Introducing my new single ” NEW SONG” Preview Video

It has finally arrived.

I’ve been writing this record since 2010.  Do the math.  And it is time.
April 30th my new record releases on iTunes but I am going to slowly start dropping new resources out for you guys every week until the release.
7 months ago I released my first single In The Arms.
March 19th I will drop my next single New Song on iTunes.
But you can hear it here first.
I have been watching this song begin to impact churches across the country.
I wrote this song with my friend and producer Nathan Finnochio and the message is redemption and restoration, which has been the story of my life the last 3 years.

It’s been a FIGHT

Here is the chord chart…

New Song Chord Chart

Thanks guys for all your support.
I’ll see you at the Presale tomorrow…

Thanks for all the love…

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This song will be available at Itunes 3/19/2013.