If I Was President The First Thing I Would Do Is…

Yesterday Andy Stanley posted this on twitter.


He asked the question what would you do if you were president?
So I ask the nation of RagamuffinSoul.com
Finish this sentence…
“If I Was President The First Thing I Would Do Is…”


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  • Try to stop the bleeding.

  • Fill up my “VETO” stamp and put a sign on my desk that read “The PORK stops here!”

  • Call my dad for advice!

  • David

    Propose an amendment to the constitution imposing term limits on congress of 12 years in the senate and 10 in the house, restricting members of congress from serving as lobbyists for 6 years after they’ve hit the term limit, changing the electoral college to 1 electoral college vote per county / parish instead of states sending all the votes to 1 candidate, linking congressional and presidential pay to to the same level as a soldier with 2 years of service, and eliminate the overly generous pension plans that congressmen receive. Require congress clock in and clock out every day and only get paid for the days they actually work.

    • Matthew W

      Bravo. I agree with the proposals. However, a constitutional amendment must pass in both houses of Congress by a large margin in order to be sent to the states for their congresses to vote on. I’d be willing to bet that very, very few congressmen would vote to shorten the amount of time they can receive their posh salaries and benefits, lower the salaries, and actually have to punch the clock like a large number of their constituents *gasp!*

    • Sarah

      Also, if you impose term limits, then you can end up with an policy-making body with no institutional memory or long-term relationships. And then lobbyists REALLY run the show.

  • Make a law REQUIRING everyone to vote.

  • Dawn

    Make same sex marriage legal in all 50 states!

  • yankeegospelgirl

    The VERY first thing? Reinstate the Mexico City policy. No-brainer.

    • Becky Castle Miller


  • yankeegospelgirl

    Gotta say, some of these comments are unintentionally funny. A President can just “make a law,” really?

  • work to reform the current political structure. The current system of Democrat and Republican are obsolete. We need more choices. Granted there are third parties but I feel people believe they are throwing away their vote when they vote for someone no one has heard of. I voted libertarian this year.

  • Sleepover in the Lincoln Bedroom!!! I’d probably not make a great POTUS. 🙂

  • Jordan

    Require the passing of a drug test to receive welfare.

    • Greg

      Absolutely. If I have to pass a drug test for my job, then so should those that are on welfare.

  • Kelly

    Get rid of daylight savings time!! I HATE it being dark so early. OH! Secondly, NO Christmas commercials till the day after Thanksgiving!! Oct 31st is way too early!! Yep. Very important stuff here. #keepingitlight.

    • Ooo. I like it. That first one is absolutely essential to the country not collapsing. You have my vote!

      • Kelly

        LOL Yes. Totally!!! Has nothing to do with jobs or taxes. Has everything to do with Seasonal Depression. 😀

    • Phronsie

      As a parent of three small children I would be on board with getting rid of DST!

    • L.

      Amen to both!

    • Josh

      I’m actually running on this platform in 2016.

  • Hire Dave Ramsey!

  • Write a bill that gives more funds back NASA and put a clause in the bill that says they have to send me into space when my term ends.

  • Stephanie

    Thank the Lord on high for His help in getting me elected

  • Bari

    Force the Civil Wars to get back together!! 🙁

    • THIS is the best response I’ve seen yet… One album will just not be enough

    • Shirley


  • Have a nap!

  • Mark

    Go to Colorado and legally smoke a J.

  • Phronsie

    Honestly? First thing would probably be faint from shock, or come pretty close anyway. After gathering my wits I’d do some praying and ask God for guidance and how best to proceed.

    All things considered, I’d hate being president. I have a hard enough time handling my kids and their attitudes. I don’t think I could handle a whole country.

  • Take a deep breath and pray. Then I’d go to my enemies in the house and senate one by one and say “Ok…help. We’ve got a broken country. How can we come together to fix it?”

    And then I’d just listen.

    • Matthew W

      Mmmmm, I lovelovelove this one.

  • Matthew W

    In this technological age, a congressman has the ability to know what each constituent supports, should a constituent desire to divulge the information. (E-mail + online questionnaires. C’mon.)

    In this technological age, a congressman can easily inform any interested constituent of (a simplified version of) his rationale for every vote – or at the very least, his vote on important, divisive bills. (Evidently Freebirds can send mass emails, but congressional offices can’t.)

    Require congressmen to collect said information from and offer said information to any constituent who chooses (via snail mail form) to opt in.

    Congressmen once represented their constituents, not their parties. It’s time for that to be the norm again.

    • Matthew W

      I must add this: As the President, I would lead by example.

  • Stop blowing people up with my fleet of flying robots. (But how cool would it be to have a fleet of flying robots!)

  • Begin to make the adoption process easier in the United States.

  • Repent for having non-Biblical views and stances such as pertaining to same sex marriage and abortion.

    • yankeegospelgirl

      how dare you say something do hurtful and judgmental????????? pres. obama sez hes a christian who are we to judge? besides how do you know the bible means what it says what did you get a special word from god or something???

      Just kidding. I agree.

      • Yankeegospelgirl,

        You made me chuckle there! 🙂

        Kidding aside, that’s what I personally pray for the President, that God would intervene upon his life, would open his eyes and see the truth not in any socialist Karl Marx or liberalism dogma, but in light of God’s Word.

        We love him, and we pray for him, in as much as we pray for other people, but most importantly for him, for his decisions and policies do have very serious implications for the nation.

  • Rev Ruckus

    The first thing I’d do after my inauguration is have a day of worthship (spelled wrong intentionally) with Carlos Whittaker.