Inspiration, Perspiration, &The Creative Dilemma.

We all love to inspire.
We all love to be inspired.
This video does just that.
It makes me want to…
1. Tell my friends we need to step up our fun game.
2. Video it and show you so you know how much fun me and my friends have.
3. Jump off a cliff and live to tell about it.

What I love about the Behind The Scenes video is how in depth Devon gets into showing us the perspiration it took to get to the inspiration.

I’d recommend watching both and then getting your hustle on.
You’re Welcome…


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  • Ann

    It made me say “Hell no!” I don’t like heights. The most extreme thing that I’ve done is white water rafting and swimming with beluga whales but heights, NO!

  • That one vid after it on “flyboards” kinda rocked my face off. The whole thing looked fake…and it wasn’t…WHATTHE?

  • This looks like a lot of fun. I saw this video on LH or Gizmodo too.