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  • Natalie

    This has been the week of confrontation and reconciliation for me! Going three for three on Wednesday… and it was difficult but SO WORTH IT to move past hurt and into forgiveness with people that matter.

  • I just said it the other day.. it was hard for me because I had been hurt by the whole circumstance… but I didn’t want to leave my end untouched. I’ve learned that when things are wrong between us and another person, it is not our responsibility to make them sorry… but we can do something about it on our end.

  • airlantiss

    Constantly it seems. Sometimes for things that are not even my fault just because I know it’s what the other person needs. Having to say I am sorry is not a failure but an incredible show of strength, vulnerability, and conscience.
    But I never apologize if I don’t mean it.

  • Misha

    I don’t know about the last time, but the time it had the greatest effect was during a conversation with a co-worker from a Christian summer camp (also an ex-boyfriend). We met up to talk about being civil toward each other. I started off by apologizing for the things in our relationships that were not glorifying to God, and anything I had said since. He looked dumbfounded, and later admitted he went into the conversation ready to make snarky remarks and take cheap shots at me. The conversation went much, much better than I had hoped, because God gave me the humility I so needed. It was great!

  • JG

    This morning. To my wife. It happens more often than I would like…

  • Nicki

    Even stronger is the phrase, “Will you forgive me?”

  • Still Hurting

    My pastor is really good at saying “I’m Sorry” without ever admitting any wrong or taking any responsibility for the hurt that was caused. Please don’t say “sorry” just to keep the peace. If you don’t mean it, it’s a greater wound to throw it around flippantly.

  • I forgive you.

    I know being a Clippers fan is hard.

    It’s okay.

  • Joan Ball

    Sorry kiddo (pun intended). I’ll answer your question with an even more difficult question. Why is it that you hate admitting that you’re wrong? Far more interesting point to ponder than how/when/for what we say we’re sorry… 🙂

  • Aren

    Saying “I’m sorry” is one thing; repenting to the Lord for your sin and then asking Him and the person you wronged for forgiveness, is a whole other level.

  • am married, so like daily dude

  • Ann Gardner

    Two days ago I had to apologize to someone for being ungracious and rude the day before–and yes, it was someone who worked at our church. I asked their forgiveness and they forgave and hugged me. Still being refined……..

  • What’s the old saying? Love means never having to say you’re sorry? Heh.

    Apologizing is the strongest thing a person can do.

  • So, how’d it go?

  • Just yesterday. Hard to recognize the sin I was in (being nice to everyone else but not to this particular person). Ephesians 4:32, learned by my children years ago as a song came to my mind! CONVICTION!

  • Brad

    Last night. I had to apologize to multiple people. My small group, a girl I have been seeing… for things like coming across too defensively, or argumentative instead of loving. And for leading things in a direction that didn’t align with God’s Will for this season in our lives. The conviction to apologize started with reading this post yesterday. Thank you for that.