make a way outta no way…guess it jus depends on who you are….

          • Murugesh

            hey did you get the job?

          • Jen

            I do understand Nunya, I am 51 years old and have been struggling my whole existance, still am waiting for that ” wonderful plan”, he has for me and my life… Just saying…

          • Waxil Davidson

            You’ll be waiting forever, since there is no god. You have to make changes and stop waiting you lazy asshole.

          • wesome

            the truth man

          • Waxil Davidson

            There’s no god, it’s all your fault.

          • Godslittletrumpeter

            Roderick, this is such a great response, but not everyone has the maturity to receive this painful yet powerful message. Unfortunately, the modern church is really messing up in that they mislead people to think that if you pray hard enough, God will be your personal Genie where your every wish is His command. But life has taught me that we live through seasons, some better than others, and that our blessings come with struggles. In other words, the wheat and the tares grow up together. We get glimmers of heaven and hell while on earth. And a lot of that I believe, is because God doesn’t want us to get so comfortable here that we never want to join our Lord in our eternal home in heaven. This life is a combination of heaven and hell. Some get more hell than heaven, others get more heaven than their neighbors, but no one escapes strife and struggle. Finally, what we are also called to do is to have Godly perspective and this requires us to have a personal relationship with God. Even our traumas and tragedies serve a purpose, and if we have a Godly lens, it can minister to others or be a testimony for others. For instance, unemployment may be a tragedy for the individual but it’s also an opportunity. Maybe God needs you to be with your kids or serving at the church more or cleaning your house or resting. Our trials do serve a purpose, even if we don’t understand. I pray that as we all struggle through this thing called life, God’s revelation sustain us. In Christ, Amen.

          • Angus Scrymm

            got to be fuckin’ kidding me with that bullshit! I don’t know about you,but for most of us on this earth,we get a glimmer of heaven and long,frequent-assed looks at hell.And,if your struggling and you see some good from it,you created your own fuckin’ blessing! I’m sooo fuckin’ sick of people giving God credit for shit he didn’t do and then when fuck-shit happens you don’t hold God responsible.You blame it all on the Devil! Well,I was taught that the Devil can’t do anything God don’t let him.So,when bad shit happens,God is the one responsible for it because he allowed it to happen.Period! The bible describes we human beings as ‘filthy rags’.Well,what does that make God?Because,as filthy rags,when our children are sick,we take them to the Dr.When their hungry,we feed them.When they need to be clothed,we buy them clothes.We’ll give our lives for our children.What about God the so-called father?When will he step up and care for his children?He talks a lot of shit through-out the bible about us,about how we fall short of every damn thing,how we’re unworthy.How we’re just specks of dust,ect.Please,tell me,what does that make Him?

          • NUNYA

            Sun shines on the just and unjust….I dont think its fair at all

          • Jenny

            True Bryan Doyle. So true.

        • NUNYA

          First of all….stop comparing your problems to others and belittling their significant adverse impact ….we all have our cross to bear!!!!! I have been looking for work for almost 6yrs. No one could have told me that at 47 my life would be fucked up!!!! But it is…and I have discovered that no matter how much I pray or try to stay positive….My life is pretty much pre-designed so i’m done with praying…why pray for shit that God is not gonna give me because its not in his fuck’n plan….I have always been a pretty decent person….but I always end up with the shitty end of the stick. I think most people commit suicide jus to have peace of mind…There’s only so much a person can take…Iron wears out. I’m not fuck’n dont test me….like this. I mean almost 6yrs unemployed…I’m educated with 25yrs exp in my field and now my age is fast becoming a factor….WTF!!!! I wanted to get married and be a mother…but no…not only do I always end up meeting bullshit ass men…but I couldn’t have children yet I have to contend with hearing stories of people abusing and even murdering their children…and I’m like really….but you wouldn’t even bless me with 1….God has broken my heart!!!!

      • Time Cop
      • Old Soul

        There is a saying! ( if you go through life with you head up your ass you’ll always be surrounded by shit!) First thing you do is say sorry to your mom! STAY in school anything worth having isn’t easy to get( i.e an education.) Get a part time job,clean up your act stay away from bad influences (people) and respect yourself! You have the potential to be great and you just have to tap into that! Good luck and no matter how hard it seems to get, keep moving forward!




          Do you know who runs that shit?????
          Obv. not.

          HOW DO YOU SAY “SORRY” TO YOUR MOM WHEN SHE IS THE BATTY psycho ONE WHO birthed my pissed off observant ass, then MADE ME JUST ABOUT as INSANE and ADHD NUTCASE?????



          • Wyolaw

            You can practice being miserable or being satisfied or happy with what you have it’s all really choices that we make every day of our lives. We choose. To get up and put our clothes on and maybe start thinking bad thoughts before we can even get dressed after just waking up. Happens every day hope and wish for more and keep going on with life even though there is no reason to keep going on or anything to look forward to after working our asses off at work or trying to find employment or better opportunities after we know we have missed out on many in the past. I think the hardest thing to do is clearing you’re mind and literally healing by practicing good thoughts. Because if you do this it will become a habit or routine. Faith doesn’t really come from the lord but from within ourselves because he created us. The strength is already there you cannot praise him since no one is certain what form god is in but most people will try to brainwash you into believing he is a spirit when most likely you are praying to an infinite universe that will not answer back to you, but will take your life someday. Human beings have only scratched the surface of the truth because there are so many religions and astrological systems in different cultures that will blow you’re mind when you learn and expand you’re research or horizon. But what must be said is that you must be ready for literally anything. Prepare your mind an body physically and mentally for the worst. You could die in brutal car accident and bleed to death. So joy and happiness is never promised to those who are born less fortunate. And only god(universe) or those who have it hard can see who is really going through torment and hell every day.

      • ICDbag

        FUCK IT…. Mass suicide and genocide..
        its the only way to go. JUST SAY FUCK IT

        • Audi

          Lol. That sounds like a good plan but sometimes even trying to escape from it all thru suicide doesn’t work. I had my first attempt when I was 8 and several after that. I’ve tried a couple of things over dosing. Hanging myself. I even tried to blow my head off. Over a handful off attempts and several lengthy hospital stays and I’m still here. And at 32 I’m Still sad. Still struggling. It all I have known. I just wish someone had the answers as to what this is all really for. I read the serenity prayer out loud every morning for the last 4 or so years hoping one day I’ll know the difference and have some peace from this world and it’s chaos but it hasn’t come yet. Every night when I go to sleep I pray that morning never come and I can finally rest. But so far every morning the sun rises and so do I. So I say my pray along with some positive affirmations and try to make the most out of what’s been giving all the while hoping inside that today I served his purpose and when I close my eyes I could get the rest I so desperately need. The only thing I have ever wanted in life was to be happy for as long as I remember. It didn’t happen today. It didn’t happen yesterday. Maybe tomorrow …..

      • Roderick Silva

        What do you do when there is nothing you can do? What do you do when you know life will not get better? What do you do when it’s not worth moving on? What do you do when you look around and everyone’s life is better than yours.

    • Dashing Andre Ellis

      Fuck God there is no God

      • RealityCheck

        God sucks filthy cock and swallows.

    • Dashing Andre Ellis

      Evil people rule the world, good people suffer and die early… evil people live damn near forever and have all the resources and power. The justice system is subject to how much money you have. The government is a cold heartless bitch. our entire human society is based on greed and capitalism. People starve in the streets while people that have money to give give it to rich men in multi million dollar churches.

      So you tell me how the fuck is there a Good God? if there is a God he is not good he is evil.

      • God’sabandonus

        I believe there is God but he has a non interference policy which I find is faulty but I don’t think he is perfect. That part is made up to turn Jesus into an idol which is strictly forbidden yet many churches ignore it.

        I am SO GLAD this site allows guest posting. Most sites for some reason do not allow it and you can immediately see the lack of comments.

        • FlukeLSX

          Man goes to god, “Prove you exsist.”
          God goes to man, “With proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.”
          Man goes to god, “Then who am I talking to?”
          The fact you think god isn’t perfect makes god fallable… And in case you didn’t brush up on your religion… God is infallable, which means he is perfect in every conceivable way.
          1. He’s never wrong.
          2. He’s always right.
          3. In case of any doubt refer to rules 1 and 2.
          That is what makes god exsist; Our stupid need to have a reason for the meaning of life when there doesn’t have to be one.

          • StrongOpinion

            If god is never wrong, why would he give us free will if he knew we would turn away from him.

            If god is perfect why did he have his own kid killed.

            Again if god is never wrong why did he himself “the great almighty” kill a mans family, friends, and burn all of that mans belongings? Just to prove to the devil that no matter what he is in control?.

            Well I’m my opinion god didn’t do shit for us, and he could care less about us. And what’s even worse about him is that he teaches only follow him and become close minded to everyone else. This god hates when certain people get married, this god tells men to kill each other over who gets a “special area” and to kill innocent people for believing in something other than him.

            Well god can kiss my ass.

          • NUNYA

            Well depends on who you ask….of course God thinks he always right…lol

          • targetdestroyed01

            So why don’t you build a tree or maybe a Solar System? Let me know how that goes. Oh and please try to do it without using mindless redneck profanity. You have already used up your yearly quota.

      • Claude

        God gave man free will and in there lies the problem. It’s man’s choice to either follow God or the wants of the world. Most chose the latter and their lives full of evil, greed, hatred, and any other sin you’d like to add to this list. God loves everyone unconditionally. He is not responsible for the choices man makes…but if man follows his path it always leads to great things.

        • FlukeLSX

          God didn’t give man fucking shit. Man gave God life, not the other way around.
          Well I’ve been following my path for 35 years, and I’m still waiting on that one great thing.
          You let me know when it shows up… I wouldn’t want to be late.

          • DCRT08

            It probably shows up around you almost everyday and maybe you choose not to see it. As far as man making God, some societies have made gods, but not God. Just remember, it’s statistically impossible for us to be here as a random scientific event. Man still can’t make something physical from nothing.

        • Tired

          That’s not always the case I continue to serve him and continue to get crap in my life. Can’t keep my head above water and have a failing marriage. The closer to God I try to get the worse things get. My question in life at this moment is, if God is more powerful than anything that comes against us then why doesn’t he make it a little easier for me to serve him since I’m making that choice???????

          • JEN

            Tired, I have asked that so many times in 51 years! In particular, the past 22 years since I have been very committed.

        • Victor Jarvis

          Little kids who get raped and innocent people who get murdered had no choice.

          • Bryan Doyle

            Couldn’t have said it better myself! god is DEAD!

        • Bryan Doyle

          Don’t give me that GARBAGE about free will! If someone drives a car into a tree and loses a leg that is free will.However if someone is born with autism spectrum disorder or mental retardation it is NOT FREE WILL!

          • DCRT08

            Actually it is. There wasn’t any disease or illness in the beginning.

          • NUNYA

            You’re a fuck’n moron……how the fuck does a baby choose to be born with a debilitating illness…..

      • Non believer

        I agree, this is what I get believe in me and I will save you. So if I don’t? That means fuck you, rot in hell . Screw religion, I don’t give a rats asshole. I don’t go to church, I don’t pray,I don’t eat the bread , waste of Fucken time

      • Bryan Doyle

        God is neutral. Capitalism sucks!

        • targetdestroyed01

          Yes just ask the millions of dead that got that way because of SOCIALISM. …as you type your vapid crap on a computer brought to you BY CAPITALISM. No wonder God has issues with a lot of people ….LOOK HOW PRIDE FILLED AND STUPID SO MANY OF YOU ARE!

          • Bryan Doyle

            You obviously are not intelligent enough to understand the difference between democratic socialism and communism!

          • targetdestroyed01

            Tyranny by any other name….

          • targetdestroyed01

            And you no nothing of history.

      • targetdestroyed01

        All governments are necessary but inherently evil so they need to be limited and that is why the US Constitution is so important. As for brainless idiocy about capitalism you can shove that. As bad as it may appear capitalism is the best economic system devised so far. Look at capitalist countries and the quality of life even the poorest have verses Socialism or any other form of economy. Nothing is free meathead so get a job and EARN A GOOD LIFE. I note that you typed your mindless “Occupy Wall Street” BS on a computer you take for granted! And it came about BECAUSE OF CAPITALISM DUMBASS. With an attitude like that no wonder you have problems. You and many others myself included may have bad luck but the ugly truth is most of our long term problems come from our worst enemy ….OURSELVES. And your comment just proves it.

    • FlukeLSX

      Aww gee wiz? And all that in just 13 years? My heart bleeds for you.
      4 funerals in 8 months. Have a wonderful day.
      Life sucks, then you die.
      -signed God.

    • FlukeLSX

      Here’s another question for you: You know when you go to church on sunday, and they pass out the donation basket?
      Instead of putting a $1 bill in it.. How about a note that says, “Get a job.”
      What the fuck does god need with money? Absolutely fucking nothing.
      Churches are out for personal gain nothing more nothing less…. It’s a business.
      You want to know what religion is? Religion is a made up excuse for the meaning of life. God doesn’t profit off religion… But all the religious sects sure as hell do.
      There doesn’t have to be a reason for anything… But it’s human nature to find a reason for EVERYTHING.

      • Gage M.

        God says give your part to the poor, the churches in the U.S. are going out of business, and need to meet thier funds or they’ll be shut down, anyways its not much to ask for in thier manner but to just help pay thier dept, and they’ll keep preaching. Btw your one hella greedy human being to not spend a dollar to “help” that part of the economy. It will not hurt you, and not all churches use it for thier dept, but actually send it of to Africa for the poor children that get fed a few grains of rice every day (not even every day) while you sit back with a plate of food. Do you eat a few grains of rice all day??? If you do I’ll give you enough money to buy a meal… just give them a fucking dollar…

    • Bryan Doyle

      I agree. Life really does suck! I’m starting to believe that god does not exist. If he does he has a LOT of explaining to do!!

    • mia

      I know how you fell. I am in the same boat you are =(

    • Gage M.

      You really dont understand what jesus went through…… although his whole life, even today, get turned down by most of everyone in this world and all he wants to do is spread his love to everyone by giving them a chance to be with god forever, and not burn in hell for eternity. Just because its been hard for you, doesint mean god, and jesus dont understand. Believe me, more people will believe the bad, than something good. Thats why bad things happen. Jesus still has faith, and thats why we all still have a chance! Jesus love’s you, and loves everyone. Just remember, faith is everything… just got to fight the devil with it, and it will be a spiritual challenge… now im going to go to sleep because its 4 A.M. hope ive helped, just think about this…

      • NUNYA

        Fuck love he needs to spread some jobs around….I’m tired of hearing about spreading love….its more to life than love. Love doesn’t pay the fuck’n bills…I know God exist…but I’m really pissed at him..I mean really pissed!!!! I know he sent he only begotten son to die for our sins and the whole bit…and I’m grateful…but its simply not enough. I dont understand how God can think not having a livelihood for almost 6yrs is ok. I feel as if he just dumped me here and kept it push’n….

        • Seth Goldbergstein

          Agreed. Modern love is horseshit and doesn’t keep the water running.

      • Seth Goldbergstein

        Jesus is a faggot bitch who is now dead and never coming back. He died like a bitch for nothing. If you haven’t pulled your head out of your ass recently and looked around, the world is still fucked ruins all repair. Thanks for adding to it by being a functional retard

        • Absolutely


    • Roderick Silva

      What do you do when there is nothing you can do? What do you do when you know life will not get better? What do you do when it’s not worth moving on? What do you do when you look around and everyone’s life is better than yours.

      You have no other option anyway so I challenge you to watch this whole series from end to end. I pray it changes your life.

    • blahno

      he does even worse to me because he crash my games,he abuse me with my friend or himself,he dont give a shit about me and he just give me what i dont always want and HE IS SUCK!!!! GOD IS HATE…….GOD IS DEATH

      • blahno

        and also,i do everything for him and he just dont give a shit

    • Jobi

      I don’t know if you can fairly compare yourself to Job because he was a righteous man who followed God no matter what happened to him. You realize in the end of Job he gets so much more back than he lost, cause he stayed faithful THE WHOLE TIME. Maybe you would have gotten everything and more back if you trusted God and had faith in Him…

      • Seth Goldbergstein

        This is a dumb argument and has no basis in reality. Plenty of people remain faithful all their lives and are beaten, raped, and/or murdered. It’s too bad it doesn’t happen to people like you more often.

      • Angus Scrymm

        What the fuck r u talking about?Did you pay any attention to that bullshit you just put on my screen?Job was a righteous man,for sure.So,if God could do that to a righteous man,he’ll fuck the rest of us up! And,no matter what God may have given Job in return for his faith,it could never replace what the man lost.Tell me this:if you were to loose even 1 of your children,if you had 10 more children after that,would you not still grieve for the one you lost?Could the other 10 replace that lost 1?Remember,the good sheppard left his flock in order to find the 1 which was lost.

  • Joe

    Thanks man…good reality check. It’s so easy to lose focus…

  • It’s the truth

    Except god isn’t real…

    • Laurence Lu

      LOL, I believe the same, but I suggest you don’t press them on others…the 80% believers may get mad at you only for saying that itself. Just appreciate what’s around you, that we are probably just smarter than other known species on this planet, things that try to sustain ourselves and live the years we have. :)

    • T

      Sir… I used to have similar feelings… God is very real. My heart aches for those who have not met Him. Men are foolish, and many religious leaders teach lies. But seeking God above all things will bring you truth and knowledge.

    • lol

      So once there was nothing at all and then something exploded for no reason and created the universe and living things and developed planets and galaxies and languages?

      I like your logic.

  • VerySeriously

    well with all the GAY WOMEN that he created nowadays, that would certainly do it.

    • Tim Ngim

      Gay women???

      • VerySeriously

        yes it is very true, and with so many of the Gay women that are out there now is certainly the reason why us Straight Guys can’t meet a decent normal one anymore since they like to Curse at us when we will try to start a conversation with the one that we would really like to meet. why should a woman Curse at us? either these type of women are very mentally disturbed, or Gay. then again, they must have been very badly abused by the men that they were with at one time.

        • NUNYA

          No you got it twisted…women had no choice because of all the gender confused men. Shit women had to start strap’n up… However I am hetero

      • The Real Truth

        Yea,. i have to seriously agree with that since many of us Straight Good Men always keep meeting the women that like to Curse at us when we will try to start a Norman Conversation with them. Doesn’t make any sense at all. Either their Sick Or Gay.

        • NUNYA

          Since you seem to have this problem with women in general maybe you should check your approach…not being mean…just say’n. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the next girl….

          • VerySadButTrue

            Then again, many Attractive women are going for Ugly men nowadays too. Go figure.

  • whyme

    thank you…. this really helped me

  • Human beings are the worst

    Why blame God for something human beings are the cause for? The reason why my life sucks is because of the other human beings that unknowingly caused me hardship. The economy? Human’s fault. Pollution? Human’s fault. Me working my butt off only to be denied a job in my field, both my fault and other people fault.

    • FlukeLSX

      Just shootin spitballs here;
      Because man was created in god’s image; And god is perfect after all yes?
      He doesn’t make mistakes and wouldn’t create life as twisted and hearless as mankind now would he?
      Becuase that would make him fallable, and god is infallable as we all know.
      Or in short, god doesn’t exsist because noone can justify his exsistance based on ANYTHING religion or logic tells us.

    • NUNYA

      I know its people that causes strife and stress….which is why I placed my trust in God….but to no avail…I am grateful and have always given God the glory for everything….good and bad..but damn…we all have a limit and I have reached mine… I need help now…I can’t worry about the next life cuz I still gotta make it through this one….

  • Me

    If god is real, then he’s done a pretty crappy job of managing the world. Poverty, crime, and corruption are rampant in the vast majority of the world, and those who are faithful are no better off than those who are not.

    • Someone u don’t know

      God did not make this a shitty place retard people did!!

      • suicide

        People are saying god wont help us though, so god either sucks ass like shitty retards or HE DOSNT EXSIST….retard!

      • Time Cop

        fuck you bitch!

      • Bryan Doyle

        It was both

      • RealHonestAnswer

        It is just too bad that God Didn’t create Good woman today like he did years ago since the real good old fashioned women back then were the Best compared to today. They have Changed for the Worst over these years.

  • Tyler Ayers

    1. There is no god. Stop believing in fairy tales, you’re too old for that.
    2. If there were a god responsible for all this fucked up bullshit and I had a chance to stand before her, I would at least attempt to slit her cunting throat for being an Indian-giving evil little cunt that has fun watching us all suffer then kills us.
    3. There is no god. There is no evidence to suggest that a god ever existed. This all developed randomly.

    4. Ever really take notice at what a truly violent universe this is? When galaxies collide, what do you think happens to the millions of planets sporting life that smash into each other? You guessed it, same thing that happens here on planet Earth on a daily basis albeit a smaller scale, life devours life (repeat mantra).
    5. I suggest you take up drinking, at least you’ll have a few laughs before you die!!!
    6. All the crime, corruption, poverty, murder, wars, etc. are the result of a group of people called zionists and they are anything but godlike. In fact, they are very likely the model for all the stories about satan, vampires and evil that were passed down through history to warn you. There’s nothing supernatural about them, they just figured out how to dupe the masses with organized cults called religion and took over money supplies so they could enslave you for your creative talents and energies then dump you and take back the pension they promised when your talents no longer suit them. Read, watch, listen and learn and stop expecting some mythical character to “return” and save you. There is no historical evidence that a man named Jesus Christ ever walked the Earth, there is evidence to suggest that Jesus is a mythical character made up that symbolizes celestial events and actually, magic mushrooms. Read about it and stop believing in fairy tales! Santa Claus is not coming down the chimney tonight!

    • Dashing Andre Ellis

      best comment ever man you hit the nail on the head…. these people dont understand that there is no God and never has been…

      • believeornot

        if God wasn’t real then why do zionist spend most their time trying to tap their spiritual limits towards bn of God body, bottom line is there are countless facts that Jesus did walk this earth weather you believe he is our saver or not..gotta do your research and hopefully you find the answers you need . the point is that somethings just can’t be explained, truth is even speaking is a sin all things are sins period…. and as for free will that is just, for every action there’s a What? reaction and trust if my life didn’t suck and I wasn’t like the guy up top I’m 30 now n since birth I feel I been handed the short stick in life and it continues to this day, I want to believe that God is real because many times there is things that can’t be explained, so I will continue to trust in the Lord and hopefully society as a whole will wake up from this elite bs we live on a daily and take control over this land of earth and our lives

    • DCRT08

      The evidence is everywhere starting with the fact that you exist at all. Millions of species didn’t show up by accident and something can not be created from nothing. Physical scientific laws exist in an orderly manner, not an accident. I find it interesting that those who don’t believe in God are almost always very angry and spew hate filled rhetoric for those that do…and sometimes anyone regardless of beliefs. There’s always the fairy take comment as well. Nice touch except that there’s too much documentation included in secular history that substantiates much of what God said.

  • ghj

    oowwwwwhhh liifeeee you blowwwwwwws..

  • T

    God bless you, sir. I found this post when I typed “why does life suck so much?” into DuckDuckGo because I am having a pretty crappy time right now.

    This article truly blessed me and I will share it with others. Thank you.

  • God’sabandonus

    It’s because more and more people have abandon the spiritual concept of God for either materialism or religion which is materialism under a fancy dancy name so therefore God cannot do much without violating you’re free will.

    There really is no such thing as *equal* rights because everybody is different and unique. There has never truly been equal rights for either man or women and *civil rights* are all just social distractions to fool us from the true enemy. I can see thru the BS that is spouts off and I’m mentally retarded so if I can see thru the BS then that is saying something.

    In the bible we are in what is known as Satan’s final hour as he has power over the air which means *airwaves* get it? His spirit is in charge of all our media to dumb us down and it’s up to us to catch on to the game of divide and conquer. So far his game is working and the bible says that will happen if people choose to follow their own path.

    An hour in the bible is like a generation so this is our last generation which started in the 60s as pot smoking hippies as they are all grown up now and don’t want to let go of that era so they are in key positions of responsibility ready to rumble.

    So therefore we humans created this bed so now we sleep in it.

    Pretty much everything sucks now because we suck. As long as we suck life will continue to only get suckier the more we fool ourselves.

    Drugs/Sex/Rock n Roll only help fuel these artificial distractions as a lot of bands have hidden meanings in them that have to do with the Free Masons much like the Federal Reserve which is ran by the Rothschilds and other private banking cartels that have hijacked our government.

    That is the short and simple version. There is likely a lot more information none of us pipsqueaks will ever have access too but a lot of military documents have been declassified that shows some weird shit going on.

  • God’sabandonus

    A few things to watch out for is in 2014 the Israel peace treaty which if it happens will pave the way for the temple that will house the AntiChrist.

    Since the 1980s there has several times been attempts to build that darn thing but nobody could hammer out an agreement. The bible says when the Antichrist is here everyone will be able to see him at the exact same time.

    Since the 90s we have had technology in you’re TV to have you’re house monitored to protect against burglary and fires if you are away. The camera is in the sensor that activates you’re remote control and for now is off unless you want it activated but there could be a time where a law forces the tiny camera to be on by law so police can watch you’re house for you’re own safety of course as they would put it.

    In high tech hospitals they actually have nanobots that go into you’re skin thru a syringe that travel up and down you’re bloodstreams getting rid of bad cells and replacing it with good ones and scientists want to use these nanobots to remove mental disorders like autism which is what I’ve got or ADD/Bi Polar.etc.

    They want computers to literally be in you’re brain and we are not very far from it. Scientists only need a way to socially engineer it so people will accept it without question and not only accept it without question but make it so you will look *backwards* for not having an RFID chip in you. It has to be made unacceptable to have anything else other then a global chip which The Beast can track you.

    They already have it in the military to track soldiers who go missing or get hurt/kidnapped.etc

    We are SO CLOSE to the end times that it’s not even funny. LOL

  • God’sabandonus

    Did I mention that in 2016 Russia plans to ban paper currency to where you can’t have anything other the rubles? T

    hat will had a worldwide effect when that is in effect as other countries like the USA and Europe will wake up and not trust paper currency causing a massive panic. Of course the media will try to keep a *lid* on it by spouting off lies that everything is fine but eventually too many people will be aware and it won’t do any good.

  • itsnotgodbutclose

    Life on Earth is a scam

  • itsnotgodbutclose

    People always to happy to say meh shit happens fuck I hate that cop-out. If this is a school for the soul then Earth is a dirty ass ghetto in the cosmic scheme of things.

  • KnockinOnHeavensDoor

    Thanks for breaking through to me with the nice little piece of encouragement. I know you wrote this not knowing me, but it went straight to my heart. Are you this kind to everyone around you? No one around me quite knows how bad it is for me right now. God, if you are there, please help me and all the others in here. Just barely holding on . . . .

  • lolol

    lol complain all of this to a homeless guy and see his reaction. People who have a higher chance of dying than living every day have more faith in God than you

  • qbert

    I believe God exists, because I’m still here. I believe mankind has distorted view of God and what life is supposed to be like. I think life is not meant to be enjoyed; it’s a test of a soul’s character, strength, determination. I believe God intervenes enough to ensure this planet and it’s inhabitants continue, or else we would’ve died off long ago- what fun would that be then? Just my opinion-for now.

  • spoilers

    Read the bible carefully. Think. Realize ‘god’ does not exist. For evidence you should take a look at the history of “Hell” as it is written in the King James bible. You should note that hell, as it is defined today, did not exist prior to this.

    • DoWhat2YouLady

      Geezus … or somebody … I felt pretty low when I came here. But, after reading some of you folks, I am much better now. Thank you so much !!

  • Time Cop


    • HowRight

      Hey, i feel the same way you do. At least i am Not Alone.

    • Reality

      Excellent Comment. I certainly agree.

  • Darin Campbell

    I really needed to hear this today. Thank you.

  • Jim Crotty

    Yes !

  • peterhamm

    Great thoughts.

    I think sometimes we miss it…

    I ask God where the heck he is hiding when I can’t find a decent parking place at the mall, or when the heat in my car stops working during the polar vortex…

    …meanwhile the apostles got beaten within an inch of their lives, thrown into prison… and sang hymns of praise…

    …leading me to believe that I suck at the whole christian thing…

  • Amanda Harman

    All I can say is….to all of this….including the comments….wow.

    I am humbled…and thankful.

  • Chris Morris

    Dude —

    This was great. So much honesty. So much truth. Literally a modern hymn, in the spirit of so many Davidic psalms. Thanks for sharing your heart, and your weaknesses, here.

  • Anxiety & Depression

    What about those with depression & anxiety. I view God differently now in life than I did when I first accepted him into my life. At first, I believed God calmed my heart and rested my soul. Now my depression is getting worse and anxiety is through the roof. I can’t even leave the house. The only thing keeping me earth side is my sweet 18 month old. So no.. I don’t believe this God that once existed is out there to help anymore. Especially with all these churches near me just begging for money but screw the new person!

    • TeriJ

      I don’t normally read comments on blogs, as it can become a full time thing, much less comment on them. But, I want you to know that God DOES love you. I have been in a circumstance similar to yours. It got to the point that putting one foot in front of another was about all I could do. Circumstances can seem daunting and overwhelming, especially if that is all we can see. I don’t want to sound trite, here, but please here me out. I want to challenge you to do something. It says in the Bible that we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. I can testify that the visible church is fallible, and can be hurtful, as it is filled with humans. But God is not. He will never fail you. I want to challenge you to spend 30 days reading the book of Ephesians. This tells you who you are in Christ, and how to live that out. God loves you so much. Here is a link: I don’t know if there is any way we can private message if you’d want to. Please let me know how I can pray for you. I want nothing from you, but for you to know the joy and peace I have found in Christ. God bless you.

      • NUNYA

        Change one’s thought process… Well Teri…I don’t think any of us thought our problems into existence…at least I know I didn’t. I didn’t say I can’t wait to grow up and have a miserable life. I really believe God has our lives planned out the moment we are conceived. No matter how much we pray or how strong our faith is… I give up on trying to have a happy life. I jus need to find a way to accept that I am an old maid, barren, broke and broken. Like the say’n goes..We are right where God wants us…so Imma have to grin and bear it….

    • Melissa

      Make a relationship with God, not the church. God isn’t a genie and won’t “fix” your issues because you asked or even because you want them. You need to do that yourself. I’ve overcome the most incredible lows, so I know what I’m talking about. Use your head, find your strength, determination and will power to not accept less than you deserve and pray while YOU work toward YOUR future. Maybe seek professional help. Only then will you get over these issues you’re experiencing. If you give up on God, throw in the towel and accept your situation, you have chosen to accept failure. Typing, writing or saying “He has failed you” or “I give up” only solidifies your stubbornness in choosing the easy way of staying the same. It takes courage and strength to change into who you want to become. The sadness and disappointment you’re experiencing is your own choice and declaration.

  • Denise

    Thanks for posting this. It’s really good. Keep on because the world needs you and God created you for such a time as this. God bless you, brother!!

  • Cristy

    So much pain in these comments, so much suffering. I prayed for you all. Sincerely, I am so so sorry I ever thought my small problems were important compared to what you’ve been through. I wish I could convince you all how very much it does matter to God. There IS peace in these circumstances, please consider what Los says in the end.

  • topher

    wow. terrible poem.

  • 9876marv

    Jesus says “come on, all you who are wiped out, confused, bewildered, lost, beat up, scarred, scared, threatened, depressed, and I’ll enlighten you mind with wisdom and fill your heart with tenderness that I have received from my Father.” This is unconditional love. We need only accept it. Who were Jesus’s best friends when he was on this planet? The tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, diseased, downtrodden, lowest of the low, worst of the worst! Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. Who did Jesus use to change the world when he was here? Who was the first person to see Jesus raised from death? Mary Magdalene – a prostitute! Who did he build his church on – a man he called the rock? Peter – lowly fisherman who struggled and even denied him to his face! God uses us lowly sinners because we are the most needy of his love. Dont lose heart! If life were a bed of roses who would need him? Who would call his name? We need only call on him, accept his love and grace and he will come running

  • tom

    man, screw this… it’s not true.

  • What is God

    Life does suck but for all that believe in no Creator thats dumb ignorance calls it god but the only thing that has been around since the beginning is what we call is energy but our minds are run off of it or produce it so that would suggest that maybe the reverse is true and that thought is energy which would suggest that consciousness is the beginning. the have been countless forms of life(blueprints) to the point of man. like software modules just mods to the original design. The creator “God” was bored, does not feel,created this shit for entertainment .whether this reality is just running program within it thought(Big Bang and all) or many consciousnesses(gremlins) that fuck with life. No life ask to be here that part is random. But to many times when you think you know the outcome, miraculously(that God for spell checker,pun intended)

    it fucks ups, that Murphy law(gremlins fucking with us). in the end. Death just erases our existence. the hell that maybe there is as the body dies the neurons trigger memories as they die(takes about 8 hours according to medical doctors) and without believing that you are saved by god the brain could experience horrible fear if there is enough shitty memories. In the end there is compassion in this creator but the intelligence and design are truly there.

  • jkenney

    Or maybe God is a wishful delusion we cling to because life is hard…yeah that is my conclusion….

    • chowderhead

      When we die, our atoms are recycled back into the air and the earth, just like plants or animals. A soul? ….the thought of one gives us hope. The bible was written by man…nice words to give us hope. In reality, no one really knows so dont go overboard being a bible thumper.

  • Go fuck yourself

    God/creator your a joke and the sooner your dead in your world the sooner all of us can truly be in heaven ,see to have nothing is better than having a fuck head like you and I know this message will get to you because you are everyone so please go fuck all yourselves you piece of shit . Your love sucks and your life is a waste of energy, you are the problem in this world and it makes me happy to know what a reflection on the shit of a life you have become from your own worldly life. So fuck you forever and ever and your son is just a lying drug addict heartless fuckhead and THATS THE TRUTH

    • Bryan Doyle

      As angry as I am about religion this letter was over the top

    • NUNYA

      No coming back from that…Wow…I’m angry with God…but geez…ok ok….we get it you absolutely positively don’t believe in God….

  • monty

    Wow lots of mad hurtin people here. My take on this…It is a gift to go through this life and not become bitter. I fight everyday for this gift, I wish it were easier. Frankly though, I think God gets a bad rap on this site. If anything reads clear in the bible it’s the description of the misery and depravity in this life. God never promised easy, if anything he said this life will suck, but its the next life to come that counts. If anything, its not “life sucks then you die”, its “life sucks then you live”! if you believe. If a preacher could reach this hurtin crowd I’d say he’d be the greatest preacher ever,

    • NUNYA

      So basically for us that are privy to the misery and bullshit of this life should live each day looking forward to death????? Well if the next life is gonna be so great…than why does he condemn suicide? Maybe there are some people that are ready to start enjoying life for a change….

  • chowderhead

    There is no god who lovingly looks down on us, we make this up to comfort us.

    • Seriously

      God is a real dick.

  • Sherill

    See Job 23:10 when you are going through stuff….It has gotten me through lots. My paraphrase: God, you know where I’m going and when you finish taking me through the trials, the really bad days, weeks and years, You bring me through the fire purified and as valuable to you as gold. I’m precious to you. —- Thank you, Jesus!

  • Sherri Adelman

    Thanks for this – yes, we all have crappy days. I’ve had a lot of them lately, but God never stops being God and for that I am thankful. Thank you for reminding me of that. God bless you and your family Carlos!

  • A Person

    God? HAHA what an asshole. All the small victories in your life you did on your own. Good job. What the fuck is god? Where is he. And why would he be reading your blog? Does he have internet access? Does he pay cable bills? So he must work then….who does he work for……is his boss god as well? I thought there was only one……POINT-> don’t be an idiot. All the good things in your life happened because you or someone else made them happen for you. You can change it whenever you want. Probably not gonna be easy. But no one is coming down with a magic wand to wave away your problems.

  • scottyo

    hey people, life sucks. If you are not rich or lucky, you are screwed. You will live a hard life with disastrous situations coming at you until the day you die. You think God gives a shit about your money? Your health?you work hard at your job just to get laid off. You marry a woman and struggle to keep the marriage going just to have her screw every other man including your really think God gives a shit? He is up in his heaven sitting on a throne that is more valuable than the entire net worth of the universe. You think he cares that you are struggling with money? Well if he did, wouldn’t he bless you with money? When he blessed you with a good wife? When he blessed you with a good job? Well if he doesn’t do those blessings in your life, does that mean he doesn’t like you? This whole thing about God caring for Humanity is bullshit, & I am tired of searching and seeking his face and his will for my life when I already know what his will in my life is. To be a loser and a piece of crap that can’t get out of a rut because I am so deep into reaping what ive down in my life.basically, what God is telling people like me is, you have destroyed your life so bad that I cannot do anything with it. Just sit back and get shit on for the remaining years of your life and shut the fuck up. I am God

  • cursed one

    Fuckin favoritism showing narccist. What an asshole. Blesses those who hate him and curses the few that love him. Look at all the heathens he blesses. Hollywood actors, musicians. Those are his favorites. He is constantly giving these assholes opportunities to make millions. He gave them extraordinary gifts that have value. I love music but dont have a gift. I love acting, but wasnt blessed with talent. What valuable talent or gift was I blessed with? The gift of going days with no food or gas. Wow, what love. What a caring father. If my daughter asked for a car and I have the means, I get her a car because I love her and want the very best for her. She needs gas? I help with gas and insurance. Hungry? I’ll feed her. Thats me, a POS, able to show more love than god. God, with all his infinite resources, won’t even toss a dollar my way for help. DICK!!!

    • ala

      yeah he say to trust him and not focus on money on earth but in heaven. who is gonna pay for the bills and food on the table? who gonna pay the hospital when one gets sick? who is gonna take care of the old folks when they age? how e hell to find money when prices keep rising?

      talk is cheap. why don’t he come down from the ivory tower to experience what its like to live as his own ‘perfect’ creation.

  • cursed one

    I had to wait 25 days for an insurancecheck to come to my po box. It was supposed to arrive in 2 weeks. Then when it got to me it was less than it was supposed to be. Everyday I prayed for that stupid check to arrive in my box. In the meantime, His special elite are getting millions in their mailboxes everyday. But me, I can’t even get a correct amount on a check that was 2 weeks late. Now, who are his favorotes? Its so fucking obvious. Really sux to be at Gods bottom 1%. Especially when u spend everyday on yr kneez begging for help or a special blessing and god just spits on u because hes too worried about Brad Pitts movie deals and getting dr. Dre past the billion dollar status. Or my friends he blessed with good brains and gave them opportunity to goto school and bless them with careers, even though they dont believe in u. Those are his favorites. Its obvious.

  • cursed one

    Btw, it wasnt even a big insurance check. 300 bucks. That didnt even scratch the surface of my debts, let alone day to day expences. But thats what my net worth is to God. Me: Christian, church 2x a week, help with 6hrs of grass cutting at church. Try to help others. If I could, I would give my right arm to a human in need….Net worth…..56¢. …..JZ: filthy mouthed rapper, selfish and driven by the many talents he was blessed with, to fulfill his selfish desires and pleasures with not a penny going to anything decent or helpful. But God entrusts these men with massive fortunes and they do no good. It just makes me want to jump up and praise His holy name….wait, no, it fucki g makes me sick.

  • cursed one

    and those rich famous celebrities that make millions and millions, they don’t need to pray to God. God already took care of them.they didn’t even have to fucking ask, God just showed them much favoritism and love. But then there are people like me, who constantly beg for help and he wont. I don’t know why. He just wont. so how am I supposed to not think that he doesn’t love others more than some people?the Bible describes God’s character as one thing, but I see his character as completely opposite. Then again, the Bible was written by men who God especially loved and was involved in their lives. just like it is today, they are his chosen elite.doesn’t show favorites? Haha

    • NUNYA

      Let’s not forget about his generational curses….WTF!!!! So I’m gonna pay for the sins of people that came before me….That’s just not cool!!! Hell yeah God has his favorites…

  • cursed one

    someone just told me that I have the wrong attitude about life and in the hell can someone tell me I have the wrong attitude? 2 years ago I prayed for a job. I prayed for a job that I can retire on. A career. I am 42 and time is running out for me to advance myself financially so that I will be taken care of in my old age. I’ve got a job, it wasn’t a real good job but I thought I could retire here. 3 weeks ago I was laid off. I was the only one laid off and all the other lazy fuckers are still there. The boss actually had to come get me and pull me away from sweeping while everyone else was standing around smoking cigarettes, and I got told that I was being laid off. What attitude should I have? Thank you for that job god. You are so wonderful and loving to me. Is that the right attitude? I would feel like a total asshole for thinking anyone for bringing me this disaster into my life. Wrong attitude? Fuck you.and I will continue to post comments on how much I am pissed that God and how much I think of an asshole he has become to me. I will do this until I die. And then when I die, I will look God straight in the face and say you are a dickhead.when I got that job, I would spend a few minutes on my knees on the work property and ask God to bless the business and bless these men that I work with. So they get blessed, i get cursed. The people that don’t even pray get the blessing.wrong attitude? Fuck you.what should my attitude be? God, it’s okay to shit all over me. I don’t care. I am just a sucker, a dumb Forrest Gump retard. I’ll take all your wrath, God.I guess my attitude should be this, you’ve taken my wife, my money, my sanity, my stability, my job, and everything else I held dear, and instead of blessing those things like I asked, the total fucking opposite happened. And this just isn’t a season I am going through, this has been going on for years and years, & I just cannot take this shit anymore. I know everyone has problems, but aren’t Christians supposed to rise above problems and situations? Just his few chosen elite. & I am NOT one of them.

  • Reyna

    God is the only thing that has kept me alive. Given me the strength to wake up and keep moving. The courage to continue to pursue my dreams and goals even when my whole world was dark and empty. God has been my rock and salvation. I’m sorry some haven’t experienced what I have. Just know that once you truly try and test what faith and hope is, your world will change. Trust god and everything will fall into place. I’m a survivor not a victim. Thanks to god. Joshua 1:9.

  • Jash

    My life really sucks im 9 and in 4thgrade

    • psalm 63

      What has got yiu down?

  • Roderick Silva

    What do you do when there is nothing you can do? What do you do when you know life will not get better? What do you do when it’s not worth moving on? What do you do when you look around and everyone’s life is better than yours.

    You have no other option anyway so I challenge you to watch this whole series from end to end. I pray it changes your life.

  • Really

    Life really sucks for us, especially with no love life that others have.

  • WithOut A Doubt

    God really sucks.

  • Seriously

    God sucks filthy cock, and always will.

  • CertainlyVeryTrue

    God is a filthy Scumbag.

  • Really

    God sucks ass and Dick.

    • hoipolloi

      Good grief, troll. Get a job.

      • Really

        Go to Hell.

    • hoipolloi

      Oh, and nice try liking your own comment in an attempt to make it look like you have support.

      How pathetic. No wonder you’re so miserable.

  • YesthereisaGoddealwithit

    A day in the life of an internet Atheist:

    Wake up well past noon, freshen up by visiting your innumerable Agnostic online forums, play some MMO for about 7+ hours, go online and actively seek out websites with uplifting messages about God, spend the next 7+ hours ripping on said websites/messages responding to anyone who disagrees with profanity and personal insults, furiously pat yourself on the back for cleverly insulting and degrading hoi polloi, flop back down into bed to rest up for the next day of not contributing anything useful to society.

    Stay classy, skeptics.

  • krish

    I think plight is interesting and funny. The only thing that really gets to me, sometimes, is people. Some are great tactitions at bringing rage out of others. I’ve put myself in some intensive situations and I usually get into this weird out of body mode where I’m just kinda observing myself and whats happening around me. Suicide rarely comes into play, but when it does its usually something brought up by my willingness to be lazy. Its just an experience and having God placed in the middle of it enhances my curiosity and gives me suggestions as to how it could be guided more effectively.

  • andrew

    hale satan.

    • RightOnAllTheWay

      God is a filthy Prick.

  • OhSoVeryTrue

    It is very sad when many of us innocent people have to Suffer for his mistakes.

  • jjg

    There is no God all God is is a law just like gravity there’s no satin you can blame because satin basically means spirit of man Lucifer didn’t fall from heaven because he is also just a law Lucifer means spirit of light it’s all just laws and orders it’s all bull shit I had God himself telling me everything will get better as everything kept getting worse conclusion if you think that some spiritual force with super powers gives a fuck about you your fucking insane

  • Venkat Prabhu

    I had hope on god,But nowadays i feel like , no god ..just like a illusion.My life sucks, i never pray for my life in my 25 years age.use to pray for others, and helping others as much as i can, never hurt others even in my word. But daily my life support from anyone.let me conclude that dont trust god, it s illusion…….

  • WhyGod?

    And i was Hoping for a wife and family that God never gave me.

  • michael hall

    The world is broken everyone. Believe me I’ve had my share of experiences, incurable disease, going to war, homelessness, abusive family, etc etc. Sin entered the world. The world we live in is not the one God intended. Something better is coming. We all have some major problems and issues and it was solved (at least partially) when Christ died on the cross. While it was solved completely… some of the results are yet to show as the part that is affected by current physics has to travel a time-line.

    And everyone here has the internet and was not born with aids in Africa or some other horrible example. I am in no way downplaying everyone’s experiences. Believe me I feel you – it can seem like too much at time. We are all human, we are all corrupt by sin and we are all frail. Seek God’s face, have faith (b/c honestly without it we might as well all commit suicide together and stop sweating and bleeding over things that will eventually go to someone else and become dust and rust. not to mention we and all we do will be forgotten…. in this world.)

    You must have a bigger perspective. Look at the eternal time-line. fight the good fight, race as though you are the only one that can receive a crown. Hold true to the faith. We can’t understand it. We as humans(especially in the ungrateful and entitlement-minded country that America has become) give ourselves way too much credit. We are much dumber than we realize. And we are up against the spirit of this age (Satan) and his powers and principalities and they have us out-manned and outgunned and outwitted. Fortunately for us Christ has authority over these things; although it may not seem like it b/c we are tried and tested and constantly and people have wicked hearts that we lack the ability to see. But the best answer is still to turn to Christ, the perfect reflection of the Living God who shared in our flesh so as to empathize with us in our weakness. And even if things don’t get magically better.. (because they probably won’t and that type of thinking comes from wicked false-doctrine preachers and men that preach the “prosperity gospel.”) …we have the final age of God’s returned perfection to look forward to.

    Sorry if I ranted a bit. I feel everyone’s pain. I’m here if anyone needs to vent or wants someone to talk to. I know it isn’t much but it’s all I can do online.

    Peace and Grace to you all from God the father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Sherwood Smallidge

    god hates us all if he exists
    ,so he is one of two things , 1 he is an a hole sadisic sicko (like most of us he made in his image) or 2 is is pissed at us cus of somthing some lady did 4000 years ago and he is punishing us for her doing what is natural . to recap god IS NOT . BUT IF HE IS HES A DICK

  • AndThatIsNoLie

    God is a Fucked up faggot.

  • peter knelsen

    Our lives all suck cause we live in a fallen state and Jesus Christ is the only way out weather you except that as truth or not.Look to Orthodoxy to find meaning in life.There is life in only one person,Jesus Christ. Rich or poor we are all miserable.

  • jordan

    God pisses me off. My dad went to buy our family a car so my mother and I could have a car to drive too, and he got skrewed over by the lady selling it. We thought we were going to get lucky with her selling it for so cheap, but she lied. Life does suck.

  • AintThatTheTruth

    God is the filthiest Cock sucker of them all.

  • RightOnTheMoney

    With most women nowadays that are very Retarded especially the ones that really Cheat, and very high maintenance, spoiled, selfish, and independent, is the absolute reason why many of us real good men Can’t meet a decent woman anymore since God really Messed them up real bad. It is a good thing though that Most of the Good old fashioned women were around years ago is a very good reason why many of us men are around today, thanks to the women back then that were Real ladies compared to today.

  • Screwed always

    If I was to truly share my feelings right now, all would see what a real monster of covoutesness dwells in me. I am so pissed off at God because I can’t even afford to buy my daughter a bag of fucking chips. I am trying to get out off slavery and reclaim the estate that has been stolen from me since birth. I had two truly loving and giving parents, they gave so much that they gave themselves out of this life through hardship and strife and through a life of lies and deceit.

    I am grateful to my parents for all they gave me and for the goodness they instilled in me. Sadly though, I am miserable and I don’t want to be like them. I want my rights to be respected and I want to be left the fuck alone like I have respected others rights and privacy if it’s not too much to ask for.

    I’m sick and tired of dower faces, obscene business people and lust for fuck white collar America. Not to mention the crooked ass de facto government who endless us and gets fat off of our lives and the lives of our people. It’s been like that for so long and now they are preparing the bar or the bar is preparing for another round of the same old shit.

    Sorry God but I’m not getting too grateful right now, is like what did you do for me in this ever but make me go down, form down and still going every increasingly by degree.
    What a Dutsch I may look like to everyone that comes across me. Always fervently claiming and serving God, his Good but never really getting anything of anything to account to a positive. I ,unlike the last grateful man that posted before me, can’t even get my account to minus is always at 5 to 1 dollars “credit NO CASHFOR THIS PRICK XXX ” BUT you keep being the same. And this will stay the same

  • blahno

    reason why god is evil 1.he crash my game(ANY GAME) 2.he hurt me by making me fall over or get hurt by friend 3.he does not accept my wish and hope for my favorite moment 4.he always give me bad luck(even i want good luck) 5.he keeps abusing me,even when i do something for him and finally 5.he sucks



  • Seth Goldbergstein

    Suicide is always an option and a good one at that. Let’s be honest, the world is overpopulated, modern life is a never-ending cycle of bullshit, people are amoral sociopaths and nature is cruel.

    There really is no point to life. Never was or will be and it all ends one day anyway so the more you have, the more you lose. It’s better to just call it quits and kill yourself. However, while many people say it’s the coward’s way out, I think it takes a lot of courage – courage I don’t personally have.

    I’ve contemplated suicide many times and wish I’d done it too. As you get older, you just get more problems in your life. People become more distant and you want less to be around anyone. I envy the dead.

  • Victor Jarvis
  • jimmy

    Thank you for your post. This was meaningful in an interesting time.

  • Chance Weslowski

    HELLO , My name is chance , I am autistic. I have nystagmus , ADHD , and Tourette’s syndrome. Theese are all related because of the aspbergeres autism that makes my life very hard. For me I am really honestly totally independent , but the hard part is getting everyone to treat me like the 18 years adult that I am. However it’s all worth it because I have great friends , a loving family , but most importantly , I have gods love. I have sinned VERY Many times , But I’m also VERY grateful to have have Jesus Christ , and to have. Such a kind and loving God to lead me to repentance and to peace. So , to all the people who think their lives suck. Just remember my story and remember that if I Can do It , anyone can , so be greatful for what you have , my Friends. , and remember to have faith , believe , and ALWAYS trust in God , I’m SURE it will work , and I mean that , LIFE IS A BLESSING , MAKE. THE MOST OF IT : ).

  • Waxil Davidson

    This is really simple. There is no god. If you want something you have to earn it, you can’t just wish for it and have your magic man give it to you. God is a delusion to keep stupid people down.

  • wesome

    i would liketosay something about this, this might be good for something, but not really, my life made me become an atheist, i used to be a very strong christian, but then i woke up and relized, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOD!!! like 1, how could he hve existed if nothing else did, like da fudge? honestly im done praying, save that crap for the people who arent brave enough to just not have a reason as to why we are here

  • what a F,ing joke

    God if there actually is one and I highly doubt it, has what I believe to be the chosen ones and the non chosen ones. Basically he can’t stop us from bringing more kids into the world so instead he decides who he wants to give his total love to and who he chooses to shit on and make miserable for his enjoyment and because he can’t give all of us his wonderful gifts. He gives one person the golden touch of success and another one who lives in a cardboard box which he pays absolutely no attention to and doesn’t intend to either no matter how much that person might believe in him and pray. It’s useless for that person but they keep the faith, the poor sucker. He gives one guy any woman he wants and another guy with a heart full of love nothing and the poor sap never gets married and lives a life alone till he dies, but he kept praying because he was told to but nothing was given to him. One person has health, wealth, women and wine and another is sick from birth and has nothing to look forward to and will never experience the pleasure of sex with a beautiful woman and will just exist till death but that person will pray and pray but those prayers fall on deaf ears and that person dies without any good life experiences. It’s all messed up because he can’t stop us from bringing what he doesn’t want here on earth so the ones he does want here get it all and the rest of us are here only to exist till death and he doesn’t even bother concerning himself with the unwanted even if they show faith and work hard for something to change because if he didn’t want you here in the first place your screwed. So realize that most of us are praying to the wall and will never be heard or answered. The ones he wants here can do anything they want even kill others or step on them like they are a meer bug and god will just reward them with all the women they want and money and success. The ones he wants here will always be heard and answered and those are the ones that keep telling us to believe and have faith or they just don’t give a damn because they have it all and could care less cause it’s all taken care of for them. Yes our paths are chosen from the start and he can only allow the chosen ones to have his love and prosperity. So keep praying but you have been forgotten and basically exist without his love. Enjoy

  • Absolutely

    God and Jesus both suck ass together.

  • algol29

    Why do people “believe” in God? I’m not asking why they think a creator exist. No one can prove or disprove that, and if I had to guess, I’d say there was a creator. But, why do people trust in the God who made this world? He hates humanity, even though He claims to love the world… maybe loving the world is different than loving the people in the world. So, we were created to live meaningless lives here on earth, just to be saved? Stupid. Let assholes run the world, but God takes no blame for it??! Sorry God. Human’s are as they are because You and Your Holiness don’t care enough to show them the happiest way to live. It isn’t even in the stupid holy books, which were all written by man. Not only does God despise humanity, He hates us so much that we have to rely on THE WORD OF OTHER HUMANS from over millenniums past to even know any of these amazing stories, which cannot be duplicated.

  • Kishore Anand

    Wish I had a car and a place to stay like you have.

  • Alexander Hall

    God is a Ghost. Nowhere in the bible do they say he is omnipotent, omnipresent, or omniscient. It does however say that after the first 1000 years of the church Satan will take over. In 1065AD the great schism happened, and the crusades, and the inquisition. So all these idiot preachers are really Satan Worshipers.

    Jesus Banged Hookers and Got smashed every night. It says it in the bible for one, and you know its true because all the damn Satan worshipers hate Parties, Sex, and anything fun for that matter. How can it be heaven if there aren’t any parties and everything fun is illegal. It can’t! The place the preachers are referring to is known as “Hell”!

    Stop acting like the Morons from the First Baptist Church of Satan and have a good time. The only reason there is a baptist church is because a bunch of racist red necks tried to wash the black off of some black people, in Jesus name. The Blacks responded by trying to wash the white off of some white people in there own baptist church. And now there all mad saying that the government is trying to out law christianity because drowning black people and gays is illegal.

    The sins were forgiven by Jesus! There is no sin that’s the point of the religion. Why do we have to worry about sin when its all forgiven? We don’t!!!! Get laid! Smoke out! Get Drunk! Hit the Club! Eat some bacon! for christs sake and Have a better day!

    Swing low, Sweet Chariot, making sure i don’t get a DUI. Swing low Sweet Chariot. Driven by this taxi driver guy.

    From: Jesus
    To: Yall
    Through me

  • Angus Scrymm

    Ok,I have a theory and I invite anyone to either elaborate on it or dispute it.I grew up in the baptist church where the old folks taught us that,when you are living the kind of life the bible describes as of the Devil,you tend to have it pretty good because the Devil already has you right where he wants you so,he can wait.But,as soon as you turn control of your life over to God,that’s when the struggle starts,the real problems began and your life seems to be moving out of control,because the Devil is trying to corrupt you again.Sort of bring you back into the fold.Now,I believe that when you are living the kind of life the bible describes as of the Devil,life tends to become easier because you have freed yourself (your heart and mind)from the shackles and vices that comes with being a believer,in that,by believing in God,you have deceived and doomed yourself to a life of hardship and misery.In other words,I’m not saying that the Devil is not a liar.I’m only saying that maybe God is not the truth.How do you feel about this?