Yea. Those Are My Kids On Faith Hill's New American Heart Video


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  • BriAnne

    I’m free to dream big is what Losiah said..

    a great thought…

  • Took me a couple times, but I think its “I’m free to dream BIG!”

  • anj

    He says, “I’m free to dream BIG!” Awesome

  • And you can dream big?

  • Shirley

    How COOL is that?! Way to go guys!!!

  • I’m feeding jeep pigs!

  • Lol @ Jessica “I’m feeding Jeep Pigs…” I’ll agree with “I’m free to dream big!”

  • I think he said “purchase my dad’s new album so he will be able to afford the jet setting lifestyle I am accustomed to.”

    Or what everyone else said.

  • “I’m free to dream big!” Yes you are my sweet boy. The dream isn’t made for you, YOU were made for the dream! You have a purpose… Go Lo-man! Go!

  • Gosh…I’ve been wondering where Faith’s been for the past few years. Now I know.

    She’s been waiting for Losiah’s schedule to free up so she could do this video.

    *phew* Mystery solved.

  • My question… Why are only two of your kids in the video?

  • Lizette

    Something about dreaming big?

  • Amy

    How awesome! All I can understand is “dream big”.

  • Barb

    Thanks to everyone else deciphering what Losiah said, I can understand him. Now… what is your daughter saying?

    • Phronsie

      “Be free”

  • “I’m free to dream BIG!” – I can feel a new Tatt coming on, Los! :-))

  • Phronsie

    “I’m free to dream big.” – Losiah

    Why can I understand your son but not my own children? LOL!

  • Lori


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