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The Fight Club Sessions With Brad Lomenick

This is number 4. It was amazing.
Mike brought the thunder and we had a blast talking about second chances and such.
Tomorrow night I will have my inner circle comrade Brad Lomenick.
Brad is the Chief Encouraging Officer of Catalyst Conferences and a monster encourager and friend.
He will be talking to us about a few things…
1. The Catalyst creative process
2. How to pursue leadership in a creative environment.
3. How to pursue Christ centered leadership vs self centered leadership

I think its going to be a conversation you don’t wanna miss.
IF YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THE LIVE GOOGLE CHAT let me know in the comments section.
I think we are going to invite a few of you in…
Tomorrow night. 8 Central. with Brad Lomenick
Holla at me…

  • Juan Romero

    Can I join in the google hangout tonight 4/9??