4 Things Our Kids Will Never Understand…


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  • Just thought it would be cool if you referenced where you got this idea from instead of just ripping it off of another blog. http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/25-things-youll-have-to-explain-to-your-kids-one-day

    • chasingphoto


    • lolz

    • ragamuffinsoul

      I get all my ideas from Buzzfeed. I can’t think without them.

  • I was just telling my kids last week how we used to have to call time. “At the tone the time will be….” My 16yo didn’t get it. She said you just look at your watch to tell the time. I said, how do you set the watch? So funny! Priceless moment with my trio!

  • Microsoft Encarta.
    Answering machines.
    AIM away messages.
    Oregon Trail.

    • chasingphoto

      I still dont get Encarta.

    • Troy Burbank

      Oregon Trail, ftw. Greatest. Game. Ever.

  • The agony of getting a VHS from the library and the person before you didn’t rewind it. Longest minute ever!

  • Amy


    –My kids were shocked to see manual window openers in a car – what do you even call those things?

    • chasingphoto

      Manual window openers. 😉

    • I still have to crank my car windows down by hand!

  • jenni

    high school without cell phones/ipods.

  • Mary Anne

    Phone booths that you need coins to use! 🙂 Cassette Mix Tapes!

  • Those tubes you put a roll of film in

  • +the sound of the dial up internet.

    +life without internet
    +that some people did actually use a phone booth to call people not just Dr. Who

  • frasierfonzie

    Card catalogs at libraries.
    Using a map that doesn’t have directions and tell you what exactly to do.
    Blowing in your video game cartridge.
    AOL. Or using a disc to get online.
    If you miss a TV show when it airs, you won’t be able to see it until it reruns…and that could be months.
    TV Antennas.

  • -Taking a picture and waiting at LEAST an hour to wait for the film to develop.

  • http://www.logan.cc/blog/2012/01/back-in-my-days/

    I wrote a post last year about stuff my kids won’t understand.

  • Kaela

    Cassette tapes, dial up Internet, VHS, hand cranked windows, disposable cameras, and not having DVR.

  • avermilya

    In the early 90’s we bought an internet “phonebook” with all of the web addresses listed in it! LOL